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Bears anxious to check out Lance Briggs' injured right hand

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Lance Briggs became the latest star athlete from Chicago to cut himself ... doing what?

Making an appearance Saturday at a telecommunications store in Algonquin, Briggs was sporting a large wrap on his right hand and wrist. Fortunately for those who showed up, Briggs is left-handed so he was able to sign autographs for the crowd. Briggs told people there that he cut himself in an accident involving a straight-edge razor but this wound required more than the kind of bandages you keep in your medicine cabinet.

Photos on a blog of a fan that attended show just that.

The injury was news to the Bears as Briggs, who has been regularly attending the voluntary offseason program, did not show at Halas Hall Monday. General manager Jerry Angelo got involved in determining what happened Monday afternoon following post-draft meetings with scouts. Now, Briggs is scheduled to show the injury to team medical personnel Tuesday and explain what happened. A high-ranking team source said concerns that the wrap was hiding a recent surgery were not founded.

So, Briggs was able to walk away from his Lamborghini smash-up, figuratively and literally, without a scratch two years ago but wasn't so lucky with the straight-edge razor. He could have consulted two of the city's biggest basketball stars for advice with sharp objects. You might not think of Michael Jordan as a Washington Wizard if his cigar cutter accident was any more serious. Jordan nearly severed a finger on his right shooting hand while on vacation in the Bahamas and that surely would have prevented a third coming of his Airness.

Just four months ago, Derrick Rose sliced open his arm with a cut that required 10 stitches to close. As Rose explained, he rolled over in bed and cut himself on a knife he had been using to peel an apple. Rose didn't miss any time and Briggs will not either.

So, pay attention with your cigar cutter, keep your knives out of bed and leave the straight-edge razor to your barber.

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Lance should write a novel of his exploits? I'm sure Jerry Angelo would love to read it.

Thank god he wasn't driving while shaving.

After cutting himself, Lance panicked and called police and claimed that he had been ATTACKED AND STABBED.

I sure hope Briggs doesn't do his own landscaping. I would hate for him to miss the season because he was using a weedwhacker.

I heard he cut himself after the Bears drafted Marcus Freeman!!! He will take Briggs' job soon!!!

Insert your "Sharpest knife in the drawer" joke here.

Is this really news...He cut himself..who cares what he was doing..

Lance Briggs will be fine. The guy cut himself, happens to the best of us. The only thing I know [and care about] is he made another pro-bowl, and has been regularly attending the voluntary offseason program. And in the end, thats all that really counts. C'mon, at least he didn't trip over his dog....just kidding.

Something I do care about is that Chicago will be playing rookie 3rd rounder Jarron Gilbert of San Jose state at the under tackle [three technique] position. When Bears GM Jerry Angelo was asked about Gilbert, he said, "he can play end, I really like him inside, he's an under tackle for us." To me, thats good news. With all the question marks about Tommie Harris knee problems, and the fact he was standing on the sideline during mini camp had me worried. The three technique is way to important of a position to Chicago's scheme to be heading into the season with just one player [Harris] at it. I realize the Bears also have Marcus Harrison, but to me, Harrison is a better fit at nose tackle vs the under tackle position. Even if Harris was a 100%, your still taking a chance with just one player at the position, anyone can go down at any time in the NFL. Jarron Gilbert will allow the Bears to rotate Tommie Harris, making him even more effective for the long run of a 16 game season. Also, Chicago will probably move 2nd year DT Marcus Harrison to the nose position for good. At 6-3 310lbs, Harrison is a better fit at the nose position. Chicago had him there toward the end of last season, and during mini camp. I had an idea they were gonna bring in another three technique at some point during the draft. Had Chicago stayed at #18 in the first, I bet they would have took defensive tackle Peria Jerry of Ole Miss. Angelo did a hell of a job with the Cutler trade and the draft. Not only did he fix the QB position, but he fixed the three technique with Gilbert...hopefully. I like the direction this d-line is headed in with young players like Gilbert and Marcus Harrison, it all starts up front GO BEARS!!

Unfortunately, your post makes an assumption that has not proven correct, which is that Lovie Smith's type of defense works. One of Smith's fundamental ideas is that size does not matter and that it's better to have linemen who are quick and fast than to have big ones. So, the Bears draft another grossly undersized defensive tackle in Jarron Gilbert. I like this guy much more at end than at tackle. I don't see any way that at 290 lbs. Gilbert will be able to stop the run when being blocked by linemen who outweigh him by 30-40 lbs.

The Bears got a good lesson in how much size matters on the line the last two seasons. Their run defense was only good last season because they gave up the pass in order to stop the run. The teams with good overall defenses that are strong against the run all have large defensive tackles and/or are a 3-4 defense with a huge nose tackle.

Lovie Smith has still not figured out that football is not a track meet or a gymnastics competition. While I'm exaggerating for effect, the fact is that, as a lineman, it's not generally possible to take on players who outweigh you by large amounts over the course of an entire game and an entire season and to be successful and avoid injury. There are some exceptions, but expecting to get exceptions is no way to build a successful team. There is a good chance that Tommie Harris's injuries were due, at least in part, to the fact that he's constantly taking on linemen that outweigh him by 30-40 pounds. Three hundred pounds is currently the size of a defensive end in the NFL, not a tackle.

The guy cut himself, Kevin? That's it? And that's why there's that humongous bandage on his arm? Might there be any stitches under there? Possibility of infection? Cut nerves? That might be something the Bears would like to know.

Sorry, but this guy has a history of reckless personal behavior. As a rather expensive asset, the Bears should do whatever it takes to get this knucklehead to grow up. When he retires he can play with straight razors (which, BTW, I have had and can tell you for a fact are NOT for amateurs), drive his sports cars recklessly on the Edens, and even shave while driving. When he retires.

I am not believing anything he says about the extent of injury. This is the same clown who said someone stole his Lamborghini.

Let's see what the Bears medical people say.

Let's hope the injury is as slight as Briggs maintains. I suspect athletes really get sick of commentators constantly invading their prvacy over inane incidents like this one. I have even read or heard comments about athletes being constipated, which does little to invoke respect for sports media.

Kevin: Jarron is a great pick up and where ever they play him he will thrive. Harris is always hurt and he could end up starting DT or he could be a 3rd down pass rusher who can get to the QB. Either way he is a huge upgrade at the position.
His father told me that he can play either position and will definately bulk up if they keep him at DT.


Doesn't Briggs have a whole legion of young women after him for child support? Sure he cut himself. Sure.

If they could just put all the OL and DL in a pool, then I'd be really certain this kid is going to get it done. Until then, he's just another question mark.

If Briggs cut his hand why is his writs and forearm bandaged so heavily? Looks more like a sprain, either that or he cut a tendon or he has multiple lacerations. But for one cut on the hand they don't bandage the forearm. Bob is right it does not look right.

Wrigley Gilbert is far from undersized, he is over 6-5 and is about 290, they say he could easlily add 30-40 pounds and that he has a massive frame.

Kevin there are a couple of problems with what you are saying, first Harris has been in a rotation for years. Second, him going down is not a good thing no matter how much you like the new kid. Gilbert is very, very, raw, plus he is new to the NFL, it's not that easy to just jump into a new system, he has not played DT for very long at all. Harrison being moved is a good thing, but Gilbert who is an athletic freak is not really a great football player yet, he is a big big athletic guy who struggled to play End in the WAC and got moved inside his final year were he excelled. Either way Harris not being Haris or being hurt in no way helps the Bears, I know you want the new kid to play a lot. I know you like new guys but, lets hope Tommie is healthy cause I really don't want to have to deal with Packerbacker if he isn't.

Can't wait to see Raji vs. Garza, ugggg, I am so going to be sick.

Almost forgot, if this was a minor injury, the Bears would not be having Briggs come in today so there staff can look at it and Briggs would not be covering up the fact that he is hurt. This has the typical Olin hit someone in the head feel about it. Oh wait I tripped on my dog and fell down the stairs.

I think he is fine but I think he did something stupid and doesn't want anyone to know about it.

yeah, Raji vs alot of players actually, but Garza? That won't be fun.
Maybe he'll have the blue flu that game.

yes, he is a question mark, no reason to get excited over a player that hasn't played a down and say he is taking someones job.
Sure Harris has not performed lately but Harris has actually worn a Bears uniform before and the new guy? Looks good in the pool so far.
Briggs can fall in a bucket of sh.. and come out smelling like a rose, but Tank, goes to jail lolol

Briggs; `Thats my story and Im stickin to it!' lolol
Can't blame him one bit cause if he tells the truth it's all over the news that he's a criminal. Oh, and I would bet Angelo already knows the truth, but he's stickin to the story as well. :)

Hope Briggs makes the pro bowl this year!!!

If he got his beater hand......lesson learned.

Creighton he did well at tackle but this isn't the WAC it's the NFL and I agree with Wrigley Field Bear the smallish Bears line has been pounded, example 1st GreenBay game the Packers had sucked all season before that game in the running game they immediately pounded the Bears early and often that team had not rushed for 100 yds. that season until that game. The league has caught up with this philosophy and it shows big time

Who had the best draft, you bunch of losers??....We will destroy you chumps this year!! Who's gonna block Raji????? We now also have the best and youngest LB's in the league!! Superbowl here we come. You losers are just bumps in the road to the Big Game!!! See ya Sept. 13 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Actually Packer Backer the most people are saying the Bears had one of the Best drafts of all teams. Most are saying the Packers did average. But don't worry I sent your boy Raji several gift certificates to Old Country Buffet and for Browns chicken curtesy of Mike Murphy, Raji will be sleeping off his food coma's whenever he comes town. As for your LB's how many All Pro's you got? We got two, which is two more than you. By the way I will only refer to Raji as Big Fatty or Tubby from know on.

Deputy I did talk about the WAC and that it's hard to judge players from there. I think you should read my post again. However he is not small in fact he is huge. By the time the Season starts he will probably be around 310-320. So I do not consider a 6-5 plus 320 pound UT small, in any way shape or form. Look around the league DT's are not as big as you think. Plus he is very strong and fast for his size. Much stronger and faster than Tubby. With Harrison at NT that gives you a 6-3 320 NT as well. Thats really good size plus they both have speed.

PackerBacker you need to worry about that slow Defensive Backfield you have.

Lets see the Packers have drafted 3 LB's in the 1st rounf one of them 5th overall. The two that have been playing are pretty average. Barnett is no Rookie either he is gonna be 28, and Urlacher is going to be 31, not a big age difference thier. Lance is 28 and Hawk is 25 not really a big age difference again. Of course our guys have several Prow Bowl's and All Pro recognitions. Lets see, Hawk who was drafted 5th overall has been a pretty big let down and now your asking all your LB's to switch to a 3-4, thats not really going to help them, learning a new system that niether is really a Prototypical player for, both will play inside. Man you guys really spend a lot of first round picks on average LB's. What did it cost you to trade up for Mathews? We got Briggs in the 3rd round. How much you want to bet Freeman turns out to be a better player than Mathews.

We may not be good at drafting QB's and FS, but we sure no how to pick our LB's in this town, we also do a good job of finding CB's.

Your Corners are in there mid 30's, thats not good and I believe Nick Collins is holding out. Nice, I am sure that will help your team learn a new system.

Kampman is not really built for the 3-4, and Raji will be in a rotation at the nose. Who will block him you asked? Well here is the thing Raji is great at stuffing the run up the middle, however we run a WCO moron, you know Pass first offense designed to beat big NT's. Who are your 5 tech DE's by the way you really need them in a 3-4? Your not going to use Jolly are you, he is really is very slow for a 5 tech. Your Dline may have Raji a rookie now but it's not impressive at all as a whole. You have a 3 man line, we have a 5 man line with a future hall of famer on it. Do you think your LB's can cover our TE's, and Forte. Dream on, we also have a shinny new Slot reciver and Jay Cutler who has torched the Pitt 3-4. Yeah good luck. We can Double Raji with Olin and Omiyale.

Oh and then there are your OT's both of them not looking good at all, in fact Sheffler who is our backup is better than both your starters. Oh but you did draft two rookie OT's, maybe you should start them, that would be fun for us. To rookie OT's, that will work out really well for you. Oh how old is Driver now? 33 right yeah he is at the end of his career.

Oh and you got Dom Capers as your DC. Lets see his last gig as a DC was with Miami, the year before he was a DC the teams defense was ranked 5nd, then they changed to his system and the defense was ranked 30th. Nice, not to say he is bad coach but switching systems is not easy.

Guy's guy's guy's, calm down and let me explain myself a little better.

Wrigley Field Bear, like or hate the Bears defensive scheme, its our scheme. As a Bear fan, all I can do is support it and hope it works. And it has worked in the past, a trip to the Super Bowl and two NFC north titles are enough proof for me. I think injuries played a bigger part in the defensive let down over the past couple seasons than the overall scheme has. Also Wrigley Field Bear, I agree that a lot of NFL guards will out-weight Jarron Gilbert, but the fact he has long arms and his quickness off the snap will create a mismatch vs NFL guards who are shorter and generally slower off the snap. The Bears are getting bigger up front, not only with Gilbert, but 2nd year player Marcus Harrison who's 6-3 310lbs. Give Gilbert some time and he'll be in the 300lb range, he's young and his body is still growing. You want size, think about the 6-5 300lb Gilbert lined up from the three technique along with the 6-3 310lb Marcus Harrison at the nose position, thats size my friend. As you can see the Bears are adding size to their front, just give them some time. As a senior at DT Gilbert had 22 tackles for loss, thats crazy!! I don't care where you play ball at, San Jose st or Michigan, thats getting the job done behind the line! Think about this, 22 tackles for loss by a DT is the equivalent to a running back rushing for over 2000 yards. I think this kid is gonna be a beast with time from his under tackle position.

bob k, Lance Briggs was back at practice tuesday and only had a band aid on his hand, he should be fine. My point was, I just think this whole thing was blown out of whack. Especially with the draft being over and this being a slow time of year for pro football news wise.

Creighton, I realize Tommie Harris has been in a rotation for years, but never with a player like Gilbert, who has great size, 6-5 280lbs, and is an athletic freak. In time Gilbert should bulk up to the 290-300lb range, and the fact he will be in a rotation will help ease him into playing in the NFL. Creighton, Gilbert did not struggle at end either. As a junior, Gilbert earned all-WAC second team. Give this kid time, I remember back in 2000 another kid from the WAC [Urlacher] Chicago drafted who was an athletic freak and didn't seem to have a problem going from college safety to NFL linebacker. Gilbert has an advantage, he gets to work in a rotation, he'll be fine. Having another player who can effectively man the three technique will help Tommie Harris. If Gilbert comes on fast, Tommie Harris reps will come down considerably, and make Harris more effective for the long haul of a 16 game season. maybe even pro-longing his career.

Bottom line guy's, I never said anything about Tommis Harris being replaced?? I said, with another player to ROTATE with Harris, especially someone with freakish athletic ability like Gilbert, will only help Tommie Harris and the Bears defense as a whole. Think about it, the Bears have never had two players effectively man the three technique, that was my whole point. I like the sounds of a rotation of Tommie Harris and Jarron Gilbert from the three technique, and Anthony Adams and Marcus Harrison from the nose. Give this line time, think about it, in one year our defensive line could have the 6-5 300lb Gilbert at one tackle position with the 6-3 310lb Marcus Harrison at the nose, thats adding size up front, and both guys can make plays behind the line. This added size will only help the linebackers also, heck, not only Briggs, but Urlacher might make another pro-bowl GO BEARS!!

Dont get me wrong, I am not counting on Harris untill he plays a few games at full speed this year, just saying we can not count on a rook as well, but we drafted this DT/DE for a reason - bc we can not count on the players we have, as the past couple of years they have sucked, so I am hoping he turns out da.. good player,

And pb, you are forgetting we drafted Cutler as well this year huh?

packer guy,

Get real! The Bears not only have a better secondary and LB corps, but may have the better DL as well. We have the 2 best kick returners in the league, well above average coverage units, still one of the better punters and the BEST kicker in football. Add in the fact that we have better RBs, better TEs, and for the first time in a long time what might be a better QB, and you guy have NO CHANCE.

What genius decided green and yellow would look good together, anyway?

Kevin Gilbert did struggle at DE in the WEC, a guy with his physical gifts should have dominated the mid majors, he made the second team. The second team?? Why do you think he was moved inside? His coach even said they moved him inside so he would be more consistant. It's the Mid Majors man, he was going against 270 pound OT's. He should have had 15 sacks easy. Thats why he fell to round 3. Tons of athletic ability but he is not a really good player, he got by on athletic talent, now he has to learn how to play. Dan Buzain was a mid major star as well in fact he was the 2006 defensive player of the year for the MEC another mid major. So don't tell me making the WEC second team means anything in the NFL. He needs lots of work and is going to have to be very dedicated to learning the game. Okwo was a 2x first team in the Pac 10. It means nothing. By the way Kevin Gilbert is already 290, not 280. He was 288 at the combine and he is just over 6'5". He had only 12 sacks from 2005-2007 while he played DE. So yeah I will say he struggled at DE. He had 9.5 at DT in 2008. If not for the combine and that Youtube video, nobody would know who he is.

By the way the Bears were never looking at a first round DT at 18. Even in this draft it is known the Bears first choice at 49 was Mitchell a DB, Robiskie a WR, Angelo traded down when both were gone, Gilbert was considered a second round talent, but Angelo was not high enough on him to grab him in round two.

Creighton, how in the heck do you know what the Bears were looking at at #18???? I said "I BET the Bears would have took Peria Jerry." Just an educated guess on my part, you make it sound like you KNOW FOR SURE?? The fact they took a player to play the three technique first and then a receiver proves MAYBE I'm right, maybe not, but there's no way of ever knowing for sure. Like or hate Larry Mayer on the Bears web-site, but the guy does give some pretty accurate info. He said on a recent chalk talk that there's no way the Bears would have took Mitchell in the second, and I think Mayer has a little more inside access than you Creighton, so your wrong about Mitchell. See, you were just making a guess like me.

And no Creighton, I still diagree that Gilbert struggled at end. First off, these are young men we are talking about here, as a 20-21 year old junior, there's no way Gilberts body was fully developed, so big deal if he wasn't 1st-team all-WAC as a junior, who cares?? And so what if he's a better DT than a DE, maybe if he was at DT as a junior he'd of been 1st team instead of second?? Not every player can be like Danimal and be an all-pro at both DT/DE, so give be a nit picking break on that note.

Also Creighton, no $hit no one would have known who he was if not for the combine??!! What do you think the combine is for, its a way for some of these smaller school guys to make a name for themselves, along with the senior bowl and the east/west game. Its called scouting Creighton. You can't just look at these big school guys to find talent. Just because some other mid major talent have been bust, doesn't mean they all are guaranteed to be like you are making it sound like. For every Dan Bazuin there's a Matt Forte, remember that.

One last note, and I realize I might get a Kevin Bumstead blog out of this, but who cares?? Creighton, its the WAC & MAC, not the WEC & MEC, c'mon guy????? oh well GO BEARS!!

Mr. Creighton to refer to one of your post as if it's the holy grail is presumptous of you. The tall DT was proven by two excellent players to make your career have a inordinate amount of knee injuries. In the DT position a tall player is more apt to be cut of doubled and a very few at 6'5"+ do very well. Hampton started at end and became a tackle he knees were toast. Massive Ted Washington had knee issues. Long-legged players base is not as easy to keep anchored the legs give at the joints, and you were discussing weight gain that also is a factor in knee and joint damage the extra weight compresses the protective cartilage at the joints. Like you think you are a expert, in this area I am from experience. I like the majority of you debates but you don't know everything and you opinion is not above anothers.

I understand your optimism Kevin, as Cutler has made believers of us all now, but We thought Dusty was going to be the man at that position as well. Not even sure what happened there, as he and Harris were awesome together but of course Harris production fall off has hurt our entire line. Lets hope! Harris comes back strong, but I am not even holding my breath on him until he shows something for a change, but I really liked Adams last year and I like Harrison, and this rook will get the time I feel as opposed to Williams/Bennet last year so we will know asap.

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