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Bears add another receiver to list of private workouts

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No sooner than we get up a post reviewing the options the Bears could have for selecting a wide receiver in the second round, word comes that another private workout is on the way.

The Bears will put Oklahoma wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias through a private workout on Tuesday.

While the Bears drafted Mark Bradley out of OU in the second round in 2005, that was more of a projection. He didn't have the production. There is no shortage of production with Iglesias, who had 74 receptions for 1,150 yards and 10 touchdowns last season with the Sooners. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds and might dip into the high 4.4's. He's considered a solid route runner who maintains his speed well in and out of breaks. He will do the dirty work over the middle also.

Iglesias has been receiving considerable interest from the division rival Minnesota Vikings. Coach Brad Childress and personnel boss Rick Spielman attended his pro day in Norman, Okla. Iglesias will have a pre-draft visit to Minnesota on Wednesday. Add him to the Bears' list. We've updated our utterly unofficial list of visits and workouts here.

Stay tuned.

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We are gonna be fine in Chicago. Remember Jeff Blake when he was with the Cardinals? No one heard about Anquan Boldin before he got to Arizona. Jeff Bllake instantly made him a star. My point is this, Jay Cutler was worth theprice and he we make one of the receivers we have on the roster a star. Need I remind everyone that Boldin was a QB coming out of college. Just Hester, he changed his position. I laugh when people talk about Hester only being a kick returner.

We are back baby!

I'd like to see the Bears move up just enough to get the guy they want at WR whoever that is. I wouldn't put anything past JA anymore, I think he'll pull the trigger if he really likes the guy. Don't want to miss with the 2nd rounder.

Bear4Life, Boldin was NOT a quarterback coming out of college, it was high school. He was a hell of a wideout for Florida St. His stock dropped to the 2nd round cause he ran a 4.71/40 at the combine. Iglesias was Sam Bradford's go-to-guy. He is a good possession receiver with sneaky speed. I like him and Robiskie and possibly Mossaquoi. We need more weapons for our golden boy!! Go Bears!!

Draft defense, forget WR at #2!! If we get that D back where it was, it won't matter who's at WR. Cutler will make them better. Sign a free agent WR instead! I bet with Cutler, the free agent WRs would love to come here! I wonder if Moose thinks the WRs will die here now!

Bears fans- Listen up!!!- Jerry angelo will make sure that wide reciever will be addressed before the season starts.Iglesias and Robiskie will probably be on the board when it's time to pick. either one will fit nicely in the Bears plans. By the way Rasheed Davis will also become a solid reciever now that Cutler is in town Go Bears!!!!!

Wake me up. Did Obama call Denver? Did he veto the Snyder play and tell Denver to throw Chicago a bone? How do we have Cutler?

We do need to address D. I trust JA and his geniousness. If he decides to go DL with the 2nd rounder, then fine with me. If he wants the best safety available even though it's a thin crop, then that's fine with me too. He's proven that he see's it much the way a lot of Chicago fans do. I just like going WR early because we are 1 good one short of being fair-decent at that position.

We need a receiver and I'm convinced JA will get one and probably two. Iglesias would be a nice compliment receiver for Hester and Bennett. JA will get a free agent wr also, but maybe not until this summer. Any news on the Lucas deal? Or is this over? Also maybe with no talk on Holt it is good news for us, just like Jay and Orlando!

To me it has become a "Great Time" in Bears history !!! We are now a force in posession of a fantastic outcome. With the addition of another speedy WR (from the draft) we will be awesome !!! I am proud to be a "Chicago Bears Fan" and cherish the upcoming season !!! My "Thanks" & "Congrat's" to ... Jerry Angelo , Lovie Smith , Jay Cutler , And all the player's and Organization for a job well done !!! "Go Bears"

Its a tuff call as it would be nice to draft WR to pair with Jay but we lost last year bc of the Defense not the offense so I would draft D 2nd this year, Url needs a replacement as he's getting no younger and Harris is a big question mark. Hadji is correct Cutler will make our WR alot better and Hester made huge improvements last year with a QB that missed him a few times. Cutler will NOT miss Hester this year guy's and that at the very least 3 more TD's for Hester alone, don't forget we just drafted Bennett who played with Cutler, thats a big plus for Bennett (did I mention we just drafted Bennett last year at 3) Yes, Holt/Burres would be nice and then we could concentrate on D in the draft, Jerry's non achilles heel, and as a result win those 3 games the D threw away last year. 12-4

This from CBS4denver SITE:

`It is very rare for a starting NFL quarterback to go back and help out an old college teammate. But Bennett was the best receiver Cutler ever had while at Vanderbilt, even though the quarterback was around only for Bennett's freshman season. Cutler is why Bennett caught 79 passes for 876 yards in 2005, a strong start to setting the SEC RECORD with 236 receptions.'

Hey I for one am vey excited about Cutler/Hester/Bennett I am not sold on Davis though but we have Olson/Forte - we are already doing good at WR, It's the D that worry's me.
You guys are all forgetting thecarrer Bennet had at Vandy and with Cutler in particular, that will surprise alot of Defenses this year as they concentrate on Hester, Cutler Knows Bennett and he will hit him fast. Now that we got the underachievers off the WR corps yes Booker, and Loyd and Davis dropped too many last year to start this year
Bennett will get his chance and I feel he will shine., (ok Creighton Im leaving myself open for you on that one)but just remember it will not be my fault as Lovie is calling the D this year and he takes full responsibility for the entire team as a result. (serious)

Bennett finished 2007 with 75 receptions for 830 yards and five touchdowns. He is the only receiver in SEC history to have three 75-catch seasons. Guys he is talented he just was not used extensively last year and Booker was :(

Hey I for one am vey excited about Cutler/Hester/Bennett I am not sold on Davis though but we have Olson/Forte - we are already doing good at WR, It's the D that worry's me.
You guys are all forgetting thecarrer Bennet had at Vandy and with Cutler in particular, that will surprise alot of Defenses this year as they concentrate on Hester, Cutler Knows Bennett and he will hit him fast. Now that we got the underachievers off the WR corps yes Booker, and Loyd and Davis dropped too many last year to start this year
Bennett finished 2007 with 75 receptions for 830 yards and five touchdowns. He is the only receiver in SEC history to have three 75-catch seasons. Guys he is talented he just was not used extensively last year and Booker was :(

in case you missed Dice comment he had a very good analysis of Hester having extra time with Cutler that man can scramble AND throw on the run! (and an improved oline) and we all know Orton missed Hester a few time last year, (ball thrown short or off etc..)so what DBack can possiby keep up with Hester and Cutler's arm? Throw in Olson and Forte out of the backfield and we are improved at WR corps already, and a Bennett that we did not see last year, so get Holt and we are fine (even w/o Holt)


2006 Devin Hester 7 Td's on returns. (+1 PR called back in the playoffs against Seattle.)
2007 Devin Hester 6 Td's on returns. (+1 KR called back against KC)
2008 BUPKISSSS!!! Benched on KRs! Danielle Manning finally breaks... 1!!! AAahhh.. the glory!! (sarcasm)



Who cares if Hester becomes a decent WR? HE WAS THE BEST RETURNER EVER!!! EVERRRRR.. Have you all forgotten?? Have you forgotten the epic chasm that separated this immortal from other men? It took Brian Mitchell 1300 returns to get 13 TD's? At the pace Hester was on he would've had 65 after 1300 returns!!!!!!!!! This is UNHEARD OF EXCELLENCE!!!..... This is beyond MJ dominance, beyond Tiger, beyond even Wayne Gretzky.... and Lovie and all of you drinking the Kool-Aid are standing idly by and LETTING IT HAPPEN....

He plays 30+ (sometimes 50 snaps) on offense a game.... they fill his head with a bunch of nonsense (plays and routes and blocking downfield) Blocking!!!.... he puts on too much muscle... they trade away Ayanbedajo and Peanut plays less on returns... they pay him... he gets hurt.... the pressure builds... he forces it... starts overthinking... he doesn't produce... THEY BENCH HIM ON RETURNS!! come on? WAKE UP CHICAGO!

Lemme calm down and just ask you all this... Would you rather have a dynamic 108 yard kick return TD that changes the whole momentum of a game or a 99 yard bomb TD? When you have a guy who can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball on a return... the whole game changes. Kicker's start kicking the ball out of bounds ON KICKOFFS!! Our average field position on every drive becomes the 40! That twenty yard difference on every kick (punt or kickoff) alone is more yardage than Hester will ever gain as a wideout. Hester has had 300 yd games!! Do you think he will ever have a 300 yd game as a wideout? I will be a monkey's uncle if I let Lovie smith and all of you turn into zombies and forget what a once in a lifetime player Devin Hester is... FIX IT! Or get outta town.

Randy if your not sold on Davis how are you sold on Bennett, he was only used 1 time as a reciever that I recall and he fell down? Hester is not the ideal reciever for the offense the Bears run. They need a more physical presense at the position. It's not about his speed or Cutler buying time with his feet. It's all about being on your rout and precise passing and timming it's a WCO offense look at guys like Moss, Rice, Marshall and you get the idea. Cutler will make all the guys better but we still don't have a Split End. Not a singel one on the team. We may be weak at FS but at least we have a FS. We don't have a Split End so no matter what the Bears need to get one at some point.

Someone call Mike Shanahan and ask if he wants to be a consoltant for the Bears this offseason. He found Rod Smith 2x All pro undrafted, Brandon Marshall 4th rounder and Eddie Royal second rounder. Plus Cutler is his boy and both got dumped by Denver. Cutler stayed loyal to him the whole time. A little consultation help at WR from a guy who has one of the best eyes for WCO talent in the NFL sure couldn't hurt.

24/7, Washington actually f##### the Bears. We had Culter for Orton a 1st and a 3rd this year before that piece of Garbage Snyder jumped in. Good for Angelo for stomping him into the ground. But it cost us an extra first. Somplace Snyder is screaming "No I lost the offseason"

The Bears need help on defense for sure, but people remember one thing. Urlacher had surgery in the off season last year, he didn't get to workout in the offseason and had to spend most of it recovering so he was out of shape. While he has declined some, don't be surprised to see him play better this year than he did last year. If some stud defensive player falls to the Bears in the second round grab him, if a stud WR falls to the Bears grab him. Whoever is the best player grab him. Talent is talent. Take the Best player you can get rounds 2-4. Use that extra 5th to move up some in the second or third if you have to. We don't need depth we need talent.

If the Bears have to they could go get Holt or go after Murphy with the 99th pick if he is there.

Oh just an fyi, lots of people think the Broncos are going to trade the 12th and the third they got from the Bears to the Jags and go after Snachez. Thats how sold they are on Orton. Hahahahaha, I'll take Cutler over Sanchez, Orton and next years sure to be lower than the 18th pick number 1 anyday. If it wasn't a steal before it sure is now.

If Mike Brown was so good, why is he still available?? LosingMBrown.....your comments about Hester are as stupid as your name. He just needs a "real" QB to get him the ball, not that neckbearded loser we just got rid of!! You'll see!!

Ramses Barden at 99.

Personally, I'd like to see Missouri defensive tackle Ziggy Hood drop to Chicago in the second. I realize this probably won't happen, but stranger things have happened on draft day, I can hope.

Realistically, Chicago will probably take one of the receivers, maybe Ohio States Brian Robiskie. I like Robiskie the most because a lot of scouting reports say he's the most NFL ready of all the receivers coming out this year. Also, his skill set fits the best for the type of receiver the Bears need. Robiskie's numbers dropped from 07, but part of that is due to the fact the Buckeye's went with a freshman QB for a better part of the season. One thing stayed constant with Robiskie, his ability to find the end-zone, 11 tds in 07, and 8 tds in 08. You got to like that, at 6-2 he could be a pretty good red zone threat for Cutler to go to.

Another possibility in the second could be a safety. If Chicago likes a receiver they could land in the third, safety then becomes a pretty good possibility. I see Biggs reported in an earlier blog that Angelo like Alabama safety Rashad Johnson, I think Johnson would be a great pick in the second. Johnson is known as a smart player, this is key for a free safety. Nick Saban called Johnson one of the smartest football players he's ever coached, and said, "Johnson knows every defense for every formation," this is also key for a free safety. Johnson had 5 ints last season, two of them were pick 6's. I also love the 11 pass breakups Johnson had, this shows he can play the ball. The Bears need this type of player at free safety. I'd like to see the Bears go defense in the second with someone like Johnson or Hood. A receiver seems like the best opition, but most receivers aren't ready as rookies. Devin Hester and Earl Bennett are slated to start, I say go with a defensive player in the second that could come in and contribute as a rookie, we'll see GO BEARS!!


2006 Devin Hester 7 Td's on returns. (+1 PR called back in the playoffs against Seattle.)
2007 Devin Hester 6 Td's on returns. (+1 KR called back against KC)
2008 BUPKISSSS!!! Benched on KRs! Danielle Manning finally breaks... 1!!! AAahhh.. the glory!! (sarcasm)



Because over half of Hesters contract extension is tied to his production as a WR !!!! He isn't just going to play on special teams bro, aint gonna happen, no way....

D. Manning is a Heck of a Kick Returner and will do just fine in that roll. Hester will remain as a Punt Returner which happens to be he best spot as a return man. He had more Punt Return TD's (7) then Kick Return TD's (4) so Lovie is playing his hand correctly. Let Hester return punts and haul in all those perfectly placed, Cutler BomB's.....

Just remember one thing:

The guys that were blocking for Hester on returns last year did a very poor job. Some of you on this list think Toub is so great, well he sucks because he did not make the adjustments until way too late last year.

Yes Toub sucks even though the Bears had a top 8 special teams and once again were in the top 5 in starting field position. They also scored how many TD's last year on special teams? About 4-5 and blocked at least 1 game winning field goal to keep the Bears playoff hopes alive. Yeah they really suck hahahahahah. Number 1 special teams in 2006 and 2007, oh and voted Special teams Coach of the year by his peers. Not the fans, his peers, guys who really know special teams. He lost his Captain and the greatest Kick returner ever because Lovie wanted him on offense and still finished in the top 8. In fact sense Toub got here they have never been ranked bellow 11th. They Still ranked number 1 in Blocked kicks and punts inside the 20. They are also one of if the not the best at winning the field position battle. Toub rules.

Yeah they did a bad job for Hester but everyone else was just fine. It's Toub's fault cause Hester forgot how to run forward. Hahahaha. MEATHEAD.

Yes lets fire Toub and give his job to Babich and then we can trade Cutler for Tyler Thigpin, will trade Forte to the Bungels and get Benson back. The Bears can go back to doing everything a## backwards, will that make you happy? Huh? We can also just draft middle LB's from now on and all eat polish sausage 24/7 and talk about the coach and the 85 team and live in fantasy land 1985.

Welcome to the new Bears and the year 2009. Don't be afraid things change. There actually trying to bring in talent and trying to get rid of tha bad coaches and keep the good ones.

Which reminds me that defense better shine like the top of the Crystler Building or Lovie is gone. Same goes for Turner he cannot ask for anymore. Lovie wanted Marinelli in the worst way and he got him, Turner wanted a real QB and he got him. Creighton is still waiting for a good draft but Cutler and Pace are helping to sooth years of undo suffering. Now go into that draft Angelo and pick us some winners. If not I will be dropping the hammer again. But until then Ted Phillips is gonna reap the whirlwind. Fire him and give Angelo his Job and bring us a GM who can draft. We can only trade away so many picks. They got the cornerstone now they need to build the building. I don;t even care about 2009 but 2010-2018 better be pretty good.

AngeloRules, I'm guessing you choose your name because you like Mr. Angelo, that's fine, but losingMBrown... is based on the same thing, a fan of Mike Brown. So how is one stupid but no the other? If you think his name is stupid then your is too.

7 TD's and your crazy over that? I mean a top WR gets twice that many, which is what Hester can do at WR. Sure he was a great KR, but KR do not last very long in the NFL, Devin is an athlete - and you get him the ball as much as possible - not just after the other team scores. Which is what we tried to do last year but Orton just did not get Hester the ball in the right location, often enough, did you see Hester get missed on open TD's? Well, Gault was not a great route runner but he opened up the offense with his speed and McMahon found him often enough to open up the field for the rest of the team. Same with Hester/Cutler The threat of Hester after Cutler hits him twice for bombs will spread that Defense wide open for Forte to exploit as well as Olsen (5 TD's).
No I don't compare Davis to Bennett as Bennett did not get a realistic chance and Davis was given chance after chance and dropped alot of balls.

This from CBS sports
`This will be a big bonus for Bears WR Devin Hester. Cutler has a big arm and loves throwing the deep ball. While Hester still has questions about his skills as a WR, this will improve his stock. He should be considered a No. 3 Fantasy option and has sleeper written all over him. This trade helps Hester in a big way.'
Hester is FAST and Cutler throws the deep balls, that works for me. No. 3 WR on a fantasy team is good but not strong, I will draft Hester as my No. 2 WR, which is very good, as Fitz/Owens/Moss/Wayne will be No. 1's.
And for those who feel Denver has top WR - do you feel those 2 WR will have better numbers w/o Cutler? Do you feel our WR will have better numbers with Cutler?

Could we use an extra WR? Of course we could, Do we need an extra WR yes we do but I am just saying that we need D more right now as the D lost the games last year not the Offense and unless you want to put all your eggs in Rod's basket I would suggest an upgrade for the D talent as well. But I am not stupid and I would grab Holt asap. :)

Here is a ink to WR FA - Still some good ones out there.

This new optimistic Creighton scares me a lot....I don't know how to react to all the good vibes and positive attitude...just kiddnig.

But at the same time, I never thought I would be able to say that the Bears get how to win in the modern NFL. You are capable of winning with defense and a running game (the Pittsburgh model), but then Big Ben came along, and all of a sudden, they were a passing team that could run the ball, and they still play great defense....With a dynamic QB, the team can run or pass, depending on what the defense does to take one away.

Over the last several years, we have been pretty well one-dimensional. If a team was able to stop the run, they could cover the first 20 yards in the passing game, and grind our offense to a halt. Grossman was capable of throwing down the field, but his field vision was so poor that he would put it up there without seeing whether the defense could react. He stared down his receiver and made bad decisions, and the entire league knew it. They just had to play a deep zone, and prevent the TD pass, and wait for the big mistake. By the time we gave the job to Orton, the offensive line was so bad, all he could do was 3 step drops, and they could crowd 11 guys in the box, and still stop us...That is why Orton was more effective in the red zone than between the 20s. Shorter drops, good arm, and Olsen, Lloyd, and Clark were size mismatches in the secondary (Lloyd more for his leaping ability).

Now we have the capability to be a well-rounded offense. We have a stouter offensive line with some legitimate pass blockers on the edges. Williams may not be great, but we know he has quick feet, which is something Tait, Miller, and St. Clair have lacked in recent years. If teams put 8 in the box, Cutler is legitimately capable of making them pay. If they drop 7 or 8 into coverage to stop Cutler, Forte can gouge them all day long. Our flexibility has improved dramatically. Erik Kramer was the last good QB we had, and it was for basically 1 year. Cutler will make that look like our Kordell Stewart experiment....He can do anything in Turner's offense, which is not all that different from Shanahan's offense in my opinion. Turner wants to run more downfield stuff, and Cutler has the chops to handle it. Forte is a big, agile back that can do all the things necessary to play in this system. All we need is a couple of good receivers, and we are going to be scary good...

Da Bears get off the bus passing! lolol

Actually we will see Forte running crazy as Cutler/Hester open up the middle for him, that will be awsome watching a stud like Forte with the LB's playing back to prevent the pass. We all know Forte was the rookie of the year, and wait till teams try to stop Cutler and Forte. Something will have to give on that D.
I agree we will be scary good, and I feel Bennet will be lots better, Cutler said it himself. So I am taking it at face value for now.

And yes Hester looked like a deer caught in the headlights last year at KR, Manning did a very good job, not a Hester of years past but Hester was not a Hester of years past either, he is focusing on WR and KR days are gone.

So you think that because he had 13 return TDs over 2 years, that is where we should leave him? He did win a few games for us with those returns, but consider this:

Last year, Larry Fitzgerald had 7 receiving TDs IN THE POSTSEASON ALONE!! He had another 12 during the season. That is 19 receiving TDs in basically 19 games. Calvin Johnson had 12 during the regular season for an 0-16 team. Heck, Anthony Fasano had 7 for the fins as a TE.

If Hester can make the transition to full time WR, and play in the slot, where he belongs, he should be able to rack up 7-10 TDs per year with Cutler throwing to him. Dante Hall was a stud returner as well, and after 2 years of scaring people as a return man, he was pretty well shut out of the end zone, so KC made him a WR to get the ball in his hands more often. I don't think he will ever be a #1 WR, but I would rather have a guy who can touch the ball 5-6 times per game as a receiver, and still return punts. The way our defense is slipping, we may not force anyone to punt in 2009, so we would get maybe 3-4 opportunities a game to have him as a return man. If you look at the stats from 2008, Hester had a whopping 32 punt returns for the entire year, down from 42 in 2007. He had 47 in 2006. Figure that any smart coach would punt away from him, or force him to fair catch, and he may only get one shot to return the ball per game, if that. So the league is already killing superman without the coaching staff doing anything different, and we are trying to find ways to get him the ball throughout the game, so he can still help us.

Imagine how nice it would be for us to not need a miracle punt return TD to win games. If we can get to 27 points with Cutler at the helm, we should be able to beat anyone we line up aganist. Hester will help us a lot more learning to run routes, find soft spots in zones, and setting guys up with double moves.

Hester is NOT a WR! ...will never be! he's a KICK RETURNER! we need Boldin if we're gonna have a chance for a SB plain and simple. Go Bears!

How does Berrian feel now in Minnesota?

You are right about Url and his surgery, I am hoping he plays like his old self, but we just don't know that yet. If they have him play up on the line like last year then well Babich su..,
That with Adams/Harrison might be enough, but our D was so bad last year, I feel we need an upgrade . (`

Creighton looks like your supporting the team, coaches and the GM. Is that all it took is 1 player to make you happy.
Fair weather fan!

Maybe the bears can sign Brandon Marshall win he's a FA and reunite he with cutler

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