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Western linebacker Williams turns heads on pro day

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Every year there are a host of players who complain about not getting an invite to the scouting combine.

Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams, the DuSable product, is one who can make a very good case this year. But he did something about it when his opportunity came Tuesday at his pro day in Macomb, Ill.

With 14 teams in attendance, according to one source, Williams was clocked as fast as 4.46 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Now, the problem with the time is it was run on a basketball court. But if you add one-tenth of a second to compensate, or even a fraction more, you're talking about a linebacker running a sub 4.6 time in the 40. That would have put him in very good company at the combine with other outside linebackers, and there is little doubt Williams will be drafted.

Williams is just over 6-1 and weighed 238 pounds. He also excelled in other areas, putting up 26 reps at 225 pounds on the bench. His vertical jump was 39 inches and his broad jump was 10-9. he's not done yet either. Williams, who had 14 career forced fumbles for the Leathernecks and stood out during the week at the East-West Shrine Game, plans to attend the Northwestern pro day March 12 and work out there as well for teams that may have missed him. It ought to give him another shot to run the 40 on a better surface too. Williams was a finalist this year for the 2008 Buck Buchanan Award.

The Bears are not believed to have attended the workout.

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I am wondering about the Bears picking up a Linebacker at 18 and turning him into a DE?
I have heard there are alot of Linebackers this year???

Who cares? Orton is still our QB!!!!.......We are doomed!!!!............ORTON $#@%$!!!!!!!!!!!

Were the """bears""" even at the combine?

Wow, I can't believe Jason Williams didn't get a combine invite. He's been a pretty productive player the last couple seasons at Western, and then the big day at the east-west game, he probably should have gotten an invite. The guy has shown the ability to make plays behind the line of scrimmage the last couple seasons at Western Illinois having had 16.5 tackles for loss to go along with 8 sacks as a junior, and than this season as a senior he had 17 TFL with 4 sacks. The guy can get to the QB, and you gotta like his measurable. Chicago might be waiting to check out Williams at the Northwestern pro day on March 12th, then again maybe not? Williams is a projected 4th-5th rounder, the Bears could use him at strong side linebacker, his speed would be a nice addition, we'll see GO BEARS!!

My God, NeckBeard, give it a rest. We get it. And we probably agree with you, but you're going to start turning people into fans of Orton just because you're so annoying. Reading your posts is like taking a roadtrip with 4th graders who constantly scream "are we there yet?" It's time to move on. The past is for cowards and losers. Get over Orton and think of something else to say.

Big Bear hilarious.

NeckBeard, Good God man stop already. We all know how you feel. Find another team because Orton is the starter and as fans we need to support him. At times last season he looked sharp.

Or at least admit your special love for the man. MAN CRUSH anyone.


Thank you BigBear. I wonder, did Orton steal NeckBeard's girl? Put a sock it in for God's sake.


Oh, and just because no Bear's comment thread is complete without it. ANGELOSUCKKS!FIREANGELO!!!!*#@!*^

I was wondering, since neck beard is such an expert on the QB position, have you ever been an NFL QB ? I bet you couldn't even throw a duck let alone a tight spiral. Since you are so ANTI ORTON, the you are obviously ANTI CHICAGO BEAR, why don't you start being a fan of say the COLTS. They need a few more fair weather fake fans

By BigBear
"The past is for cowards and losers."

So thats why they teach history in the Marine Corps, cause they are training us to be cowards and loosers. I gotta call my former CO and explain that to him, there doing it all wrong. You also just insulted every religion in the world.

Cause you should never try to learn from the past. Or remember and honor it, like I don't know the 4th of July, Veterans day, 911. That was all for cowards. Time to move on.

Your a real piece of work arn't you, I see you run around insulting everyone but you never add anything to the mix, you just insult posters you don't like. Your telling NBS to to talk about the topic at hand but you yourself have yet to post anything reguarding a topic on this board. You also tend to call people 9th graders or 4th graders, which makes me think you are pretty young yourself. If you want to debate or disagree with someone thats fine, or even argue with them go for it, but you don't want to do that you want to tell everyone what to do. You just called NBS a 4th grade coward and looser because he doesn't like Orton. Big talk from a guy hiding behind his keyboard, calling someone a coward or suggesting they are while hiding, how very macho of you. If you want to move on so bad why don't you just do that or at least talk football at some point, which you have yet to do on this blog, ever. You want to have a big mouth? Fine. You want to play keyboard tough guy? Go for it. But at least try and talk about the Bears and maybe try not to call someone a coward while you hide behind your monitor. If it makes you feel better I am sure you are a real tough guy, I bet everyone thinks your the toughest guy ever. There do you feel better now put the ruler away and stop trying to measure yourself all the time.

On to Williams, probably should have been at the combine, but with a deep LB class it's understandable that a kid from Western got missed.


"The past is for cowards and losers" is a Mike Ditka quote. It was meant to be funny, and encourage Neckbeard to move on. You don't come off as someone with much of a sense of humor so it's no surprise that that went over your head. But really, I guess you're still stinging from the fact that I called you on a ridiculous statement a few days ago and you responded with name calling, more ridiculous statements, and a quote from wikipedia that you referenced incorrectly. It's pretty hilarious that you, the person who insults anyone who disagrees with him and has the biggest mouth of anyone on this board, is upset by my comments to Neckbeard.

And if you, and anybody else, is really that interested, here's my two cents on the Bears (in no particular order):
I think Angelo has done a decent job. He's had hits and misses, but overall he's brought in decent talent (not great). A lot of that talent is now playing for other teams.
Our biggest problem is Lovie and the rest of the coaches who ruin talent (Hester) instead of developing it. Bennet, Jones, and Wolfe sit on the bench all year and now here we are again trying to find wrs and rbs.
Angelo blew it on not getting Michael Turner last year. That would have let us get another lineman in last years draft instead of drafting Forte.
Forte will be dead in three years at the rate the Bears are using him.
Angelo doesn't go after free agents much because he believes in resigning his own players, a strategy that has worked well for many teams. He didn't forsee that all his players that he signed last year would turn into marshmellows. A problem I blame on the coaches not Angelo.
With a good line, and better receivers Orton will be okay. He will never be like Dan Marino and single handedly win games.
If Sanchez falls to the Bears at #18, I would pass and concentrate on the line and wr for the reason mentioned above. The chance of a bust is way too high with Sanchez.

I could go on, but that's enough for now. Feel free to rip it apart, I can take it.

who ever said kyle didnt do a good job is a moron,he had 18 tds and only 12 picks and ran for 3 tds with what we have at wr thats not bad and add in a injury and he did better than ok, kyle is 26 years old and will get better, draft heward bey at #18 and call it a day

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