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Bears draft preview: Need No. 16 Specialists

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I completed an assignment for the Sporting News last week, and a portion of the file was to rank the Bears' draft needs from 1 to 19. Using the order I put together for the Sporting News, the NFL draft preview edition just hit newsstands with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford on the cover, I'll do a daily breakdown here. For the purpose of getting every position covered before the draft begins April 25, I've combined the specialisits--kicker, punter, kick returner, punt returner and long snapper--into one category.

We'll begin with need No. 16 today and work our way up to the draft, having to double up on one day.

Need No. 16--Specialists

Players on roster

K Robbie Gould (signed through 2013)
P Brad Maynard (2010)
KR Danieal Manning (2009)
PR Devin Hester (2013)
LS Pat Mannelly (2010)


What the Bears really need here is for Hester to return to form after a bad slump in the return game in 2008. He averaged just 6.2 yards per punt return and had a long of 25. You've heard the Bears say two things this offseason and I am not sure if they are contradictory remarks or not. They've said they believe Hester can become a No. 1 receiver and they have said they may cut back on his time on offense just a little in order for him to regain his form as a return man. I'm not sure if both can be accomplished, we'll have to wait and see. Certainly wide receiver Earl Bennett is capable of returning punts. He had a touchdown last preseason at Seattle. Gould had a solid season as did Maynard, who set a franchise record with 40 punts inside the 20-yard line. Mannelly remains one of the best at his craft as he heads toward his 12th season. Manning led the league in kickoff returns last season and could be a target for a contract extension here at some point. It might not happen until the fall but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Who the Bears have been looking at

It's unknown what specific players the Bears could be targeting to participate in training camp. The team was represented earlier this week at a kicking combine in Reno, Nev. There are a handful of special teams scouting combines on the West Coast and the Bears have have hit all of them looking for help. With training camp rosters being limited last season, the Bears went to just one additional specialist, an extra punter. I'd expect that to happen again unless special teams coordinator Dave Toub can find someone who can do both--punt and kick. The Bears like to take it easy with Maynard, who has been hampered by hamstring and back issues in the past, and that makes sense.

Coming Sunday: Quarterback.

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The Bears are one of the few teams that has not had to worry about bad snaps over the last several years, but at some point, Mannelly is going to retire. We need to start looking for a future long snapper. Not having that position nailed down is the special teams equivalent of not having your left tackle on offense. If you can't get the ball on target to the punter or the holder, none of your kicking game will work. Mannelly may only play through the end of his contract in 2 years, and then go into special teams coaching after that. He is a very smart player, and obviously has a desire to coach younger players in how to excel at long-snapping. He even has a website about it (

Finding a future punter is not a bad idea either. Not many punters can play at a high level after 12-14 years in the league, and if Maynard is having hamstring and back issues, that does not bode well for a guy who is 35 and 13 years into his career.

Gould is solid, and should be our kicker for a long time. No issues there.

In the return game, we should always be looking for the next guy in line. Manning may not be back after this season, and Hester is going to do less and less in the return game. If Bennett can return punts, that is a start. We need to have 3 guys that can help us in the return game in both phases. That way we are covered in case of injury and to change things up on the opposing team.

One more possibility for returning punts is Garrett Wolfe. He did not return them in college, but his rookie year he spent training camp working behind Hester at it. His speed has already proven to be an asset on the coverage teams, and I think he'd do pretty well in a pinch. Vasher also has experience so I'd say that we are pretty deep with guys that could step in if needed.

I read that Buf. is shopping Roscoe Parrish. Is JA looking this? I think he would be an excellent upgrade/propect for Jay. your thoughts..

I hope the Bears do not waste a draft pick on a punter! 90% of them do not get drafted. Bring a few in after the draft, and take a look see. I would rather see the Bears draft 3 O-Lineman late than take a chance on a punter.
Also. teach someone who is already on the team to be the long snapper, why have one guy take up a roster spot, when that is the only thing he can do. NO OFFENSE to Mannerly, BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim, no offense, but I think we need a few receivers over the 6'3 mark. Parrish is 5'9.

Tim if your going to look at a stat for recievers I suggest you start with Average yards per catch. Parrish had a 9.7 average last year and a career average of 10.8. Davis who I think we all agree didn't look good last year had a 12.7 yard average and a career average of 12.3. I don't think Parrish is the answer. I think because of Welker and Smith a lot of people are looking at small Split Ends, and thinking that they found the next Welker. Welker is a solid reciever but he really benifits from a pass happy Pats offense, Big bad Bill and the fact that Randy Moss is the other reciever. I think the Bears need to find there Moss before they find our Welker, but that is just a thought.

Special teams already has a ton of possible return men, just look at last years Pre Season. In 2006 the Bears spent there two 2nd round picks on Hester and Manning both are returners, Wolfe is a 3rd round special team player and possible option on return Bennett as well, there are others like McBride who could Also return. I do not think the Bears are short on special team players, in fact they seem to draft more Special team players in the top 4 rounds than any other team in the NFL.


Your chances of building a dynasty by using low round picks for the O-line are not going to be good. And not by picking up mediocre rejects from other teams. Or fading stars at the end of their career who are becoming injury prone with skills eroding.

The Bears are in a unique position with an "Elite QB". And the best way to get everything you can out of his talent is to give him the best O-line you can, an "Elite O-line". With a mediocre O-line you're wasting him. You're giving him less time to pass and making him run more, risking injury.

On this blog others here are admitting that in perhaps 2 years time Pace, Kreutz and Garza will all be gone. And who knows if Chris Williams back will hold out or his play will be diminished? Who knows if Omiyale is any good?

This is a dynasty O-line?

But you have a chance NOW to start to build an "Elite O-line" that you won't have for years to come.

Alex Mack, is called the best Center in the draft in at least 5 years. A special talent called the "safest" pick in the draft. Some people criticize him for "playing too hard"! He won't be around in 2 years to draft, you have to draft him now.

Andre Smith is called the best Tackle to come out in at least 5 years as well. A special talent who can get even better. Because he has made some public gaffs and scared other teams off, he can be gotten at a much cheaper price. A real bargain!

And Duke Robinson is considered the consensus #1 pick at Guard and has to be better than what you have right now.

So you have Mack and Smith, two special players that are rare. You need to grab these kind of players when you can. Especially with the current stop-gap way you have the O-line now.

These 3 players are all ready to be starters this year. They are not backups. They have the ability to come start and DOMINATE now.
In fact, "dominating" is often used in descriptions of them. And they will only get better in time.

Instead of having to rebuild 2 years from now with lesser players, you'll be way ahead by doing it now with Top Quality Rare players that are not just expected to be 1st year starters but be future Probowlers as well.

Can you really expect that from pick #99 or #140? It could happen but don't hold your breath.

This "Elite O-line" is not just going to be a little better than what you have now, it is going to be vastly better. And it's for the next 10 years, not 2.

It will be up to the Bears management to make the trades and do what it takes to get these special players. No one is untouchable except Cutler. Some think I "WANT" to trade Forte and Olsen. I DON'T, but I would if I "HAD" to, because I think it would better for the team in the long run.

The Bears proved that if they could get Jay Cutler, then they could get anybody. They just need the will and the effort. I don't think people should think that's it's going to be that hard or expensive.

For example, what if you had to trade Omiyale and Williams along with picks to get Mack, Smith and Robinson? Does that sound so bad? I would've perhaps kept them for depth, but if you don't want to trade Forte or Olsen, you have to give something in value.

And I think you underestimate that your lower round draft picks will become better with an "Elite-Oline" to let them maximize their potential.

An "Elite-Oline" will make your backup running backs (which people are concerned about) better and you just don't know how good Earl Bennet can be or Hester without a "Elite O-line". You may not need a new WR or more RB's in the draft or Free Agency. You could use those low draft picks on Defense, which is Jerry Angelo's strength!

People need to realize that the most important need right now is to fix an O-line that has been stop-gapped and broken for too long. It isn't fixed if you want to build a dynasty. Do you really want to make the playoffs and just lose, year after year after year?

Jerry Angelo, please get these special players while you can. The chance may not come again. Go get us a DYNASTY!


I don't think Devin Hester will ever be the same game breaking return-man he once was being a full-time receiver, and this is coming from one of the most optimistic fans on the board. Maybe if Chicago moves Hester to the slot position, this would take away some time on offense. But I can't see that happening unless the Bears go out and sign a free agent like Plaxico Burress or trade for someone else that could play split end. This would allow Chicago to draft a flanker and they could then move Hester to the slot. As of right now Hester is your flanker and Chicago is in need of a receiver that can play split end. I know Jay Cutler is gonna help and make the Bears receiver's look better, but he's not gonna be able to turn one of them into a split end with his strong arm. If no free agent that can play split end is signed, Chicago is going to have to draft one like Ohio States Brian Robiskie, who will hopefully be available at #49, if not, Chicago might want to take Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi. I wouldn't wait till the third round at #99 [which would basically be a high 4th rounder] to get a split end. Chicago is gonna have to take the best available in the second to have a better chance of getting a rookie that could come in and start, and it might come down to Massaquoi at #49, I say take him in the second.

I know a lot of people don't like Massaquoi, but he is your prototypical split end. He's got the size you like at the position 6-2 210lbs. He had a case of the drops during his first three years at Georgia, but came on as a senior. Massaquoi caught 58 passes for 920 yards to go along with 8 touchdowns last season. He also had a streak of 33 consecutive games with a reception, you gotta like that. Another thing I really like about Massaquoi that I read in a scouting report is he has no trouble digesting a complicated playbook and won several academic awards, in a nutshell, he's smart. He's also a team leader who served as a mentor to Georgia star freshman receiver A.J Green. The Bears need to come out of the first day with a split end, if not Robiskie, I say take Massaquoi. With Massaquoi ability to pick up a playbook fast and understand it, he might be the player to bring in. This would allow Chicago to line up Hester at flanker, Robiskie/Massaquoi at split end, and Earl Bennett in the slot. Chicago could then move Bennett to punt return which would allow Hester to concentrate at being a receiver, just a thought, happy Easter and as always GO BEARS!!


I thought last time you wrote a 4000 word essay calling for this same stupid crap was enough but apparently the only thing you bring to the table is the same nonsense. Maybe you and NBS should get together and go bowling. Countless posters have tried to tell you how fricking stupid your idea is but you remain undaunted. So I thought I would try BASIC MATH to explain this to you.

Recently I have been working on a study to try and quantify draft picks. In the most basic version (it's an infancy stage much like the drivel that you post) we decided that a draft pick is only good if he makes one Pro Bowl. This has flaws in the thinking but for a BASE jumping off point it works. So far here is what we have found:

Picks 1-16: 50% of players make at least 1 Pro Bowl
17-44: 20% of players make at least 1 Pro Bowl
45-69: 12.5% of players make at least 1 Pro Bowl

So let's humor you and say the three guys you have selected who will "dominate" fall in these 3 levels. They don't but I want to make this very easy for you to follow along.

So let's say:
Smith is a 1st level prospect: 50%
Mack is a 2nd level prospect: 20%
Robinson is a 3rd level prospect: 12.5%

Here are the odds of what could happen:
1.25% All 3 are Pro Bowlers in their career
35% NONE are Pro Bowlers in their career
48.75% Only 1 of them makes a Pro Bowl in their career
15% Two of them make a Pro Bowl in their career

You have a better chance of taking your life savings and putting it on ONE NUMBER on a roullette wheel than you have of all 3 of these guys panning out. You have BETTER than a 1/3 chance of setting your franchise back 5 years by making the moves to get all 3 of these guys. Do you SEE yet why everyone thinks you're a dumbass? Is there any other language we could put it in that you may understand?

Protect the QB ....

Just a word I what you said.
Denver has a great line...but no defense and toward the end, no running game.
The team has to worry about all facets of the team, not just the O line.
It would be great if the Bears had a dozen 1st round picks. Then they can fix everything within one draft. Every other team would like to have the same. That is not possible. So you have to find players later in the draft that could step up. Some teams do a better job of this selection process than others.
If you want to talk about dynasty, then talk about the teams ability to scout players so we can have great draft years instead of the ones that we have had in the last 10 years.
So what are we really talking about? Either fire angelo or ask angelo to hire someone that knows how to draft talent in the early rounds.

PTB either you can't read or are too self-absorbed to listen to what you yourself are saying. You sound like a rambling moron with no clue, you seem to thing the Bears are the only team drafting and everyone else is an idiot. Read your own crap and if you don't think it's the rantings of a fool then you are nuts. Forte is a rare back who can do it all and is perfect for this team, Olson is the big target we have wanted for years only a moron would suggest trading two possibly future pro-bowlers for two unknowns. This is the second time you have wasted space with this lunicy please stop it.

The point of getting a dominant offensive line is a good one, the suggestion to trade Forte and Olsen to get that dominance is very questionable. They are young talent that should flourish with the Bears.

If you look at past superbowl champions many have had dominant O lines, like the Giants and Steelers of recent years.

The fact is that there are holes on the Bears OLine, particularly at Left OG and in a few years center.

I don't believe that picking up all three positions in one year is the best way to go but picking up one of these positions might be a good option particularly if a Duke Robinson or Mack is available when the Bears pick. The wide receiver group usually takes 2-3 years to develop and the WR talent at #49 may be a reach instead of a steal of a deal with this pick. I do believe that you pick the best available talent with this pick and hopefully it is one that fits the need at WR,OL,FS,DL or OLB but please the Bears should not reach for a guy that does not have the grade for the 49th pick, the pick has to fit the talent level.

I would not mind seeing a line of Pace, Omilaye or Beekman, Kruetz, Duke Robinson and Williams, would that not pretty much insure that Cutler has more time to make plays, that Forte gets the 3 yard carry for a first down when needed and that the control of the clock by running the ball can take place in the third and fourth quarter when the Bears have a lead, even that fullback plunge play would work with a dominant line.

The philosophy that protecting the QB brings of having a dominant line is good, it is the mechanics of how to achieve that dominant line that may be flawed?

It appears that those of you that like to take shots at peoples opinions as stupid might have some self esteem issues of their own to address?

Funny quote of the day by Joe, "We need to start thinking about getting a future long snapper. It would be the equivilent of not having a left tackle if it were ignored".

Absolutely hilarious.

Remember Dave Wannstedt? He used a 2nd round pick on a punter in 1994 on Todd Sauerbraun. Stupid. The way you get punters and kickers is how Lovie got Gould. He invited about 100 kickers in for a workout, and by the end of the 2nd week, they found one that was good "as Gould".

The numbe one need is Nose tackle, then strong side Linebacker. If they don't have to gamble to stop the run, then they can play much more aggressively against the pass. They were able to stop the run with 7 in the box in 05 and 06. The results speak for themselves.


Dahli: "It appears that those of you that like to take shots at peoples opinions as stupid might have some self esteem issues of their own to address?"

So when myself and others see someone spamming the same ill-informed, manifesto on every other thread and tell them just how galactically stupid it would be to do this ... that's because we have "self esteem" issues.

But when you call out myself (and those like me) then you're just being a well-rounded, healthy developed individual.

You wrote an entire response summing it up with "The philosophy that protecting the QB brings of having a dominant line is good, it is the mechanics of how to achieve that dominant line that may be flawed?"

Gee, isn't that another way of saying "Dude, you are wrong." The only difference is that I am a little more aggressive in tone and don't rely on passive-aggressive inuendo to make my point. I say what I mean and provide relative facts. And unlike PTQB, I don't believe that the Bears will be lining up any time soon to PAY ME to "build the dynasty!!elventy!!!"

If you can read posts and psychoanalyze people based upon words typed into a message forum than bully for you! You're the next Sigmund Freud and are wasting your time with us schlubs. The difference between the way I read a message board and you? I don't have to "read INTO" someone's message to make the judgement that it's a bucket full of stupid.

// Happy Easter to everyone. Spent 3.5 hours at mass last night watching my little ones get baptized. Thank god I'm Catholic so the church provided plenty of beer and wine afterwards!ny

To Da Church,
by your own standards you prove me right! You show the lower you pick the less chance you have of getting a Probowler. And many of you want to keep trying to find O-linemen in the lower rounds!

But you're still not even comparing apples to apples. You'd have to compare the Top 3 consensus picks at each position over the years and see how many of them made a Pro Bowl. Not just where they ended up in the draft.

But even after that, Alex Mack and Andre Smith are not just average picks but players who are deemed rare talents at their positions that only come around every 5-10 years. These are the kind of guys you make the extra effort to get. They have the best chance of success out of anyone.

I keep saying you might make the playoffs with what you have but you won't have a dynasty. And that's the point, to build a dynasty. And 2 rare players are there for the taking to help you do that.

And even though Matt Forte was a #44 pick and Olsen a #31, people act like they can't be replaced. Heck, we might trade Forte to Detroit and get their the #1 pick and #33 pick for him if he's that good!

But even then, you might be able to get Mack, Smith, and Robinson without trading Forte or Olsen. And I said I'd rather not give up Forte but people keep thinking I do, which shows that people are not paying attention.

My posts are not just for this board but it's hopefully a way to reach the Bears management and alert them of this special situation.

I'm trying to help win 3 Superbowls in my small way. I understand there are those who just don't get what a "dynasty" is or how to get one. And I feel sorry for them. They somehow are content with going to one Superbowl every 20 years and watching mediocrity every game. I am not.

Do it Jerry Angelo. BUILD THE DYNASTY!


For the Matt Forte lovers out there. If you could trade Forte to Detroit for their top 3 picks; #1, #20 and #33 would you do it?

I think you would. And why? You'd say because it would help the team. You'd say we could always draft or get a Free Agent RB; who may not be as good but you could still win with.

So you see everybody has their price. But the key is, are you going to be able to make the team better. Would you rather lose in the playoffs with Forte or win 3 Superbowls without him?

Do it Jerry Angelo. BUILD THE DYNASTY!


PTQB: "by your own standards you prove me right! You show the lower you pick the less chance you have of getting a Probowler. And many of you want to keep trying to find O-linemen in the lower rounds!"

If that's what you gleaned from my post (and others) then we can now rule out NFL, math, and reading comprehension from your list of strong suits.

"But you're still not even comparing apples to apples. You'd have to compare the Top 3 consensus picks at each position over the years and see how many of them made a Pro Bowl. Not just where they ended up in the draft."

Really? That WOULD be an interesting study. Since I have done several statistical studies into the NFL (and tried using simple math to show you how bad your plan is) how would you go about doing such a study? Do we take the top 3 players at every position? And whose top 3? Should we use Mel "I'll see you at Mike Williams' Hall of Fame induction" Kiper Jr.? Which experts do we use to build a "consensus top 3"? And how do we weight such a study if we ignore the actual draft position of the players taken? So say the #1 kicker according to a source yet to be identified should be taken at all costs because he's the #1 kicker? How about the positions we break it down by? Do we have the top 3 LBs? Or de we have the top 3 ILBs for a 3-4, the top 3 MLBs for a 4-3? Tell me as I'm now very curious as how an expert like you would conduct such a study ... or can we all just add statistics to your growing list of deficiencies?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

// Call Bill Holland, maybe he can deliver your manifest to JA so the rest of us don't have to keep reading the same message ad nauseum.

Protect the QB: "For the Matt Forte lovers out there. If you could trade Forte to Detroit for their top 3 picks; #1, #20 and #33 would you do it?"

Look up a Straw Man argument; your entire premise is that ANYONE would trade Matt Forte for 3 1st-round picks so therefore your incoherent ramblings are justified. In reality, Matt Forte may be worth a low 1st-round pick or a 2nd-rounder and late 2nd-day pick. Pointing at your Straw Man and concluding your argument has validity is a classic logical fallacy.

The second problem with your theory is that name me one team in the NFL that is going to give up 3 1st-round picks or even 2 for Matt Forte? Or Greg Olsen? Or give up a high 1st-round pick for our 2011 1st-round pick? Aside from teams that meatheads like you would run in fantasy football and teams you create in your imagination, can you point to any team that would be willing to give up higher draft picks this season for talent and picks from Chicago. Show me who would trade, what the trade would be, and I will be more than happy to weigh it, but right now you're talking out your arse with absolutely nothing except wild speculations, specious reasoning, and a complete and total misunderstanding of basic business principles.

Really trying to keep an open mind but every time I see a post you might as well write "Ding, fries are done!" 100 times.

To Da Church,
as I said, there are some people that get the idea of a "DYNASTY" and some who don't. You don't in my opinion. And there's probably nothing I could ever say to help you. It'd be wasting my time. If you just don't get it, you don't.

Jerry Angelo--Mack, Smith, Robinson--BUILD THE DYNASTY!

To Da Church,

I think you need to go find out what an "abusive post" or "abusive poster" is and find out what happens to them.

As I said, you just don't get what I say. Sorry.

DYNASTY= 3 Superbowls


Protect the QB: "as I said, there are some people that get the idea of a "DYNASTY" and some who don't. You don't in my opinion. And there's probably nothing I could ever say to help you. It'd be wasting my time. If you just don't get it, you don't. Sorry."

You are correct. I guess I will never be able to grasp your shear NFL genius of telling JA to grab three rookies by trading existing talent and future picks ... without giving examples, information or anything tangible. I guess I speak for ALL of us poor, uninformed masses on this board when I say good luck at the next forum you visit. Please DO NOT WASTE any more of your genius on us. We are unworthy and your words are far beyond our mere mortal understanding.

Like in Good Will Hunting we all look forward to that day when we navigate to this site, open up a thread, and you're just gone. No note. No nothing. We'll all get that Ben Afleck, douchey-look of smug content and go on about the business of being uninformed, dynasty-not-wanting, no future beyond today, bear fans like we were before you came into our collective lives.

Godspeed, Will.

// It's not YOUR fault.

Protect the QB: "To Da Church, I think you need to go find out what an "abusive post" or "abusive poster" is and find out what happens to them."


Thanks. Do you think you could explain it to me in much the same way you've explained your genius plan? Also while you're at it can you explain:
"Thank you for commenting. Your comment has been received and held for APPROVAL BY THE BLOG OWNER."

Please keep providing us with more "insight" into not only the NFL but how you think the internets work! The more you know!!!

Coach congrads on the kids getting Baptized.

Coach why are you fighting with a moron? Look the guy has a screw loose he Smith isn't even the Best OT in this class, he just likes him, which tells you he is a littl off right there. He thinks we have three first round picks if we trade Forte and Olsen. Broncos are looking to trade Scheffler who is as good if not better than Olsen for a second round pick and have no bids so far. RB is one of the easiest positions to find in a draft and he thinks Detroit is going to give up the 1st over all pick and the 20th. Thats insane, no team would even think of that, he is also sure that every guy he metioned is going to work out. 2 names think about Columbo and Williams both are first round picks by the Bears, one is gone and only an average RT and the other has yet to play. So have made at least two first round picks for the line plus they traded for Tait in his prime. So they have not all been late first round picks. Granted there have not been a lot of picks on the line but they have not all been late ones.

He thinks he has discovered that team build dynasty's through the lines. Wow what a revelation, thats genius right there thanks for filling us in. We all know how teams build dynasty's, it's a lot harder to do that just saying do it. The Key's to every great Dynasty have been QB #1, #2a stopping the run with a great Dline that can generate a pass rush, #2b a great Oline that can run and pass block, #3 a shut down corner, #4 and 5 depending on the offense a stud WR or RB in either order. Last but not least a great head coach.

Coach I think what your new friend does not get is that we all know about the Oline, it's that he can't understand why his plan to build that Oline is crazy and unrealistic. Detroits first three picks for Forte and Olsen, ahahahahahahahah. How about we just trade Wolfe for KC's first pick, and Mcbride for the Rams 1st pick. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah he's right if teams would do that we would be a dynasty fast. I would also be the richest guy a alive if people would just agree to trade there 100 dollar bills for my pennies. Here i'll give you this penny for a 100 bucks.

Oh I hope he stick around this is fun.

ptqb, even if the bears could get three first round picks whichthey can't and won't it would kill them in salary cap money. plus there are no guarantees those rookies would become pro bowlers. by the way a great line may only have two pro bowlers at best. if the bears get one of your guys it would be great.there's a three year plan to upgrade the o line. you don't know who maybe available in the next three years, who's to say that in three years the bears replace the guys who will be leaving through the draft and free agency. aways have a plan b don't paint yourself into a corner.if your plan fails in anyway the bears would be hurt for years to come.
olson will come into his own now, and forte will be much better with
jay at qb. plus the bears have too many holes to fill to bank their
draft on o lineman. the bears will make some more moves after the draft and they know other teams are waiting to see what they get in the draft before getting more free agents. let's see jay, three o lineman, and a safety, they look better now even if they had no draft picks at all. the future looks bright for the bears cause they
can go in many directions to improve themselves. saftey, o lineman,
linebacker, d lineman, and wideout. the bears will take the best player available. go bears

To Carlos,

thanks for the sincerity of your post.

In regards to Forte, I don't think you could get Detroit's top 3 picks. I think if you'll take a look at my post again you'll see that.

I just was saying what IF you could. In order to illustrate that if something helps the team get better you do it. Like getting Mack, Smith and Robinson and giving up what you have to do it.

Some say Forte is too good to give up. Others say a RB is the easiest thing to get. Others here complain that the Bears haven't developed Probowl O-linemen for years but then criticize you for trying to get those type of players! This blog is crawling with hypocrites.

Some say Andre Smith is not the best in his class. Yet just yesterday the "NFL guy" for the Chicago Tribune Dan Pompei wrote:

"In terms of pure left tackle skill, this junior is the best in the draft. Smith is very light on his feet and he plays with explosive strength."

If the know-it-alls and "experts" here did a little research, they'd see what a special opportunity the Bears have to get Mack and Smith, rare talents that many others say only come around once in every 5-10 years. Google Mack, Smith, and Robinson and the more you read about them, the more you're going to like them. Then imagine them all on the same line. Sounds pretty good.

It's about building a Superbowl dynasty. It's not about this year or the next, but the next 10 years and 3-4 Superbowl wins.

But these players can all start now and would probably be better than anybody you have now except Pace and Kreutz, and they would just get better as time goes by. So you could probably still have a chance to go to the playoffs for the next two years while these rookies get their feet wet.

If you go to other posts I've made on this subject I go to great lengths to explain all of this and you'd see my reasoning. But there are those on this blog who will never get what I'm talking about no matter how much I explain it to them. They just believe what they want to believe. And the more they twist reality to try to make their points, the more I know I'm right.

The Bears are not thinking "dynasty" the way they have been handling the O-line. It's just temporary fixes. Who looks at the Bears O-line now and says "This is the O-line of a dynasty!"?

You need to draft these players now because these rare players are going to give you the best chance to succeed for years. And especially when you have an "Elite QB" in Cutler. An "Elite O-line" with an "Elite QB" is going to be something pretty special.
Nuff said.

Go Jerry Angelo! Mack, Smith, Robinson. DYNASTY!

Da Church:

The difference is that it is absolutely OK to disagree with other bloggers and say they are wrong, I just don't think it is appropriate for the demeaning language of calling someone stupid for giving their opinion.

Actually your posts and football knowledge is pretty right on most of the time and I do enjoy reading your football related ideas.

Da Church is that the christian way of responding to someone by attacking them personally. You know and I know the answer is no.


Thank you for the congrats. A svelt, 3.5-hour Easter vigil ... ugh.


In being more christian I do have something to ask PtQB. And thanks for the compliment.

Protect the QB,
(apologies I posted this today on a more recent post so wherever you want to answer I'll check both threads)

You have been granted clairvoyance and are in charge of the Chicago Bears 2009 draft. We will use my recent mock (version 1.3 on my blog for anyone interested) and you KNOW where these 3 players will be drafted.

22 Smith
30 Mack
39 Robinson

Unlike draft day where EVERYTHING is fluid and deals have to be pulled off in mere minutes you have as long as you need. You now have to acquire 3 picks with the current Bears roster and all current and future draft picks at your disposal. Also - unlike real life - moving up in the draft will not affect any other teams picks so these 3 guys are LOCKED in at those 3 spots. You need to trade to get the 21st or higher, 29th or higher, and 38th or higher picks. How do you move up to secure these three players?

If the Bears can get Jay Cutler they can get anybody. Teams are trading picks all the time. All the possible trades would be set up ahead of time. I didn't say it was gonna be easy or that you wouldn't need some luck.

There are so many things you could do, you couldn't write them all. Denver took Kyle Orton. Some people thought Orton was valuable others not. You don't know how other teams evaluate your talent until you talk with them.

Say Detroit was willing to give you the #1 pick for Forte alone or Forte and picks. Or Forte and another player. Any combination of things. You could keep that pick or possibly trade down and get more picks in return. A lot of things can happen. I suspect teams with multiple picks in the first round might make deals.

It's up to the Bears to be able to pull it off and as unlikely as it may seem, strange things can happen. The Cutler trade proved it.


And just in case anybody misinterprets what I said; I'm not saying Detroit wants Forte or that we should want the first pick in the draft. I was just using it as a hypothetical example.

Andre Smith was once considered the likely #1 pick. Now you won't need the #1 pick to get him. Getting him should be a lot cheaper contract-wise. That's a good thing.

Mack, Smith, Robinson = DYNASTY!


Thanks for responding PtQB ... Despite your numerous posts I see that you still have nothing to add to the conversation.

Substance ... there is a reason you don't have any.

// Dahli, can I call him retarded yet? :-P

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