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A closer look at two more WR possibilities

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The Bears have not left any stone unturned in Chapel Hill, N.C., this spring.

College scouting director Greg Gabriel went in to do some work at North Carolina. Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake went in. The Bears put wide receiver Hakeem Nicks through a private workout. Ditto tight end Richard Quinn.

Now that the Bears are out of the first round and do not have their first selection until No. 49 overall, Nicks seems like a real longshot. Chances are he's off the board between the middle of the first round and beginning of the second round. Could it be the Bears are considering a former Tar Heel--wide receiver Brandon Tate?

Some considered Tate a better prospect than Nicks before he suffered a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee in a victory over Notre Dame in early October. Tate was leading the ACC in all-purpose yardage at the time of the injury. He is considered a good route runner and is skilled in the open field.

``If [he's] not the most explosive player in college football, he's really close,'' UNC quarterback Cameron Sexton said. ``To replace a kick returner, punt returner and receiver of his caliber, you just can't do it. But we're going to find somebody who's going to play really well in his place."

Tate is running and is expected to be ready to resume football activities around the time training camps begin. How close he will be to his top level at that point remains to be seen, but a handful of teams are checking him out. Tate is visiting the New England Patriots today. He was in Baltimore last week and has visits upcoming with Indianapolis, St. Louis and Dallas. Originally projected as a first-round pick, Tate probably will not go higher than the second round and could slide into the third round.

The Bears have had luck drafting a player with an ACL reconstruction in the past. Bernard Berrian worked out just fine. When they drafted Mark Bradley, who also had a torn ACL in school, that didn't work out so well.

Here is another wide receiver to keep an eye on--Virginia's Kevin Ogletree. He is 6-1, 196 pounds, and is another player with an ACL in his past. Ogletree missed the 2007 season with a torn ACL but rebounded last year to lead the Cavaliers in receiving. He had a year of eligibility remaining when he elected to leave school but he has already graduated.

Ogletree projects as a possession receiver who will be dependable, and he played in a pro-style scheme. The Bears have not put him through a private workout but they have kept close tabs on him. He will probably be a mid-round selection.

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Mike Thomas Mike Thomas Mike Thomas!! He is the guy we should draft, height be damned! Brad what do you think of him?

I wonder how R.Davis will do this year and would appreciate some commentay on him. I recall that he was often open but was either missed by Orton or dropped the passes thrownhis way. are hius problems coachable and correctable? tate and Niocks both sound interesting, but I guess I would still like to see a premier pass-rushing defensive end picked at #49.

Man up Creighton. You sure talk the talk, do you walk the walk.

I live in NM so I'm glad I won't be there to see it, but I am glad that 100,000 other people will.

Good luck in Denver to Kyle Orton. A true professional.

"Ogletree projects as a possession receiver who will be dependable, and he played in a pro-style scheme."

Brad, how do you figure this he ran 4.36 40. He might be a bit of a straight line guy, but he is fast!

I think the Bears will surprise and not go WR until the 3rd or 4th rds. Whoever they take will not see the field a lot and after the draft they will grab a couple free agents. I think there may be a run on WR early and we might see a DT drop, or even a LB.

Darryl Drake: So this kid has gone through some injuries and has had reconstruction on his ACL.
Jerry Angelo: So, um, is that, um, a good risk to take? Hee hee.
DD: We're basically picking up Mark Bradley 2.0 in my opinion.
JA: Sold! Now let me, er, um ask you Drake. Is you refrigerator running?
DD: Well yes, I believe so.
JA: Then you better go catch it! Hee hee hee!

Bill Holland: Let me stop you right there Da Clown. What does this have to do with discussing football? You're not even funny.

Da Church of Da Clown: Oh yeah Bill? Well you're a FARKTARD!

BH: Really, what does that even mean? I would be offended but I can't seem to find that word in the dictionary.

DC: Who cares but I said it and that means it's gold! Comedy gold baby!

BH: Maybe you should stop trying to be so "clever" and instead spend time with your kids and family.

DC: Oh yeah!? Well maybe you and everyone else should stop being such farktards! Now stfu you retards! Haha!


DC: Yeah and I could give a rats @$$ if any of you PIGS are offended by my vulgar mouth or lack of class! Not you Bill, not you Dahli, not you Mary...It's not my fault I only know a total of thirty nine words in the English language!

// Note to self: I am so funny and so clever!
// WTFBBQWWF!!??? HAHAHA! Somebody stop me cause I'm just a riot!
// And Bill's holding that sign up again. Hmm.

P.S. Bill's holding a sign with a picture of a jack@SS ftw.

I think if the Bears don't see a good value at WR in the second round (like Nicks or Britt--I think Robiskie is overhyped by draft-niks), then Tate would be a solid option with their 3rd round pick. It would be a very Angelo-like move to draft a guy with a first round grade who fell due to injury.

By Da Cult of Da Clown on
It's so cute!!! I love it. Can I call you mini-me. Well, maybe not mini-me because you're just a cheap knock-off the original article. Taiwanese-Mini-Me?

A couple of pointers:
1) If you're going to write, you may want to user your screen name. Posting anonymously about something someone wrote over 2 weeks ago just makes you look all butthurt.
2) If the "Da Cult of Da Clown" is the best screen name you can come up with in over 2 weeks ... you may rethink that whole "writing" thing.
3) Also, posting in a completely unrelated thread about two WR options, without any provocation ... well that's just desperate, attention-whoring.

But good on you! At least you kinda made a stand ... kinda. Baby steps. Maybe next week, you can post something informative and original under your regular screen name! Wait (goes back, reads post again) ... 2011 work better for ya?

// Sucker for the trolls.
// You had me at FARKTARD (tear-tear, you complete me!)

Anyone watching Bears games last season should know the top need is safety. What we have on the roster at safety is pure garbage - out of place always, missing assignments, and too slow. Please give us Rashad Johnson, Jerry. Wide Receiver can wait until the 3rd Round. A 2nd round receiver will not help us this year. If the organization had bigger balls they would try to get Plaxico on a one-year incentive-laden deal. "Cutler drops back...going deep for Burress!...TOUCHDOWN!"

Some late round talent is available in rounds 5 to 7 at WR. Michael Jones at ASU has size 6'4" 210lbs and has decent speed at 4.55 for the forty. YPG is good, better his junior year when ASU had a better OL.

Jones has great hands, runs good routes and was on a very poor ASU team with no offensive line, so the passing game was poor, the QB played poorly all year and was rushed yet Jones still produced. He is kind of a diamond in the rough type.

Is this some gay website?? People stealing others names while others think "It's so cute."
After further review, even after he shaved, Neckbeard still sucks!!!!!!! Denver is not far enough away!!! Enjoy your bench seat in "The Mile High City" you scrub!!!!!

I am all for looking at every available option, and I expect Tate to eventually become a solid pro. He is too much like Hester in my opinion, as a guy who should thrive in the slot or as a flanker, but might not be the best option for the Split end. Ogletree could be a decent later round option for that spot if we miss on Nicks or Robiskie. I don't like the idea of taking a WR at 49 if those guys are gone. I would rather we either trade up to get someone we are targeting, or wait until later to draft a Ramses Barden in the 3rd if he is still there.

The crux of the matter is we need a split end. We do not have one, unless Bennett takes a big leap. He is 6' 200 lbs, so he has the size you look for in a split, but I don't know enough about him to say whether he is physical enough to beat the jam off the line. According to Scouts Inc. last year:
Appears to read defenses well and locates seams when sees zone coverage. Footwork is sound, makes crisp cuts and gears down quickly when running comeback routes. Has adequate top-end speed and tracks the deep ball well. Shields defenders from the ball and can make tough catches in traffic. Tough and is fearless going over the middle. Shows good body control and can adjust to passes thrown behind him. Shows good sideline awareness and does a good job of keeping both feet in bounds. Can make the first defender miss, picks up yards after contact and can produce after the catch. Reads blocks well, shows good instincts as a runner and is effective when used on screens. Confident and wants the ball in key situations. Gets adequate hand placement, keeps feet moving and flashes the ability to sustain blocks. Has experience returning kickoffs as well as punts, has experience throwing the ball and is versatile.

Doesn't have prototypical burst and is going to have a harder time separating from man coverage at the NFL level. Though generally snatches the ball out of the air, occasionally looks upfield before securing the ball and is vulnerable to dropping passes that should catch. Gets caught watching the play and needs to do a better job of working back to the quarterback when the protection starts to break down. Lacks great elusiveness, doesn't show a second gear when gets a seam and isn't much of a big-play threat after the catch. Takes poor angles to blocks and struggles to get into position as a result.
Bennett started seven of the 11 games he appeared in during his true freshman season in 2005 finishing with 79 catches, 876 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns. He also averaged 21.3 yards per kickoff return and 6.3 yards per punt return that year. In 2006, Bennett finished with 82 catches, 1,146 receiving yard and six receiving touchdowns. He also completed two passes including one touchdown-pass that year. Bennett played in all 12 games of the 2007 season finishing with 75 catches for 830 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns. He also carried the ball ten times for total of 22 yards, averaged 14.4 yards on five punt returns and failed went 0-2 on passing attempts last year. Bennett doesn't have prototypical explosiveness but he's a fluid route runner who catches the ball well and produces after the catch. He's also a willing blocker and capable of contributing in the return game. Bennett should come off the board early on Day 2.

That says to me that he is a split end type as far as the route running and working the intermediate routes, but can he beat a jam from Al Harris and get into his route and stay on time? That is why we need another WR. Rideau, Davis, and a few pizza delivery guys are not enough to make me feel good about the position.

Schaumburg John: "If the organization had bigger balls they would try to get Plaxico on a one-year incentive-laden deal."

You know I have been a HUGE opponent of Jerry Angelo for some time but even I wouldn't be questioning the guys stones after the Cutler deal. Plax is facing not only jail-time but suspension from the league so exactly how would signing him show either brains or balls?

It seems like ever since Cutler was signed Bear fans are in full panic mode trying to deal for everyone and anyone under the sun. Cutler was the big move. JA knows he now has 8-10 years to put the pieces around this guy in place. There's no need to leverage the future to try and undo two years of decline. As much as every fan wants to win NOW, a GM has to think long term. Let's hope JA is finally catching on.

You know what I find "gay"? A grown man devoting his screen name to a QB he hates ... and even after that QB is traded he's still spouting the same warnout tirade over and over and over. It's not only "gay" it's sad and creepy with a hint of "single white female".

May I paraphrase Jack Handy: "If your favorite team ever accidentally trades your man-crush of a QB to a Rocky Mountain city, let it go, because man, he's gone."

But do you know what's not gay NBS/AR? A grown man devoting his screen name to a COACH who was traded a long time ago and has since retired. Because those two things are jut so different. Um, yeah.

//Be strong Da Clown, you made a valid point, didn't you?
//He doesn't know that "we" secretly have a man crush on Orton, who I refer to in my sleep as the bearded stallion, right? We didn't let that out?
//Hey, maybe I'm also insulting that one idiot, Bensonsucks? What about wrecksalwayssucks? Ah, who cares? They're both FARKTARDS!
//Why, oh why, do I keep talking to myself? Oh right, I have no friends. Maybe if I stopped offending the special needs community, the gay community, and anyone with the slightest shred of decency, people would like me better.

Taiwanese-Mini-Me: "A grown man devoting his screen name to a COACH who was traded a long time ago and has since retired. Because those two things are jut so different."

Whoooo-whooo!!! Here comes the CLUE train!!!

My screen name is actually poking fun at the mouth-breathing meatheads who think "da passion and da fire" is a characteristic that EVERY coach and player has to have to wear the blue and orange ... Of course, if I went around screaming "We need da coach!!! Fire Lovie he sucks!!! Lovie is too mellow we need da passion and da fire to win!!!" ... Then YOU would have some validity to your point and I would owe NBS an apology.

Once again, sarcasm is lost on the stupid.

As I tried to figure out which lonely little fella I made so upset I came accross this gem: "Maybe if I stopped offending the special needs community, the gay community, and anyone with the slightest shred of decency, people would like me better."

So, please if anyone on this board runs into a retard with a lisp PLEASE let me know immediately.

// Slashies are fun.
// I've pissed off so many little internet tough guys on this board it's really hard telling who Taiwanese-Mini-Me really is :-)

Once again you idiots are fighting and ruinning the hole blog.

Coach/Clown, youve been obnoxious for as long as i can remeber. Not only do you say things that are downright terrible but you also right these stupid storys when quite honestly i just wanna talk bears. You wanna pat on the back for your creative writing Da Church? Ill give you one just make sure you let me know when your standing on the sears tower.

For all I care Da Coach/Da Clown you and your lover creighton, who also doesnt shutup, can run off together to green bay. or does vermont sound better?

Anyway I personally would lke to see the bears get a big, possession guy who can use his body to block out dbs. I think we have our speed guy in Hester and someone like Britt would make us dangerous. We dont need a guy with super speed but we do need one with good hands.

"So, please if anyone on this board runs into a retard with a lisp PLEASE let me know immediately."

Yeah i know someone....he goes by the name Da church of da coach!!!!

Da Church of Da Coach:

I said bigger, which implies that 1.) He now has big stones already, after the Cutler deal, and 2.) He just needs to finish the job.

If I would have said, "He needs to grow some balls," then you'd have a point. We can't cut Jerry too much slack after his many many misses in the draft...

Hmm, and how did I get involved in this again ??

I must have missed somethin !!

Anyway, seems that unless Angelo trades up he probably won't have a shot at Hicks. As far as Brandon Tate goes I doubt the Bears pursue him unless he is still around with one of those late round picks.

Go Bears !!

Seriously we have Taiwanese-Mini-Me trying to respond to a satire I wrote over two weeks ago. Notice I wasn't even in the thread or had even commented on what I consider a bit of a blah story (no offense Brad but compared to some of the blockbusters you've had lately, this pales). So I fed the troll and then ... Katie bar the door!

Brendan who tells me Creighton and I are "ruining" this blog with fighting and THEN makes allusions to pushing me off a building and calling Creighton and I "gay". The high road, sir ... you own it!

And Hadji ... where do I begin with you. At least you have the descency to post with your own screen name. What an oustanding repsonse! I mean really top notch! Next time you're mashing your little white helmet against the keys just go with the argument stopper of all: "I'm rubber and you're glue." That'll show me big guy!

Wow, I never realized how sweeping of a fan club I have attracted. What do you guys call yourselves? The Butthurt Brigade? Little Douche Troop? Ooooo-oooo-ooo, I know ... The Sandy-Vagina Monologues!!!

That Tate kid sounds like a player who is in the "woulda" category. He woulda been a first rounder except that___________________(fill in injury or law enforcement blank). Those players are usually rated higher pre-draft than they actually get drafted.

The GM starts thinking about the press conference where he has to sing the praises of a player who he just drafted. In his mind's eye he watches as said player hobbles into the room with a cast on his leg. GM thinks too long and can't pull the trigger.

That sounds awfully soon to be really recovered from a major knee. Maybe Tate falls into the fifth or sixth and the Bears can afford to red-shirt(IR) him while he really heals up.

The pot owes us one from that Monk kid last year.

Wow what the f### is going on around here? Coach you got a stalker. Welcome to the club. Oh look Brendan is another tough guy hiding behind his key board. big talk from the tough guy. Coach just ignore the looser, look man he doesn't even talk football. Have you even heard of this guy before this week? Nope but he is acting just like Brando, what a shock. Multiple names all that garbage. Look at it this way if we didn't post he would just sit there looking at a blank screen cause he has nothing say. He has no opinion unless someone gives it to him. Just ignore it. The more you ignore it, the more crazed and angry he will become. I myself enjoy watching a stalker loose it over something I said. I am sure he has trashed at least a dozen keyboards in my name.

Anyway, Joe F, nice post my man. You see here is guy not just talking about recievers, he is talking about what position the reciever plays and how it works in a WCO. There you go, thats the kind of stuff I like to see. Joe just for you, the Golf Clap. CLAP CLAP CLAP.

Back to you Coach, you see coach what you and I and some others are doing is called football education reform. People like Bill, Branden, Brando/lots of other names, and most on this board are stuck in there ways. They are like Chicago public school kids who have learned nothing for so long that all this talk about football angers them, because it makes there brain work. They don't like it when they have to think coach. It's to hard, it makes "The Brain Pain" You will notice that after awhile they begin to mimic what you say and do. There kinda like chimps in that respect. What makes them real angry is when they can't annoy you, cause believe me they are made at you, YOU FRUSTRATE THEM!!!! Oh the hate they have. It keeps me warm at night just thinking about it. You will notice they have never won an argument about anything, ever. Enjoy the ride Coach.

Cretin, I'm 6'4", 253 lbs. I played high school ball and actually have 2 sons currently playing hs football in the chicago suburbs and their both linemen. While my best days are behind, anytime I repeet ANY TIME you wanna talk that trash face 2 face let me know. From what I reckon sounds like youll be at the home opener dressed in pink underwear for whatever sicko reason. How about I see you there? You can bring your lingerie collection and ill stuff you into it. Hoo Ha!

And i figure da church of da CLOWN will be right with you since you 2 ladies nevr leave eac others side. 2 for one. i like it even better!


Thanks and I cannot wait until the next meeting of "Internet Tough Guys Anonymous" so that Da Cult and Hadji can boast like their big tough friend Brendan.

Hey Brendan,

You know, I read your bio - er, I mean post - while whistling "Glory Days"; you realize if you're trolling for dudes or chicks this isn't the forum, right? ... Also, thank you! You made Creighton's very point and so hilariously well I shared your response with people around the office. My god, you just can't help being a complete and total meathead can ya?

What's it like to go through life with a huge passion for the NFL, a game in which you know absolutely ZERO about, and when you're called out on a message board you regale us with stories of your superior size and how big of a tough guy you are. I for one was not scared but my web browser refused to come back to this page for a good 2 hours it was so frightened.

And who gives a flying fark if you have two sons who play hs football? Is that some kind of accomplishment? Maybe it is let's see: Well first, you found someone who'd phornicate with you without immediately taking the morning after pill. And second, you have offspring who play sports; I mean, you must be ONE RARE SPECIMEN of manliness to accomplish what only billions of others have done!!!

I'm sure your kids are sad though that they only get to wear their helmets during practice and in games, but dad gets to wear one 24-7! You're sepcial you impotent little sunshine, you!

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