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Rocky Mountain high? Bears reportedly place call to Denver

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Here it is.

Jerry Angelo
has made the phone call.

Add the Bears to the list of 10 teams that reportedly have inquired with the Denver Broncos about the availability of quarterback Jay Cutler.

Charles Robinson, a Chicago resident and NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports, reports that the Bears have, to borrow from Angelo, done their due diligence.

"At some point in the process, the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears also expressed interest in Cutler. The depth of that interest is unknown, but both teams are still thought to be in play if Cutler once again becomes available."

As one league source said Wednesday, "do you think only 10 teams have called?'' The report is evidence the Bears are at least monitoring the situation which has captivated the league. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels went on NFL Network Monday to say Cutler is Denver's quarterback. He spent an hour saying the same thing at the coaches' media breakfast Tuesday in Dana Point, Calif., at the owners meetings.

The Bears, Detroit, Minnesota, the New York Jets, Tampa Bay, all teams reported to have interest, can covet Cutler all they want and it will not matter unless the Broncos attempt to trade him again. There is no question the price tag will be steep. There is also no question this story will not go away until Cutler has been shipped to a new home or Cutler and McDaniels find some way to form a bromance. The Broncos are the in the midst of installing a new offense and if the trigger man isn't around, well, that makes it more challenging.

If a club trades for Cutler, it's with the thinking in mind that he is a solution at the position for the next decade. He will turn 26 next month and has some attractive intangibles starting with a strong arm and some athletic ability in the pocket. What's he worth? Only the market would dictate. Two first-round picks? There isn't going to be a sure thing where the Bears select at No. 18 in the first round. Angelo has already admitted that. It's likely there will be competition for Cutler if the Broncos put him in play.

Maybe the Bears will be in the mix.

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Well it's time to put up or shut up. This is a moment in one Man's history (Jerry Angelo) that will make you or break you, kind of like what Mike Ditka did when he traded his whole draft for Ricky Williams. It did not work out kind for Da Coach, but he still did what he believed was right. I think Jerry should make the same bold move, give Denver your whole Draft or whatever they want. Do you think that would be to much, not really look back at past Drafts and see how many Players make an impact on your Team from every Draft class. Maybe 1 to 2 Players per Draft, that is an easy choice in my opinion to give up for an Franchise QB. Jerry give Denver the House and you will reap the rewards.........

Or Dan, it will be what Hershel Walker was for the Cowboys. The trade made their team and was marginal help long term to the Vikings. Cutler won't single handedly turn this team around. We have way too many wounds to cover them with one high priced bandage. I wouldn't mind a trade for Cutler, but only if the price is right.

This is exactly what this organization needs, a bold move by the management group, that will send the same message that the early mini camp sent, "we are going to improve this football team, and we are committed to winning". I can`t wait until tommorrow to see what actually gets talked about in the media, but this is going to raise some eyebrows, and it will definitely stir the pot. I am just afraid that if Cutler is going to leave Denver, will there be a bidding war of sorts, and how high will the stakes go? I can`t see the Bears mortgaging the farm here, but then again, who knows?

since so many teams inquired..i think the missing equation in this is WHERE if cutler is traded would he want to play? the bears were his childhood favorite i mean is he about the money or the right fit? dont know much about the guy but if he wants to be " THE MAN" the bears should have a very good shot at landing him.. as we all know he would bring a franchise QB to a team that has never had one and the bears would gain instant nation wide notability as well.. jersys alone would cover a lot of his pay so jerry you have got to go after this!!
he wont change the team overnight but we would have a very strong foundation..

No s#@t!! There is a God! Good luck, Jerry. Get 'er done!!

Boy, I would love to hear that conversation ...

Pat Bowlen: Hello?
JA: Ummm, hi. Is this Pat?
PB: Jerry, did you misdial dominos again?
JA: No. I was just trying to call ... uhm, you.
PB: Do you even know who this is Jerry?
JA: Yeah, yeah. I called the um number thing and wanted to ya know talk.
PB: What number is that Jer?
JA: You know, eight four seven uh niner ....
PB: Niner? Are you caling from a walkie-talkie?
JA: No, no my phone. Bill has the walkie-talkies. Anyhow I just wanted to see uhm how we could you know trade or something?
PB: Do you even know what you're talking about?
JA: C'mon Pat, I wanna read Super Fudge but the fans keep wanting me to do stuff. C'mon please talk to me. I'll be your friend.
PB: Jesus H Christ Jerry I can't hold your hand. What do you want? You want my boy Cutler then let's talk turkey.
JA: Ok, ok, let's say I do want Cutlets. He's some sort of football player right?
PB: Jesus Tap Dancin Christ are you shiatting me? Jay CUTLER is our Pro Bowl QB! For the love of Christ Jerry do you even know who you're QB is?
JA: Umm ... well kinda. I drafted this guy who was shorter than me but gosh the Packers thought he was good ... And then we tried some guy that looks like those tree-loving hippy chicks at Starbucks ... Oh wassis name uhm ... uhm ...
PB: Kyle Orton!
JA: Uhm ... who?
PB: Kyle Orton you farktard! Kyle Orton is your QB. Jesus call me when you need a janitorial job you moron! (hangs up)
JA: ... Well at least I did my do ... due? ... due ... what's that word again, Bill?
Bill Holland: Dilligence!
JA: Thanks Bill there's a reason you're my BFF! Hey Bill, you wanna play GM again? This time we'll call Parcells and see if his "refrigerator is running"! Hee-hee-hee

If Cutler does get traded, with the amount of interest in Cutler by other teams, I think the Broncos would prefer to send Cutler to an NFC team as opposed to an AFC team, if offers between teams are similar.

This just sounds like another pipe dream to me. First, the Bears have never in their entire history traded for a top player from another team who wasn't already past his prime. Second, the Bears are way too conservative to trade a bunch of draft picks and/or starters for one player. Third, if the Bears were to give up too much for Cutler, the trade would not improve the team, it would make it worse. Finally, as Brad pointed out, I don't know why some reporters keep mentioning that Cutler wants to come to Chicago. So what? He has no say in the matter; he doesn't even have a say in whether he gets traded, though I suppose he could make it very difficult for Denver to hold onto him.

And BTW, Josh McDaniels had better get the Broncos to the Super Bowl real soon. This idiocy he pulled with Cutler is inexcusable, and the only way for him to make up for it would be to at least get to the big game in 2009 or 2010.

Hahahahahaha. Coach were did you get that transcript wire taps are illegal.

Wait till Angelo's phone rings tommorrow. Better yet wait till Orton's phone rings.

Can you imagine Orton: "They want Cutler over me? But Why?"

To bad it won't happen we don't have the trade goods to pull off the deal. Oh wait maybe Kevin A can swing the deal he will confuse Bowlen. Maybe we can offer Wolfe, Beekman, Orton, Manning, Hanie, Shaffer, Garza, Bennett. Never mind we could offer are entire offense and they would say no.

In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

Put it this way id they want two first rounders and Detroit offers them 2 how can the Bears match there offer, they have the 1st overall pick and are going to be bad next year as well. The Jets who really want him also have a pick above us. It would take 3 1st rounders from the Bears and Angelo will not do that. But if he does bring your camera's for a once in a lifetime chance.

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Just a teaser.

Hey da coach, thanks for thinking of me on your little skit there. If only I had half the power you afforded me in that ramble, wow. Anyways I promise you if I get to be Jerry's BFF I'll remember who Jay Cutler and Pat Bowlan are.

I think you will see Cutler dealt before training camp is done, but not before. I think they will work with Simms and see if they can find anyone else to come in and compete, calling them camp bodies, and if Jay doesn't fully embrace the team concept that McDaniels is putting out there (We are all one team, as long as everybody worships me!) they will trade him too late for him to make an impact for anyone else. Let's remember, this is a Belichick disciple, who behaves like a spiteful teenager when it comes to players who don't drink his Kool-Aid.

Lawyer Milloy is one who comes to mind. Rather than give him a chance to catch on with another team, he cut him 5 days before the season started. He managed to go to Buffalo and step right in, but that is the kind of d!@$head move that Belichick teaches his coaches is the way you run a franchise. I heard on NFL radio last night that the impression is that all the players trust Belichick, which is why they play hard. I think it is more that they know he will do whatever it takes to win, including cheat, and if you don't shut your mouth, you get DNP (coach's decision) and will stay there while he trots 55 year old linebackers into your spot. That is why his teams are going to keep slipping as they replace his old farts with young, talented players. They won't buy in to the brainwashing.

So either Cutler comes back to the fold, or he gets traded in late August, to a team that will give him future first rounders, so they can get into the Colt McCoy/Sam Bradford sweepstakes next year. Either way, Jerry will not give up a first rounder if he sees improvement out of Orton with a full offseason as the starter. He is planning to give Kyle this year to prove his worth, and then it's drafting a top QB next year once the OL and WR corps are solidified.

It would be interesting and probably disappointing to see (if Cutler is available) just how "fixated" the Bears are with what it is going to cost to get him. Given the track record they have with the purse strings.....they will flop.

Cutler isn't leaving Denver. Stop dreaming Bear will continue in your long, long, long history of mediocrity at the QB position. No offensive line, no receivers, marginal backfield...da fans...well, they're okay! Good luck with Orton.

I don't think the Bears are going to get the Cutler deal done. He commands more than just the first round pick and the Bears have too many needs to offord to give up even one pick. We need a quality RT, WR, FS and DE to have a legit chance of playoffs, if not this season then atleast the next. Although Orton is not in the same league as Cutler, he deserves a chance to prove himself based on half of last years season. Plus he has won the admiration of his teammates. Cutler's prima donna antics is not very pleasing.

I would cerainly like to see Cutler in a Bear uniform, but the price would probably be more than he is worth. Of course he's young enough and good enough to be effective for seven or more years, BARRING INJURIES. There's the rub. With the Bears' offensive line, quarterback injuries are not only possible but likely, and then where does that leave the Bears? If they have to give up a couple of first round picks, they may have mortgaged their future worse than AIG did.With a good draft of defensive linemen and linebackers available, maybe dumping Urlacher and a cornerback or safety for him would make sense.

You all make very valid points. But you also forget that the Bears were 3 bad plays, playcalls, and penalties from winning 12-games last years.

-> The playcall by Babich in Atlanta
-> The short-slant-in-the-dirt by Kyle Orton in Q4 against Carolina
-> The penalty by Peanut Tillman against Tampa

Coaching and poor execution in three brief moments of time cost Chicago the division and a first round playoff game. True, this often the case for teams in the NFL. But the Bears were razor-close to winning those games. I think they're closer than we give them credit for.

While Chicago has unproven players at the safety position, it appears that Jerry is trying to make some stop-gaps.

The defensive line isn't deep in the same way it was in 2006. But it's more complete than most teams and there will be serviceable talent in rounds 2 and 3 at this position. Including players that can play line backer.

Right tackle is tough, but, there are guys like Runyan and Pace that could come in and play as well as Tait did last year.

I think band-aids at certain positions are a reality in todays NFL.

IMO the Bears honestly have more depth to offer than the Lions, Jets, Browns, or Buccaneers. And with 2 3rd round picks, they can ABSOLUTELY affort to let Kyle Orton, a first rounder, and/or one of the linebackers or defensive linemen go.

There are probably 8-9 quality starts at the defensive line position in the draft this year. How many Jay Cutlers are there?

Y'all make some fair point...but I'm just sayin'

Message to JA:

Please, I beg you, do not make a trade for Jay Cutler. The price simply will be too high, should Denver decide to shop him.

The most exciting time of the year for Bears fans is right now . . . the lead-up to the draft. We get to drool over the thought of how much are team is going to improve. Yes, I realize there is much pain involved when you actually make the picks and DON'T improve the team, but at least we get to HOPE for a few months.

Besides, the coaching staff would just mess-up Cutler anyway!

Thanks to Creighton I have officially changed my position on this. Trade the entire draft for Cutler and offer Urlacher and Briggs. What ever it takes to make Creighton follow up on his promise. Even if it sets the team back 20 years MAKE THE DEAL!

But Bill your best friends with Angelo, you say so yourself all the time. Common Bill I know you want to see me in Panties(I am so uncomfortable at this moment), make the call to your BEST FRIEND AND SWING THE DEAL. Take him out to lunch and convince him, show him all my posts bashing him and then show him the deal. Bring Cutler here. Look man I am willing to take on for the team. I am jumping on the grenade, you need to support the sacrifice.

I believe 3 first round picks for a franchise quarterback is more than fair considering how many years we have wasted on picks trying to get 1. If u really think about the league now every effective team has a solid quarterback and a stabilizing running back. It's to easy to neutralize a running back in the game today by putting 8 in the box with a decent quarterback but a quarterback with a decent running back effectiveness is always apparent (Brady and Maloney , Ben and Willie to name a few and lets just say we field the team we currently have with cutler do we have a championship team no but what we have that we haven't had not even in the Superbowl year is the building blocks to do something it starts with both lines then it starts with both quarterbacks Cutler would be 1 and Urlacher the other. If your Jerry and you don't believe your quarterback doesn't have what it takes why in gods name would you spend millions on a top receiver who wont really get used to his ability. I like Orton but I don't love his game definitely a solid backup and better than Grossman but not a franchise quarterback. On top of that if we can get to the 18 pick with our last years roster do you not think cutler improves our team enough to get us a better record. With that said would u spend 1 18# pick and 2 20 plus picks for a franchise quarterback I say hell yes make the offer b/c I'm not saying cutler's Brady or Manning or Drew Brees but we wont be wasting anymore more picks on quarterback for the next 7 years at least barring major injury inhale that.If we don't do we are looking at least 4 picks not to mention a 1st rounder try at some point over the next 7 years to do something we can get done now and not guess or hope works. Then next year you will see big name receivers begging to come here b/c they can actually hit they're incentives b/c we do more than get off the bus running. We can then let Jerry focus on what he does best by finding later round defensive picks and no huge salaries b/c we don't have 3 first rounders to pay heavy funds too. This is smart and makes sense money wise. Why guess when we can KNOW make the move and lets get it Bears. Lets spend $540.00 a ticket for a reason

I dunno, it's important that the Bears not be set back for 20 years, but it's more important that Creighton NOT please for the love of god follow up on his promise.

Creighton wrote:
"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him (Cutler) that if he does, I will be outside Soilder (sic) Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck."

Somethings should be left to the imagination. Somethings should just be left alone. Hot pink panties.

Say Creighton, if you do go through with this. You left out the key point of the deal. Time and place. First home game? First home pre-season game? Or dead of the night in July? Must warn the wives and kiddies to stay away when your pinkness is showing.

First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead.

Enigmas the record all depends on how good the other teams are or are not. Also no one can account for injuries, a couple of key injuries and its game over. Like if Forte gets hurt or Alex Brown or anyone at End really. We don't have deep talent at many positions. If you ask yourself who are the Bears rising stars on defense, it's pretty thin. Anderson keeps getting worse, we have no one comming up at NT, Harrison is ok but not close to Harris when healthy(which may never happen again), At Oline if Williams gets hurt Omiyale will be his replacment, the guy has 1 start in 4 years, not really a rising star so to speak. At guard Beekman was so good they went out and got Omiyale. At center there is really no one, at RT we have Shaffer is a journey men OT but nothing special, he is average. At WR you can hope for Hester but who else. It's a thin team talent wise, lots of the talent is getting well past it's prime and not being replaced. To me when I look at the last few drafts by the Bears, it's getting worse not better. I mean Bullocks is now the This years secondary looks to be Graham, who I like at FS actually but he is at Corner, Tillman who is solid but not great, Bulloks who is really bad, and Payne who is a liability in the passing game, nice against the run though. He's like a poor mans Roy Williams.

Denver needs Defense, really really bad. So how about trading either Urlacher, Harris or Vasher plus Orton and next years #1 for Cutler.

The donkey's get immediate Defensive help, a QB that starts and a number 1 pick. The Bears pickup one of the stud middle linebackers at #18 if Urlacher is traded. They pick up a DT at #18 if Harris is traded, lets face the fact that Tommie Harris is starting to get worn out with the knee problem and the attitude. If Vasher is traded the Bears could go OT at pick #18 since they have two starting CB's already.

Cutler comes aboard with Hanie as his backup, the BEARs win the superbowl, Angelo is voted GM of the year and Lovie as Coach of the year and I have a date with a past Honey Bear, yeah right?

Instant classic!..Da Coach

For some reason Jay Cutler just doesn't tickle me pink. On the topic about pink.... Creighton nobody want to see an over weight slob in pink panties. Sounds like a fetish there buddy.

Back to Cutler. He had some awesome weapons to distribute the ball too. In part to his stats Denver had no running game! They were a pass happy team with a fairly good line to protect him.

Keep Orton let him do his thing. Forte alone will make Orton a better QB.Devon's speed also make him a better QB and heck the dude played hurt for 2/3 of the season. Orton a tool maybe but he does work hard doesn't complain and has a very good head on his shoulders.

Ride it out fans because it looks like Orton is the starter for this year.

This is my pitch:

2009 Draft
Chicago trades 18th pick and Kyle Orton to Cleveland.
Cleveland trades Quinn or Anderson and 36th pick to Denver.
Denver trades Cutler to Chicago.

2010 Draft
Denver receives 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick from Chicago, based on playing time (similar to GB-NYJ deal for Favre last year).

Fundamentally, the Bears would be better with Cutler. He has It. As for the rest of it - Denver's needs are better with keeping their first and drafting at the top of the second (defense on both), and it makes more sense salary-wise. Cleveland doesn't need two highly paid QBs, and would have the cash to sign two first-rounders (WR and offensive line). And the Bears - Angelo doesn't have the best record on first rounds (Urlacher excepted), and in 2010, if there's no cap, that is potentially one big ticket. Also, they keep three picks in this year's 2nd and 3rd rounds to address what gaps remain.

But no mistaking, Cutler is a franchise QB, capable of making any throw and given the right system and coaches, somebody who can take a team and win.

And one last consideration, for those who doubt Cutler's value and potential...

Remember, he played the year before last with an undiagnosed diabetes condition. And didn't bemoan the pain. Threw for 3,500 yds and 20 TDs. Spent the offseason at the training facility studying tape and working on his motion. Got stronger. Threw for 4,500 yds and 25 TDs.

If Chicago's ever going to have the best QB in the league, he's going to be tough, has to throw the long ball, and has to play in the coldest conditions. Check off all for Cutler.

Oh, and he grew up a Bears fan. Hopefully, somebody with pull reads this and does something about it.

Jay is not going anywhere. All ya have to do is the math. He bought his house for $1.3 mil 3 years ago and now he put it up for sale for $2 mil. The reason he did this is because everyone's house is worth more now that it was 3 years ago. He said he was going to show up for mandatory workouts. Also think about it what in the world do you guys really have to offer that the 10 other teams couldn't beat? Just do the math and you will see the Bears fall short.

The price for Cutler is not too high, it is what the market dictates, and a franchise QB is worth alot. 2 firsts and a player is pretty cheap ( I would go 2 firsts a 2nd and a player) considering the trade for Williams and look at the Saints they bounced back pretty quick, but the Bears have not had a franchise QB since 1985 and McMahon, I mean how much is 20 some years w/o a franchise QB worth? Yes I like Orton and I feel we can win the Super Bowl with him, but he would need all the pieces helping him and Cutler is a Pro Bowl QB now, proven one of the best already and for years to come.
I like Orton but Cutler? just look at the future and reflect on the last 20 years.

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