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Irreconcilable differences: Broncos to trade Cutler

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The Bears have their shot.

The Denver Broncos announced Tuesday night that they will look to trade disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler, who has been at odds with the organization since it leaked that coach Josh McDaniels was working to move him in a three-way trade for Matt Cassel at the start of free agency.

The Bears, it was reported last week, reached out to the Broncos to let them know that they were interested in being in the conversation if the team moved to ship Cutler.

That time is now.

Prepare your offer.

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Please trade our next two 1st round picks for CUTLER! Sign Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, and draft a reciever in the second round (preferable Hakeem Nicks) and lets go the Super Bowl!!!

Tinley Park

I want to wake up in the morning and hear Jay is a BEAR. No dreaming. Just think JA, all the season tickets you would sell. All the jerseys, all the excitment this city would scream. Talk about a stimulis plan. Please do not let arrogance or ignorance stop this.
I hope we have enough to offer. There is only two untouchables 22 55

Get in there, Jerry !!!

This makes the Pace visit make more sense. If we knew we possibly were going to trade the #18 pick and still wanted a quality OT, you want to make sure Pace can pass that physical so he's ready to sign if the deal with Cutler goes down.

lets not lose our head...remember this is all contigent on denver taking the best deal it can get...there are many more qb needy teams who could offer higher draft picks/better qb prospects in return...

i hope the bears can get this done...but if it isnt...its because its lack of ammo and not gun shyness

Lets not get ahead of ourselves and trade away multiple 1st rounders. Orton should be included in any package and this years 2nd round pick. Maybe throw in a mid-late round next year. The fact that we can trade orton helps us more than other teams. They will need a quality NFL starter.

Interesting theory Dan M. I'm not sure how close Chicago would be with so many teams needing a hurler, but I know there are many fans (myself included) who'd love to see Cutler in a DIFFERENT orange and blue.

If Cutler can come here what the heck are they going to give for him? Two first rounders? Picks and a player? This should get interesting even with teams outside of Chicago. I see JA as way too conservative so I think Chicago will lose out in this one but it will be to some GM that's willing to do a "Ditka-like" move (whole draft). If it comes to that JA should just back away because that would be stupid.

My take: Two 1st-rounders and nothing more unless it's a 2011 later round pick.

Offer Angelo, Lovie, Babich and any player or draft pick the Broncos want. Heck, trade the entire team for our chance to have a real quarterback for the first time in decades. Just make sure to include Babich in the deal.

I live 50 miles north of Denver in Fort Collins (go CSU Rams and go Caleb) a lifelong Bear fan born in Chicago in the Little Village area. Please, please do not think that Cutler is a savior. He has the Rex Grossman arm and is a bigger head case than sexy Rexy. Look at his statistics in the 4th quarter of the last 3 Bronco games; he could not provide a comeback against Buffalo; a game that if the Broncos win they are division champs instead of San Diego. He has a problem when playing the Chargers not because of their defense but because Phillip Rivers the Charger QB gets in his head (Cutlers' actual quote). He is not a winner and unless he grows up very fast he never will be. If a receiver drops a pass even if it is Cutlers fault he blames the receiver and gets bent out of shape. He will not be able handle the friendly confines of Solder's Field if he has a bad game and the fans get upset with him. His team mates do not consider him the team leader on offense - Bronco players on local radio shows in Denver preferred not to answer when asked directly if they considered Jay their leader.

Angelo...THIS IS YOUR CUE!!!

Show me that I can have confidence in you. MAKE.........THE........MOVE.....




Rajk, there is going to be several suitors and there is no way a #2 and Orton will be in the hunt. I dont think a lot of other teams view him as a legitmate starter.

You think Denver would take Orton, a 2nd rounder, and a mid late rounder for Cutler? It will take at least 1st rounder if not 2 1sts to get Cutler. I don't see Angelo giving up the picks it would take to get #6. He is content with trying out 1 more year of Orton and then making a decision next season.

If the Bears seriously go after Cutler and don't get him here is what I see happening. Orton goes on a rampage this season. Full of Montana like comebacks, has a pro bowl year, and gets the Bears deep into the playoffs. Then when he's a free agent at the end of this season, he tells the Bears "f--- you I'm out" and the ViQueens sign him. Guess I'm just a pessimist.

Go for it Ja! Trade the our first round pick this year and next, along with Vasher and Hanie (he's a Colorado favorite). Cutler wants to be a Bear and if someone wants to be a part of an organization the performance will follow.


If I was in JA's shoes, my offer would be the 2009 1st rounder, Kyle Orton and a 2010 3rd rounder.

Off the top of my head, I don't think the following teams can offer the Broncos a QB who is still young, has won games when he has started and has improved over the course of the last couple of seasons like Orton has.

And before anyone starts to bash that last statement, hear this out:

Can the 49ers, Bucs (unless Denver wants Griese back, LOL), Lions, Jets and Browns offer someone with a similar track record like Orton has, in spite of his late season flaws (after the ankle injury).

Only the Jags with David Garrard might have a better and relatively young QB starter than the Bears do, compared to those other teams indicated above. And don't say Brady Quinn is better. I haven't seen him throw pass deeper than 12 yards. Orton is more comfortable in his reads across all parts of the field (especially intermediate and deep) than Quinn is.

Unfortunately neither of them can hit the deep ball with great consistency.

I hope that if the Bears do land this crybaby headcase, that all of you armchair quarterbacks on this blog aren't on here several months from now when he is bad mouthing the receivers and the front office if things don't go his way. When asked if we should have gone after T.O., most people said "no way," but I don't see the big difference between these two whiners/team cancers. Most of you sound like nerds who would date the first decent girl that came along just because you haven't had a date in forever.
Yes, he had great stats, but he is not a leader (a trait a QB should have), and he cannot win the big game. I remember Rex taking his punishment like a man...Cutler will cry and be hated here in Chicago, and will want a trade by the end of next year. Keep Orton and develop him along with a decent receiver or two. We don't have to have a world class QB to win the Superbowl.

Ditto on the Rexy thing, but I think he just wants out and will really grow up in a different environment, plus we have some leaders in the locker room which Denver was really lacking last year. I think Chicago actually would be less pressure filled then here as he will not be expected to carry the team(Well, not to the Elway like proportions expected of him in Denver) but he will be asked to do what we do and that is run the ball. The press will be just as hard on him as here(he is the next Elway you know), which he has really handled pretty well so far. He aint the savior, but well worth anything the bears have at this point. Don't underestimate Orton's value in a possable trade with Denver. He is not a big name so he will not have the attitude and can be coached(which McDaniels will love). He has started and and kind of plays like Castle(which McDaniels will love). If he fails out here McDaniels will have a scape goat(McDaniels loves this) and if he succeeds McDaniels will be a hero(McDaniels needs this to keep his job). Orton also drives a prius so he will fit in really well in Boulder...... So JA, give em the whole shebang man, I like Orton, but we need (I can't believe I just said that about a Bronco) Cutler.

HA HA...


The last wrecks apologist in existence.

Wherever he ends up(still not signed), may you soon follow. You are not a Bears fan.


So we can start eliminating teams from the discussion....

Cutler had identified the Bears and the Titans as potential destinations he was interested in, and my guess is that either of those two teams would have to offer more than everyone else to get him.
McDaniels is a disciple of Belichick, which means he believes in vengeance. Cutler has embarassed him in front of the national media, and challenged his undeserved rule over the organization. He is going to send him to Detroit, or Cleveland, or maybe St. Louis. He will find the worst possible situation, and "banish" him there. So who has the best deal to offer from those three teams?

Detroit can offer the #20, and next year's first rounder, plus Kitna. He is a smart QB who plays hard, works hard, and has a good enough arm to execute the offense for McDaniels. Detroit will not part with the #1 overall, because whoever is playing QB for them next year needs some protection. Detroit can then draft Jason Smith, and move Backus inside to guard, which will improve their line a lot. They would have Cutler, and still have 4 picks in the top 100, including #1 overall.

Cleveland can offer one of the QBs, likely Quinn over Anderson, and probably next year's #1. I don't think they have enough picks in this year's draft to package current picks as part of the deal, unless they are willing to give up the 5 pick. If Mangini does that, he will find someone to trade back with so the pick is not as valuable, and he can get some additional picks out of the deal. Just like McDaniels, Mangini doesn't like the QBs he has, and always wants someone else's guy so he can shake up the roster. That is why he failed in New York, and why he will fail in Cleveland.

Which brings me to my rant on Belichick disciples, which I will resist for the sake of completing my thought. All I will say is that none of them will ever amount to crap in the NFL, because they have all of Bill's arrogance, and none of the ability (or propensity/moral flexibility for cheating)

St. Louis is an interesting case study. Bulger is there, and would be a good fit for this offense, but they won't give up the 2 pick, especially since they have let Pace and Holt go this offseason. It would have to be a future pick.

In the current system, giving up 2 first rounders (especially if you expect to pick near the top, like Detroit, Cleveland, and St. Louis) is a pretty wise decision. Instead of paying $35 million in guarantees to a guy who has never played a snap (not to mention $20-40 mil in 2010), you sign Cutler to a 6 year extension, with $35-40 million guaranteed, and save a ton of money to pursue free agents next season during the uncapped year. You get a fan-exciting acquisition, which increases your revenue and jersey sales, and people start talking about you as something other than a laughingstock.

But what happens if they re-do the CBA, and a rookie cap comes in next season instead of an uncapped year? Then all of a sudden, that first round pick got a lot cheaper, and that $35-40 million could be $5-15 million, and you lost out on a chance to play in the trading up extravaganza that will inevitably come into play. If they cap the rookie pay scales, there is nothing to prevent an organization from making the move up other than nerve, and an acceptable package of picks and players to get the deal done. Cutler is still a franchise QB, but is he the savior of your franchise? One man cannot win it all by himself, but he does provide the building block to mold the team around.

I don't expect the Bears to play in this derby, because I don't expect Jerry to give up 2 first rounders AND Kyle Orton. Or this year's first, and extra picks, as well as Orton. If he does, I will stand corrected, and be utterly shocked. I don't know that I would make the deal, even though I think Cutler would be the most talented QB to wear the Bear uniform in my lifetime.

We have an awful lot of holes. We were in the top half of the league in offense with crappy receivers and a porous offensive line with Orton before he got hurt. The defense fell apart, the line got worse, and Lloyd got hurt and missed 6 weeks. 3 Step drops and no running lanes took us out of the top half. Orton suffered because we had no options on offense. Give him some tools, in the form of Maclin, Britt, or Nicks, and a couple more offensive linemen, and a couple of players on defense to get them back to respectability, and let's see what the kid can do.

Give em Tommie Harris, Nathan Vasher, 2010 1st rounder and Kyle.

That way you still can get somebody this year.

That improves two weaknesses in Denvers D. Terrible D Tackles and they need a 2nd corner opposite Champ.

Please Jerry.

But it would be Jerry's fault if he does not offer enough. How many firsts do we have? I would think as many as another team? The only difference would be talent level of players included in the trade, so the deal is the Bears do NOT have any talented players that could possibly compare to another teams talent offered? OK, I'll buy that. Cause after Forte or Briggs or maybe? Hester we do not have the talent to offer. Anyone that says Url or Harris has no regard for the Broncos front office as those 2 have not played worth squat for several years, and at last glance had injuries hampering them. So I guess I am concurring with Da Church on this one as I don't feel Jerry has the guts to make that trade.
Da Church, you would throw in Orton right?

I would do 2 firsts, Orton and a second. Why so much? (see link below) - not Hester as we will need him for Cutler. Bc its what the market will bear, We won't need Orton, we sure don't need JA drafting any more Ced's and read this from

`Indeed, McMahon is the only Bear quarterback to be selected to a Pro Bowl in the modern era.'
How long ago was that?

If you want to see the NFL's worst QB's list ever then read this at your own risk. After seeing this list and remembering all the failures, Rex doesn't look so bad!

WARNING: The following website contains information that will sicken every Bears fan that reads it.

After reading that list I would def. think about 3 firsts cause this is the Bears and it's about stinkin time we had a QB.

Trade urlacher (move Briggs inside)) and/or Hester (lousy receiver and Manning can return kicks)

Maybe we are looking at the wrong QB, What about Derek Anderson?
Clevland gets Cutler and Bears 2Rd pick and Vasher, Broncos get Quinn and Browns 1st rd pick, Bears get Anderson Broncos 3rd pick.
Sign Holt and draft Haywood-bey. Anderson had more drops from his recievers than anyone else and no running game.

i just saying let's look at all options.

hey bears fans!bear fan for 42 years!I like orton alot but the nfl is based on strong arm QB's and cutler is in the top three in nfl!separation of wr is closed quickly when open for split second the ball has to be there when wr is open.marshall led the league with this strong arm QB .give him quick and young recievers with good hands and we on offense with forte and good off line will lead the nflon offense and walk to superbowl!and demolish any team in league with def we have right now!QB is still the most important position and getting the arm and youth of cutler you cant draft that and get to superbowl we need to win now with our def.get pace and good wr from free agency and draft wr speed!and eat your heart out packer fans!

You all don't kid yourselfs. JA will not be beat on this deal... Why you ask? Because one more play off miss is strike three (GO CUBBIES). And you can bet we don't go to the playoffs w/out JC (and that aint Jesus Christ). He (JA) won't be around for the following season if he doesn't make the playoffs this season. Why bring in Pace and Lucas, if you don't plan up giving up your 1st round pick? You know the receiver you need can be had in the 2nd round, plus we have an additional third rounder to get the safety we need. Cutler like Farve makes receivers! We plug every need we have w/Pace, Lucas, and a big receiver.... Oh yeah Jay!

Trust me I know football... You'll hear from me again

Bears should send their first round pick to the Browns....Cleveland can ship Derek Anderson to Denver and the Bears get Cutler...Everyone has a QB and everyone is happy..

Let's trade our first six picks and Orton for Rick Mirer, I mean Cutler! Caveat emptor.

I agree with Lazman, keep Orton. Look at the 85 season we did'nt have a superstar QB. A rebel not a superstar.

I am a bears fan living in Denver. I think Orton is a great QB and we just began to see that before he injured his ankle. Don't forget he was one of the top rated QBs at that time. He made great decisions, had a quick release, a strong arm, and was extremely accurate. We need help in our defense and receivers. My fear is if the Bears pursue Cutler and don't get him, a certain element of trust and faith will be violated between Orton and the coaches and GM. It's a hard decision because football is a business, but players are still people with feelings, and egos, and standing behind a player, who has a great work ethic, great character and has proven to do well, can pay dividends. This is not to take away from Cutler, because he is awesome. If the Bears go forward to enter into the Cutler bidding, they better finish by getting him or it may backfire in their face. Orton will play with certainty if the coaches are behind him, but he will always have doubt in the back of his mind and he will be efforting in his play, if they are show their doubt in him by bidding for Cutler. Get back to Bears defense, get a few receivers, and we will be great. Remember, we lost several games because of terrible DB play, and silly mistakes. The problem wasn't with Orton. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Good Luck Bears.

Angelo you have only one last opportunity. If you don't offer 2 first round picks, Orton and one of this year's 3rd round picks you are weak, I give you until the end of next season until you get your PINK slip! Only once in a lifetime will you have the opportunity to trade for a 26 year old probowl quarterback! Realize this great talent and make a serious move to improve this team!

I think JA would trade for Cutler in a heart beat. But the real question is will Phillips let him and what is the cost? Cmon Jay come home to momma. I hope Kevin A will be ok with this he so loves Orton.

One other little bit of news, when the Bears started looking at Pace I said they wanted him at LT and people were like your wrong we have Williams. Well guess what the Bears want him at LT and that is official. That is the job they offered him. You know one day you will learn who is the true Moon Master, Master of the Moon.

Hey even if we don't get him at least this makes the time to the draft pass a little quicker and it's a little more fun. Can't wait to see were he goes. Detroit has the edge over everyone, after them Tampa may be willing to risk the most and the Jets are in a little better position than us. Don't count out teams like Seahawks either, and the Browns will be right in there. The 49ers might get involved and Washington loves big names, and we all know how bad the Vikings want him. If someone in the Bears division gets him not named the Bears I will loose it, I mean really loose it. Not like before, much worse.

Coach I am with you I think the Jets will offer up a fortune for the guy, even the Vikings could go nuts, who knows what Mangini will do he is nuts to begin with and has a young arm to offer in Quinn who was a first round pick.


nows the time. please jerry my son loves the bears and hes only 7 months old. i dont want him to have to bare the burden of a shitty qb for 29 plus yrs. as his father did.


p.s. if you dont sign him i will hunt u down!

I think that Denver did themselves a diservice by declaring their intention to trade Cutler. If Chicago wants to trade for Cutler then a three way trade involving Cleveland might be the only way of getting him. I may be off base, but here is a scenerio that might work:

To Chicago: Cutler and a 2009 6th rd pick from Denver
To Denver: (From CLE) Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, (From CHI) DT Tommie Harris and 2010 2nd Rd pick and conditional draft picks from Chicago.
To Cleveland: (From CHI) 2009 3rd and 7th Rd picks, Kyle Orton, and conditional draft picks from Denver. There could be some tweeking, but this is a descent framework.

Why this would work:
Chicago would get their franchise QB and they get to keep the 18th pick to use on a WR, they get from under Harris's contract to use to sign Cutler long term.

Denver would get their starting QB who is still young and get a Pro Bowl DT in Harris. They would also keep their 1st rd pick to maybe go after one of the other QB's in the draft.

Cleveland would get a backup to whoever is not traded, stock up on extra draft picks to help rebuild.

I think before we dismiss Urlacher as a trade possibility, let's look at what Denver is doing on defense. They are converting to a 3-4, because Belichick disciples have no concept of fitting the scheme to the players. They think they are college coaches, where you re-vamp the team to fit your scheme, which will always turn out badly.

Urlacher, if he were to be moved outside in a 3-4, would extend his career by at least another 2-4 years, and could be a double-digit sack man this season, and every season after this. You put a 6'4", 260 lb freak of nature on the outside, who can run like Urlacher can, and you have a mismatch on the strong or weak side. Elvis Dumervil, who has been a pretty good pass rusher, wouldn't even be able to stand on the same field as Urlacher if he were to compete at OLB. Urlacher's weakness is taking on and shedding blocks in the middle. You put him on the edge, and it is all athleticism and leverage. blockers will struggle to contain him all season long, for as long as he decides to play. Not to mention his neck and back take a lot less punishment on the outside.

That being said, we are talking about Orton, Urlacher, and a hig draft pick. Briggs could probably play the middle, but then we need a weak side AND a strong side backer. Nick Roach, Hunter Hillenmeyer, and Jamar Williams doesn't give me goosebumps, just a slight bit of nausea.... And if we have to give up the 18 pick, we are lagging in the WR department, and all we can do is hope for Robiskie at 49, unless we can come up with a way to make it a 2010 draft pick, or only a second rounder.

If Jerry is thinking this way, he had better get Pace and Holt in free agency, because he is throwing away the chance to get starters early at tackle and WR in this draft. There is a ton of talent available this year, and we need a lot of it.

If we don't go after Cutler, and we stick with the draft plan, a guy I am keeping my eye on is Stephen McGee. I think he has everything that is needed to develop into a good starting QB in the NFL. He has a strong enough arm to play in Chicago, great athleticism, and is a strong young man emotionally and intellectually.

This is the defining moment in Jerry Angelo's career. Forget all the 7th round picks. He either does it or he doesn't do it. If he doesn't do it, Bear fans will run him out of town. It's time for a real QB, and I don't care that he is a whiner. It's your move, Jerry. If you don't pull this off, your plane is boarding. Just make it happen. Where there's a will, there's a way.

i wonder why denver would trade cutler to chicago?

Thats his favorite team.

you would think they would trade him to another team in light of n the fact he is forcing his way out of denver. An act most likely despised by management there. Chime in.

The Bears will have to do something that the franchise has never done, i.e., stop throwing nickles around like they were manhole covers! If you disagree, you are dillusional! Personally, I am not hopeful!

JA - If you're gonna be a BEAR... Be a GRIZZLE!

Did you actually watch Mac throw to his WR and MOTION them around the field with one hand WHILE! scrambling? Give me a break, you don't know QB's at all if you really think Mac was not a great field general and had the VISION to see the field before it happened while running around eluding Dline. Yes a rebel but a probowler try to take that away too I guess....

Brad, I have a different take on the Cutler situation. What do you think about the possibility of JA trading Orton (and possibly a later round pick) for the Broncos first rounder? I know its a downgrade on paper for them, but Orton is clearly a team leader (which Culter supposedly is NOT) and when healthy a decent starting QB with a cheap contract.

I'm assuming that we will be outbid in any trade for Cutler himself, but Sanchez could easily be around in the early teens.

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