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Bears announce full list of tryout players for rookie minicamp

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Our unofficial list of players invited to participate in rookie minicamp on a tryout basis just became official. Sort of.

The Bears announced on the team Web site the list of 25 players that will be present starting with the first practice Friday at 12:30 p.m. We had 20 of them here.

Rounding out the list for us are:

Greg Brown, Defensive tackle, Indiana
Aaron Lockwood, Guard, Southern Illinois
Adam McDowell, Tight end, Fresno State
Lou Saucedo, Guard, Montana State
Sean Sester, Offensive tackle, Purdue

There is no telling at this point how many of these tryout players--if any--will earn free-agent contracts by the time the weekend is over. Typically, the Bears will sign up a few, and that usually means two, maybe three.

The team will need a second punter for training camp so if one of them shows well, he will probably get an offer. In the past, defensive backs have bad the most luck sticking. Cameron Worrell and Brandon McGowan are the best examples from recent seasons as tryout players who did well.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend.

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I just found out great news that everyone who was dissapointed about not drafting a true free safety should know. Derek Pegues was picked up by the Bears as and undrafted free agent and will be with all the rookies this weekend. This kid was right there talent wise with other top free safeties like Delmas and Moore, and possibly has the best ball skills of all of them. The only reason he dropped was his height of only 5-10. This will prove to be a mistake by other teams who passed him, and just like D.J. Moore who could possibly be the best cornerback from this draft with unbelievable ball skills, Pegues may not only make the team, but he could easily beat out Bullocks for the starting free safety spot. With and infusion of top flight talent like Moore and Pegues our secondary could really drastically improve this season. If you take a look at a few mock drafts Pegues was scheduled to go as high as round 2 pick #48 to San Francisco. I yhink Pegues and Moore are going to make G.M's pay for putting to much of and emphasis on height and their 40 times. Just to mention it Pegues ran a 4.51 and Moore ran a 4.45 so it's not like there slow by any means. Mark my words Pegues and Moore are going to make a huge impact. GO BEARS!!

thanks bill, you seem to know pegues and moore. it good to see that the bears don't bring in all these players for nothing. do you remember when the draft was ten rounds. so there's talent still out
there. do the fans realise there are a slew of first to third round
bust out there on the street from previous drafts, plus the cost of their contracts.

Did he already sign a contract or is there just for a tryout?

Thanks for the info. I just watched a highlight clip of him and he looks awesome.

Bill, I agree with you about D.J. Moore, he was a steal, and could turn out to be a very good corner for Chicago.

I don't know If Im quite ready to hop on the Derek Pegues bandwagon although. The guy had a bunch of off the field issues, and is also slated for a tryout with the New York Giants. Pegues might be best suited in the nickle at the next level. Pegues does add value as a return man, we'll see.

The free safety position is gonna be one of interest. We know Josh Bullocks is gonna be the starter. Chicago seems to think a change in scheme will help, hopefully their right. Bullocks has also proved to be pretty durable, so if he pans out, Chicago should be sat with him and Kevin Payne who will line up at strong safety. Craig Steltz could challenge Payne at strong safety, either way, Steltz will add nice depth at either safety position. Zack Bowman is another player I can't wait to see at safety. Bowman can play the ball and has pretty good size. Durability might be what holds Bowman back, hopefully he can stay healthy. I think in the end its gonna be Josh Bullocks at free safety with Kevin Payne at strong safety GO BEARS!!

Just some everyone is aware, Pegues has had some serious legal issues, including assaulting an off-duty police officer. Beware of this cat.

Yo Mel maybe Pegues can assault some Wide Outs if he makes the team. May he can Assault some Running backs if he is signed?

Most of theses guys are here for ROOKIE camp ONLY. Last time I looked you cant go into rookie camp with 9 drafted players. So dont look for any maricals out of these group of players. Let them play. Earn a weeks worth of pay.

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