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Naperville's Earl could be signed for depth today

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On the same day new safety Josh Bullocks got his hands on a couple of passes, the Bears looked to add some more depth to the secondary.

The club gave safety Glenn Earl a physical after the conclusion of minicamp Thursday afternoon. The Naperville North and Notre Dame product could sign a contract today. Earl was one of five players participating in the three-day minicamp on a tryout basis.

Earl, who turns 28 in June, was a productive player for the Houston Texans and new secondary coach Jon Hoke before injuries took a toll. He made 31 starts through his first three seasons and had a career-high 74 tackles in 2006. Earl was knocked out with a torn Lisfranc ligament in his foot during the 2007 preseason in a game at Reliant Stadium. He was released by the Texans at the end of last summer.

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Nothing against Glenn Earl, but the Bears org (JA) continue to troll the leftovers, has-beens and walking wounded - all that have been NFL cast-offs. Lovie and JA have this odd belief that they "can coach them up" to All Pro levels. This isn't high school ball... these are multi-millionaire professional athletes, some good and some not. You still need to have the talent to coach. Coaching up the players may work if you're close to success and are trying to eke out that last 5-10% of an athletes capacity, but the first 90% is all talent. Get ready for more mediocrity from the Bores, aka the Milktoast of the Midway.

Y'know...some signings aren't even worth a blog entry, Brad.

Another SS? Woo Hoo!

This is hopefully a camp body to see if he still can play. I think this tells me that they really do not want to look at Mike Brown again. A safety with a Lisfranc tear in his past is not that different than Mike Brown, so the fact that they aren't even talking to him says they feel like they have been patient enough with brown, and know they can't count on him staying healthy enough to risk the development of their younger players (Payne most notably).

I can't see any more than a special teamer if he makes the final roster. Payne is a solid young player who has a lot of upside, and Earl can't play the Free safety spot, so he sure isn't going to start unless there's an....wait, I'm not going to say it. We have suffered through it for 4 years at safety, and I'm not going to be the one who jinxes it....

Remember they have the best free agent out there in Rod M!! I agree Co. to be dis.above...they do believe that a little coaching can help anybody. Do they think there coaching is better than any other team? UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its march silly...why are you getting yourself all worked up over someone who in all likelihood wont even make the team

And that 2007 preseason game was against the Bears. Earl got out of position on a tackle and Ced Benson ran him over, messing up Earl's foot and knocking him out for the season.

Read this in the `other paper' This is some serious stuff, last I heard Harris was not contacting Sapp for that off season training help,

Missing in action: Defensive tackle Tommie Harris sat out much of Thursday's session, but it was no cause for alarm. The team rested Harris' ailing left knee often last season. "We think Tommie will be good to go," Smith said, "but right now, two days in row is quite a bit when a guy is not in tip-top shape."

`Not in tip-top shape'?? H was supposed to healthy at the end of last year and we were told he had a couple good games bc he was healthy at the end of the year? what is going on???

relax fellas. You have to have bodies in training camp and the only healthy safeties are Bullocks and Steltz so they need more bodies in there. They need some people to fill out the practice squad.

Guys, we can all scream and moan until we're blue in the face, but the one thing you have to realize is that it's not Angelo that is being cheap. It's the McCaskey family. The Bears are their sole means of support, hence, they're not going to be like Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones and throw money around. If you're a Bears fan, get used to the fact that they're going to be cheap and "cut corners" in free agency. It doesn't mean you have to like it... believe me, no Bears fan does. But continuing to make a fuss about it won't change it.

Nothing really matters with who they bring in now to add depth. This kid and many others will not even make the team come August. I am really glad to see that Bennett came out and said he could not digest the playbook last season. I took a bunch of crap from a lot of you that he went to Vandy. Well if you read the article on and heard the Score last year you would already know what I've been saying all along. He is not that bright and finally has a decent grasp on the playbook NOW. Hopefully he can become the receiver they drafted last year. Remember many athletes get into many elite schools on scholarships that aren't the brightest stars in the sky.

With that being said I will support this kid and hopefully he can put up some numbers like he did at Vandy. His stats were impressive. Also, Neckbeard glad to see your post yesterday and it was actually not your normal 2 lines. As fans we must support even if you do not like the player. I do like Orton and hopefully he can lead us to a great season this year.

I really like the fact that the new coaches got to see their players early and take advantage of being out on the field. Rod definately sounds like a great coach and we should reap the rewards this season. I think Alex Brown will be a monster and hopefully Anderson can get that rookie swagger back.

Very excited about the upcoming season. I know we still have a lot of answers and holes to fill. But this is Bears football and soon the draft will be here then we will be in full swing.


Brad, I disagree with Dan M, keep doing what your doing and keep us up to date on all the Bears off-season moves. I enjoy and appreciate all these little tid-bits you report on in your blog. Heck, if the Bears hire a new grounds keeper I want to hear about it! Im a die-hard, Im funny like that. Again, thanks and keep up the good work.

As for the post, if Glenn Earl is signed its clearly a depth signing. Earl is a strong safety, Chicago is in need of another free safety. Secondary coach Jon Hokes knows the guy pretty good so he probably wants to see if he can do what he did in Houston as far as playing strong safety, if so, Earl will add nice depth GO BEARS!!

WOWWWW!!! Now, we are save!!!! Our GM is a joke!!!!!

but i will help him, with these moves!!!




Guys a couple of things to mention here. First off Earl played free safety for the texans, and was pretty productive starting 31 games. Also Coach Hoke put his neck on the line recommending this guy come in for a tryout, and obviously liked what Earl brings to the table when healthy since he coached him for 3 season's. When Earl came out in the 2004 draft he was noted as being a quick safety with good hitting ability who could be a solid starter. Also in terms of the safety position the Bears need competition and I think a guy like Glen Earl who started 3 season's qualifies to compete, and let's not forget that I still think we will get a nice young free safety out of this year's draft class. The situation with Harris is a bit more ridiculous. Will Harris ever practice a full week? The comments Lovie made about Harris not being in tip top shape should never happen, Tommie was healthy at the end of last season, what are the excuses for not being able to make it through a 4 day minicamp? We have to start questioning his work habits, and whether his desire and focus is on full throtle. You hate to say that but their is NO excuse for not being in shape, he no longer has the injury excuse to fall back on. I didn't see Anthony Adams or Marcus Harrison saying that they needed to chill out the last practice because they were not in tip-top shape. Something's got to give.


What is this news about Tommie Harris not contacting Warren Sapp? Actually it really does not surprise me as Tommie Harris seems to be quite immature and moody. The knee I guess is really an issue, maybe a three technique DT is a good pick at #18 since it looks like Tommie thinks he is so good that a former all pro could not offer any tips to the great Tommie Harris.

Tommie is maybe a flash in the pan, someone with a lot of physical talent without the knee problem but also someone that just doesn't seem to have the champions heart and will to excel.

Maybe time to look at a trade of Harris to Denver and a third rounder for Cutler. The donkey's need D line help and might jump at the chance to get a physical talent like Harris?

for all you who say the team is cheap you don't have a clue... the NFL has a salary cap, duh!, the Bears are close to the cap every year (what a concept)... what do you suppose you could do differently (legally)... there is a reason you are not running the team (or any team for that matter) and that's because you don't have 1/2 of the information you need and that they do... grow up and accept the fact that you just like to complain for complaining's sake...

Joe and the rest of you Mike Brown lovers please get over it! He's gone and will never be back. It's not a coincidence that no teams have brought Mike in for a visit. That's clearly a tell-tale sign he has nothing left in the tank.

I hear Orton is throwing picks at mini-camp! Maybe the more he plays, the more everyone will see he is not the long term answer. I hope either he plays well all year, or he stinks early so we can find a replacement soon so not to ruin the whole season. GO BEARS! I'm not too worried about Tommie yet, it's early.


I'm with Kevin . . . keep the info coming. Basketball, hockey, and baseball seasons only does so much for this football nerd.

The Bears have spent money, just on the wrong people . . . an $18M extension to a MLB who can't stop the run up the middle . . . YIKES!


I'm glad to see those 12 step meetings for QB Stalkers Anonymous are paying off . . . keep making strides, brother.

Finally, here's a vote AGAINST bringing in Jay Cutler . . . at least not for 2 #1s. Orton will continue to improve and younger, stronger, better OLs will help, as will WRs who can actually catch!

Go Bears.

Kevin is Die Hard, Yippie Kai yay MotherF#####.

Halas Hall has been taken over by a corrupt Tampa Bay Managment force, and Kevin Armstead, shirtless, painted orange and blue and wearing a fake beard is taking it back with his big foam finger.

Angelo: Mr. Mystery Guest? Are you still there?
Kevin: Yeah, I'm still here. Unless you wanna win the Super Bowl for me.
Angelo: Uh, no, I'm afraid not. But, you have me at a loss. You know my name but who are you? Just another Bear Fan who saw too many Super Bowl shuffle videos as a child? Another fan of a bankrupt Team who thinks he's Mike Ditka? Singletary? Walter Payton?
Kevin: I was always kinda partial to Jim McMahon actually. I really like those headbands.
Angelo: Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mr. Bear Fan?
Kevin: Yippee-ki-yay, motherf#####.

Lovie: This is Head coach of the Bears, Lovie Smith, and I am in charge of this situation.
Kevin: Oh, you're in charge? Well, I got some bad news for you *Lovie*, from up here it doesn't look like you're in charge of jack ####.
Lovie: You listen to me, you little a$$####, I'm-
Kevin: A$$####? I'm not the one who just got butt-###### on national TV, *Lovie*. Now, you listen to me, jerk, if you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. Quit being a part of the f###### problem and put Angelo back on!

Guys', there is nothing wrong with finding players to compete !!

Who cares if he is someone's castoff ?

The facts are he was playing in the league, he'd played well before injury cost him a season and ultimately a job. The July camp roster needs to be at 80-players. That means the Bears will continue to bring in players for eval's, sign a few more, after the draft add another 8 to 10 undrafted free agents ect....

Let them come. Let the competition in camp weed out the players that don't belong. The rest will be relegated to the practice squad anyway.

Go Bears !!

I was actually asking a ? I heard Harris has not called Sapp yet, and that call will not be made by Sapp but is expected by Harris, I am hoping he makes that call regardless what anyone thinks of Sapp's mouth he is a very good man (person) and can teach Harris a few things I am sure.
But the not in shape comment really threw me for a loop, that sounded wrong. If his knee is not healed enough for a couple days practice (and what does shape mean? healthy working out? or healthy knee? either way it's bad news.
I am not concerned with the Earle sign, that is a good move, if he is good kool, if not jettison. But some fans are po'd as that is the main news out of camp, not a FS/OL signing but a bottom rung signing. But if he gets healthy (see alot of Jerry signings lately)then he is a good sign. But durn when is Jerry going to sign a healthy good player?? lolol I mean look at our own teams signs, they were all injured or played poorly lolo cept Briggs. Bring us your sick/downtrodden etc.. we should have a Statue of Liberty at Halas Hall....roflmao

Creighton are you ok? or is the off-season getting to you? the Lovie move shows a sense of desperation even though it is phoney.If they don't get it right this time they both are going to be held accountable. Harris on the sideline for a minicamp? no it's not too early to be concerned. Harris got paid way too much for a player on one leg. And lastly look at the places Angelo and Lovie have been. The Rams lightweight defense has totally been destroyed and Tampa got rid of Angelo and suffered for years in the wake of his stupidity, think about it it's time for both to take a hike.

Bensonsucks sense when have the Bears ever competed for spot on the team. In fact they don't do much in they way of competition, just ask Benson.

Now as for Earl, he is a SS not a FS and he has not played in 2 years. Now last year when the Bears went and got Lloyd and Booker, everyone said the same thing they are saying now. "Oh it's depth," or there just here to push the young guys, blah, blah, blah.

Here are some names that debunk all those pathetic Bear theories.


Nope the Bears would never sign a cast off and let him start. But at least they are all awsome players. Oh Archuleta how could we let you go, Lloyd no reciever could match your production, Garza it was so great the way you let littl Chris Harris blowup time and again in that Carolina game you have a good heart, Miller the drive killer what a great RT, Griese, Kyle Orton looks up to you so and you tought him everything you know, Booker what happened to you, you have big hands Kevin said you get 100 receptions this year, Ricky Manning Kevin was a fanning you were the bestest nickle ever. Hillenmeyer Tight Ends love you so. But no the Bears would never sign Bullocks and Earl as starters even though Angelo said he felt there was no talent at the saftey position in the draft this year. Nope they couldn't be his free agent pick ups for the secondary, I will bet that either Bullocks or Earl start this year, maybe even both. Remember Earl is Hoke's guy so he already has an edge and Bullocks is competing with himself for the spot.

Didn't Turner get Lloyd last year.

The Bears love to give players a third or forth chance to start.

Omiyale is on his third team in his fifth season and is expected to start even though he has never been a starter.
Bullocks is competing with himself for the starting FS job and is already on the first team, Steltz was put at SS.
Earl will get the nod over Steltz and Payne, you watch, he knows Hoke and how Hoke does things. Payne and Steltz are both bad in coverage, I don't know if earl is bad in coverage but he is slow, runs a 4.65 40.

The Bears are jumping the shark again.

I think the Bears will still take a DB in the draft, after all Angelo has drafted more DB's than any other position, but I think it will be a special teams player.

By True Bears Fan (thru good or bad baby) on March 20, 2009 1:05 PM
for all you who say the team is cheap you don't have a clue... the NFL has a salary cap, duh!, the Bears are close to the cap every year (what a concept)... what do you suppose you could do differently (legally)... there is a reason you are not running the team (or any team for that matter) and that's because you don't have 1/2 of the information you need and that they do... grow up and accept the fact that you just like to complain for complaining's sake...

You need to check your facts, Brad already covered this and the Bears don't spend what you think they spend. By the way your complaining about people complaining, so not only are you a complainer but your a hypocrite for complaining about complainers. Nice. By the way could your name be any longer, you know peole will get your a Bears fan just by reading the first part of your screen name. No really it's a dead giveaway. You know when people run around saying there this or there that or there the biggest fan ever, there usually the most insecure people who are trying to prove to everyone that they are something that there not. Who are you trying to convince that your a Bear fan? Is it your dad, does he not feel your a real fan? People always trying to prove there more of a fan than everyone else. "No I am the biggest fan" "No I am" most people who tend to claim there the number one fan tend to be the number 1 looser in any given place. You can be a fan and still use your brain. Meathead syndrome strikes again.

True Bears Fan (OMGWTFBBQ!!!),

I think Bill Maher summed it up when he said (paraphrasing) "Saying that your (a huge bear fan) is like saying you have a big c@#k. If you have to tell everyone, it's probably not true."

Also, the Bears (last I saw) were $20 million under the cap this year so you may want to do a little fact checking on your points.


Kevin is die-hard? I don't see it. I think he'd be more like Warlock hanging out in his "command center" in the heart of his mom's basement. That's just me. I AM ONLY TEASING KEVIN.


OK, fess up you guys ... who hijacked NBS's moniker and posted as him?

Certainly Bensob was forced into action because of draft status and the money the Bears were paying him. Ditto for Train Wrecks Grossman and many other high priced Bears over the years. That is different from a couple of WR's like Booker and Llyod who were paid peanuts to come here.

Hunter was a GB Packer cast off and ultimately became a starter in 2004 before currently losing his starting job to Nick Roach who was an undrafted FA plucked off the practice squad of Sandiego.

Brandon McGowan was an undrafted free agent camp invite in 2005 who eventually became a starting safety for us.

Jason McKie was an undrafted free agent signed by the Eagles. He was on the active roster with Dallas for less then a year and waived. The Bears signed him and he ultimately became the starting FB for us since 2006.

Kyle Orton beat out Wrecks last season. It took WAY too long but Lovie allowed bad Rex to ride the bench in his swann song last season.

Alfonso Boone was a late 7'th round selection by Detroit relegated to the PS. The Bears plucked him off the PS and he played a prominent role in the DT rotation before moving on the KC.

Rasheid Davis was an Arena Leaguer for the San Jose Saber Cats before the Bears brought him in. He started 12 games last season.

Robbie Gould was working construction before the Bears gave him a try out.

Israel Idonije was an undrafted free agent out of Manitoba Canada and spent the 2003 season on the Browns PS. The Bears signed him and has been a solid ST / part time starter at DE and DT ever since.

Adewale Ogunleye entered the NFL as an undrafted player.

Lovie views his safeties as INTER-changable. Being a career SS or FS really doesn't mean much in Lovie's scheme. Kevin Payne, Mike Brown, Mike Green, Chris Harris, Brandon McGowan, Steltz, Todd Johnson, Cameron Worell, Daniel Manning all have flipped flopped between SS and FS.

Just being a starter on the Bears does not mean much.
If these players are so great how could we possibly miss the playoffs? Nope, they are Bears Starters which does not in any way shape or form make them NFL stars, a big difference as they have done very little in the way of constant playoff and Super Bowl contenders or pro bowls for that matter.

True Bears are you satisfied with the players/Coaches over the past 2 years? How about the past 20 years?
Alot of fans want to live on that Super Bowl year - forgetting we were embarrassed in that game and we have not done didly since then, and we did not do didley before then either, I truly thought Jerry was going to be the GM that took this franchise to the next level, but I have serious doubts when he can't even hold together a Super Bowl team and fill in holes to reach the playoffs, I mean we were in the Super Bowl, how many holes does it take to fill to at the least go back to the playoffs??? My gosh, just don't break nuthin and your back to the playoffs, but he broke it entirely. Complain about nothing? Are you really a Bears fan? or a loser fan?

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