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Source: Bears will sign safety Earl to one-year contract

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The Bears will sign veteran safety Glenn Earl to a one-year contract, a league source said.

The Naperville North and Notre Dame product was invited to participate in the three-day minicamp this week on a tryout basis and showed enough to stick around.

Earl took a physical on Thursday and the Bears were convinced he is fully healthy. The Texans drafted Dominique Barber at safety last year and counted on him in phasing out Earl, who had missed the 2007 season with a torn Lisfranc ligament. The injury was suffered when he was run over by Cedric Benson in a preseason game at Reliant Stadium.

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That was good - run over by Ced Benson lololol and just where was Ced going in such a goshawful hurry? to the bank?
Everything happens with Ced in Texas I guess.

JUST GREAT, we're signing someone who can be run over and destroyed by a MARSHMELLOW. GOOD ONE Love and Jerula...

Actually, not a bad signing. He was pretty good before he got hurt. Adding some depth to the position. Good Job! I haven't said that much this off season!!!

What is up with this new fad of signing players to a one year deal? I kinda like it b/c it provides a sort of test period, but I don't like it b/c if the player turns out to be a stud he's able then to create such high demands with the possibility of losing the guy. I'm so conflicted on this. :(

What a great addition! The guy can't even tackle Ced Benson. He'll fit in perfectly. I guess we really didn't need Brian Dawkins afterall. I Got another idea for the Miserable Misers of the Midway. After thay pass on Jay Cutler, (who needs a quaterback-we have Kyle Orton LOL)they can draft a slow moving 6 foot nothing quaterback with small hands from Florida! No fear Bear fans, It's the Jerry and Lovie show!

Say it ain't so! Tell me the bears have moved again in free agency this time taking aplayer who got run over by Cedric Benson! Is this team trying to actually prove to the world that they do not want to win. I cannot believe these great picks. i had the bears at 5-11 this year. With this latest bumbling I think it will be more like 4-12

The Bears are signing on players not as if they are an NFL caliber team but a NFL rehab center. How many injured players have we signed on this year?

Now we sign a player that was not good enough for the Texans, who could not tackle (shoe lace tackle)Benson, who was not good enough for the Bears.The coaching was garbage last year. Now these same people, are bringing in nothing but castoffs and second tier players.

Some of y'all need to calm down. Earl is a good signing. He was a good player coming out of Notre Dame and had started 31 games for the Texans before his injury.

The moves gives us depth and I think Earl is a better signing than Bullocks.

This kid can play. Let's hope he can return to original form prior to the injury.


Yet MORE comic relief from pathetic Bears homers praising their pathetic GM and pathetic coach for signing a pathetic cast-off from the Texans - after he just got done signing a guy with ... two? .... whole starts on his resume?

Yep! Sure was another GREAT signing by the Bears.

That Jerry Angelo sure is a genius isn't he?

Just look at all the MONEY the McCaskeys are saving!

Just like they saved money on a FIRST TIME general manager and a FIRST TIME head coach.

True Bears fans should really mutiny against these Bears homes - they make ALL Bears fans look bad.


Oh boy, I feel better...woowhooo!

Yep! I sure needed that guy's!

I'm here busting Bear fans Nad's because my team is spending more time looking for investors of my RUSTING franchise then improving my team via free agency like many other teams have been. Sure, my Steelers have re-signed quite a few of our own players but spending money outside of the organization would just be you know, Pathetic!

God I LOVE it when a Bears homer gets upset!

Bears homer clone,

Apparently you don't know the difference between an intelligent Bears FAN an a Bears HOMER. Since I insulted Bears homers and hit a nerve, we all know which one you are.

Glad you took some time off from pursuing your GED to talk some smack!

"Rusting franchise" Bears homer?

Home many Super Bowl rings you guys got again?

Hint: You can fit them all on ONE finger cant ya?

When you guys are working on the other hand, lemme know.

Now go watch your last Super Bowl win on a Betamax VCR.

And thanks again for making ALL Bears fans look bad!

i think if the bears are looking for a number 2 wr their are still
a couple of good ones left in ( fa ) what do you think of the bears
signing Amani Toomer, he is a nice size nice soild #2 wr he was a
pretty good wr in new york i think he would be a nice big target to
throw the ball to for any of our qb's with hester on the other side
earl; and davis , olsen , clark and forte what a combo get a nice wr out of the draft at the 18th pick sign vick as #2 or 3 qb use him any way we can and just stay with putting our defense back
together chicago will be superbowl contenders in 09',2010, 11 and so forth i think it's worth a shot before everyone is gone but i do
think we should give vick a shot because i feel he will give his all
when he returns he'll have something to prove toomer will be a nice
big wr to throw to and he has nice hands go after the wr from the
gators #1 and go from there...chicago would destory any and everyone we play this season we need some players who can expand the
field and i think if we do it right we can get toomer,hester,davis,
earl, lloyd,and the #1 wr halvin form the gators it doesn't matter
if the qb is great or not these wr will make him look like a star
as for the defense you guy's are doing a good job with that but with these changes i can see the bears winning the superbowl this year lets get urlacher and briggs their rings go bears.....................streetlaw

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