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Bears bringing in Texas Tech safety Charbonnet on tryout basis

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The Bears have found another safety for the rookie minicamp.

Texas Tech's Daniel Charbonnet has been invited to compete on a tryout basis and battle for an opportunity to land a free-agent contract, his agent Erik Burkhardt told the Sun-Times. The Bears will have a few dozen players in on a free-agent basis and typically they sign a few to contracts before the weekend is over.

He was the lesser known of the Red Raiders safeties as Darcel McBath was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round, but Charbonnet was a first team All-Big 12 Conference selection. The 5-11, 203-pounder had a big interception of Texas' Colt McCoy in the upset of the then No. 1-ranked Longhorns. The Bears were known to like McBath.

In other news, a league source said Stanford linebacker Pat Maynor is likely to join the Bears for the rookie minicamp on a tryout basis. He was a three-year starter for the Cardinal and led the team in tackling for two seasons. Also, Hawaii linebacker Solomon Elimimian has turned down an offer to sign with the Bears as an undrafted free agent.

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That just doesn't make a lot of sense. A second round grade on Ogletree and they let the draft expire without pulling the trigger because he's a lot like Iglesias. What if Iglesias gets hurt? Or worse, god forbid, they blew their evaluation of him and he's not as good as they think(although i think he will be)
Dallas picks him up as a free agent and i'm sure he has similar traits to a few of the guys on their roster.
Instead we waste a 6th rounder on a 300 pound tight end who is so obscure, he didn't even get into Mel Kiper's Draft Report.
Makes no sense.

A lot of fans, including me, are curious about their plans at FS. I think they were looking, but the stars didn't align for them during the draft.

They can still find a player. After the third round the Bears chance of getting a good FS was only marginally better in the draft than by signing an UFA.

As it stands:

Graham/Vasher/Moore will all compete for one corner spot.
Tillman #1 Corner
Bullocks starting FS, oh god this is so bad.
Payne starting SS, but will probably compete with Earl and Steltz.
Manning the nickle back, nice blitzing ability but is still weak in coverage. I would take Manning over Bullocks, thats how bad he is, he will make twice the mistakes Manning does.

I excpect Moore to win the starting job at some point. That will boost corner play from last year, unless Tillman falls off a little or gets hurt again. The middle of the field was weak last year with Payne and Brown as the starters, it actually got worse, unless anyone thinks Bullocks is better than Brown. As soon as our Corners drop off to the Safties the Bears will get hit. Thats the same problem they had last year. I am hope the Bears try Graham at FS, were IMO he is a better fit and would be better than Manning or Bullocks.

If we start Josh Bullocks at safety over Zackary Bowman or anyone for that matter I am going to be highly surprised, Bullocks should be nothing more than insurance.

Our only chance is to get quick and consistent pressure with only the front 4 on passing downs, and solid gap control on running downs. If we can manage to get pressure with the line, then Urlacher and Briggs can drop out of the mug-up front, which will help pass protections. If they don't have to crowd the line of scrimmage, the outside backers can flash the slant zone, and let Tillman and whoever wins the other corner spot carry their man deeper before handing them off, which should help us with the slower response of the safeties. Not ideal, but it's the only chance we have to defend the 3 step drop, which is what killed us in 2007 and 2008...

Our best case scenario would be for Vasher to return to form, and Graham to take the next step in his development. Then we would have 4 solid CBs in Tillman, Graham, Vasher, and Moore. Then we can put Vasher back in the slot on nickel downs, where he was at his best, and move Manning back to FS. Then at least we have a guy who can cover a lot of ground, and let Byrd coach him up as much as possible. Unless we add another player, Manning is our highest potential talent guy for FS, sad as it is to say

If Moore wins the CB job over Vasher and Graham, then Graham should be considered for a switch to safety. I would be curious to see how he does in deep 1/2 or deep 1/3, and what his read and react skills are like to see if he translates to that spot. If it is not an option, I do like how Tampa handled Ronde Barber, where he was on the outside for standard formations, and moved into the slot in the nickel, where a bigger guy was put on the outside to jam the receivers. Moore, Vasher, and Manning are all better suited to the slot/nickel (requires more vision, quick footwork, and better hands) than they are on the outside, where more physical players help the overall scheme. Strange though that our most physical DB is Manning, which would lend you to think he should be put at CB full time, not nickel....

Vasher is very important to get sorted out before July. We need to know if he is going to be worth his contract, or if we need to send him packing and give other guys the chance. If he plays like he did before getting his contract, then we will be set on the outside. If he plays like he has the last two years, then we need to move on.

Steltz is the answer to FS, mark my words. He can make a great FS, forget about his rookie mistakes. And if not Steltz than there is Afalava, who is a great athlete and I can't wait for his first FF on special teams. Love that pick!

You can have all the DB's you want but if they scheme the same way this year like last it won't matter. Last season they played corners off linebackers up huge cushion in the short to intermediate zones automatic 5-10 yards a shot. No push up the middle well teams have schemed against those under-sized linemen and they simply just wall them off and thats that. How can a 280 lbs man move a anchored 300+ lb man especially after that 300+ has been pounding you and now you legs are gone from the constant mismatch in size. How about if you have no knees and you don't work all week long how can you push anything? Creighton I disagree the corners never get to drop off anyone they are off the line as it is and the throws are going underneath and the YAC is extending drives.

Creighton you forgot zack bowman, he would of been a second or third round pick if not for college injuries and i believe he might be our best bet to win the safety job or at least rotate in with the starters. He just needs to stay healthy for a change. lets hope angelos grand move brings a new era of good luck and health from the football gods, especially on the O-line with pace.

Yes pressure would help a lot, thats how Pitt gets away with there Corners, that combined with there Safties play.

I didn't forget Bowman but I just don't rely on guys who get hurt that much. Love the talent hate the injuries.

Interesting thought I heard on the Bears today was that they were going to be playing a Hybrid type dime with the 3 corners that would help cover up the weakness at Safety.

One thing to remember about Gilbert, he is a MAC player, we had a MAC DE on the team not to long ago, in fact he was the 2006 MAC defensive player of the year, his name was Dan Bazuin. I like Gilbert better but it is really hard to tell with that level of competition how good a guy really is.

Deputy the Corners dump off to the Safties all the time, in fact every defense in football does that, it's basic cover 2. Corners will dump off to the Safties and play the run as well. It depends on what read the corners make. In that game in MIN Tillman actually had to choose between dropping off a TE or the WR, he made the wrong call but we do it. Thats why we have Safties and thats why there called safties. Sometimes they double up a guy but when they play a zone believe me they dump off. Your talking about Man plays which they do a lot of too.

My bad I meant to say WAC player, anyway not important, it's just a point about guys from mid majors can look real good until you see them next to better competition. Gilbert struggled at times playing end but he really improved once he was moved inside, but he didn't play there for very long less than a year I think.

I understand the cover2 my point was the corners are playing so far off it's a easy pitch and catch for 1st downs and with the linebackers on the line of scrimmage it makes it easy thats why Greise looked like a HOFer. I know how the system works I made a statement, let me elaboratethe corners were playing so far off the recievers had no bump no nothing they were unimpeded the slant was automatic and with the linebackers so close to scrimmage the spacing made pitch and catch easy.

Charbonnet was a beast at Tech - hits hard, reads routes well, good hands, perfectly built for the nickelback spot. I hope he makes the team.

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