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Roach to sign contract Monday

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Strong-side linebacker Nick Roach will sign a one-year contract on Monday, a source close to the player said.

Roach was tendered as an exclusive rights free agent and really doesn't have any other option unless he was to hold out and ensure veteran Hunter Hillenmeyer gets an immediate leg up on the starting job. With a Northwestern education, here's figuring Roach is brighter than that.

Roach was tendered at $460,000, the minimum for a player with less than three years experience. He played in 14 games and made nine starts last season, recording 40 tackles and two stops for loss. Roach suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out of two games at midseason. Right now, he's believed to have the inside track on the starting job but nothing is set.

Players will report to Halas Hall Monday to have physicals in preparation for the mandatory veteran minicamp. The first of three practices is Tuesday. Roach would not be required to participate if he did not sign the tender because he wouldn't be under contract. He's going to show and sign though.

Roach will be a restricted free agent following the 2009 season. The Bears do not have any RFA's this offseason.

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i love the bears and their cheapness.I told everybody before that the bears are going to pressure St.Clair into taking that veteran minimum.
The bear remind me of the eagles so much when it comes to signing players or it might just be because i live in philly.

If Roach produces more numbers successfully than Hillenmeyer, I say sign Roach to a long term deal and to Hunter:

Nan na na na na, hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It does not matter who plays for the Bears on defense, the scheme sucks! It's old and name one good defense in the NFL that plays it.

Oh,and by the way you become the first head coach to go 0-16 and you have a job in a week after you have been fired, what team would be dumb enough to hire that coach?

Finally, you will not win with the presen head coach, let's hurry up and have a losing season in 2009 and go after cower maybe the second teanm to go 0-16?

YAWN, Just more of the same. Rewarding underacheiving, or talent challenged players. Why even report this crap ? Just write the headline " Same old Jerry, Same old Bears".

The truth is, that neither Hillenmayer, or Roach are very good, and the Bears are in need of a playmaker in this position. I`m sure that they are going to go with wide receiver at #18, but the rookie receiver`s that come into this league generally take 2-3 years to make an impact, where as Brian Cushing, or Rey Maualuga from USC, or Larry English from right here in the good ol` state of Illinois, would be able to come in and make an immediate impact on our defense, and would actually add years to Mr. Urlachers career, by being able to make more plays than either Hillenmayer, or Roach. I would really like to see English in a Bears uniform, because of his ability to rush the passer, something that we just don`t do very well, with or without Rod Marinelli.

As an exclusive rights free agent, the Bears owned him whether he signed the tender or not. This is a pretty good signing from the perspective that they don't owe him anything if he doesn't make the team. Looking around the free agent pool, there aren't many options for a special team playing LB that knows our system. I still hope we draft someone that is better than both Hillenmeyer and Roach. But if Hunter gets some improvement in speed, he is a solid player. The mug-up front hurt him a lot because he was asked to crowd the line, and then turn and run with some pretty quick tight ends....Getting better pressure from the front 4 will helpall 3 linebackers in coverage, and will improve the run defense significantly...

As far as English, I like the kid, but I don't see that being the call in round 1, especially not as a LB. He is a very good DE, but moving him to LB in a 4-3 will be asking him to learn an entirely new position. LB in a 3-4, especially the outside, is more like a defensive end who runs a lot of zone blitzes. It is still difficult, but an easier transition to make than to a SLB in a 4-3. You are asking him to jam the tight end, defend the run, and rarely come on the blitz, so that would be a waste of his talent. We used to put Colvin in as a pass rusher in the nickel, and that is how he got 10 sacks for us. We could do the same with English, but his transition to a 2 point stance would take time. Cushing would be the best bet if we went LB in round 1. Either way, I don't see that (drafting a LB) being the call. We are way too weak on the offensive line and at WR to go with a LB. Lovie and Babich think this group is good enough to make it work, as long as the DL picks up their play and starts doing their jobs....

enuff with the cheap tired of the bears overspending on mediocre talent (see mushin, rick mirer etc etc)

the bears are offering fair value for the production they have gotten out of its players and the free agents they have brought clair will get more than the vets min. but hes for damn sure not going to get jake long money nor does he deserve it...

every yr there is a salary cap and every yr the bears spend close to that cap...the more important argument is HOW they spend the money...not if...

When we're watching Blitzberg, Ravens, Green bay and Vikins do damage to Orton and ower OL in 2009. We can watch as Big Ben run on us and Flacco improve on us. Green bay 3-4 D and Vikins Allen make Orton and our cover 2 D look like crap, then we can start in mid-season to look for a new GM and head coach. I hope Lovie, proves me and bears fans wrong and make this team a real good one, but if not then I don't care if he's another fellow African American that looses his job. I just hate friend that root for other teams, dog me out about being a Bears fan. Miami fans and Steeler fan have a field day at my expence, ever year we get worse and there teams keep getting better, then we get lucky one year with a 9-7 record and were close. Close to WHAT!!!!
Lovie prove me us Bears fan wrong, draft some real good players and make us stronger that the Super Bowl loser of a few years back.

Go Bears!!!!!!!!!
If Lovie get fired mid-season who would be the Interam coach Babach or Marinelli.

Joe, I agree with ya, I guess my thinking is, that in todays NFL, the use of hybrid defenses is becoming more and more popular, and given that the Bears are (re)building through the draft, they have an opportunity to bring in some of these new players, and give themselves the flexibility to do whatever they want, especially since they already have Marcus Harrison, and Izzy Idonije. The Bears actually have the pieces in place to go from a 4-3, to a 3-4, without tipping their hand at the line of scrimmage. The Bears are going to have be creative on defense this year, if they are going to slow anybody down, and using this years crop of "hybrid" players is a perfect way to start.

Kevin Cregeen: "(list of guys) would be able to come in and make an immediate impact on our defense, and would actually add years to Mr. Urlachers career"

Are they surgeons?

Dice: "i love the bears and their cheapness.I told everybody before that the bears are going to pressure St.Clair into taking that veteran minimum."

You know what would keep St. Clair from being "perssured" into signing for the veteran minimum? Being good. Also, I think your facts are about 1000 degrees off. St. Clair was offered 3-year contract (details of which have not been released as far as I know) and he has a little bargaining power; the "veteran minimum" will not be a problem because he has more value as a player who can play 4 of 5 line positions.

I'm not sure how Nick Roach signing for the veteran minimum equates to John St. Clair but have another beer and explain it to me later.


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