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Who's your receiver? T.J. picks a new home

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If not having to face T.J. Houshmandzadeh twice a year is a good thing for the Bears, then they dodged a bullet this afternoon when the veteran wide receiver chose to sign with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Minnesota Vikings put a full-court press on the former Cincinnati Bengal and tried to strike a deal over the weekend, a move that would have made the formidable Vikings' offense even more challenging. But when Houshmandzadeh left town late Sunday night without a deal, chances were he was headed elsewhere.

Houshmandzadeh was considered far and away the best receiver on the open market. The list of name free agents is dwindling and free agency could slow to a trickle in the next few days.

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Seattle might really be the place WRs go to die.


I`m glad Hoosh-your-momma went to Seattle, instead of Minnesota, that would have caused the Bears more headaches than they could cure. I would like to see the Bears get one veteran receiver before the draft, Plaxico Burress is my first choice, with him, the Giants win the Super Bowl, without him, they don`t, period. If we can`t get him then Amani Toomer, or Torry Holt would also be nice additions to the Bears offense, and they could still draft a receiver with the 18th pick, if they wanted to.

Please talk to red birds about boldin. Please talk to donkeys about cutler. Please do somthing. Give up 1st pick for someone who is a guarantee!

Supposedly all the schlubs in Minnysoda were calling him (Childress, Peterson, Zigy Zoggy Wilf, and their moms) to get him to come over and play. Luckily,$$$ spoke in this instance. Hurah!

Hey, who needs Houshmandzadeh when we have Pro Bowler Rashid Davis? Whoops! I mean Arena Bowler. Ah, no wonder Angelo signed him.

lolol - When money calls Housh listens, When Vikes mommies call Housh doesn't listen

Was everyone surprised? I thought sure the Vikes or Eagles, not the Seahawks.

to trade for someone you HAVE to have something they want...

its silly to want to trade for an established player but expect another nfl team to be stupid enuff to trade for a unestablished player in the form of a draft pick...

if you dont want the bears to do it why would you expect the broncos to do it...they can talk to denver until they are blue in the face and it wouldnt make ANY difference....Cutler isn't coming here

Heck no I wasn't surprised I told you he wouldn't go to the Vikings. Would you want any of those guys to be your QB?

This just in......Angeloose has decided he was going to dress and play reciever. So is Pee Wee Herman, Napolean Dynamite, and Charles Manson. Love likes them all. His words exactly "We like all four recievers, we want them to continue to develop......they are good football players, and most importantly they have high ceilings."

Im told they are gonna move Rex to offensive tackle also, to compete with newly acquired ex rap star Sir Mix-a-Lot.

I agree, Creighton you were not surprised as thats what you said, but I would think the Vikes are closer than the Seahawks to the SB and I hear the Vikes (ugly rumor) are trying to trade for Cutler.

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