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RB Jones to visit Bills; Grossman to check in on Bengals

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Kevin Jones listed the Buffalo Bills as one of the teams interested in him on Saturday and that interest has materialized into a visit. reports that Jones will visit the team at its Orchard Park, N.Y., headquarters on Wednesday.

The Bears have made a contract offer to Jones with hopes of bringing him back to share the workload with Matt Forte and Garrett Wolfe. The Bills could potentially offer a situation with more play time. Marshawn Lynch finds himself in legal trouble for the second consecutive offseason and Fred Jackson is the only other back in place. Buffalo had tried to lure Fred Taylor before he signed in New England.

Jones told the Sun-Times that Cincinnati, Cleveland, the New York Jets and Tampa Bay were also interested in him. The Bucs are probably out after they signed Derrick Ward.

*** Speaking of the Bucs, two leagues disputed a report by the Fox affiliate in Tampa that Rex Grossman visited the Buccaneers today.

"That would be news to me,'' said one source close to the situation.

Grossman has a visit scheduled Thursday with the Cincinnati Bengals who are looking for a backup to Carson Palmer after Ryan Fitzpatrick left for Buffalo. Grossman is competing for that spot right now with J.P. Losman and J.T. O'Sullivan.

A source said that the Detroit Lions may be in play for Grossman soon.

*** One ex-Bear who did land in Cincinnati is running back Cedric Benson. He re-upped with the Bengals for two years at $7 million. Benson's signing could affect the chance of Jones landing here.

*** Can we put the Jay Cutler trade talk to rest? The latest out of Denver is the quarterback will have a sit down with coach Josh McDaniels next week.

"Let me be as clear as I can about this," McDaniels told "We are not trading Jay Cutler -- period."

So, I guess that rules out all combinations of Jerry Angelo draft picks and players for the strong-armed Cutler.

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If the Bears do sign Jones, or even if not, one has to wonder if last year was "our" AP's last with the club? I've every running back's name but his this offseason.

No Housh. Ocho Cinco possibly on the way out ... The Bengals are going to throw $7 mil at Cedric (because we've all seen how big money contracts light a fire under him) ... And now they're going to look at Rex as a backup to Palmer ... all aboard the FAIL TRAIN! wooooowooooooo!!!

For Disgusted, exfan, and the like just thank god we're not the Bengals ... yet.

Brad, I haven't heard anything yet but is Kyle Orton still on our roster??.......Please help us all if he is this years starter!!!!!!!.............ORTON $%@#$!!!!!!!!

Another day goes by and the Bears have done nothing to improve this average, mediocre team! What in Gods name are they waiting for? The way Jerry drafts, we are in big trouble! WR? Free safety? OT? WE stink! You can't fill as many holes as we have in one draft! Next year we will be starting over with all new coaches and new GM. New QB too, I hope!

When the Bears first signed Kevin Jones, I wasn't big on the signing because Jones was just 6 months removed from knee surgery. To me, at the least, Jones should have sat until october then come back, he probably would have been more effective had he sat out until october. Now that Jones is a year removed from knee surgery, I say bring him back. If Forte were to go down [god forbid], it would be nice to have another back on the roster that could carry the load for a couple games. Also, with Jones ability to break a big one, be a nice complementary back to Forte that could also take some of the work load away to keep Forte more effective for the long haul of a 16 game season. I look for Jones to sign elsewhere anyways, I think he still wants to be a starter. That leaves the Bears with Garrett Wolf and Adrian Peterson. I like Wolf as a complementary back, but at 5-7 190lbs, I can't see him being able to carry the load for a season if Forte were to go down early. And Adrian Peterson is solid, but is getting a little long in the tooth, so how effective could he be for an entire season if Forte were to go down? If Jones signs elsewhere, the Bears probably might want to bring in another back either by the draft or free agency.

There's not much left in free agency as far as another running back, Kevin Jones might be the Bears best bet, if he does sign elsewhere, the Bears will probably have to draft another back. A darkhorse that I like is Michigan.state's Javon Ringer. Im telling you this kid is a game breaker, so why is he a darkhorse you might ask...4.6 40 is why. Ringer is a projected 4th-5th round pick because of his 40 time, I say who cares the kid can play. Ringer ran for 1,590 yds and 21 tds. And Ringer can catch out of the backfield having had 25 catches. Ringer could be a steal who slipped down draft boards because of his 40 time. After watching him play, you come away thinking he's a 4.3 guy because of his ability to break a big one like he did so much at college. In shorts on a track Ringer seems slow, but on the field where it really counts, he can break a big one every time he touches the ball. Ringer has a little wiggle to his running style and can make defenders miss, I think he could be a nice change of pace runner for Forte who could carry the load if needed. Just a thought GO BEARS!!

Brad come on buddy, why are you stll even mentioning Angelo and the possibility of him trading picks for Cutler> The only reason a lot of fans on here went into length about the Cutler possibility was because were all bored off are butt waiting for the Bears to make some moves. Here we have major holes to fill and were talking about Cutler crap. We all do more discussing on this blog about fixing the Bears than the Bears do at Halas hall, and it shows. Brad you know what, why don't we talk tomorrow about how much Frank Omilaye is going to fix our offense this season because the way things are heading right now with Angelo sitting on his hands, he's going to have to be our "prize" offseason pick-up that turns around the franchise.

"The Bills could potentially offer a situation with more play time."

More play time? What is this, third grade? Will he get extra juice boxes, too???

More ... playING time???

OK, it's crazy idea time. I've been hearing a lot of news about the Cassel trade. There are several theories out there about why New England accepted a second round draft pick for both Cassel and Vrabel, when Denver was reported to be working on a deal that would send a first rounder to NE. The theory I heard this morning is that NE did not want a first round pick (especially an early first round pick) because they would have to pay the rookie too much money for an unproven player. They don't want an early pick, and they can't trade down from an early pick.

So, call me crazy, but here's my idea. For all the teams that are at the top of the draft, who don't want that pick, why not just keep letting the time run out on you chance to pick, until you get down to a comfortable area, where you still have a player available that you like, but you won't have to break the bank for an unproven rookie? It would send a huge message to players and the union prior to both sides meeting at the bargaining table about this very issue. It would also save a club a huge amount of money that could be used to sign their own players, or free agents. Yeah, it's probably a media relations nightmare, but still effective. Especially if several clubs did it.

Other than that, your only choice is to either pay the high draft pick a truckload of money, or refuse to negotiate for that high of a dollar figure which would almost certainly lead to an unsigned rookie getting his walking papers by sitting out all year.

Yup, call me crazy.....

I agree Kevin we really should not let Jones get away at this point, considering the circumstances,
and we have no assurances we will get a comparable player in the draft especially seeing JA's RB draft history. It took him a couple trys to get Forte, for whatever reason,

Don't count Ced out just yet, or Rex either, but with Housh gone it will be harder but Carson is a pretty good QB (when he plays)

"Let me be as clear as I can about this," McDaniels told "We are not trading Jay Cutler -- period."

Code for: 'We are actively entertaining offers for Jay Cutler.'

Get in the game boys.

Actually Metrojoe, its not really that crazy an idea. It happened a few years ago. In the 2003 Draft I think it was, the Vikings failed to get their draft choice to the commissioner before their time slot ran out, and the 2 teams after them hurried to the podium to get their picks in ahead of them. The actual reason that this occurred is that the Vikings management were a bunch of muppets, but for a couple of weeks all the talking heads were alight with the possibility that 'passing' or 'skipping' picks might be a new trend in the draft, with teams able to get the player they wanted at a lower price without trading down, as long as they were careful and held their nerve. It hasn't happened, but I always thought this idea had a lot of possibilities if a team could not find a team to trade down with or don't feel the player they have targeted is worth the contract required by that pick number.

Hey Jerry, why not bring Henry Burris back? He would be cheap Jerry! And he has a snazzy website about, well, himself!!!! He is Calgary's Male Athlete of the Year AND CFL Champion!!!! Talk about pressure for Kyle. That should provide competition for the QB you have so much faith in, yet has a short contract. Henry Burris to the Bears! Super Bowl, here we come!!!

I dont know about your "sources" but I live in Tampa and was watching the local Fox news last night, and Chip Carter (the sports caster) said he was at One Buc Place(Bucs headquarters) yesterday and saw Rex Grossman there metting with team officials. Unless he's a liar and intentionally wanted to lie to the viewers Im inclined to believe him, not a reporter in Chicago....

Yes Matt, we in Chicago are the enemy. It's all part of our master plan, see. We are sneaking in a QB we have "no interest in" into the Buc's organization. Right when you think he is gonna sign....BAM!!! We re-sign Rex and probe him for all the info he knows about the Buc's and their amazing franchise. Don't trust us Matt...don't. Not reporters, humans, cats, one from Chi-Town!!!!! -HAAAA-HAAAAA!!!! My "sources" say you are an idiot.

I am intrigued by the fact that Rex `might' have been in TB, But really you are taking the word of a sportscaster over the word of a sports writer, now really, I am not calling anyone a liar, but it sounds like `someone said' at this point and you are calling someone a liar.
Lets not forget that sometimes even sports writers/casters get bad info, not the end of the world as we know it as we fans in Jerry Land have alot more to worry about than if Rex is in Tampa or not.
Why did the sportscaster not get an interview or pic or something?

You are so right! I forgot about the fact GM's never say what they mean

Long live Brad Muster!
Motto: "I must!"
Now that was a team that got off the bus running. Perhaps instead of targeting a "complimentary" back, the Bears should be looking for the next great Chicago fullback.

Didnt his "source" say "its news to me"? He didnt say no, he didnt say hell no, he said its news to him if Rex was in Tampa.... Great answer.... I wasnt implying anyone was a liar but if you dont get a exact answer isnt saying that just as bad as what the supposed sportscaster did? Hey, Im just saying what he(sportscaster) said on live tv not what he wrote in a paper from a "source".

And DaaBearsfan, I am a Bears fan, I could care less if the Bucs sign him. But your comeback was about as stupid as stupid gets, moron....

Who's on first Matt? Who's on first.

Da Church - I'm not a religious man, so I won't be thanking any deities. But yeah, I'm glad not to be a Bengals fan at this point. Benson had essentially one good game for them, and for some reason the Bengals' brass thought that was enough to give him $7 million. Yow. His season stats are as underwhelming as ever - 3.5 yds. per carry, 2 TDs in 214 carries...about the only thing he did reasonably well for them was catch the ball. Cinci has set themselves up for some serious disappointment.

Kevin - I like your idea about drafting Ringer. His stats are outstanding. He appears to be one of those natural football player types who falls through the cracks because of "measurables." Maybe he'll never be a Pro Bowl player in the NFL, but I'd bet he'd be useful to a team that truly does "get off the bus running." Great name, too. Now if the Bears would only fire Jerry and Lovie and hire hometown hero Mike Shanahan maybe someone like Ringer would be useful. Shanahan always seemed to have a couple of decent backs at a time - Terrell Davis, Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary - he was always grooming the next guy while fostering an offensive environment that led to 1000-yard seasons. To my knowledge Denver didn't spend a lot of early picks on RBs (3-time first team all-pro Davis was a 6th rounder, and will likely go to the hall of fame), yet they always seemed to pound the opposition into the ground with their running schemes. Imagine a one-two punch of Forte and Ringer with a coach like Shanahan. Hey, a guy can dream...

Kevin Jones is smart to seek out a team that will give him a chance to start. He's probably got something left in the tank, although he has hit that magic 5-year point where most backs start to fall apart. If no team offers him a contract to his liking, the Bears should definitely re-sign him. Considering all of their needs it would suck to have to spend even a middle or late round pick on RB. Also, since Jones offered his services on special teams at the end of 2008 (and acquitted himself well) it seems reasonable that if he comes back the Bears should cut ties with Peterson. You have to love Peterson's heart, but his only real contribution is special teams. Otherwise he's pretty much burning up a roster spot that could be used for a younger guy (e.g. one of Jerry's late round draft steals).

The Bengals probably saw enough in Ced to warrant that money, and if Jones is wanted then I can imagine that Benson, (with his attitude adjusted) is worth quite a bit, maybe the partying Benson was not but maybe the Bengals have seen a renewed Benson?

I hear through the `vine' that Sharper `might' visit the Bears, it's pure speculation at this point, but as a Bears fan - that is great news, long live speculation! lolol
dang thats better news than the real thing huh?

I say the Bears sign a Edge James. Its not smart to use Forte as much as they did last year. Edge can take some carries and offer a change of pace RB.

Bears need a bruising back to pair with Forte.

i agree with some of these posts a lot of teams are using two running back sets and forte was getting winded and banged up the last couple of games.. they need a beast at full back to move the chains.. lots of them still around in free agency who may come cheap and want to prove themselves..

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