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Smith hardly alone as a play caller

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Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News pens a story today detailing the number of head coaches throughout the league that will add play-calling responsibilities to their duties this season.

Lovie Smith is one of 10 head coaches that will do double duty, if you will. That number could grow bigger. Todd Haley has not announced the chain-of-command in Kansas City as of yet and the ex-Bears wide receivers coach could call offensive plays. Seven of them are on offense. Play callers in New England and Seattle have yet to be determined. Smith is joined by Dallas' Wade Phillips and the New York Jets' Rex Ryan.

*** Here is a team that is going to be competing with the Bears for a safety--New England. Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have or will get together with Western Michigan's Louis Delmas, Oregon's Patrick Chung and Missouri's William Moore. New England is reported to have also checked out Wake Forest's Chip Vaughn.

The Patriots have a great deal of flexibility. They own four of the top 58 picks in the draft--23rd, 34th (Chiefs), 47th (Chargers) and 58th. The Patriots also have two third-round picks--89th and 97th (the first compensatory draft pick). That provides Bill Belichick with a wealth of options.

***'s Kevin Seifert takes a look at the Bears' draft situation here. He suggests Missouri's Jeremy Maclin could potentially be on the board when the Bears choose at No. 18.

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Please, please don't draft a midget WR, that is, someone less than 6'1". I mean, unless he's going to be a Steve Smith, forget it. Our QB is simply not accurate enough to get the ball consistently to a small target. Even if the guy breaks loose downfield, there's no guarantee Orton can get it to him. I saw him miss a wideopen Hester too many times.

I'd consider getting the OT in the first round and a big receiver, like Brian Robiskie from Wide Receiver U. (aka Ohio State). He's big (6'3") and at his workout day he proved to be fast enough. He'll haul in even the worst of scatter armed Orton's throws. Of all the WRs out there, he is by far the most ready to step in and contribute.

Jerry Angelo has sat himself up to simply take the best player available, and that player could be Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin. I didn't think the Bears would have a chance at him, but the more and more of the mocks I've been reading lately, he might just be there for Chicago at #18. If so, the Bears have got to take him. Jeremy Maclin is a game-breaker. I mean come on, 5,600 tatal yards the last two seasons is ridiculous, and this is at Missouri a major college program. Everytime this guy has the ball in his hands he's a threat to score. Scouts say Maclin is tightly built, so it isn't like he's some wimpy little guy with wiggle who put up big numbers in college. Maclin is 6-1 200lbs, very muscular with the ability to score everytime he touches the ball, 32 scores in 28 games. I think it would be a draft day steal. Guys like Maclin don't come around every draft day. Another thing to keep in mind, receiver is the only position the Bears have not addressed in free agency, unlike their other needs like tackle and free safety. I like Maclin, if he's there at #18 the Bears have got to take him to give themselves a game breaker to go along with Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, and Devin Hester. GO BEARS!!

You know they keep saying the Bears are commited to Orton, yet the Bears won't give him a new contract and are calling and asking about Cutler and Lovie is talking about Vick. How is that being commited to a guy? At least Kiper made a couple of honest points, you will know in the first round what the Bears future plans are and the defense is bad. I also notice nobody ever says yeah Orton is a very good QB or a franchise QB. They always say he is serviceable or he had a good half. But never he is the man. What does that say about him?

What are the Bears future plans is a good question. Are they rebuilding or do they believe they are a Super Bowl team waiting to happen? An average the last two years in a weak division, with an aging defense who's core player is a major injury concern. If they feel they can win the Super Bowl with this team then Orton is there guy, if not they need a new signal caller. Maybe thats why they wan to know about Cutler.

I think best bets are a WR in round 1 and I think Bey and Britt are the guys, Maclin I see as more of a outside chance of falling there. However I think a QB in round 1 has an off chance of being the pick though. If Sanchez falls or they really like Freeman. But that seems odd to me because they would have to go offense with the first 3 picks and then defense there after. I have hard time seeing the Bears go offense with the first three. First 2 I can see but three in a row is tough to imagine with a defense that is this weak. Then again it is the second most expensive defense in football and most of the remaining money may be earmarked for the offense. We actually could see, QB, WR, OT with the first three.

Sanchez/Freeman, Nicks/Robiskie, Lang. Well at least the draft will be interesting.

So who would you rather have, Sanchez or Freeman? I like Freemans size, aka Ben Rothlisberger, somebody who can take a hit. I like a big receiver, we need someone over 6,2. I really like the Robiskie kid from Ohio state, he does have good bloodlines, I am sure he has learned quite a bit from his father. Is there enough O-Lineman to grab 2 in Round 3.

Do you think trading Hester for picks would be good, We have Manning now as a return man.

I sure would like to see us get a couple more 2nd round picks this year, it would sure help.

Enlighten me, if I am way off base with my thinking.

What do you guys think trading Urlacher would bring us in picks, or is he still too good to trade, was last year a fluke for the defense?

I don't know if Ohio is Wide Reciever U anymore, recent products Ted Ginn and Holmes are not world beaters and those are probably the best of there recent recievers.

Miami on the other hand has Andrea Johnson, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne all playing in the NFL and all 3 are better players than the Ohio boys.

Michigan Stae has also done a better job of late producing recievers. Florida State also tends to produce really good recievers.

Not to say Robiskie is bad, but recent Ohio products have been overrated. Hey but if this was the 80's I would sold on the guy.

Mick whenever I look at a reciever the number 1 thing I look for is accuracy. Freeman has great size and a great arm. He is good on mid range stick thorws. What I don't like about him is he is not that accurtate and he locks onto recievers.

Sanchez has nice size and a plus are but it's not as strong as Freeman's, but he can make any throw that needs to be made. What he is good at: He is very very accurate and mobile, he is great in or out of the pocket. Very smart and very dedicated everyone says he is a real football guy. He's a QB who likes to hangout with LB's and you gotta love that. His biggest weakness is he is inexperienced. It would be good for him to sit behind a guy for a year. He will excell in a WCO.

I like Sanchez myself but I doubt he falls that far or even out of the top 10.

I think Hester deserves his shot this year. If he does not pan out then he does not pan out and Angelo and Lovie will have ruined the best returner in nfl history.

Not a bad article and video from ESPN, especially from analysts who don't follow the Bears exclusively.

I have a feeling that Bey is going to be the pick. Drake, our WR coach, loves him, and remember when our RB coach fell in love with Forte last year, and we picked him. Even though Bey is raw, Drake believes he can mold him into a beast. What coach doesn't believe they can work wonders with a guy? It's what they do for a living. You gotta believe position coaches have some say in which prospects a team hones in on. He's the one who's going to be working with him the most anyway.

Bey is exciting but raw. Definitely would be a risky pick, especially for Angelo. If Maclin is there, take him. I also like Nicks, Britt, and Robiskie.

You're right, Creighton, this draft in particular is going to be interesting at worst. Angelo possibly taking a shot at a first round WR? Doesn't get much more interesting than that. I think Angelo's an average GM give or take a few, but if he lands a superstar WR in the first round, I will crap my pants.

I am excited for the new year. Real D-line coach and Babich no longer in charge means the D might return to where it should be. I hope OL and WR are the priorities for the top of the draft.

They better upgrade the QB situation or we're sqrewed again. Get Cutler, draft someone early (?), or let Hanie play. They will soon learn that Orton is not the man! I think they already know or he would have a new contract by now. They'll give him the chance this year, he'll suck, and the season is ruined. The "window" is closing, and fast!!

They'll eff it up as always. They should be trying to win the superbowl THIS year. Heck, every year for that matter! This is sports. That's the objective! Besides we can't afford to rebuild now. Our best players are getting long in the teeth. Rebuilding would only rob them of valuable years out of their careers. Then they'll get the boot to keep from paying their big saleries. Cap space anyone? What ever happened to going for the gusto? Being aggressive? Showing the loyal, long suffering fans(US!)some appreciation for keeping them rich and relevant by no longer being cheap and timid, and win us a superbowl already!? It sucks seeing other teams do whats needed, and sign big name free agents and make blockbuster trades for superstars to join the few superstars we already have to be a top 5 team in the league and be feared on both sides of the ball? With that said, I personally think Lovie is retarded and Angelo is a wuss. Why not tell the McKaskey's to pony up so we finally be taken seriously by the sports world for a change! We need another corner. Dre Bly is available. Marvin Harrison, one yr. deal for the slot? Bye Rashid Davis. Just a suggestion. But I say trade for another 1st rd. pick to go with no.18 . We need to upgrade over Hillenmeyer and Nick Roach won't cut it! How bout reciever and outside LB in the first round? Kevin Schaffer is only 29 and a multiple yr starter. We can hold off on a younger tackle to pair w/ Williams if it makes the O and D better. Orton is not the answer. He's Rex pt.2 . Couldn't beat him out after winning 10 gms and a playoff bye, now HE'S the answer?!QUIT IT. Just like Rex, great first half, sucky second half, next year...splat! No Cutler huh? Im pretty sure Orton and this yrs 3rd and next yrs first rd. will get him and their 4th for next yr. C'mon Bears! Act like you want to win BEFORE OUR STARS ARE PAST THEIR PRIMES!

Drake is Putting Nicks, Britt and Bey through Workouts, a lot articles have suggested he does like Bey. Turner went and saw Britt however, but that I think is a trick. Show them your really interested in Britt and hope the Phins, Bengals, Giants, or Vikings offer to trade for you. Jets also like Britt but that may be a ploy as well. Jets are said to be looking to trade down.

Moolander I am not a big fan of Bey he did not have a lot of production in college and he shot up along with his 40 time. 40 Time is never that important to recievers. There is 40 time and there is game speed. I mean you do need to look at them but they never really give you a good or bad reciver. A good reciever is a good reciever and a bad reciever is a bad reciever.

Remember, some top prospects choose not to run at the combine, and wait until their pro day. Those times are not listed, since they often ran on fast tracks, and the times are very unofficial.

4.3’s: 3/18 or 17%
Javon Walker; 1st Round, 2002; 4.38
Lee Evans; 1st Round, 2004; 4.39
Matt Jones; 1st Round, 2005; 4.37

4.4’s: 6/46 or 13%
Deion Branch; 2nd Round, 2002; 4.47
Andre Johnson; 1st Round, 2003; 4.40
Roy Williams; 1st Round, 2004; 4.48
Reggie Brown; 2nd Round, 2005; 4.45
Mark Clayton; 1st Round, 2005; 4.41
Greg Jennings; 2nd Round, 2006; 4.42

4.5’s: 7/60 or 12%
Antonio Bryant; 2nd Round, 2002; 4.57
David Givens; 7th Round, 2002; 4.56
Nate Burleson; 3rd Round, 2003; 4.51
Arnaz Battle; 6th Round, 2003; 4.58
Bernard Berrian; 3rd Round, 2004; 4.58
Jerricho Cotchery; 4th Round, 2004; 4.54
Marques Colston; 7th Round, 2006; 4.50

4.6’s: 4/29 or 14%
Brandon Lloyd; 4th Round, 2003; 4.62
Larry Fitzgerald; 1st Round, 2004; 4.63
Michael Clayton; 1st Round, 2004; 4.67
Michael Jenkins; 1st Round, 2004; 4.60

4.7’s: 2/10 or 20%
Anquan Boldin; 2nd Round, 2003; 4.72
Ernest Wilford; 4th Round, 2004; 4.79

Hope that helps a little. If you can play the position you can play the position.

Y'all are right in that this will be an interesting year for the draft. It is always interesting, but I think this is Jerry Angelo's most important draft. If he get's it right the Bears are a "now" team and a contender. If he get's it wrong, they are a rebuilding team. If they have to rebuild, it's probably with a different coach and GM.

With that in mind, I will be very impressed if JA can go "all in" to pull the trigger on a first round wide receiver. Especially one with a hyphenated name. Think about it.......Butkus, Sayers, Dent, Payton, Plank, Fencik, and........"Heyward-Bey"???

With a name like that, the guy would have to be either a Hall of Famer or a complete bust. There could be nothing in between.

I think Angelo knows that if they go wide receiver this year, it's a situation where ten years from now Steve Sabol could be putting together a show about it. The question is: will it be "The Top Ten Worst", or the "The Top Ten Best".

My guess it that lil' Jerry thinks that all the way through and goes defense in the first round.

Wouldn't it be wiser to fix the QB situation before you go and draft a WR? What good is the best WR if you can't get him the ball? If the Bears do not upgrade at QB, draft defense, defense, defense, and hope for a repete of 2005, 2006. GO BEARS!

the bears will not take a reciever in the first round. Angelo said a couple of years ago he doesn't believe in taking that postion 1st round and i don't

Hey Creighten, I have been reading more of your posts, and you seem to have all your ducks in a row. Sorry if I offended you the other day, again I am new here, but I like to be informed as much as possible, even though I am hockey dad, the Bears are my favorite team, in any sport. I do not think that the Bears can take a receiver in the 1st round, I like OL, we need to build that area. I want to see some draft day trades to pick up some xtra 2's this year, because I think this draft is deep enough that I think we can replenish our team with depth for the future. I think we need to draft 2 O-lineman, a LB, DE, DT, and S, along with possibly 2 WR, we need 1 for sure early. But, I don't think we can just do that with the 9 picks we have.
Do we trade some picks from next year to accumulate some 2's this year, or do we hope that JA makes good decisions this year? Is Urlacher worth trading? Can we afford to trade Hester? Is Vasher worth trading? I think Briggs is our new MLB.

Anybody else here that Orlando Pace visited the Bears today? Does this surprise anyone? Am I the only one that thinks this is strange? Nothing against Pace, Love him as a player but he has not been that great the last three years. Then there is the fact that Angelo says he loves to build through the draft and this year and last years class were oline rich and yet here is Pace on the Bears dorrstep. Not that he will sign but it does seem odd to me. So far sense Angelo the guy who says he like to build through the draft has been here he has started exactly one of his draft picks on the Oline and no more than that.

LG Steve Edwards 2003
LT Qasim Mitchell 2004
Nobody in 2005
Nobody in 2006
Nobody in 2007
Josh (Good for you buddy)Beekman in 2008 Poor guy is getting bumped too.

This year we may get Chris Willimas meeting Angelos requirment of only one of his draft picks starting. Beekman is being contested by Omiyale and if they Bring in Pace it's pretty much a lock they wont draft an OT to start this year. Maybe anothere 7th or 6th round warm body for the practice squad. To me it just seems a strange way to build a line through the draft by signing all free agents to start on your line. They just signed Shaffer and now there after Pace. If your lucky Pace has 1 year left in him. I would much rather see Torry Holt then Pace. I don't dislike Pace at all but I would like to see a team developing for the future. To me this says Angelo believes they are Super Bowl contenders.

There is however one thing in the back of my mind, are they planning on not having a first round pick? A re they trying to trade for someone? It's a long shot guess by me, and a lot of hope for Cutler. There is also Peppers but I don't see them making the defense that expensive, but maybe.

Creighton, I think you may be on to something, with a potenial trade coming. Also if Pace is signed, may have a few years as a RT.

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