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Bears draft preview: Need No. 10 Guard

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Need No. 10--Guard

Players on roster

RG Roberto Garza (signed through 2011)
LG Frank Omiyale (2012)
G/C Josh Beekman (2010)
G Dan Buenning (2009)
G Tyler Reed (2010)


One of the goals the Bears set out to fill this offseason was to add some more size to the interior of the line. That was accomplished by a series of moves, the first of which was signing Omiyale to a $11.5 million, four-year contract on the first day of free agency. Omiyale spent all of one day at guard in minicamp before being moved outside when the coaching staff appeared to be frustrated with the makeup of the roster. Maybe that's what happens from time to time when you run a minicamp in mid-March. At any rate, Omiyale can move back inside now that Orlando Pace has been signed to play left tackle and Kevin Shaffer has traded places with John St. Clair.

That will likely lead to Beekman becoming the understudy to Olin Kreutz at center. Garza, who has made 48 consecutive starts at right guard, is expected to remain in his position although offensive coordinator Ron Turner said in minicamp that Buenning, who is entering the final year of his contract, would be in position to push him. Getting a younger player to develop isn't a bad idea but Omiyale is young and comes with low mileage and there is a much greater need at offensive tackle where Pace is viewed as a one- or two-year solution. Reed has spent most of the last three seasons on the practice squad.

Who the Bears have been looking at

The Bears brought in Eastern Michigan's T.J. Lang for a pre-draft visit and he was a left tackle in school that projects as a right tackle or guard. He's been gaining traction on draft boards all spring and could easily be selected in the third round meaning he might not be a candidate for the Bears. The team has shown interest in Missouri Western's Roger Allen, a powerful Division II prospect who will likely be selected in the final three rounds. Most of the candidates the team has looked at are possible late-round picks or undrafted free agents--San Diego State's Lance Louis, Oregon's Mark Lewis, Hampton's Dennis Conley, Penn State's Rich Ohrnberger and Montana State's Louis Saucedo.

Coming this afternoon: Outside linebacker.

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Of the guards that the Bears have been looking at, are there any that you think won't get drafted and will be available as undrafted FA's? Which ones have garnered the majority of their attention?

Chicago already has their four guards that they'll keep on the 53-man roster in Josh Beekman, Roberto Garza, Dan Buenning, and Frank Omiyale. I can't see them spending a high round draft pick on the position. Angelo will probably bring in [invite] someone like Penn States Rich Ohrnberger as a rookie free agent and sign him to the practice squad.

A player I like is Wisconsin's Kraig Urbik 6-6 323lbs. Urbik has the size and power you like at the position. Scouts say he is at his best when he's trapping or pulling just outside the right tackle, he can do either inside as well, and usually finds a target to hit. Urbik comes out of his stance with power, and can wall off tackles to create holes inside and can get to the linebackers at the second level. With his ability to move, he could be a nice fit for what the Bears want to do on offense, and has the size and power to boot. Again, I realize the Bears probably won't use their 2nd or 3rd rounder on a guard, but Urbik would be a great addition to add inside, but unlikely.

As far as Eastern Michigan's T.J. Lang, I can see Chicago drafting him if he's available at #99 in the third. The fact Chicago was still looking at him so late tells me they like him, and with their plans to move Omiyale to guard, the Bears probably like Lang as a right tackle. I hope he's available for Chicago at #99. I still think the Bears need some youth at the tackle position. Lang is a nasty player and can straight up maul the guy in front of him. Lang would be a nice addition, I hope they take him to add some youth to the position GO BEARS!!

Biggs every time you post you mention Garza as a keeper, in my opinion he is the weak link in that line and in order to produce the off the bus running Garza MUST be replaced. He gets no push and is pushed around regularly Urbik and Lang would be upgrades both in age (younger), size and power.Jerry you have made bold moves make two more replace Kreutz and Garza.

I hope the BEars see the writing on the wall with Garza, he does need to be replaced. Lang may be the ticket here in #99, I would like to see the Bears draft Duke Robinson if he drops to #49. With Cutler now the QB, it is critical to set the O line up with the best, it would improve the running game to have a sledgehammer like Robinson opening lanes and it would help the Bears win time of possession, get first downs on 3rd and 3 or 4th and 1. It is important to wear down teams in the second half if the Bears have a lead and a big strong line allows this to occur. Also the D will be more rested and play better as a result. Three n out will be a theme of the Bears D again.

As for Kruetz, I really think he will have a rebound year and won't need to be replaced until 2010 or 2011.

Brad I just don't understand how to read the value of a guy like Tyler Reed. The Bears have kept him on the P-squad for a couple years now. What does that mean? Has he demonstrated some continuing up-side so the Bears think he may be able to move up? Is this like a AAA veteran catcher you keep just in case? Cody Balough is similar case.

I thought the practice squad was usually a one year or less proposition. Are these players we could someday see on the field, or are they literally just "practice players"? Can you help us understand how this works?

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Guard is not a need this year but by the time the 2011 draft roles around the Bears will have to replace between 3 and 5 starters on the line.

How young is the line?

Lt Orlando Pace will going on 35 and would be entering his 16th season

LG Omiyale would be 28 and actually is totallu unproven at this point. He may not even make it as a starter.

C Olin Kruetz would be 33 and in his 15th season

RG Garza Would be 32 and entering his 11th season and has never been very good.

RT Chris Williams would be only 25 but at this point is totally unproven and the Bears felt that 33 year old Pace who has been suffering from injuries would be better at LT. He has a back issue and may not be a Bear in 2 years if he continues on his down spiral.

OT Kevin Shaffer Would be 31 and entering his 10th season.

So at the very least Pace, Kruetz, and Garza will need to be replaced by then and possibly Williams and Omiyale. I also do not think Beekman will be on the team after this year. The two offensive linemen that the Bears seem most unhappy with this off season are Williams and Beekman. The proof is in the Bears actions towards them.

I would like to say at some point next year the Bears will start rebuilding there Oline. But my guess is they will just stop gap it in 2011, Like Angelo has done every he has been here. Thats just how he does the line.


Why does everyone think that Omiyale will be any good at guard? The book I saw on him said he's a better pass blocker and should be playing tackle. What's your take on this?

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