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Bears get their QB for rookie camp, Chase from Mizzou

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The Bears found their quarterback for minicamp.

They got Chase from Missouri.

Chase Patton, that is.

Patton has been invited to compete this weekend on a tryout basis. He was the backup to Heisman Trophy candidate Chase Daniel for the Tigers.'s Seth Wickersham did a story on Patton and Daniel last fall and suggested Patton could be more NFL ready than Daniel, who is considered too short for the league. Daniel agreed to a free-agent deal with the Washington Redskins.

Check back soon for more updates on the upcoming rookie minicamp.

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Let's see....a big, strong armed QB who is composed, mature, and doesn't mind playing in the shadows....Sounds like an interesting prospect. Pre med to boot, so he is smart. Hopefully he gets invited to camp, if for no other reason than to try and improve our depth chart. We all know the most popular guy in town is the 3rd string QB (probably not anymore with Cutler in town), but let's see if we can develop someone who might have some value down the line.

You can never have too many quarterbacks, right? Especially given our track record.

That was a good article, sounds like he could be a Matt Cassell clone. Haine might want to watch his as#.....

I hope the Bears sign him and keep him. He has great potential, some people in Missouri thought that Patton might have done better under pressure than Daniel did.

What's the downside? He's a big strong smart quarterback and the Bears needed a back up.

Long shot to put it mildly. It's a shame there is no D-league for the NFL. This guy needs something like NFL Europe like a dead man needs a coffin.

Chase is a very solid QB and was arguably the better prospect coming out of high school. It just happened that Chase Daniel had run the same spread in high school. Patton fits the pro QB stereotype to a T, but he's also suprisingly mobile as he had to be running Mizzou's spread. Plus, he is a really good kid with a solid head on his shoulders. He's already married, graduated in 3 years, and has been accepted to dental school which isn't a bad back-up plan. After watching the Bears for the past 15 years and also seeing Patton play sparingly for 4 years, I'd put him up against some of the QB's that have come through the Windy for sure. He'll give it his best shot, but regardless, he has the character you want on your team.

Bring him in, I hate Bret anyway. let these guys compete. Besides it will be fun for when training camp starts and the tards show up talking about how they think Hanie or Patton should be the starter over Cutler.

"and the tards show up talking about how they think Hanie or Patton should be the starter over Cutler."

Well said Creighton. Probably happen by week 3, if not in the preseason. Lol.

"well said creighton"
Baahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha

Can he play free safety?

I followed the Big 12 and agree with above comments that Patton was actually more talented that Daniel. This is a HUGE pick-up for the Bears. He is not going to start any games, but give him three years as 2nd/3rd and he could be a very solid back-up or even starter? Good luck Patton, welcome to Chicago

I love it, Field General Patton. He has to make the team!!

Very smart pick. I was browsing the ESPN listing and Patton looks very, very solid. I also found this entry on him on another NFL draft blog, calling him the next Matt Cassel, that would be great for the Windy City. I like Cutler, but Patton would be my top choice for a back-up.

Patton the next Cassel? (

It seems that Da Bears just added Drew Weatherford, QB from Florida State to the mini camp tryouts. Weatherford was a 2-year starter, then lost a QB competition to a sophomore and was 3rd string at FSU. It says he will compete with Patton for the #4 spot on the roster heading into summer. My money is on Patton. He would be a much better addition to the team and could eventually become the back-up behind Cutler.

Patton, Weatherford, they are both superior to Hanie and Basanez, our currently listed back-ups at QB on the roster. Let's have both Chase and Drew compete the entire summer during camp and then see who the best possible back-up QB is among those four. I agree, based on size, Patton looks better (6-4, 225) but that's what training camp is for.

Great to see Patton getting a shot. His loyalty to the Tigers even after being confined to the backup role speaks volumes about his character as a team player. His arm strength is fantastic and I think he is a great prospect for the Bears.

For those interested, ESPN Magazine had an article last fall about Patton and Daniel. It's a great read.

So maybe now that we have our QB locked up for the next 10 years, we can start the Ron Wolf plan, and either draft or sign a QB every year to develop depth, create future trade value, and change over the roster.

Hanie and Basanez are completely unproven, although Basanez I think played in 1 game for the Panthers. Why should we take on faith that they are the best options to be the backup? If Patton, Weatherford, or the other kid from NW are better options, why not give them a chance to push the incumbents out the door?

I like the idea of Patton, because I have never been all that impressed with Weatherford or Basanez's arms. Hanie has a gun, and from what it sounds like, so does Patton. Don't know anything about the other kid from NW. With the wind in this town come November, we can't have a lollipop-armed QB backing up Cutler. We saw in the game against GB a year ago at the end of the year how hard it can be to throw in that kind of weather. Orton understood it, and out-threw Favre. He doesn't have a stronger arm than Favre, but he made better throws. But having arm strength (or not having it) is the difference between getting critical first downs, and throwing ducks that get picked off. I say we should err on the cannon-armed side, and I just don't think Basanez can get it done on the lakeshore.

Hopefully, there will be some video from the mini-camp this weekend so we can get a look at some of these hopefuls. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what guys with nothing to lose can bring to the table.

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