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Angelo's quick reaction to the Cutler deal

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Quick reaction from Jerry Angelo's teleconference.

Angelo says the inclusion of Kyle Orton was a key to the deal from the perspective of the Denver Broncos.

"I feel what really fortified this trade was that Kyle was part of it,'' Angelo said. ``I can see why they like Kyle.

"That's what my opinion would be [that Orton set the Bears' offer apart from others]. He was very much an integral part of this trade. They did a lot of work on Kyle."

On his attitude entering the deal: "If we decide to get in it, we want to get in it to win it."

On the trade: "I felt this was the right thing to do."

On any concerns over Jay Cutler's attitude and the fallout he had over the last month with the Broncos: "I don't personally have any concerns. A lot of work was done on him and not just when he was in Denver. We felt he is a very good person and a good leader. He's highly competitive. He's highly emotional. That just comes with the territory."

On what's next: ``Anything we do going forward is going to be to create more competition, particulary at the receiver position.''

Is Cutler looking for a new contract with the Bears: "No. We have not talked to his agent about that.''

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Is it just me or does anyone else realize that Jay Cutler has NOT yet had an above .500 season as a collegian or as a pro.

Thanks for killing the franchise JA! Even Ditka only gave up 1 #1 for Ricky Williams!

The Bears need to consider using any available cap space they end up with this year to sign Cutler to a new deal. If we give up a starting QB, 2 first rounders, and a third rounder to let him play out his final 2 years and walk in free agency, then it would be a very poor decision. Lock him up with a Donovan McNabb-type 10 year deal, and make sure he is a Bear for the rest of his career...

Now that Jerry has decided to join the big boys at the table, he has to prove that he deserves to stay.

Creating more competition at the receiver position.....Guys that are out there right now:

Torry Holt
Marvin Harrison
DJ Hackett
Brandon Lloyd

Not exactly a fantastic group, but all 4 of these guys are capable of helping us out. Hackett and Lloyd will probably be the direction we look, because Holt may not make it out of Tennessee, and Harrison may be waiting for Indy to come back to him.

The draft is where we will have to make our splash. We need at least one receiver, if not 2 or 3 out of this class. Round 2, and probably round 5 will have to yield a WR.

Something else to consider is the strongside linebacker position. Maybe Napoleon Harris would be a nice pickup to bolster that spot for the short term. Minnesota wants him back, so we would hurt them and help us at the same time. Let Roach, Hillenmeyer, and Williams focus on special teams...

Free safety is something that concerns me greatly. Ken Lucas is pretty well the only guy left out there that has the potential to play the position. Danieal Manning is our only other option on the roster, unless Bowman turns out to be a surprise back there...There are some good safeties in the middle rounds, like Clemons, Bruton, and a couple others that could suffice. Jerry has done well identifying DBs in the 5th round and later, so perhaps he can do it again.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited a month before the draft when the Bears don't even have a first rounder....

A great day!! Now, as long as we're hoping for a royal flush, Please let Brian Robiskie fall to #49.

I really can`t believe that this has happened, I was just saying this morning that Jerry Angelo would have to shock the world, in order for this to happen, and that`s exactly what he did. I would like to thank Mr.Angelo and the entire management group for grabbing this opportunity, and giving Bears fans around the world, a reason to be excited for the upcoming season. I am sure that the players will be looking forward to working with Jay, and getting in the reps to ensure that this season is something special. It is truly an exciting time to be a Bears fan.

First of all, Ditka gave up an entire draft 7 picks...and then a 1st and 3rd rounder the next year...Those who hate this move and the same people who would had been upset if Jerry did not make it...Kudos Jerry for making your Francise relevant again

Joe: "The Bears need to consider using any available cap space they end up with this year to sign Cutler to a new deal. If we give up a starting QB, 2 first rounders, and a third rounder to let him play out his final 2 years and walk in free agency, then it would be a very poor decision. Lock him up with a Donovan McNabb-type 10 year deal, and make sure he is a Bear for the rest of his career..."

I couldn't disagree more Joe. I think Cutler will be terrific and our first franchise QB in my lifetime ... but did you see Derek Anderson from Cleveland? Cutler has THREE years left on his contract so let's see if he can play this year. If he has an average season then he can make his bones NEXT year. It's no hurry and JA has shown that he willing to pull out the stops when it comes to re-signing the teams own talent.

Give it some time, Cutler is all OURS and he's NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

Great job JA ... I never knew ya had it in ya!

JPCZ - you have got to be kidding me! The hardest position to fill in the NFL is QB! The Bears have been trying for generations.

Cutler is a proven pro bowl player. He has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, arm in the NFL. Last year he had 8 300 yd games passing the ball. How many 1st rd QB picks become the franchise players they were drafted to be?

The answer is not many maybe 20%. IOW, the Bears could draft a QB this year and next year in the 1st rd and still come up short.

Orton was well liked, but he had a weakness in his game the league figured out the 2nd half of the season. He is very poor leading receivers deep, or throwing over defenders. He can throw line of sight throws well. THe 2nd half of last year defenders started playing the under routes and maintained position between him and the WR. The bears tried to play off this problem talking about his ankle, but if you look at the 1st half of the season he wasn't making those throws then.

Cutler can make the deep throws. He can throw over defenders and leads his WR's well. He's mobile, hard to sack, short quick motion throwing the ball and Hester can not out run his arm. He is fiesty and will talk smack during a game.



Thanks for the correction. In my grieving I forgot to check that one.

Still, Cutler has 0 winning season since at least high school. Not what one would expect for paying such a high price.

It sounds like from those in the know this was a good trade . . . FOR DENVER!

You have to remember Denver's defense was awful last year...He played at Vandervilt which is not exactly a football powerhouse. This is a great move for the bears...Was the price tag high...Yes but in order to get the man you have to pay the piper...if you break down the trade by indivdual players Cutler is better than Orton, better than anyone in the draft at QB and better than anyone next season...Plus think of the money they saved in signing bonuses by moving those picks...the 18th pick this year would get 10 to 12 million up front...Considering with Cutler they improved at least 3 games, factor in their very weak schedule and they are most likely at 11 to 12 win team this season...making next years 1st rounder in the mid-twenties so that would be another 7 to 10 million in take that money and give it to him in a new contract...its a wash...Sit back and wait...I guarentee you will like this move once he lights up the packers in week 1

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