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Bears announce signing of 9 undrafted free agents

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The Bears announced the signing of nine undrafted free agents this afternoon.

You can add Louisville cornerback Woodny Turenne to the list of players we have already produced on here.

Those other names are:

Johan Asiata, Guard, UNLV
Dennis Conley, Guard Hampton
Dahna Deleston, Safety, UConn
Tyrell Fenroy, Running back, LA - Lafayette
Kevin Malast, Linebacker, Rutgers
Eric Peterman, Wide receiver, Northwestern
Mike Rivera, Linebacker, Kansas
Will Ta'ufo'ou, Fullback, Cal

That list does not include players who have agreed to come to the rookie minicamp this weekend on a tryout basis. That list includes Missouri quarterback Chase Patton. The Des Moines Register reports that Northern Iowa defensive back Darrell Lloyd
will be in that group also.

Check back for more names as we track them down.

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I am extremely disappointed that the Bears did not sign Tyrell Sutton. He reminds me a lot or the late, great Walter Payton and to let him sign with the Packers instead really breaks my heart. We gotta keep the local kids local.

Can any of these guys play or be converted to play free safety?



This is a quote from Walter football I found funny, because it's true. The question has been what did the Bears give up to get Cutler? The answer:

"Of course, the reason why the Bears didn't have a first-day choice is because of the Jay Cutler trade. As it turns out, Chicago gave up Kyle Orton, Robert Ayers, Alphonso Smith and Richard Quinn for one of the top young quarterbacks in the NFL. Josh McDaniels, epic fail."

This is the beauty of the game of football, the only real way to find out if a guy can play is to put em' on the field. Free agency day after the draft is almost as exciting as the draft itself, names you thought deserved to be drafted pop up on your favorite teams roster and you get one more chance to see if they can play. Turenne comes from my alma matter and played well in zone based coverage, he blew out a shoulder at the end of the year and was not ready for the combine, kid has speed and good size for a corner, his problem is he gets caught looking in the backfield too much trying to make a great play on the ball, but if he gets close he can and will make a play......

Other teams are scrambling also this year, Cowboys and Eagles both contenders like us did not get exactly what they wanted in the draft, and hell until they get on the field who knows what they really have....I'm looking forward to see what comes out of the weekend.....Go BEARS

I totally agree with Andrew on why the Bears didn't sign someone like Tyrell Sutton let alone letting the running back kid out of Liberty Rashad Jennings go to the Jaguars too, he was a class talent with quick feet, and good hands. I think Tyrell would have been a workhorse on this team as he was with Northwestern. When he's healthy he can make some dramatic moves on the field, and can also fly. Both he with Matt Forte could have been the One Two punch the Bears needed at the running back position, not to mention that both of them are young too.

You guys ever think that maybe those players did not want to sign here? I mean it takes two to tango. As nice at may be, the Bears can't just sign anyone they want, there has to be mutual interest.

I'm just glad the Bears got a fullback. The Bears need to make a change by cutting Jason McKie.


Gotta ask -- when are you going to wear those pink panties you said you would if Angelo traded for Cutler? Oh and aren't you suppose to say something good about Brando too?

Has a date been set? I might fly in for that one.

Sorry MD but rumor has it that sombody was posting for me, that sombody you actually just named. That sombody also broke his word to never post here again. But maybe you can get him to show up at opening day and have him keep his word. That person has also been pretending to be a lot of People like Da Coach and Tripper, and many others. Maybe even you I don't know for sure.

Shame on you for thinking I was that stupid.

Congrads on Orakpo, that was a nice pickup.

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