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Bears end mad search for quarterback, land Cutler

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Jerry Angelo's fixation has ended.

Perhaps the Bears' quarterback carousel will stop spinning.

In a blockbuster move, the Bears acquired Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler on Thursday, sending the Denver Broncos two first-round picks, a third-round pick and quarterback Kyle Orton in exchange for Cutler and a fifth-round draft pick.

Cutler immediately reshapes the organization, ending the sometimes laughable direction the quarterback position took under Angelo as the Bears went through 11 starters in his eight seasons. He will turn 26 at the end of the month, is signed for three more seasons, and the belief is he could steady the position for the next decade.

``I can't say anything until I am up there [Friday],'' Cutler said when reached by phone. ``I'll be up there tomorrow.''

In acquiring Cutler, the Bears get a proven star with a big-time arm and athletic ability. In dealing Orton, they lose a popular leader who had a 21-12 record as a starter and was 15-2 at Soldier Field. Getting Cutler might not be the only business of the day. The Bears are zeroing in on left tackle Orlando Pace and could have him signed soon.

The Bears will be able to look for a wide receiver in the draft with the 49th overall pick. They sent the Broncos the No. 18 overall pick, their first-round pick in 2010 and their third-round pick this year, No. 84 overall. The Broncos sent back the fifth-round pick that originally belonged to Seattle, No. 140 overall.

So, the Bears now own eight picks this year--2nd round, 3rd round compensatory, fourth round, two fifth round picks, sixth round and two seventh-round compensatory picks.

It's a new world at Halas Hall. Complete with a proven quarterback.

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Dear Jerry,

I am sincerely sorry for doubting your manhood for the past many years. You sir have a set of steel finally, thank you!

Bear Down.


Unbeliveable it has happened in my lifetime!!!

JA is a Superstar!!!!


Watch out central division and NFL the BEARs will be beasts again.

No WAY! Congrats Jerry, great move for the organization and the city of Chicago!


Who's got a GM!

(Somebody NBS unplug from the internet, he's probably too sticky to do it himself)

I guess this is what Angelo has to say to all the bloggers.....shut the F@#k Up!..Wow, blockbuster deal and with a reasonable price tag, I said I wouldn't believe it until I saw it and it looks like the blind (me) can now see.....Now I see why they are talking about bringing in Pace, this team has got me "geeked" right now, can't wait to get him in camp and see what we got on the field......Go BEARS....and to JA and LOVIE well done gentlement, well done...

Oh thank god. He will be are Bret Favre. Now the Bears have a core Player. Forte, Olsen, Bennett, and Hester are all doing Backflips. Ok Packerbacker who has the best QB in the North division now B####? Ron Turner just #### his pants.

This will be a great trade for the Bears. What would we do with those draft picks. Another Rex, Haynes, or other blown first round pick. He is already developed thanks to Mike Shannahan, who is pretty good with QB's. It's a steal for the Bears. Get a reciever and draft defense.

Please do not try to make him a game manager, let him play.

Just get Pace, and Holt now as well.

OMFG...I cannot believe they pulled this off! Party Time in Chicago! Jerry A. you the man! I take back all those bad things I have been saying.

Now the Big Question will Cutler be able to hold off Hanie? Hahahahahahahahhahah.

For all the Orton fans FU. Now you get see real QB.

This is so the ####.

HEY BUDDY!!!!!!!

Jay Cutler is are QB.

You know I was really worried this off season that I would have to see a Orton Simms QB battle, and I still get to, and I am so glad it is gonna happen in Denver. Hahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaha.

The Bears also just got Pace. S### just got real. This is such a good day. My god the Bears finally became a real NFL team. I am numb. Unreal, this is so unreal.

I gotta say it.
Jay Cutler is the Bears QB
Jay Cutler is the Bears QB
Jay Cutler is the Bears QB

Now we just gotta fire Phillips and bump Angelo up to the Presidents spot and hire a GM that can draft.

Do we actually have an actual bonadide pro bowl quarterback!!! WE DO!!!. Not only that but we actually have a legitamate general manager. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!! Chicago actually has a GM with some GUTS and he pulls this thing OFF!!!!...After this Angelo can do whatever....He is a total success!!...I just cant believe we have a PRO BOWL QB AND A PRO BOWL GENERAL MANAGER!!!...

Ah...that feels better. 'An opiate for the masses.'

Congratulations Chicago Bears. Job well done.

It's so on now man, it is so on. Bears vs. Packers, Cutler vs. Rogers. Oh it is so on, Dom Capers is gonna s### when he sees what were bringing to Lambeau field this year. 6'4 230 pound cannon armed Jay Cutler who threw for 4500 yards last year and his new body guard Orlando Pace. This kid cut his teeth against the 3-4 and has gone against the best ones in the NFL. Hahahah, he gonna chew up and spit out the Packers Defense.

This is the Angelo Money Shot.

I got this strange clear salty discharge comming from my eyes.

I still can't deal with it.

We still gotta get a WR. We get a guy who is even close to a number 1 in the second round and if they can just get the defense up to being average and we are talking Super Bowl in the near future.

Oh Angelo kept his word and and fixed the position he said he needed to fix. Lovie guess what Kyle Orton is not your QB.

I would like to take this moment to say thanks to Josh McDaniels.

The Bears no longer get off the bus running, they get off the bus gunning.

I'm glad you are so full of glee Creighton. But wait. Oh my. Didn't you make some sort of promise to the Bears faithful only a few days ago? A promise you made since you were "so sure!" the Bears would never land Cutler?

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM

In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

Now far be it from me to ever want to see that, but you were the one boasting about how nobody "mans up" on this blog but you. Remember?

So do we have a date? Time? Will you, God-forbid, be facing LSD, potentially blinding the motorists driving by?

I'll warn CBS, WGN and FOX that it's not a grounded pink blimp with a marquee reading "Brando Rules and I suck." Just some stupid fan looking for much needed attention.

P.S. - Better get on that exercise bike buddy. Huff Huff!

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Cutler AND Pace!! If I still lived in Chicago I'd have left my job and be in the street or in a bar celebrating. The city should shut down and party!

Now, the Bears just need to sign Tory Holt and we'll actually have the foundation of a good offense. Put Williams at guard and you've created a very good offensive line out of a mediocre-bad one. And with Cutler throwing to Holt, Hester, and Olson, defenses can't just gang up on Forte or they'll get burned.

Fix the weak sister, overpaid defense and the Bears can be considered to be a serious Super Bowl contender.

Fabulous!! The price was actually pretty steep with two first round picks on the line plus a third rounder, but as some previous blogger has said, first round picks do not come with guarantees,and Cutler and Pace are proven entities with only injuries as possible liabilities. Now if another Hester sneaks in for the Bears and has a rookie season as good as Forte's, the sky is the limit, even if the defense is still a bit iffy.


I was going to mention that proclamation that Creighton mentioned as well. I don't attend games and I will make doubly sure I won't attend the game that he pulls out his pink panties.

I thought I was dreaming when I heard the BEARS were in the running to get this guy. I am sooo happy to wake up cuz now the Offense is awake too. I can't wait for the season to start.....expectations are high! Way to go JA I didn't think you would do what was necessary but I was wrong. Thank you DENVER!

I have to say, in my >25 years of following the bears this quite possibly is the boldest move I've ever seen them make

And IMHO, we didn't overpay, and while I'm a huge neckbeard fan, I'm still ecstatic about this move (serious perma-grin)

Pace is an excellent addition as well

Can football season start monday instead of baseball?

Ah, I'll still be cheering on the sox, who am I kidding

Well this is jus terible. Orton was going to the probowl this year. I just knew it! Awwww shuks!

I can't stop smiling!!! People at work are going to start thinking of me as the 'creepy guy at work who can't stop smiling'. But, I don't care!! HEE HEE!! Whoa. Wait a minute... Did I just read Creighton posting positive messages, and that he's excited about the team, and congratulating Angelo... What the F...? Is this Bizarro world??

I am a man of my word.

If you want the time and place it's at the same place you got that quote from. I already listed it. You know you want to see it.

However sense Brando broke his word to never post here again I am dropping his sign for one that says Brando sucks.

holy cow I can't believe you guys are excited about this. I know I am jaded having had 2 quarterbacks since 1994 that were winners. I came on to see how the response would be and if you all were going to try to lynch D'angelo. 2 1st round and a 3rd round draft pick for the player with the most interceptions in 2008. now I would be excited about getting rid of orton but 2 1st round draft picks in the 10-20 range that seems extremely high to me. Having spent so much time with parcells and belichek players weren't allowed to have egos and certainly wouldn't cry if they were mentioned in a trade c'mon. anyway just an outsiders 2 cents

Wow, hard to believe this just happened. Two firsts and a third is a big nut to pass, but frankly, if I were Denver I would have been asking for more. I guess once they announced publicly they intended to trade Cutler, they lost some of their bargaining power. Great move by Angelo. Maybe it will even light a fire under Harris's and the rest of the defense's butts and get them to play like they used to. Sign that Lucas guy, draft wr in the 2nd, and then focus on the D line and linebacker the rest of the draft. And, oh yeah, sign Holt.

Brad, what does our cap space look now?


All I have to say is Ha Ha! See u out there in ur pink thong! LOL. And by the way, I have asked Brad to ban u from posting. Tired of listening to a sick know it all, who WAS WRONG!!!!! U R BANNED. BYe Bye. Don't speak. Just go. Never come back to post again.


Man up is right, you said it you gotta do it. I don't want to know where or when because to tell you the truth it ain't going to be pretty and I don't want to see it.

Just talking about it gives me a visual that I don't want to replay!

PatsFan: You must be a little jealous that the BEARs are going to have a better offense than the Pats?
Maybe we can have a repeat of the 85 Bears and the Superbowl victory over some team called the Pats. No way the BEArs gave up to much. How much would you give up for a healthy Tom Brady?
Cutler is not Tom Brady but he may have the potential to become as good.



and a 1 and a 2

We are DA BEARS!!!


Jerry You are the greatest gm ever!!! (had to make amends on that)

Let me get this straight ur a Pats fan and you had 2 QB's and you don't understand the Bears fans being excited?? Lokk at our QB's over the years nuff said....

Cutler to Hester TD!!!
Cutler to Olson TD!!!
Cutler to Bennet TD!!!
Forte breaks a long one as the D was laying back, TD!!!
Angelo goes deep TD!!!
Creighton wearing Pink Panties Saftie!!!

Bizzaro World lolol

I am in a state of shock that this deal actually happened!!! Bears management, I am sorry I ever doubted you and thank you for coming out of hibernation and getting us a franchise QB!!!! Did we give up too much? Probably, but who cares!!! We got ourselves a real QB!!! I am soooo proud to be a Bears fan!!!!!!

By chibears76 on April 2, 2009 6:29 PM

All I have to say is Ha Ha! See u out there in ur pink thong! LOL. And by the way, I have asked Brad to ban u from posting. Tired of listening to a sick know it all, who WAS WRONG!!!!! U R BANNED. BYe Bye. Don't speak. Just go. Never come back to post again.

Oh look it's Brando, I hope you do show up. I really do. To bad you are a coward and won't leave your home at the asylum.

Oh look I am not Banned. I guess Brad just doesn't like you and thats sad considering you claim your part of his family. I see your still not keeping your word. I guess you should ask Brad to Ban himself while your at it, he didn't think we would get Cutler.

Didn't you say you hated Cutler by the way? Yes you did, this must be killing you.

Yes I was wrong I didn't think we would get him. Wrong once in a year, I can live with that. You were wrong the day you were born. At least I wanted the awsome Cutler over your dream man Orton. Hahahahah still a looser.

Now go back to Packer ville were you belong and leave my awsome Cutler led Bears alone.

Still here, still posting and Loving it.
Hahahaahhahahha you ban me? You ha hahahahahah ban me? You got nothing on me. You never had me, you never had yourself. You couldn't even ban yourself. You are nothing.

Wow. Why does everyone act like babies?

Quit dissing on Creighton and be HAPPY.

But Creighton, quit dissing on other people as well..we both know how many brain dead Bears fans there are in the world, but instead of beating them on the head, just roll your eyes and turn the other cheak.

WE HAVE A FRANCHISE QB. Oh, and why we were at it we got a future Hall of Famer to protect his blind side. This is the BEST day in BEARS history!!!!!

Maybe Creighton didn't think we would actually land Cutler, but who did?!?!?!?!?!?!

I remember Creighton stating many of times how badly he wanted to land Cutler and how he would forgive JA for everything he's ever done if he could pull of the trade. HE DID. We have a franchise QB and you guys are still bickering!

I come to this site EVERYDAY and read EVERY Chicago Bears story ever posted, and then read the comments...and Creighton is one of the few people on this board that actually knows his stuff..there are a couple others, but good comments are few and far away from each other.

Stop the chat room bickering and celebrate! I will join Creighton in a pink thong if it will shut everyone up and allow to rejoice!

Its time to BEAR DOWN.

now...go get Tory Hold JA :)

Everything (most) of you said and THEN some. I was worried about overpaying but I don't think Chicago did. We knew it was 2 first rounders ... we throw in a 3rd rounder and Orton? Orton wasn't gonna stay around AGAIN and be happy. He's class all the way but how much more could you damage the guy? I mean ALL of us have an ego and can only take so much. So Jerry put up the asking price and traded a 3rd for a 5th when it boils down to it!!! Farking BRILLIANT!!!

Scratch QB off the list for the next 8-10 years!

And for people worried about "too much" ... we weren't going to the Super Bowl this season. So does giving up our 1st and 3rd this year hurt us? No. Could we see the playoffs this year? Possibly. Are we leaps and bounds closer to another Super Bowl in the next 8-10 years? YES! YES! YES!!!

Watching NFL All Access as I type this.

ps. Creighton, where's it gonna be? I missed your post so if someone wants to clue me in. I'll bring the Miller Lite and the "I'm with stupid ->" t-shirts for the rest of us!!!

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