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Bears have plenty of competition for a receiver in Round 2

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The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be working to trade wide receiver Braylon Edwards and if they rid themselves of him in the same offseason that they have traded tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., they're going to need to some players to catch the ball.

They'll get a look at one Tuesday when they put Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi through a private workout in Athens, Ga., joining the Bears as one of four teams to put him through drills on campus. Detroit and New England have also worked out Massaquoi, who is considered a fast riser on draft boards with less than a week to go. While there was speculation a month ago that Massaquoi would be a third-round pick, it looks like he could go in the top half of the second round now. There's no guarantee he will be available when the Bears select 49th overall with the 17th pick in the round.

Massaquoi has also made visits to Dallas and Tennessee, which pick after the Bears in Round 2.

The bottom line is there could be a real run on receivers here. As many as six could come off the board in the first round. You could be looking at 10 or more in the first two rounds. Let's run down a list of teams that could be in the market for a wide receiver in the 25 picks leading up to the Bears' selection.

1.25 Miami: When Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo are two of the top three receivers, help is needed.

1.26 Baltimore: Joe Flacco is the future and Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton will both be free agents after 2009.

1.27 Indianapolis: Replacing Marvin Harrison will be? Some think Ohio State's Brian Robiskie fits here.

1.29 New York Giants: If they don't pick up Edwards in trade from the Browns, someone has to replace Plaxico Burress.

1.30 Tennessee: Rumor is they will lose out on the Torry Holt sweepstakes.

1.31 Arizona: Running back is a much more pressing need, but if they deal Anquan Boldin they could have extra draft picks and then target a wideout.

2.33 Detroit: Calvin Johnson is paired with who?

2.34 New England: Patriots might look defense with their first two picks but they also own the 47th pick and could be looking at a wideout there.

2.35 St. Louis: Word is if Hakeem Nicks makes it this far he will go to the Rams right here.

2.36 Cleveland: Browns really could use a receiver even if they keep Edwards. They are set to work out Rutgers' Kenny Britt on Friday, according to one source.

2.39 Jacksonville: Even if Holt signs here, the Jaguars are in need after letting Jerry Porter, Reggie Williams and Matt Jones go.

2.44 Miami: See above.

2.45 New York Giants: See above.

2.47 New England: See above.

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The belief that there will be a run on WR's is actually good news. A top defensive player such as DT Hood may drop to #49.

The Bears are going to sign a FA WR after the draft. If they take one in the 2nd rd he won't see the field all that much. A FA will be on the field quicker and contribute more this year. It is a strong year for WR's and the Bears will find one they like in the 3rd, 4th or 5th rd.

I think the Bears will select the best available player at #49, if they really have a player they want, they may have to move up to get him. Todd McShay has Robiskie going in the 3rd or 4th round, so there will be competition for Massaquoi.

If Robiskie and Massaquoi are off the board, Ive said in the past and I continue to say the bears need to focus on the 6-6 Ramses Barden out of Cal-Poly, he will be this years sleeper reciever in the draft. The guy is 6-6, runs between 4.4-4.5 forty (which is highly overrated) and had over 1200 yards an over 67 reception his senior season. PLUS he had 18 touches!!! Even though the guy plays at a small school he dominates games and makes DB's look like dwarfs! Next year when he is racking up receptions the Bears will be sad if they dont draft this kid. If he wouldve came out last year he would have been a first day pick. I would venture to say he may be the best wide reciever in this class! Ideally the bears could draft a FS, DT, or DE in the 2nd round and then Barden in the 3rd, but we will see what happends!

Oh and you wanna know how much of a Bears fan Wood is (i love speaking of myself in the 3rd person). Im a first year law student (that should be studying right now cause ive got exams this week), and I was planning on transferring to school in ATL. My best friend is about to move from FL and marry this wonderful girl in Chicago who works for a company who has a box a the FIELD! I may be changing my plans baby...........GO BEARS!!!

I think we are going to be drafting 2 WRs this year, but I don't think either one is before the 4th round. I think we will miss on our targeted players in round 2, and Jerry will trade back a few spots, and pick up an extra 4th or 3rd rounder, and we will take Ogletree either at 99 or in the 4th, and then draft Kinder out of Pittsburgh later on (5th round). Jerry wants Massaquoi, but he will go at 47 to New England after the run pulls all the top 7 names off the board between 25 and 44.
In no particular order

After that, you have Collie, Massaquoi, Tate, Murphy, Williams, and a few others that are all in the eye of the beholder as to how they rank. We should move back, or take another position. I am not as high on Delmas or Johnson as some are, but would be ok with either one if they are there. I would rather rely on JA's track record of finding solid DBs in the late rounds to fill in the free safety. Outside of the few great safeties in the NFL, and there are none in this draft, I am betting most of the starters in the league were 3rd round or later. James Butler, who started for the Giants in the SB was an undrafted free agent.

We were in a bad spot at 18, as it was a bit early to take the guys we would have targeted, and at 49, we will be too late to get at that same group of guys. Jerry will have to pull off a pretty impressive manuever to get the guys we need for the team. Kinder could be a solid WR, and Ogletree the same. We aren't going to get a stud unless Nicks or Britt fall to us, and Robiskie will be good, but never great in the NFL. The rest are just guys who can play a long time, but won't scare anybody. Why not get Ogletree and Kinder later, and use the higher picks to improve the DL? That sounds a lot more like JA's track record....

Linebacker...gr8 class for them. I agree that a WR that won"t see the field much can be drafted later. Go Bear

If there isn't a reasonble WR prospect around when the bears draft I think they will go FS. There is also the possibily that the Bears trade up 5 or 6 spots to grab someone while they have the chance. This would not be a great option since they are already low on picks to add depth and fill holes but if a guy like Robiske is still there I would do what I had to to get him; he is going to be a great player.

Brad have you lost it? Arizona going reciever in round 1? Even if they trade Boldin they have Fitz and Breston. Don't you think they need a little help on defense?

Miami will not take a WR in the first round. Look at Bill Parcells draft history. Round 2 probably.

Indy is a toss up between DT and WR, they will take the highest rated player on the board.

Let me know when Tenn drafts a reciver in the first round ok.

Detroit will not go WR in the first two rounds. QB, OL, Defense, in that order with there first three picks.

Giants will get Edwards.

Teams that may go WR in the first 2, are the Raiders, Seattle, Browns, Baltimore, Miami, and then the Bears.

I think the Bears will have a choice between the 6-7 best WR.

By Value
(Nicks)Possible Bear
(Robiskie) Possible Bear
(Iglesias) Possible Bear
The Bears have a legit shot at these 3 guys. This reciever class may be deep but it is not elite. I believe the Bears first pick will be one of these three. This years reciever class is a lot like last years RB class.

I believe Barden is the one he opens the door for Jerry to go defense best player availible. Which is probably the right thing to do. 3 straight years of steady decline and glearing weakness means the defense needs the playmaker the most.

"I think we are going to be drafting 2 WRs this year, but I don't think either one is before the 4th round. I think we will miss on our targeted players in round 2, and Jerry will trade back a few spots, and pick up an extra 4th or 3rd rounder"

Joe F. I agree and think this could be a good thing. Massaquoi is the flavor of the month. He is soaring up the board even though he was a 1 yr wonder. Where was he the other yr's? Why is he so productive the 1 yr it matters? What happens when he gets the big dollars?

I think the key this year is for the Bears to add players regardless of position. IOW, don't reach for a player just to try and fill a spot. We have a FRANCHISE QB put the best talent possible on the field around him. He will make whatever WR's we have look better.

I beleive Angelo will draft the best athelete available at the second round. It may not be a receiver. Unless that receiver is the best athelete available. I hope Jerry has learned lessons of the past when he drafted for need and the strategy failed. Cross you fingers. Cutler will make mediocre recievers great just like Farve did in Green bay. Go bears!!!

I think the Bears should skip going for a WR early in the draft if there's a run on them. This may be a good class, but the 5th-8th are probably not #1 WR's. The #1 FS would be really good. The D relies on speed in the middle, and having no FS is going to continue to hurt the secondary.
They should sign Burress. He's the easiest and best answer out there. The Bears don't need to trade anyone, or move any picks, or project how he'll transition to the pro game. All of that is settled. All they need to do, is pay him money.

I agree there's probably gonna be a run on receivers in the early second. I'm hoping Ohio State's Brian Robiskie slips to #49, but Miami will probably nab him at #44. Chicago will still have plenty of options at receiver with Mohamed Massaquoi of Georgia and Oklahoma's Juaquin Iglesias, who should both be available at #49.

Either player would be nice additions. Massaquoi is your prototypical split end at 6-2 210lbs, and is a hard worker. And Iglesias has the ability to gain yards after the catch and many scouts say he's a natural fit for a west coast offense.

All the same, if there is a major run on receivers in the second, I wouldn't be surprised if Chicago goes with someone like Paul Kruger of Utah, we'll see on saturday GO BEARS!!

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