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Report: Bears could be among Cutler's top 2 choices in trade scenario

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It has reached the point where it's hard to believe the Jay Cutler saga will not be resolved until the quarterback receives a new contract.

From the Denver Broncos or from a team the Broncos trade him to because right now this storyline looks like it will be as everlasting as the Brett Favre mess a year ago.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has even come to terms with the fact that the Broncos could be moving forward without their quarterback, who reached a Pro Bowl after just his second full season starting in the league. This, after a face-to-face meeting at the team's headquarters in which no progress was made between Cutler and new head coach Josh McDaniels, who had hoped to acquire Matt Cassel in a trade last month.

"I'm very disappointed," Bowlen said Sunday. "I'm disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback."

Klis speculates that the Bears could be among Cutler's top two choices along with Tennessee, which recently re-signed Kerry Collins. Klis seems to have been nailing accurate information throughout this process, and he hits the list of all clubs seemingly in the market for a passer, including the Bears' NFC North rivals in Detroit and Minnesota.

"If Cutler is dealt, his preferences figure to be the Tennessee Titans, who play in Nashville, or the Chicago Bears, his favorite childhood team who would seem to be in need of a quarterback upgrade. Other possibilities could be Cleveland, whose coach, Eric Mangini, was formerly McDaniels' colleague on Bill Belichick's staff in New England; Tampa Bay; Minnesota; Detroit and Arizona."

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith have just about fallen over themselves professing their confidence in Kyle Orton ever since Angelo's press conference two days after the season ended. Just remember, that confidence only goes so far. The Bears don't have enough to extend Orton with a longterm contract. Not now, any way. Whether the Bears would be serious players for Cutler if the Broncos seek to end the madness with a divorce, it's impossible to say right now. What can be said is any effort to land Cutler would be--by far--the boldest move Angelo has made in nearly eight years on the job.

We're still not convinced things can't be mended in Denver with, what else, some green stuff. Cash. Cutler put one of his homes up for sale. His folks did the same thing with a home they have in the area. Reports say Cutler was looking to sell for some time and putting a house on the market in the dead of winter isn't the brightest move from a realty standpoint. Maybe that is why he waited until now. And keep in mind, the Bears have seen a for sale sign go up on a house before. That was one of the final negotiating ploys by running back Cedric Benson in 2005 before his five-week holdout was resolved. For sale signs can come down just as easily as they go up.

Stay tuned.

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Not Going to happen!!!

Next topic,why isnt WR Kenny Britt from Rutgers higher on peoples draft board.I think this guy should be the 2nd best WR on the board only under Crabtree.Heyward- bey didnt even put up good numbers in his whole college career, neither did Percy.Im not sure how these draft expert come up with there listing, thats probably the reason there is so many flops in the first round.

Yes, Cutler put his home up for sale in Denver,but he still has a condo there according to's Wyche.
I'm Seeing stories how Cutler's being a baby about this, but c'mon...You get nominated by your peers,fans,and coaches as employee of the year in essence(the pro Bowl)..and some new smart ass coach decides your the problem! Didn't Denver headhunt a running back for the last game from a strip mall cellphone kiosk? Think Bowlen in his statement is confident in his personel decision, being basically told by Mcdaniels this is HIS team?
Their camp is tommorrow...going to be more press there than the combine! Let the situation deteriorate further, and drive the asking price down.

Cutler's a joke. No sack whatsoever. The Donks are better off without that whiney, sniveling loser. Quit crying, Cutler, and play ball. When was your last winning season, anyway? Oh yeah, not since HIGH SCHOOL! This guy is a cancer and he thinks he has some kind of entitlement. Hey, Jay, you've gotta earn it first! He'd fit right in with the Bears. He's gutless and impotent in the clutch. Good luck, Chicago. But then again, you have only one way to go, and that's up. Cutler will halt that process and you'll be mired in ten years of languishing in lower mediocrity....but you're used to that, anyway, so he should fit right in. L O S E R !

How about Kyle Orton and our 1st round pick for Cutler. I would hang on to Hanie just to see if he turns out to be good. I think he does.

What's more,

Mr. Angelo doesn't have a history of bold moves like that so I doubt it happens.

I say do it!

Cutler may be a cry baby but at least he can throw the deep ball. Orton is average and I don't think he'll ever be anything better than average. Cutler has a chance to be great. I think it would be worth it to take a shot at getting him. He may not be the greatest QB ever but he is still an upgrade over anyone we've had on the Bears in a long time. Could you imagine having a QB that could actually hit Hester on all those plays he burned the secondary last year. He made some CBs looks ridiculas but Orton couldn't get him the ball.

That being said, it'll never happen. No way JA makes a move like that. We get off the bus running, remember! Why would you need a QB for that! Just let Forte carry the ball 500 times and we'll be a SB team for sure!!!!

Told you last week this wasn't over, but a few local morons gave me grief about it. What they did to Cutler was wrong, you don't shop your Pro Bowl QB who has been better than advertised and is only 25. This is the same guy that was going out there sick as a dog when he unkowingly had diabetes Donksuhkh and was dropping weight and looked like he was about to die and he never once complained. Denver fans of course accused him of being on drugs and going out clubing, none of which was true. Sounds like a pretty good guy to me, so what does the new Coach do, a guy who doesn't even know him, and has not even coached a game for the Broncos, he shops him behind his back. And Denver fans are surprised Cutler is mad, I am sure we would all love if are bosses did that to us. Next time maybe the coach can give his franchise player the respect he is do and talk to him before he does something this stupid.

That said there is no chance the Bears make a move, Cutler has talent and Angelo is will not pay for him. Dice, Britt's biggest problem is Britt.

The Whole Cutler thing reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy bit from RAW. Eddie the child(The Bear Fans) thinks about when he was a kid and wanted to go to McDonalds for a Hamburger(Jay Cutler), But his mom(Angelo) tells him she will make a better Hamburger(Orton).

When you're a child, if your mother
doesn't take you to McDonald's, you don't think she can cook.
I had one of those mothers,

no matter what you want, she has the ingredients at home.

You say, "Ma, I wanna stop and get some McDonald's."

And she go,
"I got hamburger meat at home."

"But I want McDonald's hamburger."

"I'll make you a hamburger better than McDonald's."

You go,
"better than McDonald's?"

"That's right. When we get home You can help Mama make it."

You say,
"S###, that sounds better than McDonald's."

Your mother say,
"OK, now go get me the big black frying pan from under the stove."

So you hand her the frying pan and she say:

"I want you to go in the refrigerator and get the ground meat and while you in there, get me a green pepper and a onion."

And you say:
"Ain't no green peppers at McDonald's."

"I'm not making you McDonald's, I'm making you Mama's burger.

" And I need a green pepper and an onion and while your in there get me an egg out too."

"What you need eggs for? I want hamburgers. You making Egg McMuffins."

"I'm not making an Egg McMuffin. I don't know what no Egg McMuffin is. Just get me the egg and shut your mouth."

And she take the egg and the green peppers and chop the peppers up
in big chunks. Don't even dice it. Big chunks of green peppers and onion and mix the egg in and put paprika and all this s### in it and make a big meatball and put it in the middle of this frying pan.

At McDonald's, the meat is thin. Your mother's s### is like real fat. Green peppers hanging out of it and s###. And there's a big split in the middle and grease is popping out.

You're looking at it while it's popping.

You're looking at the grease in the pan and thinking:

"That don't look like no McDonald's."

Then your mother say,
"Go inside the refrigerator and get me the bread out of the bread box." And you go look in the bread box and you say:

"Ma, we don't have no hamburger buns.

"All we have is Wonder Bread."

"That's what I said. Get the bread out of the bread box."

"You gonna put it on square Wonder Bread?"

"Bread is bread. Bring me that bread before I slap you.

"Don't tell me about Wonder Bread.

"As much as that bread costs,don't tell me about Wonder Bread.

"This is Wonder Bread. Bread is Bread and a hamburger is a hamburger."

And she'd make it and put it in the middle of square Wonder Bread.

At McDonald's, they use buns, the meat covers the whole bread.

At your mother's, the meat's right
in the middle of the bread, with grease running through the middle,
making the bread stick to the plate.

This big green pepper
is hanging out the top of this big meatball on the bread.

And you try to put some ketchup on it
and it mixes with the grease, turns the bread into pink dough.

Then you grab it
and get fingerprinted and you got big, pink fingerprints in the dough.

You stand there looking at it and you try to make it look like McDonald's,

so you rip the edges off around it, to make it round

And you got green peppers and
grease running down your hand

And your mother say,
"Now, go on outside and play."

And the other kids all got McDonald's.

They outside going,
"We got McDonald's hamburgers.

"McDonald's. McDonald's.

"I got McDonald's."

And you standing there
with this big "house burger".

And kids are honest.

They say, "Where you get that
big, welfare, green-pepper burger?"

And you cry.

"My mother made it."

the broncos would have to be smoking crack to want in a trade any player on the bears minus forte, harris or maybe tillman in exchange for a young pro bowl qb....furthermore...the 18th pick will only have maybe sanchez and def freeman around...neither seem like franchise QB's...and it forces denver to use that pick on a QB as they have butt cheeks for backup a backup qb...if orton is appealing to them like that then they can have em...

i just dont see what denver would get out of any of this...

that being said...if the broncos want our crap i say give it to them...

problem is Cutler has no leverage...hes not a HOF beloved QB like Farve and he's coming off as ultra whiney...i mean i understand being upset that they lied to him...but still all this seems real childish and overboard...

if i were you fellow bears fans i wouldnt get my hopes up...a trade to the bears would defy all football logic...

it def would be a coup for JA though

the latest quotes according to Chris Mortenson's ESPN article:
"I went in there with every intention of solving the issue, being a Bronco, moving forward as a Bronco," Cutler said. "We weren't in there but about 20 minutes, [McDaniels] did most of the talking and as far as I'm concerned, he made it clear he wants his own guy. He admitted he wanted Matt Cassel because he said he has raised him up from the ground as a quarterback. He said he wasn't sorry about it. He made it clear that he could still entertain trading me because, as he put it, he'll do whatever he feels is in the best interest of the organization.

"At the end of the meeting, he wasn't like, 'Jay, I want you as our quarterback, you're our guy.' It felt like the opposite. He basically said that I needed to tell him if we can't work this out, to let him know," Cutler added. "I thought he was antagonizing me and that was disappointing because I was ready to move on, committed as a Bronco. Really, I figured we'd hash things out, shake hands, laugh a little and move forward. What happened [Saturday] was the last thing I expected. If I didn't think it could be fixed, I never would have come back to Denver. It was painfully obvious to me and Bus [Cook, his agent] it's not something they want to fix."

yikes...this beef actually seems pretty real. however, this does not change the fact that we have absolutely nothing to give back to Denver for Cutler. Brad, is there any precedent for this? a 25yr old Pro Bowl QB getting moved? i can't think of one. Barring JA giving up multiple high draft picks, Cutler will be playing elsewhere.

Creighton, I can't believe I wasted my time reading that entire post. More importantly, I can't believe you typed all that out.

I would love to have Cutler and give up whatever is necessary to finally get a franchise QB. I just can't believe that would actually happen though.

JA would never do it. A real QB scares him to death. Cutler could fly out here and beg for a job and JA would say, "Huh, can you play the 3 technique because Lovie needs another player to switch positions 12 times to satisfy his inability to coach. So can you play DT????????"

Please get this man..sign Torry Holt, and Orlando Pace...and let's go win

My God this is making me sick, as well as look bad. Here we were having this fantastic offseason of sitting on our *sses, doing not a damn thing, while our paid whore Larry Mayer was engaging in the most amazing argumentative acrobatics defending us at Propaganda Central ( Then this Cutler putz--a real quarterback, as repulsive as that sounds--gets his panties in a wad and hints that he might want to be Bear. Yikes!!

I know. We'll just pretend that none of this is going on, and the homer, excuse me, fans...will continue dumping money on us hand over fist and this will just go away.

I live onthe East Coast...all the sports blab chatter from NY is how to get Jay Cutler to the Jets.

I'l tellin' ya - Jay Cutler will not be on the Broncos for opening day. He will be elsewhere.

This guy has got the goods...and now he's pissed. Perfect combination - talent with a chip on his shoulder. The Bears have to get in this game.

If not...we'll look back three years from now and be able to cry about what might have been when Jay Cutler is holding the Lombardi trophy.

PLEASE....By all means, GET JAY CUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We would go from 8-8 to playoffs for sure with him instead of ORNOT!!! I'm praying everyday for a new QB, finally! GO FOR IT, JERRY!!!! You won't be sorry!!! (Creighton, you have too much time on your hands!!! What a waste of space! Are you trying to be funny?? You're not! Go root for the Packers!!!!!..................ORNOT $#@%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I think your analogy is off (I think most adults would prefer Mom's burger to McD's crap), that was hilarious. Great bit.

I wonder if people posting about how much time that took you have ever heard of copy-paste.

The Bears SHOULD bring in Cutler because they have nothing to lose bringing in someone who can actually throw a football with some ability.

But we all know they WON'T. Oh well, we are Bears fans, used to crap like this.

Cutler is being smart not a crybaby,
You don't try to trade your QB unless you expect problems with that said QB IF the trade fails to happen. Bottom Line you don't do that, and I would demand a trade if I were Cutler as the Coach does not want him and thats not good down the line.
Someone said that the same thing happened with Elway and that turned out all right, and this may be alright as well, but Jay HAS to stand up and be counted and demand respect from a newbie Coach as Cutler EARNED his respect already. This is no way for a Coach to start off with a new team, maybe in a closed meeting even closed team meeting you yell and tear down to build up, but try to make a trade before even the first team meeting/camp?? Nope, no way that should have happened.

I'll take Mom's burger, that was the whole point of the Eddie Murphy skit, as an adult he realized Mom's burger was better! Of course the dumb kids want McDonald's, but does that make them right?

Here's an example of manufactured speculation to help generate controversy around the Bears' organization to help prop up an ailing newspaper. You take speculation about where Cutler would want to be traded and use it as a report....nice manipulative slight of hand.

Now let's ask ourselves why the Bears have so much confidence in Kyle Orton when you compare Cutler's stats to Orton's over the first 7 games. The games BEFORE Orton's high ankle sprain.

Jay Cutler 1,862 yards and 13 touchdowns 7 INTs
Kyle Orton 1,462 yards and 10 touchdowns 4 INTs

Where was Kyle Orton better? The touchdown to INT ratio which is one of the most important stats on the books for a QB. You typically want at a minimum a two to one ratio, two touchdowns for every INT thrown.

So that’s not good enough for you? Okay Kyle Orton averaged 7.5 yards per attempt to Cutler’s 6.3 yards per attempts, Cutler’s number of pass attempts 291 was almost 100 more than Orton’s of 196. Over essentially the same seven games meaning both QBs played for seven games and then their bye week came in the eighth week.

And it's been said that Cutler has a $10-million-dollar arm and a 10 cent head. Judging by this fit that he is pitching, judging by how Philip Rivers and the Chargers get into his head etc etc. I wouldn't touch Cutler with a 10-foot pole.

WINNING is not important to the McJokeskey family...making money is! And for that reason some other team will get Cutler.

if they did attempt to get cutler it would be one of the largest moves in chi town sports history!! my only concern is what the bears have to offer except for their 18th pick.. which btw i would give up in a second!! orton would make an excellent backup with hanie as the third.. if angelo wants to redeem himself he convinces the owners to make the move.. " it all starts with the QB angelo said.. well jerry here it is!!

How about offering Denver, Orton, Urlacher and maybe Harris and Hanie for Cutler and some picks.

Just thinking out loud, and hoping anjello reads these posts and gets some IDEAS.

I'll save you all the time. -----NOT GONNA HAPPEN

Again, I will ask the question: Has anyone been to Halas Hall to see if the phone is off the hook?

Donksuhkh: "blah-blah-lookatme-blah-blah"
Awwww, how cute. Neckbearsucks found a little playmate! Now run along back to the nursery kids we grown-ups got real things to talk about.

I'm with you on Kenny Britt but I have him behind Maclin and Crabtree. If - and that's a big IF - Britt can keep the diva-attitude in check he'd be a perfect fit to play opposite of Hester. A big-bodied, strong intermediate threat with great run after catch abilities. I think guys like Heyward-Bey and Harvin are overhyped; Bey is a straight-line runner with poor routes and is soft over the middle. Harvin is a gimmicky guy ala Reggie Bush and he'd be a good fit in a gadget offense (read not Chicago).

Brettsky51 comparing Orton to Cutler is like comparing Bush to Obama. Two different beasts. Orton did well against poor teams and the Bears had a running game, Cutler did well with no running game to speak of and made the Probowl. The first 7 games mean shi-!

Donksuhkh: You are totally nuts and just pissed that the Donkeys are blowing it with Cutler. You won't have to worry about the Bears getting Cutler, because a blind pig may find a truffle every now and then but the Bears could not find a franchise QB if one was standing right in front of them.

Bears fans don't get your hopes up on this one as your hopes will be dashed against the rocks. Don't you know the BEARS don't need no freeking QB? We all know that don't we?

Please Angelo just once make it happen, get Cutler!!! If you blow this chance it is time to move on down the road on the horse you came in on.

If he's really avaiable then take a shot, but Denver will probably try to get three picks and a player in a deal, especially with the BEARS. The worst thing about this whole scenario is that "Cutler" says he wants to go the BEARS,that means Denver will send him someplace else to ensure that the player does not whine to get out and then gets to go where he wants to, its the NFL owners way, to be the ones calling ths shots and punishing any player who dares to stand up for his own rights, look what happened with Farve. this will not happen like the Eli deal for New York, remember what Denver gave up to get Elway....Hell the only thing this does is finally get a reasonable post from MBS who finally had something else to say....

Are you Kidding JA has no balls to go after jay Culter. Besides I like what I saw from Hanie in pre season but we know he wont have a chance till Orton totally screws up and the season is Lost and then we are in the mix of rebuilding or retooling as JA or lovie is concerned. I wish we had culter at least he can throw a deep ball and orton can barely pass for 20 yards accurately but lovie has confidence in him meaning the have confidence orton can hold up for 2010 draft so they can go after a better quarterback is all they mean. We only have Orton because there is no options the bears have right now. Orton is a joke he only connected on 1 pass for over 30 yards to Devin Hester season finally and hester had to come back for the ball and Ron turner says they are devolping him and working on it we all know orton doesnt have the arm for that and Lovie & JA arent going to do it period. JA will wait until after the season then fire lovie & then hopefully JA gets axed too for his dumb chit too. We all know that Hannie and our other quarterback wont have a chance to compete i can guarantee you that even though Lovie says they will but i bet they don't. Besides if they brought Culter in the would still put in orton week after week and saying Orton is our man and not do nothing until there azz is in the hot seat for being fired and then they say Jay Culter is our quarterback. I even bet JA even won't pick up the phone to inquire about culter they will let it pass by and regret it just like they do all the time

How about this: Urlacher and our 2010 first rounder for Cutler....

Urlacher would be a beast on the outside in a 3-4, which would remove the big hole in his game, which is shedding blocks. He could be a double digit sack player right away with his athleticism, not to mention his ability to drop into coverage when needed. Denver gets a first rounder, and a Pro Bowl capable player for their Pro Bowl QB...

Not going to happen, and we would take a big cap hit for trading Urlacher, but at times like this, you have to get outside of the box. Lance Briggs, Tommie Harris, Matt Forte, even Hester, all have to be considered trade-able to get the first true franchise QB we would put on the field in my lifetime (and I'm sure a lot of other guys' lifetime).

I would think of Forte as the only guy I would be reluctant to move, but to get Cutler????Bye Matt...

Now Briggs would be an interesting thought...He could be a very solid inside backer for the 3-4, even though his strength is slashing to the play. We know he can shed blocks, and he is a sound tackler. Idonije is a natural 5 technique, and Harris would probably be more effective as a 5 technique, as he can't seem to stay healthy as a 3...We have some pieces that could be used to build a package for Cutler, but it will have to involve a high draft pick either this year or next year....Likely this year, because they would have Chris Simms as their starter if they moved Cutler...

Jerry needs to at least ask the question to see what it would take. If he doesn't, we all would get confirmation that he isn't concerned about making the Bears better....he is only concerned about proving how smart he is compared to the rest of the league GMs.

Bringing a franchise QB to Chicago would make JA a legend in this town, no matter what he gave up to get him. Hopefully, he will get that, and not worry about upsetting Camp Lovie and the country club they are running these days.

Here's to hoping....

bears management are complete morons! how can they possibly think the current offense is super bowl worthy....Orton at QB, no true no.1 receiver and a jacked up offensive line! please tell me i'm dreaming!

This is never going to happen. We all know that Angelo likes to waste his first day picks on tomato cans and injury-plagued players and he gets some sort of pickgasm out of that. Move on. The Broncos will cut Cutler before Angelo will part with any first or second round picks, and we're not going to get Cutler in any player-for-players trading. Angelo is too obstinate and believes that he has made all the right moves all along. We have a 20th century GM in a 21st century game.

I love it!!!!!.....The same bloggers that have been dogging me are now agreeing with me!!!Orton sucks and the sooner the headhonchos realize it the better!!

Hahahaha guys I didn't write that, it's called Copy and Paste. Eddie Murphy wrote it, it's one of his most famous bits. It's called Burger and it's from Raw.

Cutler is not comming here, I wish he was but he is not. Angelo won't even entertain the idea. If he becomes a Lion I am gonna be sick. But best bet may be the Browns.

McDanials is a d### he totally disrespected Cutler and won't apologize. If your boss did something like this to you, you would have the option of quiting and going someplace else. Cutler does not have that option, so he must fight for a trade. The Broncos will trade him to the best bidder. I believe Angelo has offered all the left over Mike Brown Jersey's and a autographed copy of the Bear report signed by Cade McNown.

McDanial said no and Angelo felt insulted and offended and left. He has restarted negotiations and is now offering a official Rex Grossman jersey and an official Mike Haynes jersey, plus a well used copy on the 1974 Playgirl which features Burt Reynolds. McDanials declined once again sitting the fact that the pages were sticky.

Cutler is overrated. He made the probowl based on first half stats. Last 9 games 61% comp. 12 TD's 11 int's.
Orton last 7 games (injured between first 7 and last 7) 55% comp. 8 TD's 8 int's.

No value in trading for Cutler. You won't get enough of an upgrade. Those who want to talk about differences don't forget Cutler had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal at WR and Graham, Putzier and Scheffler at TE, while Orton had Olsen and Clark at TE (comparable), but Hester and a bag of donuts at WR.

I am in no way advocating that Orton is the answer, but Cutler isn't really a significant upgrade. I'd rather sign Leftwich and see what else is out there. Plus I'd like to see a true offensive line before we wory about a QB. Remember you win in the trenches.

Orton has proved that he is not the answer, he is a game manager...Jay Cutler is a Quarterback...enough said...This really puts Jerry Angelo on the spot...don't make the deal, and Angelo is gone after the season...this is a win, win situation.

dhalilama didn't even bother to look at my stats, he just dismissed the facts completely. Nevermind that after those first seven games Orton had a screwed up ankle...that doesn't mean a damn thing right? As most fans who have a hard on to get Cutler do.

Hell let's do what what Ditka did and trade our whole draft just for Cutler.

brettsky51, you are way off, my friend! Quit blamming Orton's 2nd half season sucking on his ankle! The more the opponents saw of Orton on film, the worse he got!! D Coordinators figured him out!!!....jam his receivers and just watch his eyes. He stares at his receivers throughout their routes.. Just go back and watch that first Packer game in Green Bay....Rex never looked that bad(well, maybe he did)That game would have gotten any other QB a seat on the pine for good. Not while Lovie is the Head. We are doomed to more games like that this year, you watch!!

bgduce what are you smoking Cutler is not an upgrade over Orton? He was the number 3 rated QB in the NFL last year. Thats a pretty big upgrade from a guy rated 25th.

Brettsky two of Ortons best games came after the injury so what are you talking about? You do know that the int's were not because of his ankle. They were because of bad reads. Even Orton has talked about that, not mention just like Rex in 06, nobody new what Orton had to offer or what the Bears offense was going to look like. Teams adjusted to Orton and the Offense, they also adjusted to Forte whos numbers also dropped. Even before Orton hurt his ankle he still couldn't throw deep, in fact his only pass completion of over 30 yards came against Houston and the ball was thrown short and Hester had to make a play on it. He has been broken down by most experts and all of them have said the same thing. When not running scripted plays he makes bad reads, he has bad mechanics, his hips are stiff, he has no touch on his passes and can't throw a fade, he is not accurate and recievers will usually have to make plays on the ball, he has a below average arm, and cannot make plays with his feet. He is a limited QB and is game manager only.

Jay Cutler is considered by most to be the best young QB in the NFL. He has been compared to Elway and Favre and has one of the strongest arms in the nfl. He is mobile and accurate and for a QB he has elite athletic ability, 4526 yards and a 62.3 copletion percentage says it all. There is nothing he cannot do better than Orton. Nothing he is in a different league. If cannot tell that then you need to have your eyes checked. No GM, Head Coach, scout, owner, expert will make that mistake. Cutler is a stud Orton is a Dud. Almost forgot Cutler had 200 yards rushing as well. Not to mention who was his stud RB, answer he didn't have one, at least Orton had Forte. How good do you think Olsen looks with Cutler throwing him the ball, or how about all those times we say Hester get open and the deep ball come up 5 yards short, Hester would have had a 1000 yards with Cutler and at least 3 more td's.

There is no argument to be made between the two. If Cutler didn't have to push so hard because of his awful defense and lack of a feature back he would have had an even better year. Not to mention when Lovie and Angelo get fired there are a lot of really good head coaches that would like to have Cutler rather than Orton.

Although I'm not a big Orton fan, I think most of the bloggers here are smoking CRACK ! 2 first round picks ?? Who would he throw to, the great Earl Bennett ?? This team has more holes than a seive and everyone wants to give Denver "whatever it takes" ?? GET REAL This is not Joe Montana we're talking about, or Steve Young or Brett Favre for that matter. I'd rather watch Jerry and Lovie fail miserably THIS year (which they will) and get a QB in Next years draft,There will be some really good ones available W/OUT giving up too much. WISE UP !!!

Bring Back DaCoach so someone has the balls to pull this off...All for one,take draft day off!!If we don't do this now, JA will standing proud next to our new QB 13 1/2 months from now as he introduces Tim Tebow!!

Are you kidding me? Jay Cutler would instantly become one of the best quarterbacks to ever don a Bear's uniform. In a couple of years, he would be the best by far. Sid Luckman still owns some quarterback records for the Bears.

Here are the Bear's quarterbacks since Jim McMahon (by games played):
Jim Harbaugh
Erik Kramer
Kyle Orton
Mike Tomczak
Rex Grossman
Jim Miller
Shane Matthews
Cade McNown
Chris Chandler
Dave Krieg
Steve Walsh
Steve Stenstrom
Kordell Stewart
Brian Griese
Craig Krenzel
Chad Hutchinson
Peter Tom Willis
Jonathan Quinn
Rick Mirer
Steve Fuller
Mike Hohensee
Doug Flutie
Steve Bradley
Will Furrer
Moses Moreno
Henry Burris
Jay Cutler has as many pro bowl appearances (1) as the Bears' quarterbacks have had in the entire modern era.

And the Bear's first round picks since Jerry Angelo arrived:
Marc Columbo
Michael Haynes
Rex Grossman
Tommy Harris
Cedric Benson
Greg Olsen
Chris Williams

Are you seriously telling us that you wouldn't give up a pick or two to get this guy?

I like how someone compares Cutler and Orton for a handful of games from last season and ignores everything else.

Last year Cutler threw for 4526 yards, 25 TDs and had an 87.1 passer rating.
Kyle Orton in 08 threw for 2972 yards, 18 TDs and had an 79.6 passer rating.
Those numbers, along with his completion %, yards per pass average and yards per game average were all better than Kyle Orton’s.

Cutler threw 151 more passes than Orton but was sacked only 11 times for 69 yards while Orton was sacked 27 times for 160 yards. Cutler can scramble with the best of them while Orton is lead footed and slow.

Cutler has one of the strongest arms in the NFL and can hit a speedster like Devin Hester on the run time after time.
Orton under throws his receivers on a regular basis and has a weak arm making any pass attempts over 20 yards nothing more than a prayer at best.

Over the last two seasons Cutler has thrown for 8023 yards and 45 TDs.
Orton has thrown for 5319 yards and 30 TDs in his entire 4 year NFL career.
He is a year younger than Orton yet he has started 4 more games in the NFL and has made the pro-bowl.

There is no comparison between Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton and anyone who believes that this would not be a huge improvement for the Bears at the QB position is clueless when it comes to football.

The above list is nice to look at.
Cutler would be the best QB to don a Bear's uniform since Sid Luckman...IN THE 1940's!!! Probably the best Bear's QB ever Cutler would end up being.

And of course Angelo should give up 2 or 3 (or even 4) 1st round draft picks for Cutler. They are worthless to Angelo anyways. All of his picks sans Tommie Harris suck. Sure, go right ahead and give em Orton too.

And for teh idiots out there comparing Cutler and Orton thru the first 7 games, get over yourself. You are as scared as I think Angelo is. You are afraid to do the wrong thing, and therefore pass up a lot of right things. Cutler would own Orton in anything, especially playing QB.

The things that are in Angelo's control that could make it happen are the resources to trade with,and the fact that he can make all the decisions to acquire players. He could give up Orton, and 3 first round picks,and a DT not named T. Harris.

The one thing that will be mandatory to get Cutler, however, is not in his control. The money. Cutler will command a lot of money. For that reason, he will not go to Minnesota. They had trouble selling out a playoff game last year, and stand to lose a lot of millions of dollars this season. the owner will refuse to pay him. Same goes for Detroit. That city is just plain falling apart. Clevland is the same reason, and they already are paying Quinn and Anderson. Tampa Bay could work, but they are a small market as well.

The Bears actually could afford it easily with the huge market, an the unwavering fan support. But freakin McCaskey is a cheap skate and will refuse to pay him. For that reason, he will not be a Chicago Bear.

Unfortunately, look for him to be in SanFrancisco next season. I know I shot that out of nowhere, but their owner has more money than God, and just runs an NFL team as a hobby. Kinda like Jerry Jones. All teams have resources to give up for a already good (and possibly great) QB, but only a select few can afford it this in these times.

I hope I am wrong and McCaskey opens up his wallet, but history says otherwise. And it is a long history now.

And another thing that I got a beef with reading all these posts (Yes..I know I have zero to do tonight). Someone or few said that we would have to give up too much to get Cutler, and it might actually make the bears worse this year. don't make a move like this thinking short term. You don't care anymore because you have the most vital position set for a long time. This is not a "win now" move, this is "win a lot in the future" move.

Hope it happens, but not getting my hopes up.


Get "Cutler" and after that lets get Holt or Harrison or even Matt Jones.Its time for Angelo to take some chances or its going to end up being his last soon.Him and Lovie!!!LOL!!

Creighton wrote:
"Hahahaha guys I didn't write that, it's called Copy and Paste. Eddie Murphy wrote it, it's one of his most famous bits. It's called Burger and it's from Raw."


I knew that. It had none of your spelling errors. lol

i believe there was a whiny, sniveling, self-absorbed quarterback a few years back who did well with a new team...eli "i'm as cool, if not cooler, as my brother" manning. that's right. a few years down the road and the kid everyone picked on in grade school won a superbowl. see? dreams can come true! i say angelo gets his head out of his fourth point of contact and make a play for the lad. what's the worse that could happen? we go back to orton. and i dare say 'ol jay would be a big plus over rex gross,man. "so bring on atlanta, bring on dallas. this is for mike and papa bear halas".


I know what you're saying. I agree once again. I also fear he will be in San Fran, but, they are not a well-run franchise and Samurai Mike is in love with Shaun Hill AND Alex Smith. They might not make a play for Cutler.

If the Bears have ANY sense, they will go for Cutler right now. He is very good. NFL Network analysts believe he can be the best in the game.

The Bears should throw a first-rounder and Harris, and/or Urlacher at Denver. They'll take it. McCaskey's can save the money and still get Cutler. Cutler would be with his favorite childhood team, and the Bears offense can control games. He would take pressure off the offensive line with his mobility and help the defense by controlling the game and the clock.

I know it's heresy to think about getting rid of Harris and U. But seriously, there are serviceable LBs and DTs in every draft. Not dominant, but serviceable. And the Bronco's need help at those positions.

I wish the Bears would make a move--just this one time, please!

Jay Cutler is a once in a generation opportunity. Once in a century for Chicago.

they won't sign him. The bears like 2nd rate quarterbacks. they feel the position is unimportant.

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