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As Skins press to get Cutler, what price would Bears have to pay?

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Surprise, surprise.

OK. It's no surprise whatsoever. The Washington Redskins are putting a full-court press on Denver to land soon-to-be ex-Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler. After owner Daniel Snyder got the biggest prize in free agency in defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, he's looking to reel in an even bigger catch--a franchise quarterback.

That is what the Washington Post reports tonight. The Post also names Tampa Bay and the New York Jets as teams in hot pursuit. It's believed to be frenzied in Denver right now where the Broncos are getting unbelievable interest in the quarterback.

So, let's pose the question--what would the Bears have to offer to beat a slew of teams knocking on Denver's door for the Pro Bowl quarterback? did just that earlier today, polling some of the writers on what it would take for various clubs to get in the mix. Here is what Kevin Seifert wrote:

"Chicago Bears: The No. 18 and No. 84 overall picks, cornerback Nathan Vasher and quarterback Kyle Orton. The Bears could get this done without including a third team."

I think general manager Jerry Angelo would make that deal in a second without blinking. It might take more. Or a different package. The Broncos might not have interest in Orton and could view him as being only more experienced than a passer they already have under contract in Chris Simms. If Denver would take Orton, it would surely talk him down. While the Bears would love to deal Vasher in a situation like this, would the Broncos want him? He's making big money and hasn't played well since before his extension. Denver needs the most help in its front seven as it works to revamp its defense. A young tackle like Marcus Harrison or a proven linebacker like Lance Briggs or Brian Urlacher would be more attractive. Remember, the Bears are going to have to think big and in a different and more creative way than the Mike Ditka approach of trading every draft pick for him.

A first-round pick and Briggs? Two firsts and Harrison? A first, Harrison, Orton and a third-round pick?

Draw it up any way you like. Just know they're doing the exact same thing in a lot of other cities right now. We could do this all over again too. The Post reports the Redskins could be looking to move their quarterback Jason Campbell.

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The Bears (or Jerry Angelo) don't have the slightest idea what they're doing. Cutler will never be a Bear because Jerry is too stupid to pull off a deal like this. The usual suspects (Redskins, Jets, etc.) will get him while the Bears sit here and sing the praises of another future "ESPN Monday Night look how many QB's the Bears have had since blah blah blah joke from Tony Kornheiser" QB. I am beyond sick of this garbage from Halas Hall. The Bears organization should realize this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance and to do whatever it can to acquire Jay Cutler. Yet, they won't. If Cutler goes anywhere but Chicago I will know for sure that the McCaskey family truly has no love for the city that feeds their family and will continue to bite their hand. Mostly, it would prove that Jerry Angelo just isn't capable of being an NFL G.M. Put up or shut up. Mostly've been a pretty quiet guy.

Bear Down

I trade the 18, and the 84th from this year, plus next years first, Vasher, Izzy, and Hanie(just a move for the fans, they love him in Colorado)to the Broncos for Cutler. I would give more to if they wanted it.

You all know Snyder is standing on top of the Capitol building in DC as we speak, naked on a cell phone with Denver offering his next 9 first round draft picks while beating his meat and screaming "the world is my oyster."

I agree with Southside Tom. I don't see Jerry Angelo having the, uh, ball$ to pull this off. Not in a million years! Why this franchise, that we love so dearly, can't seem to get themselves a dangerous offense is beyond me. The ownership and the management just seems to halfa$$ building the team. It sickens me how expansion teams have quickly put together real contenders, while one of the founding teams in this league flounders, year after year. You'd think that at this point, what has Jerry got to lose? If we do the same mediocre job we've been doing, he's going to get fired anyway... oh wait, that would happen with owners that really wanted to win. We don't have that here. It's a very sad statement for a city that is so in love with it's team. Let US "shock the world" for once guys, please!

That's way too much Creighton, that's six for one and would not be in the teams best interest, two 1st not in consecutive years, Vasher or Orton but not both, and this year's third is enough. The deal can get done if Cutler wants to come to Chicago. His agent Buz Cook has a little juice and could help with the deal. the real question here is will the mcCaskey's be willing to pay up, its' one thing to get him here, it's another to sign him to the big money long-term deal he will want after this season. Everybody is talking the Skins but they would have to raise the Federal Express rates to get this deal done after signing haynesworth. I'll believe Cutler in a BEARS uniform when I see it, but I like the fact that angelo at least is sticking his nose out there to find out what it would take.......Go BEARS

THIS KID GREW UP A BEAR FAN! How perfect is this? LET'S PULL THE TRIGGER ALREADY! Our Bears have been able to build many other parts of the team time and time again, BUT, we can't seem to get an all star QB. Well, here's our chance guys, let's not act like a deer in the headlights while that rich boy Snyder pulls off the deal. C'MON JERRY, LET'S DO SOMETHING AND DO IT FAST!!!!!!

people its not about us pulling the trigger its about DENVER pulling the trigger...we can offer them the world...if its not what they want...then its not going to matter...

you def dont wanna pull a ditka have to balance do what you can to improve your team w/o selling out its future...

as bad as the defense was season...could you imagine how bad it would be WITHOUT briggs...

I would suggest to some of you to read "The Art of the Deal" by Donald Trump ... specifically VALUATION of a deal.

To others, I would suggest you watch the movie "Rounders", specifically the part where Teddy KGB says "In my club I'll do whatever the fark I pleaseth".

Denver is the seller of a hot commodity and has SEVERAL suitors on the list. Chicago can make an offer but it's not like Denver's going to take out a web page or news paper and let EVERYONE bidding see the offers. You come up with your best package and send it in. The - "OMG Cutler grew up a Bear fan!!!" - argument is absolutely a MOOT POINT!!! Denver will take the best deal they can get and Cutler and Cook have about as much say so as I do on Biggsy's next blog topic; Cutler is demanding a trade, his outs are wherever the fark the Broncos put him. PERIOD.

Please, seriously learn something (hell anything) about negotiations before showing off your homerism.

This is why I said I didn't want the Broncos to trade Cutler. I can't believe how stupid people have been about this whole situation. Why give up the future of the franchise for Cutler? He is a good QB with a great arm yes. But this is a critical time for the Bears in terms of rebuilding and strengthening the entire team. Giving up much needed draft picks and possibly quality players for one guy is absurd. I can't stand people who are not intelligent enough to weigh the pros and cons of a situation. The Bears are so close to being an elite team. All we need is to boost the WR corps, strengthen the D-Line and the secondary and we are fine. Orton is not bad. Anybody who says he is, is a complete idiot and needs to follow another sport like tennis for the rest of their life. He's 21-12 overall and 15-2 at home. No one was complaining before he got injured last season. Everyone was so impressed by his abilities. Then when he got injured everyone wanted to complain. The guy is a winner and he is respected amongst his teammates. He's a leader, he doesn't complain, and he throws less INT's then Cutler. Giving up everything for one guy is foolish! What happens when we get him and we haven't addressed other needs? Will we magically get to the SB again? I can't stand dumb people! Think with you brains! People are willing to give up 2 1st round draft picks and more for one guy? That's insane. What happens when he starts throwing picks and the fans who support him now start booing? How will he deal with that? "I want to be traded" is how he'll respond. At least Orton has thick skin. Have you heard anything about him being upset with all the Cutler talk? No, because he has class. Remember, Cutler is the same arrogant person who said he was better then John Elway. That's who you all want for the Bears. Wow....real dumb! Thank God for my education!

Seifert has got to be high if he thinks it'll just take Vasher, Neckbeard, and the #18 and #84. That's assuming the Broncos even WANT Orton...that's a stretch.

And, Creighton, that was a scary (but funny) visual there of Snyder.

This deal needs to get done. There is no way the Bears should screw this up. An actual, proven quarterback? When was the last time the Bears had one of those?

Angelo should be fired if he can't make this happen.

Southside Tom, you can say a lot of things about Angelo, you can question some of his picks, but he's not stupid. I know this might be a shock to you but he's respected around the league. You want to know what stupid is? "Do whatever it takes" is just a blindingly stupid approach to player acquisitions in the NFL. Yes the QB is the most important position. But no you can't give away your team to get one player. This is the NFL for crap's sake, no matter how talented a player is he is one bad play away from having his career end suddenly.

I want the Bears to get Cutler, and I'm sure that Angelo does too, but his job much as we don't like to admit it, isn't to please fans with his draft picks and free agent pickups. It's to please fans by winning. And so far, he's got a pretty good track record on that score. Not great, but good.

If you want to see stupid in this Cutler situation, you should be looking at Josh McDaniel. If I were a Denver fan, I would want this guy run him out of town on the business end of a garbage truck. Mea Culpa, I thought the Broncos would never be so stupid as to give up Jay Cutler, I was wrong.

How about this scenerio: The 18th, 84th pick plus Tommie Harris and a conditional draft pick in 2010 similiar to what Jets/Green Bay did with Favre. What I mean is a 6th round pick if Chicago fails to make the playoffs, 5th if they get to the playoffs, 4th if they get past first round, 3rd if they make it to the Superbowl.

I am tired of hearing about Jay Cutler! He turned his back on the Denver Broncos and I just see another problem down the line with this guy. How soon we forget "Orton" was the man before he got hurt and doing well,so lets go out and get a offensive tackle to keep him safe. This draft can be beneficial to us by focusing in on Vontae Davis and a decent outside linebacker who does'nt have to hide behind Urlacher and Briggs and can contribute to the team. Hopefully on draft day we do our home work before signing someone with a bad back,terrible bench press that fell off all other team draft boards and then give a big contract to sit on the bench the whole year to get well. I wonder who the brains behind that decision was.


With that kind of offer to denver for the rights to Cutler, they would laugh you out of their city.
Try number one, number 2, orton, urlacher and next years number one.
Maybe then you can beat out washington.

I watched the NFL station on satellite last night and they didn't have the bears listed at all on the short list of 8 teams.

Why don't you write a good article for a what it has taken to get a top running back from a team. Lets try the viking dallas trade a number of years ago. What did it cost the vikings.

I just don't want you to place false hopes on the fans here. Please be more realistic. The chances are not that good in getting cutler.
Each team in the running has to draw the line somewhere. I think that washington, tampa bay, and detroit need a QB much more than the bears and a willing to give much more than the bears to get cutler.

The Bears FOR ONCE need to STEP UP and GET THE DEAL DONE. They have the draft picks, and certainly can give the Broncos Orton, if they want him, or if they don't want Orton Give them Harrison or even Briggs. This is a rare opportunity for the Bears to get A BLUE CHIP QB, who, as an added bonus, would get a high end QB without a huge salary to pay (most of his $$ was paid up front). Granted, I'm sure he'd want a contract extension-but he'd still be a bargain considering the level of talent he's already shown he is.

The Bears HAVE enough to give the Broncos a deal that could get done. If they don't do this, the McCaskys will be telling the Bears fans who have supported this team through thick and thin FOREVER, they don't care about them,. or about getting another Suoer Bowl . They will show, all they want is the $$ and figure they will "fill up the stands" anyway. I have been a Bears fan all my life-If they don't do this deal, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, they will SHOW the fans they could CARE LESS about them. The Bears have enough to give, even if they have to include Briggs in a deal. SO..They will do the RIGHT THING and bring a franchise QB here (something not seen in my lifetime), or show us THEY DON"T care-they will be saying "we only care about the $$ you fans get us".

If they don't/won't do this, they should do the City a BIG FAVOR and SELL the team to someone who will PAY a few bucks to build a winner. NO EXCUSES THIS TIME.

I don't know how Vasher is a fit for this deal, Hasn't Denver signed 4 DB's this FA season? and already have Champ Bailey. It looks more likely a 3rd team will have to be involved.... besides, never known JA to be a multi-tasker,trying to get the Pace deal at the same time.

Here is a little something to help get Cutlers mindset and the cost to potential suitors. To me Cutler seems to be in his own little world. He seems to be in denial about the situation and confused by the results of his actions and the actions of the Bronco's. I'm not so sure the Bears should bet the farm on this guy !!!!! He seems a bit unstable in my opinion. He demands to be traded even saying his preferred chioces would be the Bears or Titans, throws hissy fit after hissy fit, skips the teams first OTA and now is shocked that he is on the trading block again ??? It just doesn't add up...

The Denver Broncos say Jay Cutler wants to get traded.

The star quarterback disagrees.

Cutler spoke exclusively Wednesday night with's Jay Glazer at the UFC Fight Night 18 card in Nashville that both were attending. Cutler says he was shocked the Broncos issued a statement proclaiming he was on the block after conversations with agent Bus Cook.

"I was surprised they decided to trade me this soon," Cutler told Glazer in his first comments since the statement was released. "I didn't want to get traded. This wasn't me. (The Broncos) had been going back and forth saying things, wanting me to be their quarterback and then they didn't."

"I really didn't want this. I love Denver. I really like my teammates. I didn't want it to get this far."

In a team-issued statement Tuesday, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said his attempts and those by first-year head coach Josh McDaniels to reach Cutler for the past 10 days were "unsuccessful." But in what has turned into an obvious he-said, she-said situation, Cutler claims he is the one who had not heard from the Broncos during that time. Cutler said the first time he heard from the Broncos in 10 days was Tuesday when they informed him of their decision to trade him.

Where could Cutler go Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler is available and Alex Marvez lists some possible trade destinations.

"A conversation with his agent earlier (Tuesday) clearly communicated and confirmed to us that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Broncos," Bowlen said. "We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded."

So where does Cutler land? Cutler didn't proclaim a favorite but also believes Denver will end up trading him to an NFC team. It's believed Denver is considering all offers to move Cutler before the April 25 start to the NFL draft.

Cutler is being linked to a slew of suitors, even those with seemingly stable quarterback situations. The Broncos, though, aren't giving Cutler away. A source told that the asking price is greater than a first- and third-round draft choice.

Any team that trades for Cutler also may have to deal with demands from Cook for a new contract. Cutler has three years remaining on a six-year rookie deal that could yield as much as $48 million.

The Cutler-McDaniels pairing began to sour when the latter pursued a trade with New England for Cassel. The deal would have sent Cutler to Tampa Bay as part of a three-way trade. Cassel — a McDaniels protege the past four seasons in New England — and Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel were instead shipped to Kansas City for a 2009 second-round pick.

McDaniels then wasn't able to rebuild a relationship with a quarterback who felt spurned. Cutler was so angry that he never reported for the team's offseason program — a decision that reportedly costing him a $100,000 workout incentive.

Chris Simms, a former Tampa Bay starter signed earlier this offseason, and the untested Darrell Hackney are the only other quarterbacks on Denver's roster. Both are participating in the team's offseason workout program.

Just expect Orton as our QB. We cant offer what other teams have because we aint got sh-t. I can only blame JA because he built this team. Our window closed Feb 07 and we need a house cleaning. You have been drinking the kool aid if you disagree or give a damn.

Brad, I thought that Vasher's contract was front loaded, and that we had paid him the majority of the money he was slated to earn already? This would make him a more attractive option, especially since Denver needs a CB opposite Champ Bailey. So, while he's certainly not a huge part of any trade proposal, I think he does have value.

That being said, if I was Jerry Angelo, I would be willing to make any of the three offers you outlined.

Does any one here realize that we missed the playoffs last year because of defense. I mean seriously we missed it by one game! It was orton who got us to that point, with no recievers, an old line, and a rookie rb! Talk about adversity, and overcoming it c'mon people wake up. Leave Orton alone he is only going to get better, he is a tough warrior, and that is Chicago football at its best! Give him some weapons and our offense will be fine. What we need to do is make both lines better. Dont ask me how to do this I am no expert, but I am a LOYAL fan that realizes that most of you are not! Wow are we the ones that went 0-16 lasy year?


To add on to what DaCoach is saying...

The real reason Cutler will never be a Bear is that Bowlen is going to do everything he can to send him to the most undesirable NFL team. That is why the Lions have the best chance at Cutler.

IMO, Harrison is untouchable, if Harris goes down (highly likely), I want some talent in that technique. How about Mark Anderson? ;) He has potential and is still on his rookie contract, although he's in a contract year (meaning: not the pay Vasher commands), and Rod thinks he has some similarities to Rice.

Sure Culter's great, but I don't want to have a defense as bad as Denver's or the one we watched the last two years to get him. Having such a poor defense surely padded some of the stellar stats he's accumulated, you get to run the ball when you're winning...

Contrary to Clownpoet's assessment of Angelo's prowess at aquiring free agents and draft picks, GM's are judged by their RESULTS just like any other profession. And yes, while some of his moves have paid off, most have NOT. It's in the best interest of the team to jettison underperforming members of which JA and Co. qualify. It happens to the underlings (players) regularly. Just like Grossman was given plenty of time to prove himself, and now he's gone, the same should happen to the perpetrators. Ted Phillips, it's time to start doing your JOB! The only difference between JA & Lovie and Wannstedt is they're PR skills are superior. None of them are good at evaluating talent, period!!!

To get Cutler... Give Denver...
option 1:
2009 1st round pick, 2010 1st round pick, 2011 1st round pick (who cares look at our track record on 1st round pics)
option 2:
2009 1st Round Pick, 2010 1st Round Pick & hopefully they would take Tommie Harris (OR Kyle Orton or if needed even the likes of Lance Briggs or Devin Hester)

Let's get this done!

Ya know, Cutler is looking less attractive by the second because of what the Bears would have to give up for him. I know no one wants to hear this, but if the Bears had a top five defense, top running game, decent receivers, and a good offensive line, they could win with Kyle Orton. And if they developed him properly, Caleb Hanie could be a very good quarterback -- he's got "winning quarterback" written all over him.

I for one do NOT want the Bears to mortgage the entire team for Jay Cutler. If they can get him without harming the team, great; he'd be a huge improvement in the single most important position. But if they can't get him without giving up too much, I'd say forget it.

Oh, johnb, the typical under-informed Bears fan... Why would 3 first round picks make sense? Do you understand the value system of draft picks? Trading back in the draft with just two of those picks could mean 4 or 5 difference makers on the roster as opposed to one 'super' difference maker. The idea is that the trade makes the team better not worse, some of you fail to grasp that. Take off your Cutler rally hats, and expect that it won't happen, if it does huzzah what a great surprise. If you have a negative opinion about Angelo after he doesn't make big moves, it's your fault for not understanding his character and course of action. Calm down, be rational, and realize what is likely or necessary opposed to what the 'fans' want. When any of us are getting payed 6-figures to scout and discus football players by George (Halas) it'll be a miracle.

Fans like us would be the reason the Cutler situation went sour in the first place, yes it's a business, yes teams must improve, no it's not Madden and you can't put your favorite player #1 on the depth chart just because you like them.

Cutler won't help the Bears much. We play in the elements, up north. We need better defense, a stronger OL, better WRs, a power RB or two or three. A team with a top defense and running game can get to the SB and win it. Cutler is better suited for a high-flying, finesse team than a blue collar, pound the rock team, which is what we need to be but aren't. Besides, this coaching staff wouldn't know how to use Cutler. They would frustrate him and waste him. He will want a trade within two seasons. And our pathetic GM would give away the store to get him. Forget this whole thing, its a recipe for 4th in the North.

Are you kidding CHI? Look what I traded for Cutler, Vasher a backup corner who sucks now, Izzy a career back up DE/DT, Hanie a nobody, 2 first rounders who could be the next Rex, Haynes, Benson, or at Best Olsen, and a third rounder, Okowo ring a bell, do you think those three draft picks are going to somehow be amazing players? Can you name all the 1st round amazing players the Bears have drafted under Angelo. Plus don't forget you got make room for the salary Cap. Plus We get a 25 year old Pro Bowl QB considered by many to be the best young QB in the game. Not to mention if you get Cutler next years first rounder will probably be a lot lower than 18. We have spent how many picks trying to find a QB? And are still looking, I think it's a steal. You could trade every pick for Cutler and probably come out on top. Just look at the 2005 Bears draft, we only have one player from that draft on the team.

If we were good at drafting it would be different.

Adam... definitely aware of the value of draft pics. But I think you are understanding the value of having a "true" quarterback. Getting Cutler, soon to be 26, entering his prime, would allow the Bears to solidify a position for the next decade. Spending only 3 first round pics to get him, would allow the Bears to focus on other positiosn in the draft. With Cutler, & Forte, possibly Greg Olsen... they have top 5 talent for their respective ages at 3 skilled offensive positions. Plus the money that they would on 1st round picks (ie. bonus, etc..) would allow them to go after more free agents to plug holes. I do not think that people understand the opportunity that the Bears have of getting a top-flight QB. One Cutler signing brings the Bears closer & quicker to a playoff/Superbowl than 3 1st round picks.

We got him. For 2 first round picks the third and Orton. This is a very good day.

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