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St. Clair receivers offer from Browns, negotiations underway

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The Bears' first minicamp practice begins in less than 30 minutes and the team could have an answer soon for the gaping hole they will have at right tackle.

Negotiations for veteran offensive tackle John St. Clair are believed to be taking place. St. Clair remains in Cleveland where he arrived Monday for a free-agent visit with the Browns. A source close to the situation said that Cleveland has offered St. Clair a contract. We have no idea what kind of money he is looking at in Cleveland. Whether or not he is leaning one way or another is also unknown, but at this point a resolution is expected in the near future.

The Bears made St. Clair, who started 16 games for them at left tackle last season, a $4.5 million, three-year contract offer on Feb. 13. St. Clair's side made a counter proposal and that is where the issue remained until he traveled to Cleveland. St. Clair met with coach Eric Mangini and general manager George Kokinis and was given a physical. It's an odd match for the Browns from the standpoint that they just signed Pork Chop Womack and Ryan Tucker, the brother of ex-Bear Rex Tucker, is expected to get the first crack at right tackle in Cleveland.

St. Clair seemingly had a starting job waiting for him here without another legitimate right tackle candidate on the roster. The Bears probably didn't move off of their contract offer from five weeks ago because they were not going to start negotiating against themselves. We'll see where this thing heads now.

Stay tuned.

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This story on Bears and Angelo's approach/methodology to Free Agency

Who cares, St. Clair will not hold up on the right side either. Bring in a legit tackle. Please don't pay him starter money to be back-up.

Please go to the Browns. That will just solidify the fact that the line will get younger with this years draft. Another young bookend and our line is shaping up. Now if we can find a center to groom under Kreutz maybe Beekman and get Garza off the line all will be well in Bear country.

GO BEARS. the Browns have offered St. Clair a contract. If JA really wanted him, he woulda signed him already. St. Clair is an average back up at best. JA is just playing the low ball game with the money. Wonder what the mini-camp will be like. I can hear Lovie in the pre-practise speech.."Now our GM has scoured the globe for the best no-talent free agents available. Lets go show the NFL what we got". 5-11 on 3.. 1,2,3....5-11.... Sorry..little comic relief for you all.

thats smart dont negotiate against make an offer...see what the market is (which obviously isnt high on st clair since he's still avaliable) and adjust the contract offer accordingly if another team comes a knocking...JA know st claire is not the long term answer at right tackle which is why he was offered the contract he was...they will go with a tackle probably on the first day (first 2 rnds now)and are weary of starting 2 rookies with no vet. behind them...

i have ZERO issues with how this is being handled...its not "cheap" its smart football management...

and strass its not about JA singing st clair its about st clair cant MAKE someone sign...

Goodbye St. Clair. The Bears don't want to sign Free Agents, they don't make trades, and now they don't want to keep there own people. The atrition rate is higher than the amount of draft picks we get. Angelo will wait till roster cuts and then go Oline shopping. I think he will take one OT in the draft but he will go get a vet at some point to start in front of the rookie.

just incredible..

The point was that if a team really wants you.. they will do what it takes to make sure you sign the deal. Very rarely does JA do that. Only twice (Tait/Muhammad) has JA gone out of his way to make sure the deal got done. JA is playing a dangerous game by not trying to bolster some of the holes through free agency. Both tackles spots are paper thin depth wise. Unless we can find a June 1st cap casualty that is a decent player, we are looking at having a lot of rookies backing up/starting at the tackles spots. Plus we have no idea how Chris Williams is going to do. He has no experience and is coming off major back surgery... I would at least grab a veteran or 2 to make sure you have some experience at the tackle spots.

the bears offered st clair more guarenteed money and hes not guarenteed to start this season and he bolted anyway...

the browns deal is worth more...but he'll never see all of it...the guarentee money is way more important than the total value of the contract...

my point cant MAKE someone sign...they have to want to...and for whatever reason he chose against the bears

Have you guys seen the number of available veteran linemen? There is a lot of them and St Clair isn't muchbetter than the rest of them. The Bears knew what they were getting with him. When he first came to us who gave him a standing ovation. No one applauded any of the free agent signings on the line. Linemen who are average are a dime a dozen. He still didn't get anything that old Frank got from the Bears. Or from anyone else.

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