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Angelo comments on 1st pick Jarron Gilbert

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The Bears just got themselves an unbelievable athlete in San Jose State defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert.

If you don't think so, try this. Gilbert became a YouTube phenom when he jumped out of a and landed on his feet. If you haven't seen this, you have to check it out.

Gilbert, 6-5, 288 pounds, can play both tackle and end and it will be interesting to see where the Bears decide to use him. General manager Jerry Angelo said he likes him most as an under tackle although he said he can play end. Gilbert has got long, 35-inch arms, and his frame is like that if Israel Idonije. With all of the ends coming out of contract after this season--Idonije, Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson--the Bears could be looking at him there. They must have had a top grade on him because they passed up greater needs at wide receiver and safety to select him.

"Last night when we reconvened with the scouts and our coaches we felt that we had three players we were real comfortable with,'' Angelo said. "The way it came out, a couple of players were gone, one of them was there Gilbert. He has a lot of flexibility.

"We really didn't expect him to be there but we felt that we wanted to. Feel he is going to be a very good pass rusher for us. Maybe he isn't 100 percent prototype of the defensive lineman we're used to seeing because he's very tall. But he's very, very talented. Dick Tomey couldn't say enough good things about him. He did come on his senior year. I think he is ready to go."

Angelo said the Bears were looking at some other players and that makes it evident they were considering Iowa cornerback Bradley Fletcher with the pick.

Gilbert had 9 1/2 sacks last season but didn't face top competition on a regular basis. He moved to tackle at San Jose State midway through his junior season. There are some questions about his instinct and motivation. He did stand out at the East-West Shrine Game.

Oh, by the way, Gilbert is represented by Frank Bauer. That will make negotiations easy. He's the agent for Lovie Smith, Rod Marinelli, Bob Babich and Ron Turner.

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So was this best player to draft or the easiest one to sign because of his agents connections with the Bears coaching staff?

Solid start to the draft. The Bears didnt reach, and they got a guy who could make an impact on our D-Line. Marinelli has to be smiling cause this guy could be a beast.

Most people remember him from his YouTube video where he broad jumps out of a swimming pool, but the kid has talent.

He's 6'5, 288 and had a dominating Senior Season, was the best player at the East/West Shrine came and had a great combine.

Jarron Gilbert Senior Stats 52 tackles, 22 TFL, 9.5 sacks

He also has the versatility to play DE. He played both in college, but I think we took him to play DT.

Not a big fan of this pick. I don't understand what the Bears are doing? An athletically gifted guy thats lazy!!! Better players were available like Michael Johnson and Lawrence Sidbury and with Marinelli would have been great and they are not lazy!!!Oh by the way, we still need a receiver and Iglesias was still there!!! I hope the rest of the day is better than this!!!!!!!

Michael Johnson and Rashad Johnson were still available too.
'He has a lot of flexibility'
'Jerry Angelo said he likes him most as an under tackle although he said he can play end'
'his frame is like that if Israel Idonije'
'With all of the ends coming out of contract after this season--Idonije, Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson--the Bears could be looking at him there'

Prepare for him to get shuffled around and never develop or get comfortable.

I like this pick a lot. We need a kid to soak up Marinelli's teachings and bring some excitement/competition to that D-line. This guy is a freak athletically. I think this was the Bears' third biggest need, and if you're comparing his talent to that of the available receivers and safties, he's a no brainer.

NO, this guy IS the "real goods' He led the nation in tackles for a loss, and can switch to DE. Kiper had him a one of the "best players available. I was suprised he didn't go in round 2..,, I bet he starts next year. An IMPACT player!

lets give this kid a shot --- hey Bear Fans... We got CUTLER!!!

Any comment good or bad about any of the players drafted today is useless. We won't know a single thing about them until they put the pads on against real competition. I doubt any of you actually took the time to go over game film, or have the opportunity to evaluate how these players fit in the Bears schemes. Let it go people.

Personally. I think it will be a LONG season for the Bears. Can Cutler play both ways ? We already know our CB's can't cover B. Berrian, now the Vike's have Harvin across from him.I thought we gave up too much for Cutler, and this draft is really starting to depress me, watching every team in our divison load up (not to mention the rest of the NFC) and the Bears pick a D lineman? I hope Jay can catch his passes too since we STILL have NO WR who scare anyone !

Voice of reason is correct abou needing to wait before making rash judgements, but I love this pick. I have said all along that the Bears needed someone to rush and hassle opposing quarterbacks. At his height and weight he could be a terror in that regard. Let's hope he is.

While Voice of Reason is correct as far as it goes, how can you possibly expect a 290 pounder, regardless of who he is, to be able to take on 330 lb. linemen and stop the run? This is Lovie Smith's thing -- size doesn't matter, only speed does -- and it's delusional.

What's really overrated here is pure athleticism. Gymnasts are the best athletes, but would you use the best gymnast to play football? Football is basically about blocking and tackling, and a relatively small guy like Gilbert will be easy to block for someone who outweighs him by 40 pounds.

Seriously? Did someone (Steve) say that Michael Johnson wasn't lazy, but that Jarron Gilbert is?

Did you WATCH a GA Tech game all year? He slacked his way from being a top-15 pick in the preseason to a 3rd rounder.

I don't know if I like Gilbert better, but to say that he's not as hard working as someone like Tech's Michael Johnson is flat-out wrong.

I watched him all season, he's a freak. I was at his pro day, trust me this player has a ton to offer. Long, lean, strong, quick for his height. Very well coached at sjsu, a great prospect, urlacher will love having this guy anchor an edge along his side.

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