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Angelo downplays possibility of signing veteran receiver

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General manager Jerry Angelo did not rule out going out on the street and bringing in a veteran wide receiver, but based on his comments this morning to Mully & Hanley on 670-AM, it seems very unlikely.

The Bears added three receivers to the cast on Sunday, drafting Juaquin Iglesias in the third round, Johnny Knox in the fifth round and Derek Kinder in the seventh round. More than anything, Angelo is basing his confidence on the development of Earl Bennett, a third-round pick a year ago.

"I'm counting on [Bennett's emergence],'' Angelo said. ``I told Lovie [Smith] this morning I don't feel near the need to go out and sign a veteran [after Sunday] that I did before [Sunday]. I feel good about these three receivers.

"There is a misnomer about Earl's learning. Earl is a very bright person. He went to Vanderbilt, he went back and is finishing his degree. He had to learn three positions last year as a rookie because he was a backup and he had to learn all three. That is where the learing came in. I thought he got a little bit of a bad rap in that he struggles to learn. No. If we just gave him one position he would have been off and running but we had the two veterans and he was the backup. He's got a lot of fiber, he has a lot of talent. I am expecting Earl to be a very good player for us."

There are not any fixes in free agency right now at receiver. We listed some possibilities for the Bears last week--Drew Bennett, D.J. Hackett, Darrell Jackson, Ashley Lelie and others. Now, Angelo's stance could change if a receiver gets released from a team that interest him, but for now it sounds like the Bears will keep an emergency list handy but will not make any moves.

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There are no really compelling FA receivers out there right now who could serve as great mentors, so I can understand JA's perspective at this point. Of the bunch DJ Hackett has the size & experience, but his stats are nothing to jump up and down about. He's never caught for more than 600 yards.

JA should keep an eye out for a vet WR as camp approaches.

I'm glad Bennett is eating his fiber...

It's only April- and there will be more WR's released from teams as things go Along. There aren't many decent vets to choose from at this point. I think all things considered, the Bears had a good draft, and pick up some players who can contribute right away. At tris pont, I think it's better to wait and see who becomes available.

So the Draft is now behind us and I really feel the team did a good job upgrading many positions. 3 receivers to come in and compete is very nice. Hopefully 1 can turn out to be a solid starter.

I am also glad that we signed Jarron Gilbert who I talked about a few times on this blog. He is going to be great. I talked with his Dad yesterday and he said his son is really excited to be a Bear. I sure hope he can get after the QB. Will be fun to watch him in the preseason.


It's great that JA feels so comfortable with his WR picks. However, I tend to think his comfort is misguided at best. Perhaps he's stubbornly attempting to prove his dictum that "Receivers don't make Quarterbacks great, Quarterbacks make Receivers great" (which vaguely reminds me of Jerry Krause's famous "Organizations win championships" mantra). Jay Cutler will have his work cut out for him. Is there any other team in the league going into this season with a corp of WRs whose most, scratch that, ONLY experienced players are a single-season converted Returner and a three-season Arena League refugee DB with a case of the dropsies? Is there another team in pro football that has ever started a season without a WR on its roster who has totaled 1000 yards...for his career?? Hester has 964 receiving yards in the NFL, Davis 913. Has an NFL team EVER planned to begin a season with so little experience at WR?

Juaquin "To All The Girls" Iglesias might be a great 3rd round pick, Knox could very well be a steal, and Kinder, when he's fully healed, might actually be a 7th rounder who can play in the NFL, even if he's not the second coming of Hines Ward (whom he favors PHYSICALLY, not statistically, a distinction I failed to mention in a previous comment, which subsequently led to an overwrought, panties-in-a-bunch spew of misplaced verbosity courtesy of a certain frequent commentator on these boards who shall remain nameless, but whose nick rhymes with "Hate'n'"), but it doesn't make good sense to RELY upon these neophytes if the plan is to win now (which, considering the Cutler and Pace deals, and the age/entropy factor on Defense, seems to be the team's M.O.). Of the group Brad mentioned, I'd be completely happy with any one of Bennett, Hackett or Jackson (not so much Lelie), if only as an insurance policy. I just hope JA isn't being so myopic as to completely rule out a veteran.

Well as "not entirely disgruntled" used such big words that I feel we should all agree with him. Ergo, hitherto, ipto facto, I think that the bears are very young and raw at the receiver position...But one must remember that we did try to sign free agent veterans and play them last year, veterans with over 1000 in their careers, and was a bust....and as for starting a season without a receiver who has 1000 yards in their career, the Giants (unless they resign toomer) with be starting without a guy who has gotten over 700 yards in their career...and they are not the only team...So while I understand your concern I ask that you seperate the forrest from the trees...right now free agency is thin at WR and there is no point in adding clutter to the receiver must understand hester had a big last 6 games and could of had much bigger ones if orton didnt struggle so often with the deep ball...Count on Bennett to have a 500 plus yard season, and then understand that Iglesias and Davis can and will both contribute with cutler at the helm. Lastly, do not forget the bears run a two tight end set often, and are very deep there with forte in the flat...the passing game has plenty of weapons, and now with a solidified line, it has time.

Once again I hear that since we got Cutler, the plan should be "win now."

My first answer is "Why?"

We got Cutler, who should be a top 5 quarterback for the NEXT TEN YEARS, barring any injuries, or setbacks. That doesn't sound like a pickup to me that screams "We have to win now." Exactly the opposite in fact. We should now have the patience to build around our franchise quarterback with the goal being to win several championships over the course of the next ten years.

So for all of you "fans" screaming for a veteran receiver, please take a chill pill. Understand that having a "win now" attitude can cost you later. We don't want that. We want to build the team in a logical and consistent matter with an eye towards getting quality players who will contribute for many years to come. Spending money and picks on someone who will only contribute for at most a few years is counter productive.

That being said, if the right veteran comes along, I would support picking him up. It would be nice to have a quality veteran receiver who can contribute to the team for several years, and at the same time, give tutelage to the younger players who are coming up. If that veteran can't do both of these things, then we don't need him. That means no Plexico (bad apple), Ocho Cinco (the name says it all), Tory "I want to much money for what I have left in the tank" Holt, and Marvin "my best days are behind me" Harrison.

If that means that we suffer with young and inexperienced talent at WR this year, then so be it. I am much more concerned with protecting our new QB than I am with making sure his stats look good. O-line is a much greater concern. Here's hoping that JA's recent O-line signings work out well.

Not good, not good at all. A bunch of flankers and slot guys. Kinder will never be the same, he does not look anything like he used to.

I guess Bennett is the new Split End, thats not exactly adding size to the position. Davis will compete with Iglesias, or at least I am guessing that and then there is Hester. The Bears are really expecting a lot out of him this year.

Well Angelo if you make your bed you gotta sleep in it. At least next years WR FA list is loaded. I am sure that will change but there are a couple guys who will not be signed. Brandon Marshall is one of them.

Brendan one thing your forgetting about the Giants is they have had one of the best running games in the NFL the last three years. The Bears have an average running game at best. Not to mention the Bears run a WCO which is a pass first offense. They need a WR. Now maybe Bennett is that guy, and maybe he isn't. But he will be a flanker playing on the line of scrimage which is not a good thing as he has always lacked the size and strength to beat the jam.

Its not like JA didn't try to get a big time playmaker, he tried to make a deal for Boldin. The NFL is not Wal-Mart, you can't get everything you want. Some things take time and negotiations. Therefore, people need to chill out. The draft just ended and people are already worrying about the receiving corps. They are going to be fine. Be patient and we will see how things work out. The Bears brought in very athletic receivers who can do something that our previous receivers had a hard time doing....catching the ball. Considering that the Bears did not pick in the first two rounds I was extremely impressed with how successful the draft was. The Bears got great players. Now it is time to sit back and watch them get even better. In the mean-time chill out and stop complaining all the time.

One last thought:

Be prepared for the "Cutler Sucks" bandwagon to start by week 3. There will be a whole group of idiot fans who will not give Jay Cutler the chance to become our franchise qb. They will nitpick at every little thing and blame every loss on JC. It will kidding. This is Chicago, and we have a love/hate relationship with qbs. We love our second string qbs, and hate our starters. Some idiot will be calling for Caleb Hanie to start by week 3, mark my words.

This has a lot to do with why Chicago is never able to develop young qbs. Between the media, meathead fans, and poor coaching by our team, developing qbs have a very tough road here.

I still remember a couple of fans screaming for Shane Mathews many years kidding....Shane Mathews! What a couple of dopes.....

""Brendan one thing your forgetting about the Giants is they have had one of the best running games in the NFL the last three years. The Bears have an average running game at best.""

I think adding (3) new starters to the O-line could help in this area a little bit. Forte was a stud behind a patch worked O-line and adding some size along the line should help the holes look a bigger for Forte to run through. Kevin Jones being a year and a half removed from ACL surgery should help him stay on track as Forte's backup. Cutler's arm should help also because teams will have to repsect his accuracy and arm strength which were two things teams didn't worry too much about with Orton under Center.

""The Bears brought in very athletic receivers who can do something that our previous receivers had a hard time doing....catching the ball.""

True. Gone are Booker and Lloyd. Davis has been demoted and was planned to be releagted back to spot duty slot work but some of the new WR's brought could make Davis expendable if they perform well in camp.

Cutler will make the WR position better. How much better ?? well it's hard to tell at this point but Cutler has alot of qualities that Orton lacked and his penchant for extending plays with his mobility will be a huge factor as well as his strong arm and touch on the deep routes.

Go Bears !!

Notice that in my previous post I didn't mention Boldin, nor Ochocinco, nor Burress, nor did I bemoan missing out on Holt. I'm only looking for a little insurance in case any/all of the Bears' trusted-but-unproven WRs are busts. Some of the available journeymen types actually fit the Bears' needs better than their draft picks. A Hackett or a Bennett might be a nice bridge to the next generation. Putting too much responsibility on guys with little or no NFL track record is misguided. Having a veteran or two there to relieve some pressure could only be an improvement, especially considering that Jay Cutler will be throwing the ball to them (unlike last year's cited examples). While this is an admittedly flimsy analogy, "veteran presence" did wonders for the Bulls, who basically rode John Salmons to victory in the second overtime yesterday (after Rose got tired, or lost his focus, or whatever the problem was).

By the way, the difference between the Bears' and Giants' group of WRs is that, to my knowledge, the Giants' guys played the WR position prior to becoming NFL receivers, while the Bears' two top guys are both converted Defensive players (or in Davis' case, some kind of weird AFL hybrid).

Regarding the "win now" philosophy, please note that I'm not personally advocating it. I'm pointing out that based on the team's recent moves, and the fact that the Defense has a bunch of veteran players under contract, coupled with the team's poor draft record (see this previous Biggs blog entry for evidence), one must at least consider that "winning now" might be the Bears' most prudent approach. When JA made the Cutler trade I posted on these boards that I will never criticize him for that move. I stand by that statement. I think the Cutler move was fantastic, oustanding. Even if Cutler becomes the next Rick Mirer (perish the thought) I will continue to laud the trade itself. I have great confidence that Cutler will work out, and I'm willing to wait for it. I just hope that if it does take some time there's something in left in the cupboard, metaphorically speaking. I hope this draft works out, and that the team continues to aggressively pursue playmakers via FA, draft and/or trade. I have my fears that won't be the case, and I will express them from time to time, but those misgivings are not directed toward Jay Cutler.

Oh, and one more thing: I wasn't aware that "big words" were anathema to football fans. Anyway, I prefer not to "dumb down" my comments to a remedial level. I've noticed that some frequent posters here who have problems with spelling, grammar, etc., are routinely criticized as well. Seems folks on these boards are never satisfied. Perhaps it would be more pleasant for everyone if we all focused on content rather than form, eh?

I thought the draft was great, especially when you have to factor in Cutler. Iglesias and Knox catch everything thrown at them, something we are not accustomed to seeing. Just think what Cutler will do, he isn't going to lock in on his first option. He has the ability to scan the field and find the open receiver. Hester deep, Bennett a good pattern runner and Iglesias doing the dirty work underneath. I think it spells success. I also don't believe JA is done. Boldin is still out there and so is Braylon Edwards. I'm excited about what we have and feel it is the beginning of good things to come.

I agree Joe! I love my my city but sometimes our fans can be so dumb! Support our players, don't put them down! Stop complaining all the time! Give the players a chance and for the ones that criticize the most, maybe they should be in the NFL since they know everything. The fans need to chill out and be patient. Some things take time! I hate reading blogs that are filled with cynical people who have no sense. They just write things because they like to type. Remember last year? Everyone was complaining about the Bears getting Forte because most people did not know about him. Now look! Everyone loves him because he's a good player. Stop judging people and allow them to prove themselves!

I wanted the Bears to get Holt, but now I'm glad they're not bringing in a veteran receiver. It's time to let the kids play. I'm tired of the Bears talking about developing players and then never letting them see the field. Bennett, Rideau, other practice squad dudes, and rookies, here's your chance. Let's see what you got (same goes for Jones and Wolfe).

ALL you idiots wanting the Bears to get a veteran are fools. Don't you understand that the QB will make the WR Corps better? When Cutler took over in 2006 he had played in 5 games and here are the WR's he threw to during those 5 games:

1. Javon Walker (Over-rated)
2. (Aging) Rod Smith
3. Brandon Marshall (Rookie)

In 2007 (his 1st full year)

1. Brandon Marshall
2. Brandon Stokley
3. Javon Walker

In 2008

1. Brandon Marshall
2. Eddie Royal
3. Brandon Stokely

(These guys were no-name players coming out of college).

Did you knowledgeable football fans know Brandon Marshall played for the University of Central Florida and was drafted in the 4th round? He had mediocre stats in his college career collecting 112 receptions, 1,674 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns in his collegiate career. His best season came in 2005 as a senior. He played in 13 games and had career highs in receptions (74), receiving yards (1,195) and touchdowns (11).

Eddie Royal:

1778 Career Yards - 12 Career REC TD's as a college player...

These two guys I guarantee you never heard of. Their NFL Career Numbers have to do with the QB.

Cutler will make the current Bears better from:

1. Devin Hester (magical 3rd year as a WR breakout coming?)
2. Earl Bennett (ex-vandy teammate)
3. Greg Olsen
4. Matt Forte
5. Juaquin Iglesias

Cutler has more weapons here than what he had in DEN. Everyone forgets that Hester was a DB converted to a WR. Other than the freaks like R. Moss, C. Johnson, Fitzgerald it takes a college WR 3-4 years to make an impact. For what Hester has done - it is not bad and he will get better with Cutler.

All you fans are never satisfied and expect the world. Look Cutler has not even thrown to the current WR's and you want new ones already?

You should be worried about the plays being called by Turner and the Bears D. The WR's are fine...

Common (non)Sense,

You wrote, "ALL you idiots wanting the Bears to get a veteran are fools."

Nice to have you join in our civil discussion.

The premise of your argument seems to be, "since Jay Cutler vastly improves WR play with his excellent Quarterbacking, anyone who thinks he should have a single veteran target to catch his passes with the Bears is an idiot/fool."

Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

From what follows, your evidence shows that Cutler's initial primary targets were veteran Receivers (Walker, Smith). Over the next couple of seasons he gradually phased in some younger guys (Marshall, Royal) until the veterans were no longer necessary.

Wait, er, what, again, is your premise? That veterans are unnecessary? Or that Jay Cutler's excellent Quarterbacking makes them unnecessary gradually, over time? Or that young WRs do best when they have a couple/few years to mature in the NFL?

"Common Sense" is what folks use when they buy insurance. It's all a matter of how much to spend on the insurance. If you're young, healthy, strong, you might not need expensive insurance. But it's still a good thing to have, even if it's relatively cheap insurance, because things don't always work out perfectly. "Idiot/fool" types are the people who think, "I'm young, healthy and strong. Nothing will ever happen to me! I don't need to waste my money on insurance!"

Anyway, thanks for supporting the argument for bringing in a low-cost veteran.

Common Sense

What your saying about the QB position is true but it's also false. Good WR are good WR and good QB's are good QB's. Some WR come out and have big first years and others take time to develop or adjust. By the way Eddie Royal was not a nobody and the Broncos have always found good WR. I notice you blow off Rod Smith to try and make your point, that really doesn't help Justify your statment.

Boldin had 1377 yard s his first year and who was his QB. Jeff Blake in his 11 season, not a special QB at all.

Who threw the ball to Berrian that was so great? Grossman, Orton, and those two pieces of garbage in MIN. While he has not great years he has had solid years and I agree he would do better with Cutler, but he still played well without him. He had his first solid season his his third year.

Who have been Andre Johnsons awsome QB's. David Carr??

It's not just about the QB, granted he helps a ton, but you do need to find him weapons. Would you rather have a dull sword or a sharp sword.

Now something you seem to be missing is not all WR do the same thing. Hester/Bennett/Iglesias/Davis are all natural Flankers and or Slot guys. The Bears need a Split End(a reciever who plays on the line of scrimage). Those guys play off it because they can't beat the Jam. It's not a knock on them lots of WR can't beat the Jam, Jerry Rice couldn't do it, thats why he played Flanker.

By the way I notice you also didn't want to count top end talent, guys like Fitz and Ocho and probably Johnson. 60% of all blue chip WR come from the first round 80 come from the first two. I would like to have a Cutler throwing to a Fitzgerald, call me crazy.

Now the Bears do need a Split End and the only way to get one right now is FA. I say Grab Toomer for a year or two, until we can find a guy in the draft. We actually need the position filled, if we don't do it to many teams will key in on Hester and that will be all she wrote for the passing game.

Anonymous, yes we got three new Oline player but this line is not built to run. It's built like a WCO line and we run a WCO. So we are not really a running team. In fact we we Pass ball more than we run. Chris Williams was known as a poor run blocker in college but was strong against the pass, Omiyale is also considered a good Pass Blocker, who is weak in the run game, Pace used to be awsome at both but most reports say he is no longer a good run blocker, Olin is similar to Pace at this point in his career, Garza is blah. I know the Bears say they get off the Bus running but they really are a passing team.

Last thing about the WR position, I know they drafted three WR but people need to remember not all of them will make the team, there are only so many spots for WR. Hester/Bennett/Davis/Iglesias are all pretty much locks, there are 4 other WR on the roster as it stands plus the other two draft picks. Only one other WR from this class really has a chance to make the team, and thats probably Knox on special teams. Even in a 4 WR set this guy is not getting on the field. Plus my guess is they will get a FA to play Split End, so add even more depth.

"I told Lovie [Smith] this morning I don't feel near the need to go out and sign a veteran [after Sunday] that I did before [Sunday]. I feel good about these three receivers."

This is illogical. If Angelo 1) signed Orlando Pace, who only has a few years left at most, and 2) felt that he needed to sign a veteran receiver before the draft started, that means that he's trying to win now. But after the draft he no longer feels a need to sign a veteran? So he's expecting a rookie to make a significant contribution as a receiver? Good luck with that. It happens, but only rarely.

Creighton, Ron Turner runs an Air Coryell WCO, not the Bill Walsh version. If you've ever watched the Bears play though you'd know that as it looks nothing like a WCO, the players drafted arent WCO types and that Turner doesnt play-call anything like a Bill Walsh disciple.

Not Entirely Disgruntled:

I apologize if I offended anyone by calling them IDIOTS or FOOLS - my point is that the Bears do not need to get a veteran WR - everyone is begging for one but it is not their pressing need. If the Bears need a Veteran to help the younger WR's then what is the point of a WR's coach? My point is Cutler will make these guys better and let these young WR's get the experience they need. Bringing in INSURANCE like a Veterans always does not work out - look waht the Bears did when they signed Marty Booker and Mushin? It actually only hindered the progression of Earl Bennett! Do you actually think a low-cost cast away FA will help? Holt would have been nice but he was asking for a ton of money. I'm sure Harrison is as well. I'd rather have the Bears spend money on DEF - a Safety than a low cost FA WR. Let the young kids play...


Good points on the comparison of Boldin, Johnson, even Berrian. AZ and HOU mainly played from behind back in the days so the passed a ton. Their numbers were somewhat inflated...but these guys were on the field as ROOKIES! Andre Johnson had Corey Bradford and Jabar Gaffney. Boldin had Freddie Jones and Bryant Johnson (Not really solid VETS I must say) but they got the experience off the bat. Also - I did mentin C. Johnson and Fitz in my first comment...

Also, I do understand that the most decent WR's go in the first and 2nd rounds but the Bears in past years had other pressing needs such as Defense (DEF wins Superbowls) so we could not draft WR's. And when we did - they were busts - David Terrell.

I see your point on the Split-End - however, not too many split-end WR's available that are low-cost. Maybe the Bears make a splash next year?


"Cutler has more weapons here than what he had in DEN."

thats not saying much. its makes it sound like denver was great and we should be even better. the truth is denver was poor and we may be better than poor. denver couldnt get into the playoffs, or even manage a winning record, in the worse division in football.

anyway, angelo tried to get boldin, but not hard enough. yes, we gave up a lot for cutler, but the deal could have been made. we all know it. but without a receiver as good or equal to marshall (average or slightly better. pro-bowler) or royal (good football IQ, good hands, good speed) cutler is not going to make the difference in the receiving core. hester has strengths (speed) but is not a receiver (no hands, no IQ). im not happy hanging our hats on a little, 2nd year, 3rd rounder. Steve Smith is the only undersized 3rd rounder that I can think of who has had sucsess. and he's so strong it makes up for his lack of height. but guys like that only come around once in a lifetime. bennett will not be the next steve smith, this year or 4 years from now. and if angelo is counting on him to be that guys, he needs to seek help (and a new job)

I would like to address the notion that Culter was not working with talented receivers in Denver. Few comments about Cutler talent in Denver.
in 2006
1. Javon Walker was not overrated. He blow out his knee. in 2007 he was tearing up defenses before he got hurt. He is the main reason why Shanahan switched to Cutler in the first place. The plan was to make another run with Jake Plummer. Remember they were coming off the a season that they made it to the AFC championship game. I watched all games during that season and their were games were Walker was running wide open and Plummer would loft him the ball, and a sure TD would turn in to a modest gain or an INT.
2. Rod Smith (aging) agreed but he still got open a lot. Veterans just know where to sit down in the zone, they know where the sweat spots are in red zone. It's called experience. He "beat" a lot of DB'd ten years younger then him that year.
3. Brandon Marshall - yes he was a rookie but it was already very clear he was going to be good. When they brought him in for workouts (predraft), he ran a couple of plays against Champ Bailey. Champ said to Mike Shannahan; "where did you find this guy? He's the real deal". That's a direct quote. Basically like a lot of players in the NFL Marshall suffered from small conference/small school syndrome. Teams weren't sure his skills would translate to against big time players. Also he did not do well at the combine. And we all know how important that is.
In 2007 (his 1st full year)
1. Brandon Marshall -he was beast that year. He lead all NFL WR's in yards after contact. That has nothing to do with the QB.
2. Brandon Stokley - this guy was clutch all year long.
3. Javon Walker - he was hurt a lot that year. Never was the same after the knee. He also said that the team was built around Brandon Marshall now and that he wanted out.
In 2008 The years of 7, yes 7 RB's were put on injured reserve. Every week they lost another RB's. The receivers had to go against nickel coverage at least 65% of the time.
1. Brandon Marshall - missed the first game but had another big year. He was the #1 WR at this point.
2. Eddie Royal - rooke: he was hurt a lot of his junior and senior year so NFL teams passed on him. I have seen anyone run the wheel route this good since 49rs used too. This guy is better than anyone the bears had on the roster the last two seasons and he's not even their best receiver.
3. Brandon Stokely -most clutch slot guy in the league.
And last but not least you are forgetting the TE. Scheffler. He had more yards and a higher per catch average than Olsen.
The bears don't need a big receiver they need a physical one. The head coach and offensive coordinator should be telling Angelo what they need not the other way around.

I would be extremely happy if they worked with Iglesias and Bennett and taught them how to work on the line of scrimmage. Iglesias seems like he has some room to bulk up without sacrificing speed and quickness. Kinder is probably the only one of the group who can consistently fight through the jam, and despite my faith in the pick, he is a long shot to make the roster.

With the improvements on the O-line, along with the addition of Cutler, we will see a lot more off-coverage than press coverage. With our O-line and Orton, the defense only had to defend for 3 seconds, which reduced the downfield throwing capability of the offense. Orton had to release the ball early, and when you couple that with his deep ball inaccuracy, the downfield passing game was largely ineffective. Cutler can not only make plays with his arm, but also with his legs. He can keep plays alive, which allows for big plays more frequently. Add in Pace, Omiyale, Williams, Shaffer on the O-line, and our pass blocking should get a lot better. Forte should get more running lanes, and also be able to work underneath without someone draped on his back. So without an ideal X, we still should be able to get off the ball and into the pattern with relative consistency.

I still want a real veteran WR so these guys have someone to learn from. Having a guy like Rod Smith on this roster would be huge, so maybe Toomer is the right answer. Someone who can beat the jam, comes back to the ball, and makes clutch catches...Iglesias, Bennett, and Kinder/Rideau/whoever that makes the roster can learn a lot in the short term, and be better for it in the long run.

I'll settle this.

You're all right..

One thing is certain, great WR play DOES rely on more factors than great QB play.

First of all, you need only look to John Elway and Donovan McNabb as examples of great QB's who, with some exceptions, did/have, by in large, belwo average WR corps to throw to.

They did have however, good RECIEVING corps that included TE's like Shannon Sharpe and Chad Lewis; and RB's such as Michael Westbrook and Terell Davis.

Chicago has a good RECEIVING corps. Chicago has a better RB's and TE's than Denver. And they catch the ball too.

WR's don't generally get the benefit of being guarded by slow OLB's like TE's do. They are more often utilized in timing routes. And they often can't "get off" on their routes because a beast DE rolled over the LT. Oh yeah, and the "number one" WR is only "number one" if his number is called as the primary target by the OC on a given abou that.

The cold hard fact is this:

WR's depend on more factors to be successful in the offense than the QB. So to you, Not Entirely Disgruntled, the comparison of Angelo's comment that "QB's make WR great" to Jerry Krauses spew that "Organizations make teams great..blah blah", was, in fact, idiotic.

But you do make some good points regarding insurance policies and such. I agree with you whole-heartedly that the Bears should bring in a veteran WR as an insurance policy.

My vote is for Hackett.

Ps. Creighton, Berrian is not great. He catches play action passes. He doesn't go down the middle. He lays up on routes and causes INT's. In short, he's a p*ssy.

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