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Four Down Territory, March 5: Some popcorn for your T.O. show?

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Q: I just saw the news on T.O., and I'm sure everyone's asking if he's a fit for the Bears. Let me guess, he's a locker room cancer, too much of a media side show, too costly, and too old to wear navy and orange, right? Personally, I think they should buy a popcorn maker for Halas Hall, because T.O. would be worth his weight in free agency dollars. It would instantly give the Bears a legitimate No. 1 option, plus, it takes away a major need come draft day. Jerry Angelo could focus on bolstering either line or get a top tier free safety. Perhaps a stop in Chicago could help bring T.O. back down to earth (attitude-wise, not numbers-wise). Am I dreaming?
Jared S., Chicago

A: Yes, Jared, you are dreaming.You can go ahead and put the Bears with the Eagles and Chiefs among the top three most unlikely destinations for Terrell Owens. As I've tried to stress in other posts, the player would have to want to join the Bears too. Does anyone picture Owens seeing Halas Hall as a good fit? OK, good.

He's 35 years old and when you get past all of the antics and B.S. that comes along with the circus, he's a guy who's skill set is slowly eroding. There's no question about it. Now, does he have the ability to take a short pass, shrug off a defender and go the distance? No doubt. But not in a Bears uniform. It's something I can't envision general manager Jerry Angelo ever considering. It's really not worth much more discussion. But you're dead on, we wouldn't be sitting back and watching that show with a bag of popcorn. We'd be viewing it next to the popcorn maker. You're also dead on about having some more flexibility if the Bears didn't have to go out searching for a top receiver.

Q: What happened to the sixth-round draft pick the Bears were to receive for Brian Griese? The draft order released by the NFL this week listed the Bears with only one sixth-round pick and the Bears' seventh-round pick traded to Tampa Bay.

Dave, Iowa

A: That's an excellent observation there, Dave, and something we just looked into to get a clarification ourselves. The league released the tentative draft order, which is set through the first three rounds and will be adjusted later this month when compensatory draft picks are awarded at the owners meeting.

Currently, the Bears have only six draft picks but they are expected to add one or more based on the losses of undrafted free agents Bernard Berrian, Brendon Ayanbadejo and John Gilmore. The highest compensatory picks awarded are at the end of round three, and four of those were given out last year.

But on to the Bears' draft picks. Currently, they have the following selections:

4th round, 19th pick*
5th round, 18th pick*
6th round, 17th pick*
* selection number will be determined after compensatory picks are awarded.

We looked into the moves the Bears made with Tampa Bay and here is what we found out. According to a league source, when the Bears traded their seventh-round pick and Griese to the Bucs for their sixth-round pick last spring.

When the Bears picked up guard Dan Buenning at the start of the season, they traded the Bucs' sixth-round pick back to Tampa in exchange for Buenning. So the net exchange is Tampa received Griese and a seventh-round pick and the Bears acquired Buenning. Hope that clears it up for everyone as it shed some new light on the situation for us.

Q: Any word on Troy defensive back Sherrod Martin and whether or not he would be a fit for the Bears? Is he a cornerback or a safety? Thanks in advance.

Terry P., Birmingham, Ala.

A: Martin is an interesting guy who performed pretty well at the scouting combine. He ran a 4.52-second, 40-yard dash, which ranked fifth among safeties. That's not necessarily the position he will wind up playing, but he was at least grouped there. He was tops in the three-cone drill, tops in the 20-yard shuttle and second in the 60-yard shuttle, so his measurables were pretty good when you consider he's got a solid 6-1, 198-pound frame.

He comes from the program that's really started to get attention having produced Osi Umenyiora, DeMarcus Ware and most recently Leodis McKelvin. Martin worked at corner and safety at the Senior Bowl but had a bit of a rough transition playing outside there. He probably projects right now as a mid-round selection but it only takes one team to like a guy enough for him to move from the middle rounds straight up the board.

The concerns here are multiple. For starters, can he stay healthy? Martin has had surgery on both shoulders, a wrist and a hand. He redshirted in 2006 and because of that he'll be 25 during his rookie season. That's not a good thing. He also didn't face regular top competition. If you think he can stay healthy, he's an interesting player.

Q: If college scouting director Greg Gabriel was at Buffalo watching quarterback Drew Willey on Wednesday, where was he today?

Martin G., Chicago

A: Assuming Gabriel remained on the East Coast for another pro day today, the bet is he made his way to Syracuse for the pro day there. We're doubting he went to Albany State's pro day, also held Thursday, or went East just to see Buffalo.

At Syracuse, where the Bears were reported to have a representative, fullback Tony Fiammetta is probably the most interesting player. Many consider him the top fullback in the draft and he only generated more buzz for himself last month at the scouting combine. Fiammetta ran the 40 in about 4.6 seconds and at 245 pounds and with decent hands--he caught 28 passes the last two seasons--he's an intriguing mid-round prospect. But seeing as he worked out in Indianapolis, it's unlikely he did much more than positional drills on Thursday.

Now, Fiammetta wasn't all there was to see. Guard Ryan Durand, who went to the East-West Shrine Game, was a combine snub and he was there to work out for teams. He's got good size at 6-4, 307. Running back Curtis Brinkley was also on display. He had some durability issues in school but is intriguing to some teams.

Thanks for the participation and thanks as always for reading. Fire in your questions right here or by e-mail. We'll dive back into one more mailbag for this week again Friday.

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brad, i think your out of your mind if you think T.O. wouldnt be a good fit with the bears. you said it yourself the T.O. is awesome at the short dump off throws, isnt that what orton does best? thats what i thought! oh yeah, T.O. doesnt make any trouble for teams until hes been with them for 3 yrs, happened in philly and dallas. who cares if he is 35, there are plenty of receivers out there that age doing good. the bears need someone that will demand the ball, because what we have now is worth crap, including hester, hes turned into a real wuss!!!!!!!!!

Hey Brad is ther a chance TO goes to the Viqueens, he would seem to fit sense they were after TJ. If he does land there can we start calling them the Drama Queens instead of the ViQueens. This would also pretty much ensure the Bears of making the playoff's. I don't know about anyone else but I am all for Team Oblitorator being made a Queen.

Age does not matter for a guy like T.O. because he is in tremendous shape! But low and behold, just like Brad says...."the player would have to want to join the Bears too. I've said it a million times and I'll say a million more....NOBODY will come here as long as Orton is the starting QB!!!!!!...........................ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Brad you know what I have never heard you say in all the times I heard you asked whether or not the Bears would be interested in a player? "Yes I think the Bears would definitly have interest in bringing this player in, he would really help us". I think according to what you say NO ONE is of interest to the Bears or a "good fit". Why don't you tell us your opinion Brad on who the Bears should bring in, is ANYONE a good fit, or are no free agents in your mind the right player? If I have to hear you say the words "keep dreaming" or "slim to none" when referencing a potential player for us one more time I'm going to get sick. Pretty soon Brad if you keep saying "slim to none" about a potential player coming to the Bears, you can also start saying "slim to none" when it comes to our playoff chance!!!

id rather have a one legged willie gault than have T.O. in a bears uniform...he had jeff garcia in his prime and they didnt win...he had donovan mcnabb in his prime and still didnt win a SB...he has tony romo in his prime and still hasnt won a SB...if he hasnt been able to win with superior talent surrounding him...what makes you think hes going to get the bears to a SB with inferior talent?

I would only take TO as a Chicago Bear if he were on meds to keep his temper and "Me First" attitude in check, otherwise let him go to the Raiders. It is really unfortunate that a talent, such as his, is wasted with his personality and attitude. I guess I should have said a talent with the ball in his hands cause he does have issues catching the ball.

First thought when I saw TO got Released..Queens!! they just lost out on Housh ,and seem to be going for "the All or Nothing" approach.He'll be a great guy his first year ,as he did in Philly &Dallas..but that 2nd year is when the true TO let's his personality really shine. Hope he screws up their physchy for many years to'll be alot of fun to watch him destroy their nucleus!

do the Bears have any interest in Williams? He just might soften the blow of losing Mike Brown @safety, from a fan and PR point.

Here's a blog about the Wisconsin Badgers' pro-day. They have an intriguing O-Lineman prospect Kraig Urbik who could play either guard position and probably RT as well. Angelo loves versatile lineman so he may be one to keep an eye on in the middle rounds.

Wisconsin Badger Pro Day Update

roy williams CANT cover...havent we had enough no coverage from the FS spot the past few seasons...

ill pass

I agree that TO does have great first years, so whoever gets him if they're close then he might take them to the SB, But watch out the following years.
I did not understand all the drops last year though, and Williams did nothing at all.

Yeah, just keep on making up excuses why the bears should not sign TO or any other good player. Then the bears, coaches, management, and all the bears fans can watch Minn, GB, and Detroit go to the post season, while JA and Lovie conjure up reasons to tell the media why they did not make it another year.

Brad, when is Notre Dame's pro day, and what are your thoughts on one of their prospects free safety David Bruton? Bruton has nice size at 6-2 210lbs, and was one of the faster safeties at the combine running a 4.5 40. Scouts like Bruton for his good height and like his speed to cover a lot of ground as the centerfielder of the defense. Bruton has been one of the few productive players on Notre Dame's defense the last 2 seasons having 85 tackles with 3 picks in 07, and 93 tackles with 3 picks and 6 pass breakups in 08. Also, scouts say he is the most physical free safety on the board that can make plays in the passing game. Another plus to drafting Bruton would be his ability to play special teams. Bruton played gunner for the Irish on special teams and had success winning hand-play at the line, beating the double team, showing good speed downfield, and securing the tackle. I just think with his size, speed, ability as a ballhawk, and his physicality would make him a nice fit in Chicago. I would like to see the Bears use a mid round draft pick on him, maybe a fourth rounder, he could be a steal that flew under the radar playing on a bad Notre Dame team agree/disagree? GO BEARS!!


Trade Urlacher for picks. and SIGN another o-lineman, at least give ourselves some options.

why not bring Mike Brown back? Tell him he has to compete to win the starting job. If nothing else he keeps the locker room leadership the bears could use. what would the harm be to bring him back in a different role as a back-up, or he could go ahead and win the starter job again, not bad in my eyes.

"We're doubting he went to Albany State's pro day"

Come on Brad! Don't knock the Great Danes! You never know. We've had two guys drafted in our history... ;)

(And it's UAlbany or the University at Albany not Albany State. Oy!)

Why wouldn't T.O. want to come here? Kyle likes to lock onto one receiver and force it to them no matter if they're open or not. He'd be completely satisfied with his role here since he'd have the quarterback's undivided attention unless they need a flag from Hester or they hand the ball off.

I am concerned with the Chicago media bending over backwards to dispel any hope of picking up anyone of note in free agency every time a new name drops. Have they become so conditioned to it being "all quiet on the Halas Hall front" that they can't fathom us doing something? If the Bears philosophy could be compared to a person, living/dead/real/fake, it would be Buzz Killington from "Family Guy."

Hey Brad,

A lot has been said around town about the Bears lack of activity in the free agency market, but as I was reading the list of signings, I noticed that we arent the only quiet team in the division. The Packers haven't signed anyone at all and the Vikings have only re-signed their TE. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Have you heard anything about WR Brandon Rideau? Since we only have Hester, Bennett and Drops Davis on the team is he going to get a legitimate chance to see the field? He led the league during the preseason last year and has been on the practice squad for many years. It's not like he's a rookie by any means. I think he is a guy that has flown under the radar and has the size to be a red zone threat as well as a big target for Orton. What do you think?

Mick, who is going to trade for Urlacher? I saw were you thought the Bears would get a 1st and 2nd for him. Not in this NFL, he is on the other side of 30 and has back and neck issues, not to mention a rather large contract for a MIC, then you have a draft full of solid LB prospects to further crowd the market.

This looks to be a make or break year for the dynamic duo of Lovie and Angie. Both are looking to prove they are not your standard Angelo bust 1 or 2 good years and then crap.

One of the Bears needs this offseason is free safety. The free agent pool is shallow enough you could break your neck diving in, and the draft isn't any deeper. That leaves trades if the Bears are going to improve. Who do you think could be had for a low round draft pick that could step in to the starters role until we get someone stronger?

Url picks? hold on there pardner, We would be very lucky to get a 4th for Url the way he played the last 2 years, Url has ALOT to prove this year as does most of our Defensive players, it's make or break time for Harris as well. (and in the process Lovie who said he would take over the D calling, thereby putting his job on the line with the outcome of the Url/Harris and Defensive team play.
And even though I have not wrote much about FS - that position will need a quick improvement (draft will not be quick enough) for the D to improve.

First to any team that picks T.O. up must have as many screws loose as Terrel Owens? Yes, the Queens would be perfect for T.O. as a few errant passes not coming his way would only make him throw tirades, throw his QB under the bus, scream at his coaches on the sidelines and cry about something (anything)on television. Total Fruitcake is a good description of this very bad apple or rotten tomato, which ever you prefer.

Creighton, if you don't trade Urlacher now, you will not get as much trade value for him down the road. Urlacher is still special enough to get a 2nd round pick in the draft from a team that has huge needs elsewhere making that team pick other positions early in the draft. Or Urlacher may be trade bait to a team or teams that have disgruntled starting WR's like a Boldin or Holt, plus the Bears should get a late round pick from another team. Consider this, if the 49ers can trade a Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott when they were still productive, so that they could value for them, so can the BEARS. The BEARS need to think now about getting the next great Chicago Bears middle linebacker and this years draft could be the year.

The fact is if the BEARs don't consider trading him now, the value to do so will only decline each year moving down the line. Also Urlacher seemed not quite into it as much this year and is having some off the field issues.

The BEARS probably love Urlacher's marketing appeal and subsequent money they earn from sales of JErsey's etc.

Bill Holland: (blah-blah-blah-Bad Brad, Bad, No Biscuit-blah-blah-blah)

You know Bill for someone who spoons Jerry Angelo every night you seem to have a complete lack of knowledge about reporters jobs, offensive\defensive schemes, player personnel, and common sense. It would seem since you and Jerry have been such close friends over the last 5 years you may have actually gleaned some (or any) football knowledge. It kinda leads me to believe that either you are A) complete clueless and delusional or B) Jerry is complete clueless and delusional.

I think we all know the answer ... C) All of the Above.

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