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Angelo talks about Cutler, Pace, Lucas, says nothing

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Jerry Angelo took to the podium for the Bears' Web site again Wednesday and addressed the club's reported interest in soon-to-be ex-Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, as well as free agents Orlando Pace and Ken Lucas, who both visited Halas Hall on Monday.

If he shed any light on the situations, it's that he'd like all situations in the dark. Think pitch-dark cave. At night.

"We always are looking for ways to improve our team and we spend a great deal of time exploring the options available to us whether it be unrestricted free agency, restricted free agents, trades, the draft, etc.,'' Angelo announced on the Web site. "We have brought in players that have helped us win through all those vehicles in my years here in Chicago. We have already signed a few free agents this offseason and we continue to work the pro player acquisition channels as we prepare for the draft. What we have not made a habit of is talking about these moves prematurely and we will continue to operate in a similar fashion.

"Some moves we explore become public and many others do not. Our preference would be for none of our discussions to be known until after they are complete. That said, we understand the rumors that are out there and we know it is great fodder for the media and our fans to talk about. People are interested because they care about the Bears and that is a great thing we take to heart. But we feel the best way to conduct business is to only address these situations publicly if and when something is consummated."

Angelo is working to shape public perception by taking questions in a regular Q&A on the organization's Web site. Sounds like he wants everyone to mind their own business when it comes to these particular players.

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Come on JA, let's get our franchise QB this year! This is a great fit, there are numerous Vandy connections,(Earl Bennett and Chris Williams,) and he's not a rookie! The guy's a proven QB in the NFL.

How about we trade our first rounder and Tommie Harris? Just a thought....

Bear Down!

GMs are like politicians, you only get bull answers and great spin. I have to give the media credit for even attempting to get any fact from these guys. They are filled with secrets and lies. Like what goes on in the White House, or the Vatican. Does anyone truly know what JA and the agents are doing? Probably not. And it's a crying shame that we the PEOPLE have to pay the consequences and in my view get the worste results of information. Getting information from these guys is like trying to pry teeth from an unsedated Gator.

I like watching reporters who actually ask prying questions to the point where the interviewee provides a Fruedian slip. Of course you're going to get a spin-filled response from JA on by Mayor. He's like Fox News interviewing Reps or MSNBC interviewing the Dems. Oy vey. God bless the journo's who actually do their job and get the best information out to us.

if everybodies trade scenario is a 3 -way w/ Cle...I wouldn't be dissapointed in landing Quinn. Might not have to throw in our 1st RD, and get a young QB who has his feet wet.
this saga is gonna drag on till Draft Eve, The Broncos need to build up Cutler's value to it's peak, which Mcdaniels personally dragged thru the mud. If it was a different owner, I'd say Mcdaniels wouldn't even be able to sniff Kiffen's Jock in tenure!

A general manager's job is not to inform the media or the public, it's to build and maintain a winning team. Only an idiot would go spouting off half cocked. The problem with Angelo and the Bear organization is not that they don't tell people what they're going to do, it's that they don't do the right things to win. Informing the public and/or reporters has nothing to do with winning.

I think Jerry is approaching this in the best way possible. Look what happened in Denver when info was leaked about their interest in Matt Cassell. Things fell through, feelings were hurt and now the Broncos are losing their star QB. The job of the GM is not to keep the community informed on trade progressions, but to complete them and show them off the next season. Here's to hoping ;)

And BTW, with all the hysteria about Cutler, why isn't Pace signed yet? If they get Cutler, they'd better sign him and Holt.

Jerry, put your money where your mouth is, you lieing loser of a GM!!!!

NBS, Angelo could use a little good Karma right now. So if you want Cutler try and be positive about it. You wanting it to happen will not change a thing right now. The Broncos will have a lot of offers comming in and will have to sort through them. I am afraid it will be at least a week or 2 before it's done. So focus on something else before the tension gets to you. So try and find your happy place in the mean time. Don't touch it, just find it and breath. Hey Harry Potter has a new movie comming out that is probably very exciting for you it's called "Harry Potter and the QB of tommorrow." I here Jay Cutler is in it.

Wrigley my guess on why Pace is not signed yet is because he is still getting some offers and is waiting to see who offers the most.

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