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Stacking up some wide receiver options in Round 2

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General manager Jerry Angelo said his goal going into the draft is to create as many possibilities for the organization as he can in the first round.

Those possibilities don't seem that vast right now unless you do some real outside the box thinking.

The team's needs are pretty serious. Stack them up however you want, we'll go alphabetically:

1. Free safety. Josh Bullocks was signed to a one-year contract. He brings experience to the position and could step in immediately as a starter. A former second-round pick, he washed out in New Orleans and this is a fresh start. The one-year deal, though, tells you that he's not considered a sure thing. It's unlikely a safety comes off the board as early as No. 18 in the draft.

2. Offensive tackle. Not drafting a tackle before the seventh round for five straight years was Angelo's first error. If the club was banking on John Tait to return for the sixth year of his contract, that was the second error. The Bears, at least from the outside, appear forced to draft a tackle for the second consecutive year because you have to remember all the faith in Lake Forest in Chris Williams hasn't proven anything to this point.

3. Wide receiver. The Bears have not had a proven No. 1 wide receiver since, well, ever. Angelo has talked about the bust factor when drafting one in the first round and the man speaks from experience. Reidel Anthony didn't work out so well for him in 1997 in Tampa Bay. He was hired by the Bears about seven weeks after they made David Terrell their first-round pick in 2001. That didn't work out so well either. But Angelo freely acknowledges that to find a true No. 1 receiver, you usually have to take a shot in the first round. There's a catch-22 for you.

Then there is an array of other possibilities, not the least of which is packaging the first-round pick and whatever else Denver demands in exchange for quarterback Jay Cutler. Cornerback, linebacker, quarterback and defensive lineman are other possibilities, but they don't seem as realistic. Let's just say, for the sake of this blog entry, that the Bears get in line to draft an offensive tackle in the first round. They're not going to get any of the top three and they could be selecting the fifth or sixth tackle of the round if the trend from last year continues.

Then what?

We were confident from the get-go that a receiver like Percy Harvin from Florida wouldn't make sense for the Bears. Still, he popped up on a host of mock drafts. The Bears believe fully in Devin Hester and are in need of a complementary guy, a bigger target. That's why they have been checking out a possession guy like Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina, who's been taking a few hits since his pro day last week. What can you get in the way of a receiver in Round 2?

One guy that's intriguing is Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi, who actually was a high school teammate with Nicks. Massaquoi is a shade under 6-2, 207 pounds. He runs the 40-yard dash in the high 4.4's and low 4.5's and put up a broad jump of 10-7 at the scouting combine, so he can jump. You won't get a diva in Massaquoi, either, as he was team captain for the Bulldogs. He's worth taking a look at. New England reportedly sent its offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach to his pro day last week, and he's got a visit lined up with Dallas.

Ohio State's Brian Robiskie might be on the radar. He's got good size and comes from an Ohio State program that Angelo always keeps close tabs on. Oklahoma's Juaquin Iglesias is a similar receiver. Rutgers' Kenny Britt could go somewhere in the second round but there are concerns about his character.

So there is a look at some guys that could start to come off the board in Round 2 when the Bears get around to looking for a wideout. Keep an eye on Massaquoi, who is a willing blocker and might be the most athletic of the bunch.

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Relax, Bears fans! Don't waste your time thinking about getting Cutler. We have our franchise QB!!! We just need the big shots to realize this and somehow give Caleb a fair chance. You watch, he has all the tools. He will be "THE MAN"!!!!

Nicks intrigued me until this latest weight issue...its hard to gain that much weight in a month...shows immaturity...Massaquoi is a good prospect as well

britt has talent but his attitude annoys me...i like robiskie as well...

anjello should let someone else make the final decision !!!

1-18-Percy Harvin WR Florida (will have 10 tds as a rookie)
2-49-Pat White QB WV (he will go 2nd round-best QB in draft)
3-84-Troy Kropog OT (blocked for Forte in college) Tupou if needed
3-99-Phillip Hunt DE Houston 14 sacks last year
4-119-Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State
5-154-Phil Trautwein OT Florida
6-190-Willie VanDeSteeg DE Minnesota 10.5 sacks last year
7-246-Greg Isdaner G WV
7-251- Jovorskie Lane FB Texas A&M 285 lbs

"Not drafting a tackle before the seventh round for five straight years was Angelo's first error"

"The Bears have not had a proven No. 1 wide receiver since, well, ever"

And you wonder why your 1st round QB pick failed?

if we can get Britt in the 2 round, im all for taking an ol in the first round.We can grab a de and fs with the 2 3rd round picks.

I still feel than Hakeem Nicks is the best WR in the draft after Crabtree. I don't think he will last till the 2nd pick so the Bears may have to pull the trigger on him in the 1st. His weight gain issue was due to not being able to work out due to some injury. If not, then Robiskie would be a steal in the 2nd. Hopefully he'll be there. I am not a Massaquoi fan. At least not earlier than the 2nd pick in the 3rd round. They have to get more weapons for Orton for him to excel. 40+ drops from last year could have made a difference for Orton's stats and his mental psychy. I say load up on WRs and OL in the first 4 rounds!!!!!!

I still think that Bey is our best option at WR coming into the draft. I feel that we can squeeze something out of the whole Cutler situation still and remember that there are still two veteran WR in the draft who are sooner than later going to have to realize substantial pay-cuts to finish out their HOF careers. I still feel though, that Devin Hester is our future #1 WR. InHesterWeTrust!

This is pretty much a can't miss draft for the Bears. Of course they all are, but this one seems more important than most, with the "Super Bowl Window" set to close, if it hasn't already.
I looked back at the last 15 years of the draft, and what receivers were taken in the first round. About one third went on to have significant NFL careers or serve as a team's number one receiver. (This was somewhat arbitrary - I included Eddie Kennisen in the "successful" column, but left out Ike Hilliard).
Anyways, the list is below, but completing this exercise has convinced me that the Bears are better off looking for a WR in later rounds. We simply can't afford to miss in the first round again.
Personally, i'd like to see them go value in the first, even if it's a CB or LB.

Calvin Johnson*
Ted Ginn Jr
Dwayne Bowe*
Robert Meachum
Craig Davis
Anthony Gonzalez
Santonio Holmes
Braylon Edwards*
Troy Williamson
Mike Williams
Matt Jones
Mark Clayton
Rod White*
Larry Fitzgerald*
Roy Williams*
Reggie Williams
Lee Evans*
Michael Clayton
Michael Jenkens
Rashaun Woods
Charles Rogers
Andre Johnson*
Bryant Johnson
Donte Stallworth
Ashley Lelie
Javon Walker
David Terrell
Koren Robinson
Rod Gardner
Santana Moss*
Freddie Mitchell
Reggie Wayne*
Peter Warrick
Plaxico Burress*
Travis Taylor
Sylvester Morris
R. Jay Soward
Torry Holt*
David Boston
Troy Edwards
Kevin Dyson
Randy Moss*
Marcus Nash
Ike Hilliard
Yatil Green
Reidel Anthony
Rae Carruth
Keyshawn Johnson*
Terry Glenn*
Eddie Kennison*
Marvin Harrison*
Eric Moulds*
Michael Westbrook
Joey Galloway*
JJ Stokes
Charles Johnson
Johnnie Morton
Thomas Lewis
Derrick Alexander*

Total 59
* made significant impact in NFL/ Served as #1 receiver: 20

I keep telling you people that the recievers will be there in round 2. If Angelo reaches for a guy in round 1 that will be his own fault again. Britt, Nicks, Robiskie will be there or at least one of them will. And please give it a rest with the "It has to be Nicks, or it has to Britt" talk. The only thing any of you know about them you got from a Mock site. Just hope the Bears get a good reciever in the draft even if it's in the 1st or 3rd rounds. All of them may work out of non of them.

I like Britt but I wouldn't take him in the 1st round because he needs an ego check. I like him in round 2 were he will have to prove he can play if he wants the big pay. Look at Royal a second round pick with 91 catches last year and was the 42nd pick in the draft. Boldin was also a second round pick in 2003 and was drafted at 54, Henderson at 50, Vincent Jackson 61, Greg Jennings 52, Desean Jackson 49. So there are recievers to be had in round two and this is a deep WR class. There will be a good player there in round two. Will the Bears figure out who it is? You better hope they do.

Stop looking at the mocks like those guys know the Bears. Most of those guys don't even follow the Bears. When was the last time Angelo took a player from Florida? 5 years ago. I'll say Harvin has no shot of being a Bear right now.

Look at the guys who have been listed for the Bears on mocks sense the mocks really started to get going this year. These are the most common names and there in order of when they first appeared.

Tyson Jackson A 5 tech on the Bears??? I remember people around here getting worked up about this. With good reason it made no sense and all the mocks had him including Kiper.

Larry English An OLB for a 3-4??? Are you kidding me? A 240 pound end, a LDE no less on the Bears. Why was he listed because he was small and from went to school in the state.

Percy Harvin Hester Jr??? Not in 5 years and the guy is just to much like Hester, he could be another Royal though in the right system with the right QB. Then again that is what the Bears want Hester to be. Injury issues.

Hakeem Nicks/Kenny Britt the guys both have issues and are similar players, but in round one, dream on.

Ebon Britton is finally poping up on peopls Mocks. Lets see who liked Britton before he declared and was the first guy to mention him. Oh yeah me. It only takes Kiper and the other loosers a couple of months to catch up with me.

The only good Mocks come out right before the draft after the teams have invited all there guys in for private workouts.

Now I am not saying the Bears wont take Nicks or Britt in round 1, I am just saying they don't need too. What I do know is they better fix that line or it won't matter who your recivers are and who your QB is.

Paul I agree with what you are saying but just a point of fact. 60 percent of all blue chip recievers come out of the first round. 20 percent come out of round 2, and the final 20 percent comes out of the last 5. You really don't want to go past round 2 if you need a starting WR that year. The Bears do not need a guy to contribute, they need a starter for 10 years at the position. Your chance of finding that guy after the second round is minimum at best. It's a nice deep class so the second round should be real good this year. GM's are getting more and more gun shy on recivers in round one.

IMHOstep - that may be the worst prediction of how the Bears will draft I've ever seen. Harvin is too similar to Hester to take in the 1st round and Pat White just doesn't fill an immediate need for a team full of them. If Sanchez slipped in Round 1 - sure - you take a potential franchise QB but White ??? No.

Keep trying. Britton/Robiskie is more likely in Rounds 1 and 2. DHB and Loadholt if we decide to go WR/OT instead.

"The team's needs are pretty serious."

Exactly. Which is why the Bears should have acquired some free agents. There's no way they fix this team in just one draft. And even if they didn't have so many needs, draft picks are for the future, which makes the prospects for the upcoming season seem all that much more bleak.

Thank GOD IMHOtep isn't the GM. If we took Harvin and White in the first two rounds neither one would see the field until 2010 at the earliest. Harvin would be stuck behind Hester because he's in that exact same WR/KR/PR mold, while White would be buried behind Orton and Hanie. I wish people making mock drafts would pay more attention to the players that organizations have already committed to.

Besides, Pat White killed his stock when he had his coach tell everyone at his pro day that he wouldn't run routes. He's shorter than Grossman, reads defenses slower than Grossman and doesn't throw as accurate of a deep ball as Grossman. If he's adamant about staying at QB, he'll struggle mightily now that has to learn a pro-style offense. Somebody will pick him up between the late 3rd and early 4th rounds, hoping for a slow version of Michael Vick @ QB or Hines Ward @ WR.

You can't say enough about IMHOtep; In My HORRIBLE Opinion.
Hope you can pick your nose better than our draft needs.
Rounds 1st & 2nd .... OT & WR or acceptable WR & OT
In the 3rd; one of the two picks needs to be a FS (not an SS), and we could really use another OL. ... Garza has played too many years on a knee with no cartilage and is being stood up and walked backwards to collapse the pocket too often. Olin is not only having problems remembering the snap count, but is wiffin on to many Chip's. Beekman, Hey! the kids a scrapper. They where throwing him around like a rag-doll, but he did whatever it took to at least slow them down. In a couple of years he should be solid.
The other 5 picks, Rounds 4 thru 7? ...Go for value!
Oh! One more thing

I was wondering why the incredibly fast and large target Darrius Heyward-Bey is no longer mentioned as the best option for the bears in Round 1? I watched the combine workouts and thought he was spectacular, fast, and huge (a possible R. Moss in the making). Perhaps, however, I misjudged what I saw and both Harvin and Nicks are superior targets. I understand that Harvin is a playmaker with his quickness and agility, and Harvin is supposed to be big as well (albeit slower), but doesn't Heyward-Bey's size, hands, and blocking ability make him a regular target with enough speed that together with Hester will spread defenses out to the extreme?

Creighton - love your moxie but I've been touting Britton since mid-December. And there's nothing wrong with going WR/OT in this draft, either, IMO. There's going to be talent left at the OT position in Rd2.

Anyone else wondering about Oregon center Max Ungar, who has played left tackle as well? His scouting reports look pretty good and he's versatile. Would he be worth a first-round pick or wait till the second round?

You can forget about Cutler. If the Broncos let him go the outrage in Denver will make AIG Bonusgate look tame.

Look, I know the Bears are looking at tackles like Loadholt. He should be there in the second round and he's good enough. If they want to go receiver in the second round they should take the GA kid or Robiskie. You can't go wrong with a receiver from OSU.

The one guy they should NOT consider is Harvin. He's not a true receiver so you would have to spend a lot of time getting him up to receiver ability, like Hester.

At this point I am only certain of one thing: if there is a way to screw up this draft on the O side of the ball, Angelo will find it.

Too bad Taylor Mays didn't come out. He would have been the safe bet.

I don't understand the whole Cutler thing. Who is he going to throw to if and when he lands in Chicago?A rookie WR we project as #1 and another WR who has not played? He would setting himself up for failure.Why would you then trade in draft picks for much more needed positions? A QB needs a good bunch of WR, irrespective of what the idiot JA says. Giving Orton another year seems a fair shake. He did show a good performance for alteast half of last year's season, definitely more than Rex Grossman.

Whew that is the worst mock draft I've ever seen! Yall smell something?? Dazzzaaamn! I'm not saying any names but you all get the picture. What the Bears should have done is fired Jerry the "Scarecrow", if I only had a brain, Angelo as soon as Mike Shannahan became available. I couldnt believe when I heard "The Scarecrow" say that the Bears "are not focusing on the wide receiver position"!!! DUDE you need to put the majority of your focus on the position because you have never drafted a great one! If we had Shannahan it would be a change of the guard of sorts. Let him be the GM! We would find a quarterback and we we would find good receivers (i.e. Cutler and Hall). Better yet lets do like that soccer team in Europe where the fans vote on the GM, thats are biggest problem. If Jerry doesnt get it right this year I say boot him out and hire Mike "Loyal" (because he wouldnt fire his assistants) Shannahan.

1st- Britton-T (AZ)
2nd- Duke Robinson-G (OK)
3rd- Ramses Barden-WR 6'6", 4.5 40 (CAL Polytech)
3rd- Rashad Johnson-FS (AL)

The "Scarecrow" usually does well in the latter rounds so he should be able to work that out.

Peace in the streets and in the Middle East

Creighton- English is not 240,, hes 255-260. And did you watch any of the Senior Bowl practises??? English was having his way with 300 pound linemen. We get so caught up in height/weight. If a guy can play.. a guy can play. Alex Brown, Wally and Anderson are all in the 260 range. Does English being 1-2 inches shorter mean anything?? There are glaring needs to be filled all over this team. How different would this team be if Tommie Harris was the 10-12 sack monster.. It changes the whole complexion of the D. OT, WR, FS, DL, OLB (strong side).. all need depth and in some cases, major rebuilding. At #18..looks at whos available.. and pick the biggest playmaker regardless of position. Out of the first 4 rounds, you will get help at 4 positions. Dont forget,, the cover-ummm 2 D needs major playmakers on the front 4. This current group just does not have it. Alex Brown- love him. hes solid.. but doesnt get the consistent needed pass rush. Tommie Harris- head case who cant seem to stay healthy. Wally- never lived up to the hype or the money. Prolly wont be around after this year.. and the NT spot.. Anthony Adams seems to be the best fit, but is still on the small side for a NT. Although he looked good last year. Out of that group, we dont have the difference maker that forces opposing O-Lines to scheme against. Peria Jerry at #18? English? This team is still built on "D". Its our heritage and legacy. I will duck the gun shots but here is my first four rounds.. Round 1- Larry English (DE) Round 2- Hakeem Nicks/Robiske/Massaquoi (WR) Round 3a-Troy Kropog (OT)3b- Rashad Johnson (FS) Round 4- Louis Vasquez (OG)
I will duck behind the desk now...

ahhhhh....helo hello LOOSERS!!!! les me tel you loosers somthing. you now NOTHING about teh draft!! but i do because im always right and i only give facts.
i nowe you loosers are thinking boy crap-ton how do you know so much about the draft??? wel it simpel really. wehn you dont have a job, dont have a girlfrend (or any friends for that mater), your grosssly overweight, are afraid to talk to people in the "real world" and you live in your moms basement...then you have a lot of time on your hands to look up pointles things like teh draft ans pretend to now who is good ans who wil be a bust. is the crap-ton way!
here an example of how smart i am: "I like Britt but I wouldn't take him in the 1st round because he needs an ego check." man oh man i HATE people with ego problems. they tthink they are always right and only give facts. oh, wait.

but you hguys now me old crap-ton. just trying to be posative...

P.S. oh how i disspise that CHEERY, HAPPY GO-LUCKY B-R-A-N-D-O!

Oh, Brad....Massaquoi ?? Really ? Maybe in round 4 but not in Round 2. This is the kind of thinking that keeps the Bears where they are. Instead of taking the potential franchise WR with the height, speed, and blocking ability (like Britt) who was suspended for a game in college, they'll go for a guy like Massaquoi who's ran a 4.57 at the combine and stands at 6'1". At some point, you've got to be willing to take on some manageable risk. Do your homework - sure - to make sure you're not getting the next Pacman but don't just take Britt off your list altogether for a guy like Massaquoi who's a quality WR but doesn't belong anywhere near Round 2.

Strass - I heard about English having his way with Loadholt, too, but I'm under the firm impression the Bears believe Marinelli is going to work with the present defensive linemen as is. Ogunleye is in his contract year which should provide some motivation, Brown is his solid/consistent self, and Anderson is Marinelli's pet project that they're hoping they can return to his rookie form. I don't see English as even a remote possibility. Ignore that awful mock draft.

Strass English was lining up at the OLB at the Senior Bowl. Thats were he is predicted to play in the NFL. He ended the football season at about 240 most players finsh light. He put on 10 pound after the season. So yeah he will play at around 240-245. Tons of guys put on weight for the combine. Believe it or not size does count on the line. Harris has never had 10-12 sacks. What if Brown had 10-12 sack what if Dusty had 10-12 sacks. What if Hester cought 100 passes for 1400 yards, what if Orton threw for 4000 yards. What if's don't play in the NFL. By the way the positions you list need more than depth, they need starters. Strass I don't think you know me very well, do me a favor don't explain the Tampa 2 to me. I know what makes work as well as anyone. Don't call it cover 2 either becuase it is not a pure cover 2 by hybrid, much like a Prius. Comming from the outside as OLB in a 3-4 is very different than playing DE. Plus who were the guys he manhandled, non of the top OT were there if I recall. Loadholt cannot handle speed that is the knock him, English is fast, end of story, put him against a guy like Jason Smith and he goes no place all day.

I am gonna have to explain the T2 again. First even at NT it's not about there size, Brad Culpepper weighed 265 pounds most days and he was there NG and one of the best in football during his time in the 90's. It's a copy of the steel curtain and all for guys really need to be double digit sack guys for it to work the way it should.

Brando your back. Hey f## I thought you said you would never post here again after the last beating I threw you. Then you claimed Brad was your family Psycho. Hahahahah lasted a day. Your such a pathetic looser you can't even keep your own word. Even after that temper tantrum you threw like a little girl. You such a pathetic little b####. Do the world a favor find a bridge and jump off.

By the way English is a round 2 pick Strass so not sure why anyone would take him with there first pick.

Well Britt just ran a 4.4 40 so he just flew past Nicks and out of round 2. The Bears are brining him in for a private workout. Well they would have to get him in round 1 if they want him, he won't fall past the giants now.

By IMHOtep on March 24, 2009 7:57 PM
1-18-Percy Harvin WR Florida (will have 10 tds as a rookie)

IMHO, I will tell you why you don't draft Harvin if your the Bears. Aside from the fact that he is a Hester clone. He also plays the same position as Hester, both of them are flankers or the z reciver, you know the guy that sits a yard behind the line of scrimage cause he needs space so he doesn't get jammed. Now either of them could play the slot or the Y reciever but that person plays on the same side of the field as the Flanker, the strong side. Now Hester is there project and is not going to be moved just yet, Harvin would go to the slot, but no team is looking to draft a number 3 reciever at 18th overall.

The last point is the Bears don't have a Split End or the X reciever if you prefer. That is the reciver who is on the line of scrimage, Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Marshall are some of the bigger names. This is the guy that beats Jam and can block. Often this is the bigger reciever on the team but not always as Steve Smith is a Split End but he is also a freak in terms of strength, this is also why he gave Tillman so many problems, Split ends are not usually small quick guys, but a small quick guy with power is just scary. Harvin can't beat the Jam and is not a blocker. He doesn't fit here.

There that was WR 101. Now you can all start using the terms to better identify why you like a WR.

Love the facts on English.You guys dont be so hard on Loadholt.He tends to get exposed at LT but he will play RT in the pros n I think he could be good 4 a late 2nd rd. pick.4 the 1st time ever I hope we trade down to the late 1st n pick up another 2nd or 3rd.1st rd. we could maybe get lucky n find Britton late although I doubt it but I would be very content taking Beatty from Uconn with that pick n hes a freak.He played solid all yr n was in the top 5 in almost every category at the combine and beat Britton in every category.Wr wise u could take Britt or Nicks there,Maybe even DHB.You could trade ur xtra pick from the trade n a later pick n move back up in the 2nd.Out of DHB,Britt,Nicks,Britton,Beatty,n maybe Meredith or Loadholt later we can 1 of those guys at each position.Might have to go OT 1st n trade up 2 early 2nd 4 our Wr but even if we dont theres options later.N im lovin everybodys pick of Rashad Johnson in the 3rd.Right on.Duke Robinson in the 2nd or Jason Watkins in the late 3rd or 4th could also appeal to us.

@ Jarrett

Remember man, there are plenty of L D-Ends in the NFL that are speed guys, as well as R D-Ends that are bull rushers. It's more a matter of what team your playing, than it is what the prototype R or L D-End's skill set "should" be.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Loadholt has really slow feet. Watch him in games, watch the Senior Bowl, watch the Combine and you'll see it over and over, bad feet. Whether it's the L-Tackle or R-Tackle, I'll take a little bit smaller guy with good feet any day of the week...and twice on Sundays.

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