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Bears do their homework on Eastern's Pierre Walters

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Pierre Walters is seeking to be the first player drafted from Eastern Illinois in 10 years and the Bears are showing some late interest in the defensive end.

According to the Daily Eastern News, Walters met with the Bears last week. He's a late-round prospect who is getting interest from 4-3 and 3-4 teams as an outside linebacker and it's not a lock he will be selected. But Walters showed well at the Texas vs. The Nation game, which was scouted by general manager Jerry Angelo, and he turned in 1 1/2 sacks late in the game.

At 6-4, 269 pounds, he's an interesting prospect. San Diego flew him out for a visit with defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. Green Bay, which is switching to the 3-4, and Indianapolis also worked him out.

We've added Walters to our list of players the Bears brought in for visits or worked out.

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Based on his size and measurables, I would like to see this kid get a shot. I am praying that someone from EIU gets drafted, so I don't have to hear about Tony Romo being the only one from my alma mater in the NFL. He will probably fit better in a 4-3 than a 3-4. I understand the fascination with pass rushers being converted, but when they are not used to dropping into coverage, it makes it difficult for them to get used to playing both ways, and can retard their growth. It is what happened to Wimbley in Cleveland, and likely what will happen to guys like Brown and English in the draft this year. English has a better chance to evolve more quickly, but Brown is going to struggle to get used to his new position.

That being said, why not take a flyer on him if he is still there in the 7th? Two comp picks, why not take a couple of shots in the dark? if you are convinced he can be a contributor (and at that height, would be a nice add on field goal block teams too), then I would say look at him in 5, but only if you trade back a few spots

Chicago probably waited so long to bring Pierre Walters in because he's so close to home. Walters is 6-4 269lbs right now, but with a year in an NFL weight room, and Walters could be in the 270-280 range, so the guy has got nice size. In Chicago's scheme they probably wouldn't bulk him up much more although. I like him as a left defensive end for the Bears. Walters had 48 tackles this season with 16.5 tackles for loss, 40 for his career. Walters only had 4.5 sacks this season. I don't know if Walters has the explosion off the line required to be a dominate pass rusher on the right side, this is why I think he might be a better left end vs right end. Walters would probably be a more effective pass rusher vs NFL right tackles rather than NFL left tackles who are generally more quick footed. Pierre Walters can get under the pads of a tackle to get around him and push him into a QB. Also, Walters uses his hands violently across the body of his man to pressure a passer, again, this tells me he'd probably be a pretty good left end for Chicago. Don't get me wrong, obviously Walters can get up the field with the 40 career TFL. I say develop him for a season, get him in an NFL strength and conditioning program and he could turn out to be a pretty good player for Chicago GO BEARS!!

Could this be a reincarnation of Michael Strahan.........

I am a EIU Student who was at all the home football games and I think he could be a good player in a late 2nd round pick. I wouldn't take him until maybe the late 6th round or the 7th round. If not I do see him being signed as a UDFA.

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