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The big catch? Bears line up a private workout for wide receiver

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We've tracked down the names of a couple players the Bears will bring to Halas Hall on official pre-draft visits so far--Eastern Michigan offensive tackle T.J. Lang and Penn State guard Rich Ohrnberger.'s Adam Caplan first reported the Ohrnberger visit. The Bears are scheduled to put Ohio University safety Michael Mitchell through a private workout later this month.

Now a bigger name.

Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake is headed to North Carolina soon to put Tar Heels wide receiver Hakeem Nicks through a workout. The Bears will get a look at Nicks Tuesday at the school's pro day and college scouting director Greg Gabriel will be in attendance. Here is a video of some Nicks' highlights from school.

Check back here throughout the day Tuesday. We'll try to make as many updates as we can from minicamp, and we'll also be checking in via Twitter. Our handle is cst_bears if you're interested in joining the action.

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Nicks would be perfect for the Bears. He is in my opinion the most NFL ready receiver coming out, and everyone that talks about him mentions the only word that every Bear fan should be happy to hear:"CONSISTENCY". This would instantly give us a great 1-2 punch with Hester and Nicks. I know their is the issue of a right tackle, but if we have to trade back up earlier in the second round or even the end of the first to get the guy we want at tackle I would be happy with that. Remember we should have the ammunition to do that with and extra 3rd or 4th round pick, and we may even be able to sit where we are in the middle of the second round and still grab a guy like Loadholt.

Nicks would be great but I just don't see it working out that the Bears take him in the draft. I'm hoping they trade down to pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick. Grab Phil Loadholt at RT and Brian Robiski WR in the Second. (Mark my words, Robiski is going to be something special in the NFL) Then focus on FS and DE with the two 3rd round picks (Unless you can grab Pat White in the Third). That still leaves the Bears with at least 4 more picks to aquire a little more depth at OT, WR, DT, FS, and RB in day two. Do that and it'll be a good start to the rebuilding.

Just Camouflage in preparation for the draft.

From what I've seen and I hope the chips fall this way... we either go Nicks in the first & Herman Johnson or Loadholt in the second, or Oher in the first & Britt/Robiskie in the second... either of these would suit me just fine. A Bear fan in England...

There are two WRs I think the Bears need to look at in round 1. Maclin and Nicks. Heyward Bey is a guy who will take some time to develop in my opinion, and he is a lot like Berrian in that he is a body catcher for the most part, and needs to learn to use his hands. If those two are gone, then I think you need to look at a guy like Robiskie in the second or third. Britt has all the talent, but T.O. Jr. needs to get his ego in check. I would avoid him at 18 without a doubt.

If we trade back, there are some additional options, and we should be able to get a pretty significant compensation from the teams at the bottom of the round. According to the value chart, Carolina might be able to match us for value if they get New England's second rounder (34 overall) from the Chiefs, as well as their 59 pick, and maybe 124 if Jerry drives a hard bargain. They might want a guy like Freeman or maybe reaching to replace Peppers with a young defensive end like Michael Johnson the way he is moving up draft boards. Replacing Peppers with his physical clone might not be such a bad thing...That would give us 34, 49, and 59, which is more in Jerry's wheelhouse. We could get Loadholt, Robiskie or maybe Britt if he drops, and possibly Delmas or Johnson at Free Safety....

Nicks could be a Reggie Wayne type player in the NFL, but more physical. he is not a burner, but he manages to get open all the time, and has excellent hands (many have compared him to a young #87 from a couple of years ago, but I don't want his career tainted by that backstabbing piece of garbage, so I won't use his name). Once he has the ball, he is not easy to bring down. That is exactly the kind of player to be the Bears #1 WR. Hester is our speed guy for a #2, and Bennett can be the Waddle-type slot guy in the 3 WR set. That would help Orton, Forte, and Olsen immensely in getting lanes to run and get open. Add in a RT, and some improved guard play, and a healthy QB, and we can maybe be in the upper half of the league in offense.

The more I look at this potential, the more I like the idea of moving back if Nicks and Maclin are not available. I am not a big fan of Oher, but I would be ok with Britton at RT. Outside of that, I am not overly fond of the 18 spot. I think it is in the wheelhouse of some other teams that are looking for players like Moreno, Freeman, Oher, and considering the early run expected on DL help, perhaps a guy like Peria Jerry or Michael Johnson might be desirable at that spot. Unless we have a specific guy targeted at 18, we should start getting calls, especially considering Jerry's penchant for trading back. I wouldn't mind moving back a couple spots all the way back to the scenario I described above. Nicks or Britton would be my targets if we moved back and stayed in the 1st round, as Maclin should not be available any later than 18. I think with the potential of a rookie cap being discussed, teams might be more inclined to stockpile 2010 draft picks as they will cost less than the ones this year, so things should get really interesting early in the draft this year.

Out of curiosity, does anyone else get David Terrell flashbacks when they hear about Michael Crabtree's foot stress fracture? Obviously, he has a lot more talent than Terrell, but a stress fracture in a WRs foot cannot be a good thing as he puts more and more strain on that foot as he becomes an NFL wideout...I wish the kid all the best, but I started having eye spasms remembering DT in Chicago....

Reminds me of Marty Booker.

To me North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks makes much more sense than Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey at #18. Bey offers the same skill set as current Bears receiver Devin Hester, Nicks is a big bodied, strong receiver with great hands that Chicago needs to complement Hester. I hope Chicago doesn't buy into Bey's 40 time, don't draft a guy on what he did at the combine. Nicks put up some pretty good numbers, and was consistent in college. Angelo is doing the right thing at receiver, he finally looks to be bringing in players that have actual experience at the position. First in last season draft with Earl Bennett, and now probably this season on the first day.

When I heard the Bears converted conerback Zackary Bowman to a different position I got kind of nervous for a second there, till I heard it was safety and not receiver [just kidding]. Don't get me wrong, sometimes player conversion works, like it looks to be with Devin Hester, but I say when your putting together a team in the NFL, bring in players with experience at a certain position where you want to put them. In todays NFL you simply don't have the time to spend converting a player anymore.

I like the idea of using the #18 pick on a player like Hakeem Nicks, but to me, as of right now, right tackle is need #1, especially if St.Clair inks with Cleveland. I first thought the Bears were gonna play Frank Omiyale at right tackle, now I see [for sure] on the teams web site Omiyale will be at left guard. This could work out nicely for the Bears. Omiyale played pretty good at left tackle when he got a shot in Carolina, Im pretty sure he'll be a nice addition inside at left guard now. With Omiyale and last years first rounder Chirs Williams on the left side, this should give Orton a lot of time in the pocket there by improving the Bears passing game and running game. This move also will give Josh Beekman a chance to work on his game at center, which is probably his future with the team. Beekman will add nice depth, and will have a couple seasons to develop behind Kreutz to eventually replace him. Beekman needs a lot of reps at center never really playing the position full time in college, he should get it now sitting for a season or two behind Kreutz. If Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher doesn't fall to #18, the Bears might want to take Arizona tackle Eben Britton at #18, especially since the Colts are taking a long look at Phil Loadholt, Chicago might be taking a chance on a decent tackle prospect being available in the second. I like tackle Augustus Parrish as a day two option if St.Clair resigns, if St.Clair doesn't resign, I wouldn't mess around taking a chance on someone falling in the second, I'd go Oher or Britton in the first, lets get this offensive line right first, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Oh Great....the Daryl Drake kiss of death.....Nicks is doomed now. This is telling me that the Bears want to sign a defender first round...Dtackle or end. Hey Jerry, is the Penn State gaurd gonna be as good as the one we have now that you thought had starter potential...Tyler Reed....doesnt he work at Sonic....on Diversey?

Nicks is the most ready but has the least upside. I like Britt better but either of them is big improvment. If Drake likes him, draft a different reciever.

The Bears are bringing in Lang, I believe Brad says the Bears didn't actually go to his Pro Day. But a lot of other teams did, so once again the Bears are letting other teams do there scouting. Sense they don't know how to do it themselves.

Kevin I see you are finally excepting Beekmans fate as a backup. Kevin have you noticed the Bears are not looking at many OT prospects, lots of interior help but no bookend. Unless of course they confuse Lang for a RT. Oh that will be funny if they do that.

By the way Cutler fans word is now he could be had for a first and a third. Maybe less the worse the situation gets. I think the Bears should offer there 18th this year and Hanie(Denver fans will love it) and a 2nd or third next year for him. That would get it done. However the Bears won't do it and it looks like he will be a Lion before this is over. Sure going to be a lot of fun having him light us up for years to come. Just cause Kyle is our QB. Well at least for one more year and then the Bears dump him.

Creighton what are you smoking man you don't offer a #1 and Harris for Cutler Denver will take that deal in a minute and be laughing all the way to the bank, and then some. I think the bear are also focusing on Loadholt as the RT in the draft and expect him to be there in round 2.

Kevin A. yes it might be a reach to get Nicks at 18, but like Creighton says either he or Britt are the best possible fit for what we need at Receiver we need a big bodied possession guy, we can use Hester and Hopefully Bennett for speed if he develops into the slot guy you say he can.

Bowman to Free Safety is a possiblity and might work, he can play the ball and has plenty of speed also to help deep coverage.

KENNY BRITT!!! thats who i think the bears should pick up.I think this is a good sign, usaully teams like to throw other teams off with who they are going to pick.So i figure this move is to try to (hopefully)throw teams off of them getting Britt or (sad to say it)Heyward-Bey.Heyward -Bey has more up side than Britt, but britt is more polished.Heyward-B is like another Hester, he needs a good group around him to succed.Britt is someone u can just throw it to in coverage and he will catch it.

Chi what the f### are you smoking I never said anything about Harris and a number 1 to Denver.

By the way why would they take Harris? They run 3-4 defense now and Harris is an under tackle, there are no under tackles in a 3-4. So I actually think they wouldn't take him. But I never said that till now.

Tampa offered a 1 and a 3 they said no, I said offer a 1st, Hanie and a 2nd or third next year. In no place was Harris mentioned in my post. Heck offer Orton to for all I care. I'll give him 2 firsts and Orton for Cutler without a second thought.

Well I see the Bears are moving Bowman to FS, Angelo must be stalking my posts again. You all know Brando is Angelo right?

Why is everyone so quick to move Beekman from the LG spot. I thought he had a great season.

Well GCurrency I thought Beekman smelled funny so I decided to move him.

Or Angelo moved Omiyale to the LG spot, thus removing Beekman without any help from us. Angelo signed Omiyale to play LG, he said so and that is were he is at in this weeks camp. Not to say Beekman can't beat him out the guy has only 1 nfl start in 4 years. But Angelo payed a lot for Omiyale and you can bet he will start at LG.

So you see we didn't remove him Angelo did it.

GCurrency, I agree with you 100% about Beekman. I kind of jumped the gun saying Omiyale would be at left guard with the first team. I would like to see Beekman stay as the starting left guard, which he might. Josh Beekman should actually get better now in his second season as a starter. Omiyale might end up back at tackle, its hard to say for sure, we'll have to see how everything plays out GO BEARS!!

I like the theories you guys are putting out, they all make some sense. Here is a scenario that I would like to see happen. Like you said Creighton, Angelo never trades up but he is always looking for the opportunity to trade down. I think the 18th pick in the 1st round is a bit early for Nicks, Britt and Robiskie, but there is little chance of those guys falling to the 18th pick of the 2nd round. Teams like Tennessee, NY Giants, Pittsburgh and the end of the 1st and the Rams, Chiefs, Browns etc could be looking at WR in the 2nd. I think we need to identify the guy that we like then trade down to the middle 20s of the 1st round. This will get us an extra pick in the 3rd. Here's what I'm doing if I was in charge...

1st round - Hakeem Nicks
2nd round - Phil Loadholt
3rd round - Louis Delmas (FS Western Michigan)
Extra 3rd round pick from trade - Pat White
Comp pick (presumably a 3rd) - Best OG

Outside of this point its just a matter of going best available regardless of position

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