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Bears draft preview: Need No. 15 Quarterback

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Need No. 15--Quarterback

Players on roster

QB Jay Cutler (signed through 2011)
QB Brett Basanez (2010)
QB Caleb Hanie (2010)


The Bears have worked for years to solve the backup quarterback position, bringing in the likes of Chris Chandler, Brian Griese and Jeff Blake in recent years. That hasn't been a problem. It's been finding the starter that has been an issue and general manager Jerry Angelo finally did that by dealing for Cutler. Hanie has impressed many in the organization since his arrival nearly a year ago and Basanez was intriguing enough for the Bears to make a move for him in February. They'll be able to proceed with what they have if they are comfortable. There really are not many interesting veteran options still available. Once again, the Bears could consider going with two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. It's something they nearly did last year before deciding to keep a spot for Hanie. But that's a decision for this summer.

Who the Bears have been looking at

The Bears have shown some interest in Ohio State's Todd Boeckman, who could be a late-round pick of an undrafted free agent. They may have some interest in Alabama's John Parker Wilson. Angelo talked for years about the idea of drafting a quarterback once a year in the quest to consistently be developing one. It's what Ron Wolf had great success with in Green Bay where the Packers turned out Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks. The Packers consistently drafted quarterbacks in the late rounds and basically waited to see what stuck. Considering the Bears' needs, and their shortage of picks after the Cutler deal, they could be content to work to develop Hanie this year.

Coming Monday: Tight ends.

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I would like to know why the Bears website keeps on including Garza when it says a solid line he is soft as Charmin and putting him on the same side with Williams is a huge mistake. Garza last season spent more time backpedaling than going forward he now is the weak link. I applaud his public service but he is no more than a backup. Would like to see a true mauler type play next to a atheletic Williams. The QB spot looks good why bring in a has-been who would take reps away from Basanez and Hanie retarding development. Leave it be Jerry, instead get a real nose-tackle and a WR then go shopping for offensive linemen to develop. actually be able to say there is no immediate need for upgrade at the QB position.......WOW.....

deputydawg is so right about Garza
i watched chris harris punish him all game long
knocking him all over the feild thats a safty ! our chris harris
that is un acceptable i say we cut Garza and move shaffer to right guard he could not be any worst than Garza is Shaffer looks like one mean SOB!!!

deputydawg is so right about Garza
i watched chris harris punish him all game long
knocking him all over the feild thats a safty ! our chris harris
that is un acceptable i say we cut Garza and move shaffer to right guard he could not be any worst than Garza is Shaffer looks like one mean SOB!!!

yes, we've thrown enough names around in this position to last for a while, good to know this is not an area of NEED in Chicago, it will be great to turn on the National broadcast and have the annoucers actually have to respect the offensive side of the ball in Chicago, now what is Tony Korheiser going to talk about when he has to do BEARS games....LOL

deputydawg is so right about Garza
i watched chris harris punish him all game long
knocking him all over the feild thats a safty ! our chris harris
that is un acceptable i say we cut Garza and move shaffer to right guard he could not be any worst than Garza is.Shaffer looks like one mean SOB!!!

espn has this draft tracker on line I posted the link, it really shows some bad Bear drafts and the years we got lucky and started getting the players that made up our 85' champion. Intersting stuff and for long time Bear fans some of the names bring back memories. Hey, Creighton & Hadji you think Angelo is bad check some of these drafts out ???

Dog and Jeff I also agree. Garza was a fill in for 2 years now. He had one good year ( not great) year in 06. Then what happen he flopped in the Superbowl. Get him out and progress another player.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the Bears probably won't draft a quarterback this year.

If Caleb Hanie comes out this summer and puts on another show like last year, he'll probably be the backup. Hanie might have an edge over Brett Basanez because he has a year in the system. I look for Chicago to keep three QB's on the roster. Chicago has their starter in Cutler, who is young and already a pro-bowl qb. I say let a guy like Hanie come out during the pre-season and gun it, hype him up, and maybe get some draft picks out of him in another year. Theres always someone out there looking for a QB GO BEARS!!

Instead of entering the season with two undrafted and unproven talents at QB, a free agent with some pro experience, should be added to the roster. I don't mind starting the season with one project. But having two is just asking too much. Yes, we now have Cutler. That was a great move. So we can't get loopy with the rest of the decisions being made. If we feel that strongly about both of these projects, then assign one to the roster and keep the other on the practice squad. QB is a team need. And that need needs to be addressed in free agency only. JA is wrong. There is no way you can build a complete team through the draft alone! Go Bears!!!

Remember, before the Bears got Cutler, the starting QB was Orton and the backups were still Basanez and Hanie. The only thing that's changed is that we have a much better starter now. I too think that the Bears should get an experienced backup if they can, but they've got so many other and more urgent needs (receiver, free safety, defensive line, interior offensive line if Omaliye doesn't work out at guard) that it might not happen. The Bears might be forced to just take their chances at QB and hope Cutler stays healthy all season.

I think what's interesting in terms of our Guards, is that we don't hear much about Dan Buenning getting a crack at starting. He seems to be the most physical guard we have and with Omiyale not having played there yet, I have to thing that big Dan could be a nice addition inside. I'm curious how others feel about the 315 pounded who used to open lanes up in Tampa.

We have the perfect back up Quarter Back, the same one who took us to the super bowl. Rex Grossman!
We gave up on him way to soon, somebody will take a chance on him and he will prove everyone wrong.

Chi you asked me to check out a bad draft and then posted a link to the Bears 83 draft class???? Am I missing something, thats like one of the greatest draft classes in the history of the NFL.

If you want to see a bad draft I suggest you look at the Bears 2005 draft and tell me what the Bears got out of that one. Here we are 4 years later and and there is only a 7th round pick on team and he is a backup. When you misplace a whole draft class you have messed up bad. That is Ditka saints bad.

Kevin I think Bears may also want to give Cutler some time in those Pre Season games, he does need to adjust to his new team and he needs to do it at in game speed.

Brad I am not so sure about Brett Basanez, from what I understand they needed 3 QB's to run all there drills during mini camp and had to sign one early. So they went with the cheapest option rather than go after Simms, or Garcia who would cost more. The guy is pure practice squad material.

Jeff don't be surprised if Shaffer is challenging for the RT spot, he did say he wants a shot at starting and the Bears said they would give it to him. Garza is expected to go at it with Buenning who is bigger and stronger than Garza and has also started before.

I know the perfect backup, and he already knows the playbook. BRING BACK REX!!!!!

If the Free Agent choice is between a veteran wide receiver or a QB, then I want the WR. Hanie and Basanez will be fine behind Cutler, but the Bears still need a veteran WR and a draft pick to fill out the offense. I've been saying they can use a new Fullback too, someone who actually can get 1 yard when you hand off to him and knock somebody backwards as a lead blocker, the current guy is just lousy.

Angelo has finally gotten a real QB and I see posters calling for Grossman, knowledge of the offense is not enough to bring back a QB who NO ONE picked up in F/A because everyone else knows he is not a NFL QB even K.C. didn't want him. Hey Tripper and Boomtown "who you crappin". The Grossman era is OVER he didn't take us to the Super Bowl the defense and a lot of opportunistic breaks did, you need to get over it no one in their right mind would bring him back for ANYTHING. It's time to develop some guys Hanie knows the offense and Basenez will be fine.

The only negative coming from the Cutler trade is that Caleb Hanie will never start at QB for the Bears!(except for injury) I believed before the trade that Hanie would have beaten out Orton for starting QB going into 2010-2011. Unless they trade Hanie later, he'll always be a back-up behind Cutler. I think he could start for alot of teams.

Are you guys kidding me with the Grossman talk???!! Let it go...
He is one of the biggest reasons our offense became so inept. Not all of it is on Rexy, as it's not like Pep Hamilton was turning him into a Pro Bowler. But he failed to improve in his recognition skills where we could be confident that he would not throw up a goose egg in QB rating again. Teams blitzed the crap out of him because he wouldn't change the play to the right audible, and thought he could beat everyone deep when they blitzed. he was slow in his drops, poor in his setups, and had no ability to buy time in the pocket by stepping up. He also had inconsistent mechanics in his delivery.

You cannot have that kind of inconsistency in a professional QB. You think there is any kind of indication that even Cincy decided to not offer him a contract? This is a QB who played in a Super Bowl, and can't even get a sniff in free agency. he fired his agent in favor of Rosenhaus, and he still isn't getting any interest whatsoever.

We need to consider a veteran, who gets released after the draft. If we bring back any former castoffs, Griese is likely going to be released now that they signed Leftwich in Tampa. I would rather have a pedestrian guy who can play it safe in relief than a guy who hasn't shown the ability to make the smart decision under pressure.

Rex needs to be somewhere else if he ever wants to resurrect his career. He will NEVER succeed in Chicago. The fans are already in his head (how sad is that?), and he will always be trying to prove something to us. There is no way to succeed in that environment. I don't believe that Rex has what it takes mentally and emotionally to succeed in the NFL as a QB, but I have been wrong before. Rex handled himself well in his time here as far as media, and handling the criticism, but what he failed to do was get better and show people he was capable of being better than what he had shown. If he can get to an organization where they understand how to teach QBs, and can truly work with him as a backup, he has all the physical tools. It just will not be (and should not be) here.

Just let it go....

Boomtown: "We have the perfect back up Quarter Back, the same one who took us to the super bowl. Rex Grossman! We gave up on him way to soon, somebody will take a chance on him and he will prove everyone wrong."

Tripper: "I know the perfect backup, and he already knows the playbook. BRING BACK REX!!!!!"

You mean the QB who was released over 1.5 months ago and has yet to find a job in the Qb-starved, NFL? That guy? Yeah, Chicago gave up "way too soon" on him, everyone knows you need at least 8 years to develop as a QB. He only had 7 years to develop! One more year and EVERYONE knows he would have been a perennial Pro Bowler. Damn that impatient Jerry Angelo!

Knowing the Bear's playbook IS NOT EQUAL TO executing the Bear's playbook

Boomtown REALLY??? Rex has yet to get a job. No team even wants him as a back up. We kept a QB for 5 years that no team even wants as a back up. Angelo messed up and we had to pay the last 5 years. Enjoy watching a good QB in Cutler. If not follow Rex to his next team.....nowhere.


Rex was better than that loser Orton ever was. Orton was the worst Bears QB in the last 20-30 years. I'm still celebrating this trade!!!!! No more Neckbeard ever again! WooHoo!!!

Hanie has shown, in the little time he's been on the field, that he moves well, makes good decisions and puts the ball in perfect spots. What can you not like about the kid? I think he's shown enough to at least warrant a chance as the 2. I say, at least for this season, use the draft choices on more pressing needs. If our 'O' line surprises, and Cutler stays healthy, it's a win-win situation for all.

Get over the neck beard thing. Your act is getting really old. Sounds like you think successful NFL quarterbacks grow on trees. I liked Rex (Round #1) as a person, but he was not progressing as an NFL quarterback. Thirty-two teams seem to confer on the value of Rex. Maybe he will get a nibble after the draft. I hope so. We got the trade with the Broncos partly because Kyle (Round #4) had value, so don’t be sore because he was an upgrade on Rex. Good luck to Kyle in Denver and GO BEARS!!!

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