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Bears have opening to snag top receiver, Plaxico Burress

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If the Bears really want to go out and get a top-flight wide receiver, here is their chance.

The New York Giants just put Plaxico Burress on the market by cutting the controversial wideout and former Super Bowl champion who caught the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII.

Burress could be staring down some jail time after shooting a hole in his leg last November at a Manhattan night club. He's angling for a plea, reportedly, but it would still likely involve incarceration. If the Bears are willing to wait for a second fiddle defensive tackle like Tank Johnson to do some time in the poky, why not Burress? Just think of the long line of Halas Hall employees who could visit Burress in lockup, if he winds up there.

Burress is 31 but still has productive years ahead of him. He's a big target, he'll block downfield and even if he can't give you an entire season in 2009--the long arm of Roger Goodell has not reached him yet--he could be there moving forward.

The free-agent market is barren when it comes to top talent. There will be no sure thing in the draft at No. 49. The last time the Bears chose a wide receiver in the second round, they got Mark Bradley. What's worse? Putting up with some of the baggage Burress would bring to town or risking missing again in the draft at wide receiver. For review, check the chart we put together Thursday on general manager Jerry Angelo's track record drafting wideouts.

As connected as Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett were for one season at Vanderbilt, Bennett was a zero last season for the Bears. Bringing in Cutler alone isn't going to turn him into a top-flight receiver. That's also no sure thing. If the Bears are serious about their win-now approach, and dealing for Cutler and signing Orlando Pace indicates they are, then they have to consider Burress.

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This seems too good to be true. First a franchise QB and a starting Left Tackle, now a chance to get a #1 WR. Ok, he's having trouble with the law right now, but the Bears have to be considering bringing Plax in. He's an instant upgrade to the offense and WR depth and would take pressure off of having to hit on a WR in the draft. Can you imagine the Bears starting 11 on offense if they sign Plax? Here it is:
QB: Jay Cutler
RB: Matt Forte
FB: Jason McKie
TE: Greg Olsen
LT: Orlando Pace
LG: Frank Omiyale
C: Olin Kreutz
RG: Roberto Garza
RT: Chris Williams
WR: Plaxico Burress, Devin Hester

The Bears offense with Plax would have so many weapons for defenses to cover that I can't imagine them being less than in the top half of the league in offensive ranks. MAKE THIS MOVE BEARS! It would cement this as the best offseason EVER

Weapons charges....doesn't that mean that Jerry Jones will be interested, too?

Anyone who holsters a gun in sweatpants has no place on the Bears. I hope they draft 2 WR's and all Defense.

GO BEARS and Happy CUTLER Day to all.

This article shows why Goodell has to deal with meatheads like Plaxico on a regular basis. The players feel like they are above the law because they have been treated that way their entire collegiate and professional lives. The league needs to set an example with punks like this. I hope the Bears stay away from this punk, even though he is an extremely talented receiver.

After getting Cutler and Pace, if the Bears got Burress my head would explode. This is far too much for a Bear's fan who is used to a conservative, no risk taking football team.

Umm, no.

I see things have drastically changed for the Bears in the months I've been gone, especially in the last couple of days. Cutler at QB? Pace at LT? It's surreal.

But I'd like to think Jerry Angelo has better sense than Jerry Jones when it comes to picking up thugs, looneys, criminals, miscreants, or just plain idiots (i.e. Plaxico Dumbass) simply because they're good football players. Also, if this clown is headed to the slammer, which seems very likely, how does any GM consider bringing him in to help the team?

Jerry, step away from the phone, right now!

There is absolutely no way we should pursue this acquisition...Jail time coming, a suspension surely to follow. Why would we want anything to do with this? Marvin harrison will be a better teammate, and a good influence on Cutler, Hester, and Bennett. We were supposed to be interested in Plax the year we drafted Urlacher, and he was a head case then. Things appear to have gotten no better in that regard.

Lovie can call Tony Dungy and get him to call on our behalf to Marvin Harrison, and we can get this done on a 1 year deal for him.

If you consider Burress, you have to also consider Matt Jones. Both have problems, Jones repeated problems, and both with serve time suspension and jail, but if you give the large deal we gave for Cutler, you have to make a play at a legit option for him as well. They must feel through FA and the 2nd round of the draft we can have legit options, I'm skeptical unless they take another big risk.

That would be perfect a cry baby and a gangster, wonder how they would get along? I give Plax less than one season before he gos to jail for attempted murder.

Wow this is ridiculous! I can't believe this is even up for discussion. The guy shot himself in the leg! Why would we want someone like that? He has a ton of legal troubles and is nothing but trouble. Forget about him. This is what arrogance does to athletes, it gets into problems with the law. Let him go think about a couple of things in prison and let someone else pick him up. Ridiculous!

Not going to happen. Don't want him. It wasn't just one incident, he's pretty consistent in bad character.

hey, he didn't miss! So leave him alone.

yeah name caller he's OUR crybaby now!!! whoohoo!

I will miss Orton too, but getting Cutler is a masterful move (albeit expensive.) The challenge to Lovie and the rest of the coaching staff is to get Cutler to show some maturity- Urlacher sounds a bit pissed regarding the trade- and I dont think the rest of team is going to take any whining from Cutler...

Regarding Burris, if we can pick him up I think he would be a great addition!

Marc are you nuts putting Garza next to Williams. Garza is a human turnstile he has no push at point of attack and gets pushed around regularly. Here's hoping Buenning is as he used to be a mauler.

Joe, you do know that Marvin Harrison is dealing with weapons charges of his own, right? He may be less likely to got to jail, but he is just a witness away from an indictment.

If you are going to go after a WR, Torry Holt is the best choice at this point. Plax is reasonable, but he won't be around much till next year I would guess.

By BearBabbysitter on April 3, 2009 3:21 PM
That would be perfect a cry baby and a gangster, wonder how they would get along? I give Plax less than one season before he gos to jail for attempted murder.

Well if Cutler is a cry baby then Elway is also a Cry baby.

In the 1983 NFL Draft, Elway was selected as the first overall pick by the Baltimore Colts. Elway had, by then, played two summers of minor league baseball for the New York Yankees organization. Additionally, Elway had publicly stated that he refused to join the Colts organization, feeling the team could not allow him to be successful. If they did not trade him he said he was going to play baseball. Eventually, Colts owner Robert Irsay gave in. The Colts traded him to the Denver Broncos for QB Mark Herrmann, rights to OL Chris Hinton and a first-round pick (OG Ron Solt) in the 1984 NFL Draft on May 2, 1983. John Elway is one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL Draft (started in 1936) to be drafted #1 and go on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The other two are Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman.[3]

It seems Elway went on to have a decent Career even though he was a Cry Baby. I will take our new Cry Baby who totally Rules and did nothing wrong because McDaniel is the next Lane Kiffin. Why don't you wait to develop you own opinions of Cutler as a Bear instead lip sinking to Jay Gazer and Mark Suckreth.

Mike welcome back man, you missed a lot of fun. Bob is now Angelo's Brother, Brando is threatening to ban me from the board because he is Brads son according to one of his personas. He also threatened to never poast here again if I was allowed to stay. I am still here. I short you missed a lot of fun. Oh Bill Holland is trying take credit for the trade. In short you have missed a lot of fun.

Just say no to Plaxico

Pick up Plaxico Burress? . . . Uh, . . . PASS!!!!!!!!!

Hey Creighton,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I see you have remained as popular as ever on these boards, no?

Oh and thanks for the update on the, uh, "personalities" that frequent Inside the Bears.

And what's this about Bill Holland taking credit for the recent trades???

Go for it Angelo, we need good WR.

When you're considering Burress, consider he is looking at a serious 3 year bid. WRs that f**k up are getting a lot of ink. They have become the poster children for bad behavior and I think it's not out of the question that Burress could be gone a long time. The Giants operate like the Bears. They are conservative but loyal, even to troubled players. If they stepped away, I would too.

funny, though. In 2000 Burress was the player a lot of fans wanted the Bears to take instead of Urlacher.

Trading for Cutler who had a little of bit of drama in response to some terrible management decisions made over in Denver does not hang a Dallas or Cincinnatti sign out front of Halas Hall. The Bears are not in the business of taken proven criminals with the arrogant assumption they can fix them. Yes, the Bears have had players who went that route, and in the end, they all got let go. People will argue till they are blue in the face if they "fired" their multi-million dollar athletes "fast enough", but in the end, they got tossed.

I haven't much of Da Church around lately, but I could swear 100% he owes downtown Chicago a show in something small and pink because of this Cutler trade...

are you all nuts out there? why wouldnt you pick up plaxico, this guy is an elite player that has many years left in him. usre plax is gonna go to jail and miss some or all of the 2009 season, but that gives him time to think about all this. could you imagine jay n plax together for the next 8 yrs, we wouldnt have to worry about the passing games for a long time, and then you have hester thatll be there to. i know you all think hes a trouble maker, big deal. wasnt that what everyone said about dennis rodman when thew bulls signed him? yeah it is!!! what happened there, ummm, they won 3 more championships and he wasnt any trouble at all. if it was me i would sign plax, knowing he wouldnt play this year, but i would also try and get holt for a 1 or 2 yr deal. that way it still gives them a really good WR, short term. i really do think plax can change. spending time in jail might make him realize he better not do the stupid crap hes been doing anymore or he could return to jail. so go for it jerry, make the deal.

Jon your asking if were nuts about signing Plaxico. Well lets see he can go to Jail for up to 3 years and Goodell has yet to drop the hammer. Which he will. Your talking at least another season. So if you think were crazy for not wanting a guy who may not play for the next 2-5 years so be it. However you also claim that even if he misses a year he will hooking it up with Cutler for the next 8 years. Plaxico is 31 I doubt he is playing football when he is 40.

Mike I don't know what to tell you, I can't understand why I rub people the wrong. You would think I would have those idiots Brainwashed by know and doing my bidding. Well actually they tend to do everything I want them do, they just don't know it.

As for Bill he refered to everyone as mindless Krill and said people should thank him for the deal. How could possibly stay away from this place?

Then again I myself need break.

"As for Bill he refered to everyone as mindless Krill and said people should thank him for the deal."

Eh, I guess not much has changed then.

Brad, I'm going to send you to meditation class. Relax, chill, take some slow deep breaths, and think rationally. I wouldn't want Plaxico Burress any more than I want Terrel Owens, though Owens's problems are obviously worse and bigger. Players like this generally cause more problems than they're worth, and the only teams on which they work out are ones with strong head coaches who keep them in check, like Belichek and Coughlin. Lovie Smith would not be able to deal with a personality like Burris, and it would cause serious problems on the team. To top it off, Burress isn't good enough to warrant dealing with his negative personality issues.

If you're going to lobby for a wide receiver in free agency, which you and the rest of the Chicago sports media should continue doing, lobby for Torry Holt. He's a better receiver than Burress and brings none of the problems. Don't relent just because Holt's agent said he doesn't see Holt coming to the Bears. The fat lady has not yet sung on this one.

`and said people should thank him for the deal'
no way, I need to see that one....

I feel we need to go after Holt, and draft a d player with the 2nd as the D let us down big time last year. Cutler can and will make our WR better what with the improved Oline and Forte catching passes out of the backfield, No one can keep up with Cutler and Hester, can't wait for that!
I would look at Plax as he might not go to jail might be like probation, and he is stupid, but a good WR, I mean he shot himself right? not someone else? so he's frkn stupid but he can catch the winning Super Bowl TD. Harrison actually shot someone else...doh! I meant his gun shot someone else and ended up in the trash can real close to him at the time of the shooting...
Alot of people like Bennett out of Vandy, and that has not changed as just bc he did not get in too many games as a Bear doesn't mean anything as we were fixated on playing the set WR lineup (as always) and our O Coach does not let the young players in, so, lets see what Bennett can do before we all write him off.

I see a day when Burress and Vick are playing together in the NFL, just not the Bears!

he's not a thug, he accidentally shot himself in the leg. bears should get him.

Plaxico is a trouble maker. Nevermind carrying a weapon into a nightclub. He was in trouble with the Giants twice last year for violating club rules. He's selfish and not a team player. Send him to buffalo to rot with TO.

There are still solid receivers available. What about Toomer. I know he wasn't a #1 in NY but he's a better #1 than Hester at this point.

and if plax goes to jail cardinals dont release him then we have to get marvin harrison or amani toomer.. it would be great to have amani and plax in the starting line up of our wr NY giants offence ... it would be even better to get both harrison,toomer and plax in our offence then hester would be returning like he did in 06 07. then we would be unstopple. just think if we had a offence back then with hester doing his thing....but yeah if boldwin gets released then thats who we need to go after like we did cutler the first 1 i heard we tryed something before the draft kinda stupid. but it was a 2nd round pick for boldwin which you know cardinals didnt acept i would have atleast did 2rd 3rd 4rd round picks for him...... then continue to look at the free agency with holt plax harrison amani etc... but that didnt happend ikn ppl worried about if jay and plax would clash but reports have said cutler wants him here... lovie couldnt handle that hes a good coach i like him trust me but we couldnt do bad without him .. with the team we have now. our defence will play because they know if they get a stop we have a qb that can score TDS. the roster we have now 10+ wins now and we have a good draft to.... if we get plax and amani 12+ wins..... go bears we will be around the tops teams and playoffs alot like colts chargers patriots. go bears SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! if we had cutler in 06 we would have won..

Please give Quarterback Jay Cutler a true offensive weapon by signing Plaxico Burris. This will open up the running game for Matt Forte, plus give other wideouts more opportunities. With Burris, and avoiding major injuries, the Bears should make the playoffs.

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