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Rounding up Thursday's pro day action for the Bears

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The Bears were looking into Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz on Thursday following the Cornhuskers' pro day, according to a report. Scout Teddy Monago was on the scene for the Bears, who could also be checking out offensive tackle Lydon Murtha, who has gained a little steam since the combine.

"As for Joe Ganz, the quarterback who didn't get a combine invite, he said he thought he did well. Ganz held a questionnaire from the New England Patriots as he left the workout and headed to a meeting with the Chicago Bears.

"I thought I threw the ball really well, so I'm really happy with what happened," said Ganz, who measured at a hair over 6 feet. "It's really, really cool to have these guys come up to you and talk to you and talk to you and say you had a good year."

*** Southeast scout Mark Sadowski moved on down the road to Troy on Thursday as the Bears are reported to have had a scout there. Defensive back Sherrod Martin might have been the main attraction. He ran a 4.45-second, 40-yard dash. Martin has a long history of injuries though.

*** West scout Marty Barrett was at Oregon and was reportedly playing catch with defensive end Nick Reed. He's interesting because he's an undersized pass rusher who fits the mold of the kind of player Lovie Smith likes. Cornerback Jarius Byrd let his combine workout do most of the speaking for him.

"One of the last players to leave the field Thursday, Reed wore a pair of gloves as he played catch with a Chicago Bears scout. Reed acknowledged he's a "tweener," and said he'd be open to a switch to linebacker in the NFL."

*** Southwest scout Chris Ballard was on hand at Texas Tech and we have a picture to prove it. Although Ballard is obscured somewhat by some other scouts, you can make him out near the cone watching the action. The Red Raiders have an intriguing safety in Darcel McBath.

Midwest scout Jeff Shiver will be at Purdue today. Although we don't have confirmation, college scouting director Greg Gabriel could be at Ohio State a day after taking in Pat White's workout at West Virginia. Barrett will likely move on down the road to Oregon State for the Beavers workout. Check back later on for more.

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"Defensive back Sherrod Martin might have been the main attraction. He ran a 4.45-second, 40-yard dash. Martin has a long history of injuries though."

Injury history? Sounds PERFECT for the Bears! Right Jerry?

Nick Reed is one of my favorite second day players for one reason, his ability to get to the quarterback. Reed has lead the Pac-10 in sacks the last two seasons having 13 this season to go along with 20 tackles for loss and 12 QB hurries. Reed is a bit undersized at 6-2 255lbs, and might not have the speed to make the switch to linebacker, but he could be an effective edge rusher. Chicago couldn't get pressure on the QB last season to save their lives, so I think they need to be looking at prospects, like Reed, that have the ability to create pressure. Nick Reed has pretty good strength putting up 24 reps of 225lbs. The 20 TFL is what impresses me the most about Reed, and the 13 sacks aren't bad either. Reed seems to have the ability to get to the QB, he's a projected 6th-7th rounder, and scouts like him for his high motor. I say let Rod Marinelli have for a season or two and the Bears could have a pretty good edge rusher on their hands GO BEARS!!

Kevin you can't Sack a QB if you can't catch a QB. Actually Reed is a nice football player the only problem is that the Best DE's in football are ultra athletic, Reed isn't athletic at all. I am actually faster than him. He ran the 40 in 4.91. But as a 7th round pick or signing him undrafted I have no problem with that.

Mcbath is a FS but lacks speed and coverage range, he would fit right in.

Most of the guys the Bears seem to be scouting are 5th round talent and bellow.

The most telling thing here is Martin he is a projected 3-4 round pick and is a FS, so that can give an indication of when the Bears may be looking to draft a FS. 3rd round sounds about right for the Angelo. That is also the are they are expected to have an extra pick.

Reed ran a 4.71 40 yesterday and a 11.97 60 yard shuttle. I doubt that you are faster than he is.

On day one, I want to fix our O line once and for all. Take Oher if he's there at 18 and with round 2 take Oklahoma's standout guard Duke Robinson. We'd then have a massive line for years. Work on safeties and CB's after that. Sign Holt and then next year we can focus on using the first day on marquee D line and longer term offensive issues.

I should add in addition to taking Duke in #2 (he will be a great pro guard), take the Missouri or Alabama free safety in 3 if somehow one's available.

If the Bears are going to consider another short quarterback, then why not Pat White? Stop drafting tomato cans!

Ripper, I agree 100%. A short guy is a non-starter in our league. Witness Rex's blocked passes. BTW - kudos to Brad Briggs. Sun-Times blog is 10 times as informative and interesting as Huddle up on the Trib's site!

philbear- CBs? The Bears are set at CB, it's WR they need the most help..well maybe besides FS.

Nope I am still faster, some of us actually work out on a regular basis. Those times at pro days are usually hand timed. 4.71 isn't that fast for a 6'1" 240 pound DE. Thats average LB size actually it's a little short for a LB, Curry ran a 4.56 and is 15 pound heavier. He's kinda slow for an undersized end,he's also smaller than people thought. Mike Johnson is almost 30 pounds heavier and 5 inches taller and ran a 4.59. Now thats athletic. He also has longer arms and is stronger. A 6'1" 240 pound DE is really pushing it in the NFL. I suspect you will see lots of guys from the combine improve there 40 time at there Pro Days. If he had 4.65 speed that would be something, but right now he is to small to be an end in the NFL, he is way to small to be a LDE which is what the Bears need. He also does not have the athletic ability of a LB, as he lacks fluid hips and has no coverage skill. He is a special team player in the NFL nothing more. Someone may find a spot for him on the ILB positions in a 3-4 were your not asked to cover much, but he would still have to learn to play the position over a few years. Like I said I have no problem with the guy if they take him late, 6th or 7th round and if it's just for special teams.

dark is easy - I actually agree with Angelo that QB's make the WR's. Not to suggest our guys last year would be all pro's with Peyton by any means. But how many times did you see Kyle way off on 20 yard throws (much less true deep balls)? I think a WR is a waste until we see evidence of that changins. So we're faced with winning ugly in 2009 (again).

Agree FS is what we need more than corner. But for all the excitement of graham because he's a good tackler I haven't see any evidence of him looking like a stud in speedy coverage sets. I think we need help there. I like Tillman but his skills really deserve to be your second best corner - not a lock down guy by any means. Get me an O-line and a FS and we find a way to go 10-6.

philbear- that's the thing with the cover-2, it doesn't need "stand-out" CB like many other schemes. If Vasher is healthy and Graham progresses, then they should be fine. FS is a glaring hole, and that position is much more important than CB. That player needs great range, speed, intelligence, and good ball-skills. There's no one currently on the Bears roster that remotely resembles that discription.

On the contrary, WR is another big problem. You point out Orton's bad throws, but how about all the dropped TD passes and key 3rd down failed conversions by Davis, Booker, Clark, and even Hester?

Dark the Bears finished 16th in dropped passes and were 14th in Passes attempted. They actually didn't do that bad in dropped passes, it's just most Bears fans go into shock whenever a pass is dropped and feel every time a ball is thrown it should be caught. The Bears were 25th in 3rd down conversions but that was not all dropped passes. In fact most of it were passes thrown to short 3 and 6 and the Bears throw a 2 yard out. The other big problem were incomplete passes. Thats on the QB not the reciever. Orton is not a very accurate passer, ranking 25th in completion percentage.


Reed's agility testing would have placed him second among DE's at the combine and were very similar to USC's LB Brian Cushing. Do you know what the difference between a 4.65 and a 4.71 is over 40 yards on the football field? It's about 17 inches. Dismissing a guy over 6 one-hundredths of a second, an inch of height, or 10 pounds of weight is foolish. It's all about production against quality competition and Nick Reed that in abundance.

You seem to be a combine/testing numbers vs. actual game stats and production kind of guy. I imagine you have not seen any film on Reed. The guy is a stud and regularly beat OT's much bigger and stronger than he is. He is light by NFL standards, but I wouldn't bet against the guy making a difference for a team.

Creighton- some of your points are valid, but it doesn't account for game-changing drops (i.e. Davis and Booker), or a receivers inability to gain separation from the defender. It's a two-way street, and it is widely known and accepted that the Bears receivers are some of the worst in the league.

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