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Payne gets nice check from performance-based pay program

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Lovie Smith has never shied away from putting young players on the field and that ultimately puts them in position for an end-of-season windfall.

Safety Kevin Payne received one of the larger bonuses around the league in the performance-based pay system. The safety who started all 16 games last season picked up a bonus check of $302,218, largest on the team by a wide margin. It doesn't quite match his base pay from last season of $370,000, but it's a nice chuck of change to pick up in the offseason.

The NFL began a performance-based pay program in 2002 to compensate players based on their playing time vs. their contract. As such, it tends to pay off for younger players who were later round draft picks but get substantial playing time. Every single player who plays one snap during the season receives a check. Each team in the league received $3.257 million to divide amongst its players and the NFL Management Council is the one that slices the pie. Defensive tackle Matt Toeaina, who appeared in only one game as a backup, gets a check. Cameron Worrell, signed to play special teams in Week 17, gets a check. Even Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs got additional pay.

Payne's is believed to be one of the bigger ones in the league as it represents 9.28 percent of the Bears' pie. Tampa Bay offensive tackle Donald Penn pulled down a PBP bonus of $310,919. In comparison, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning received $4,483.

The other top Bears:

Left guard Josh Beekman $239,000
Cornerback Corey Graham $226,000
Linebacker Nick Roach $184,000

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I could ticky tack the formula, but......

Good for them(Payne, Beekman, Graham etal.). It's hard not to like the concept of players getting paid a bonus based objectively on how much they deserve it.

This should be done for rookies, instead of the ridiculous salaries they are getting without even ever playing a down. A rookies' pay should be based on performance the first 2 years, then they can have the opportunity for those big contracts.

The current system has to change, clubs are being handicapped with this current system.

What kind of PBP did Forte receive?

I agree MSBears Fan, players like Payne and Beekman did well for the team last season and them getting extra money for their efforts is the way it should be in everyday life. The NFL is a cutthroat business, these guys can sign a contract and not get every penny it was worth, the owners can use them up then cut their pay at the end of the season, that's why I find it hard to believe that fans get so upset at the players who negotiate higher pay or hold out when owners do not pay them what they are worth, yet they are always the first to talk about players not earning their salary. Tommie Harris is one, Mike Brown was another he took a pay cut to stay with the BEARS last season, Tommie is still feeling the effects of his surgery repair to his knee. This is one thing Gene Upshaw did I agree with the bonus for pay was a great bargaining chip for the players.

Kevin Payne did a nice job for the Bears this last season, and deserved the bonus check. I think Payne is gonna be a pretty good strong safety for Chicago, he was leading the team in tackles in early november from his strong safety position before he was switched to free safety. Payne has a nose for the ball, especially vs the run, this is key for a strong safety.

I see Bears starting left guard Josh Beekman and cornerback Corey Graham, who could very well be a starter this season also, both got some pretty nice bonus checks themselves.

The fact Kevin Payne and Corey Graham, both 5th rounders in 07, and Josh Beekman a 4th rounder in 07, are all getting pay bonuses for playing time in only their second season as pros, proves Jerry Angelo and the Bears scouting department are doing a good job bringing in players on the second day of the draft that have the ability to start. While Payne, Beekman, and Graham, are by no means finished products, they are all young and up coming players that are all ready NFL starters, these guys are only gonna get better. I like how Angelo is building this team through the draft with players like Payne, Graham, and Beekman. Add in some other young players that are 3rd round or higher like Matt Forte, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen, Marcus Harrison, and even Chris Williams and Earl Bennett, and the Bears have a nice young nucleus of players to build around. Im sure Angelo will continue to do a nice job coming up here in april to only improve this young Bears team he is building through the draft. I say let these young players have a chance to develop before saying they all suck, and this young Bears team might surprise some people as they mature GO BEARS!!

Kevin your still living in fantasy land, Beekman is a backup not a core player, Graham is still a backup and even though I wish he wasn't, Olsen has been Average at best, Forte is nice, Hester was pretty bad last year, Harrison did not do much after the first 5 or 6 games, Williams has done zero, Bennett has done less than zero. Payne was the star of the worst secondary in the NFL. But you think that is good, he had the most tackles because teams attacked him, the same way they attack Roy Williams(who the cowboys released) he is a liability in pass coverage. Much like Chris Harris is as well.

How do you get a good core from guys who have done nothing? Williams is a stud core player he had 5 whole downs he played last year. That means he is the best ever? Bennett had zero downs which means he is even better than Williams? Beekman has been replaced, Hester has been ruined. Getting a bonus for playing time means nothing, not when you don't have anyone else to play the position, it's just in the contract, it's not like people were like you played so well here is your bonus. Nope it's for time on the field, thats all it is and has nothing to do with how they played.

Kevin what have Williams and Bennett done in the NFL to show you that they are great NFL players who could be the core of a team? You want to change my argument, all you have to do is give me a real answer to that question.

Creighton it's jerks like you who get on any positive outlooking individuals nerves. I have been a bears fan since I was 9 years old and for the likes of me can't understand the negative comments that continuously come from idiots like you. The bears were two wins away, Tampa Bay and Carolina, from being in the playoffs. This with marginal receivers, an average qb and a rookie running back. So where does all this negative bull $#1+ continuously come from??? Idiots who do not know the game would be the answer.
The stats prove that bears have been one of the winningest organizations in the league over the past couple of years. Yeah, everyone can harp over Rivera leaving and Babitch being a bad replacement. One could even continue to talk about the, "fullback up the middle play calling" of Ron Turner (who by the way has worked miracles with what he has had to work with) but the truth of the matter is the team is in better shape than you know.
I'm not a huge fan of Kyle Orton, but trust me when I say another year at the helm with a consistent teaming up with a developed receiving core and you d1@% heads will forget about Cutler. If we can get to the Super Bowl behind Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones and Bernard Berrian, I believe we can do the same behind Orton, Hester, Forte and Olsen. The defense will get better. Lovie's system has not died. That's obvious in a 9-7 season as opposed to an 0-16 season. I'm tired of explaining this to you. Talk to me when you have something worth while to say. The bears will definitely be back. GO BEARS!!!

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