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Four Down Territory, March 26: Constructing a package for Cutler

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Trying to watch a little hoops and blog. That makes for rough blogging, so I will pull away from the buckets here briefly. We'll have a nugget a little later on too.

Q: Can you address what possible offers the Bears might come up with for Jay Cutler? It would seem that a first-round pick and Kyle Orton would be a good start. It's not like Jerry Angelo has had the best luck with his top picks anyway. And they just got the third-round compensatory pick. Do those two picks and Orton stand a chance at landing Cutler?

Scott Z., Parts Unknown

A: This is one of just many questions we received on this issue.

Let me ask you this, and before you answer, put yourself in the position of the Broncos.

Does the 18th overall pick and Orton sound like good value for Cutler from Denver's perspective?

I think not. If the Bears are not convinced Orton is the longterm answer--he's signed only through 2009--why would the Broncos look at him any differently? That's not a knock on Orton. But the Bears are not sold. Sure, they talk about having all the confidence in the world in Orton. All the way up to the point it comes to drawing a new contract.

I don't think this is going to be as much about what the Bears are offering, or what another team offers. If, IF the Broncos choose to shop Cutler, Denver will be in the driver's seat. There is going to be tremendous interest and they are going to dictate terms. I'd have to guess you're looking at two first-round picks, minimum, to start. And, as far as trading the compensatory pick, that will not work. Teams are prohibited from trading compensatory draft picks.

Q: The Bears offer $4.5 million to John St. Clair for three years. He goes to Cleveland for $9 million for three years. The Bears then sign Cleveland cast-off Kevin Shaffer for $8 million for three years. All that makes sense and the Bears are better off now?

Peter B., Schererville, Ind.

A: The Bears tried to get St. Clair back and the Browns did the same thing with Shaffer. They worked to restructure his contract, and there was a deal on the table that Shaffer ultimately turned down, leading to his release. That is when Cleveland turned on the full-court press for St. Clair. The Bears likely would have made St. Clair an offer over the $4.5 million, three-year deal had he left Cleveland and come to see them. That didn't happen. Both teams signed rank-and-file guys with a little versatility. Both teams are hoping the players can step in and start this season. Both players are getting less than your average starting right tackle with their kind of experience earns. If the Bears couldn't get St. Clair to come see them, yes, they are better off than they were last week when Pat Mannelly was at right tackle for a few drills. I don't think either club believes it has a longterm answer or anything close to a Pro Bowl player.

Q: Jerry Angelo has a history of trading down in the draft. Seems like they are doing their homework on a lot of late first/early second rounders. I was looking at potential trade partners and New England caught my eye. If I'm not mistaken, they have three second-round picks. What is New England's history of trading up/down in the draft and what are your thoughts of potential trade partners, whether it be the Pats or another possibility?

Bill S., Oneida, Ill.

A: Who are the Patriots eyeing at No. 18? Both teams have to want to make a move. I think the Bears need to stay put. They need what are called "blues" and those are players who could start for any team in the league. How many blues do the Bears have right now? Lance Briggs. Tommie Harris when he's healthy. Charles Tillman maybe. You get blues in the first round. The Bears need to strike and find an impact player. Angelo likes to collect picks because the more bullets he has in his gun, the better chance he has of hitting the target. He's traded up only once in his tenure with the Bears and that was in the fifth round in 2003. It's nearly impossible to predict pre-draft trades or draft day deals because you don't know what the other teams are thinking.

Q: One free agent I haven't heard a lot about is Matt Jones. Of course there is an off-field reason for that. It just seems to me like somebody is going to take a chance and wind up with a really good player for a bargain. On the field it looked like the dude had finally figured it out last year. Big, tall, fast, good hands. Is there a single defensive coordinator that wants to see him on the opposite end of the line from Devin Hester and next to Greg Olsen? There is no way that ... shoot why not? I mean the guy was basically caught just being stupid. Do you drink a bee when you play golf? What do you think?

MsBearsFan, Mississippi

A: Jones isn't going to have a hard time finding a new team because he drank some beer playing golf. He's going to have a hard time finding a new team because he got busted last summer cutting up cocaine in his car with a credit card, according to police. Guessing ... no.

And, Jones, Hester and Olson? I'm not sure defensive coordinators would be scared at all. Who is the dominant threat there?

Thank you for all of the participation and questions. Maybe before this game is over Dick Enberg will figure out both teams are nicknamed Tigers. We'll get to a Q&A when we have some time next week.

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Agree with you on Cutler Brad, this is going to be a bidding war if the Bronco's don't make Cutler happy real quick and the Bears really won't out bid the Jets in my opinion. It's a nice thought but the odds are against us. We are a large market but so are the Jets. And don't forget this is a multi team bidding war as well. Maybe the Bronco's would be better off trading him. They need an auctioneer.

`And, Jones, Hester and Olson? I'm not sure defensive coordinators would be scared at all. Who is the dominant threat there?'
No way! Hey, we have Bennet as well, throw him in there and its all bad for the D.

"And, Jones, Hester and Olson? I'm not sure defensive coordinators would be scared at all. Who is the dominant threat there?"

You said it yourself Brad. Hester is not a dominant threat.


Maybe one of these ideas would strike a chord with the Donkey's to get Cutler!!

Denver needs Defense, really really bad. So how about trading either Urlacher, Harris or Vasher plus Orton and next years #1 for Cutler.

The donkey's get immediate Defensive help, a QB that starts and a number 1 pick. The Bears pickup one of the stud middle linebackers at #18 if Urlacher is traded. They pick up a DT at #18 if Harris is traded, lets face the fact that Tommie Harris is starting to get worn out with the knee problem and the attitude. If Vasher is traded the Bears could go OT at pick #18 since they have two starting CB's already.

Cutler comes aboard with Hanie as his backup, the BEARs win the superbowl, Angelo is voted GM of the year and Lovie as Coach of the year and I have a date with a past Honey Bear, yeah right?

Look, the problem the Broncos face is the one facing Secretary of Goldman Sachs - errr, I mean Treasury - Geithner faces: how to assign value to an asset that needs to be moved.

The fact is that no one can offer a QB who equals Cutler and if they could what would be the point?

So, it's going to take a boatload of draft picks and maybe some quality D personnel to fix Denver's crappy defense. I for one would applaud throwing Brian Urlancher or even Lance Briggs into the mix. Those are the positions Angelo excels at. QB, uh, no.

So if you weren't blowing smoke at getting the most critical position fixed, do whatever it takes. I won't mind if we miss the playoffs one more year if Cutler is winging passes with a "C" on his helmet.

BTW, have you noticed that coaches who come from the Bill Belichick School of Charm have no discernible people skills to mention? How the hell does Josh McDaniels manage to piss off some of the most loyal fans in the country and his QB to boot? Nice job. And Eric Mangenius has already pissed of both QBs in Cleveland and thrown his fan base into a tizzy. And don't get me started on that bloated overrated piece of crap named Charlie at ND. Maybe the reason the Patriots get along just fine when these overrated position coaches leave is because Belichick has good players and he's who he is. So, I'm guessing he's going to miss Pioli most of all.

Dude, like we both said Jones is an unlikely Bear, but OK what's YOUR answer for a dominant threat? Use the 18th pick? I'll buy that, but realistically you are talking 2-3 years development time, IF you are lucky enough to hit on coin-flip odds to start with.

Until then, I'd settle for just a plain li'l ole defensive match-up problem. I personally think that Hester and Olsen are at least potential matchup problems for most defenses.

Ask yourself the same question while you are watching the hoops games. See that 6-0 guard trying to defend the athletic 6-6 forward down low? That's the average NFL corner trying to guard Jones in the red zone. I'd say that's an offensive advantage, one that the Bears don't currently have.

See that team responding to the double team by kicking the ball out to a dead-eye three point shooter? That's Devin Hester against single coverage because the defense has to at least respect Jones' RAC ability and can't cover Olson with a linebacker. That's an offensive advantage, one the Bears don't currently have.

See that team forced out of a zone defense because there were too many threats and they were getting killed by 3s? Now they are getting beat in the blocks because they don't have inside help. That's Forte effectively running the ball because the other team can't keep 8 or 9 guys in the box. That's an offensive advantage, one the Bears don't currently have.

OK, maybe Jones doesn't make defensive coordinators shake in their boots, but an experienced big, tall number 2 receiver would at least make them think. Right now I would settle for that.

Yes he got caught with coke. He has already paid the league bill for that. If he is a hopeless druggy obviously nobody wants him. Here's the question I would ask if I was GM for the Bears. Is this guy a hopeless drug dude, or is a typical stupid 20 something who needed to learn a life lesson? How big a chance is he?

Most of us don't have the means to dig into that question. I just was hoping JA would do his "due diligence" on Jones.

Dahli, the Jack A#### run a 3-4 defense now, so Harris who holds little trade value until he can prove he is healthy and in shape does not fit. Why would Denver want to trade an QB who has not even entered his prime yet and is on the rise for a declining MIC, Under Tackle and CB who all have big contracts? Thats win win for the Bears and loose loose for the Broncos. Then again McDaniel may just be Lane Kiffen.

Dude have you seen the Honey Bears? Ewwww, not good. Now the Lovables thats different.

Brad I am glad to see I am not the only one who think the Bears lack Bluechip players. Some think every player on the Bears is a blue. Totally agree with you we currently have 1 bluechip player for sure. Good honest answers on all the questions.

Hey were are the bash bunnies at? These are not the answers the Bash bunnies want to here. Answers like this could make the bash bunnies angry.

My bad MS, I actually like Hester/Olson alot, and I like the idea of gaining Jones,I fully believe in 2nd chances, (I wanted Tank back) but alot of teams will be scared off by Jones as they will see a guy who got a second chance and screwed up, to me I would go for him, and he could only help our WR corps, I like the abilities he posses and pair that with Hester/Olson would be a good pairing,
Scared though? not sure that's a good description, Respect? maybe a better description, and I think Jones would fit Orton perfect.

I didn't say `No way' on the scenario I said `No Way' as I could not believe Brad was not going with the Company Line on that,

hey, hey, hey calm down this is ND country as well, I like the comments untill then.....


I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out why the Bears let Marty Booker go considering their lack of depth at WR. I can understand the letting go of Brandon Lloyd after his "100%" fiasco and late-season disappearing act, but until he got hurt late in the season, Booker seemed to provide valuable depth to a thin group. He's a bona fide NFL wide receiver, he knows the offense, and he even made some big plays last season for the Bears. I can understand moving him aside a bit to let Earl Bennett flourish (like Booker did years ago), but couldn't they let Bennett (or a draft pick) flourish with Booker still on the roster? Can't the Bears just keep a quality player like Booker on the roster and let the best man win?

It's obviously cool to be negative on these boards - makes a lot of these "analysts" feel like they're professional football writers, or something, but let's face it - the Bears aren't as bad as y'all are letting off. They had a winning record last year and were literally within seconds of making the playoffs.

Furthermore, their receiver corps is not as horrendous as the media and these board "analysts" are letting off. Everyone seems to have forgotten what this passing offense was accomplishing when Orton could actually push off with his throws in the first half of the season - Orton's QB rating was over 90 and at the halfway point of the season the Bears were among the league leaders in scoring. No one was talking about how rotten our receivers were then - all the preasons naysayers (you know, those of you who said our offensive line was a mess and our receiving core was not NFL-caliber) were eating crow. Orton lit it up three games in a row against a couple pretty good defenses even while Lloyd, one of our best receivers, was sitting out with an injury. Near the end of the season, when Orton's ankle came back around, the passing game began to come around as well. Check the stats. I'm not saying we couldn't use another good receiver, but this doom and gloom over the wide receiver corps is couch analyst garbage. Hester can play. Bennett can play (just watch), and Davis dropped too many balls last year but he's made a lot of very clutch catches for us (remember Atlanta? most of us have blocked his heroics from our memories). Don't forget, we also have Olsen, Clark, and Forte.

The Cutler whiners are being absurd. How do we know Orton wouldn't be better with Denver's offensive personnel? You want to mortgage two first round picks for a guy whose passer rating was only 6 points higher last year (and I'm betting a lot less dropped passes)? The columnists and board "analysts" begging for him are making a fool of themselves.

The defense is mediocre right now, not terrible, but it needs help. Here's hoping the coaching changes and the addition of some young studs will get it back on track.




Is it just me, or its Briggs sort of a jerk when he answers questions? He has always struck me as such, and I'm surprised because he is not exactly the most astute football analyst I've read and his writing is amateurish and plodding. Does he pick questions that allow him to mock some idea put forth by that question? Seems that way. Dont get me wrong, Haugh over at the Trib is not exactly a sterling writer himself, but he does lend a bit of perceived intelligence and analysis that I've never once found in a brigg's blog or article. I would hope he went to journalism school, but his sophmoric pieces suggest otherwise.

I'm just curious if anyone else wishes that the STNG would sign a writer who could, well, write. A gold mine is being sat upon and wasted: its the Bears, I mean, what is not to like and draw readers' attention, given the history and immense popularity of the team.

Briggs should be Lovie's scribe. Briggs' unimaginative writing would be the perfect counterpart to Lovie's predictable and trite answers to questions from reporters.

Bob I am with you on the Pats coaching tree, outside of Bill they all suck don't forget Crennel got a job off of Bill's back. I totally agree on Pioli the guy has a top notch Pedigree.

MS Matt Jones was arrested with 6 Grams of cocaine and was cutting it up in his car. The guy wanted the Coke so bad he decided to risk doing it in his car rather than waiting to get home or to were he was going. He has never put up great numbers for a guy with his size and ability. Plus he was a wll known problem on the Jags. He looks like a stupid typical 20 year old with a drug problem. You can be both, in fact it's becoming more and more common. He also failed to uphold the terms of his agreement and failed a drug test in 2009. All he has to do is not drink or do drugs if it's that hard for him not to do that stuff. Then there is a problem. By the way his ypc has dropped two years in a row. Plus he is not much of an endzone threat for a 6'6 220 pound WR with 4.3 speed and a 40in vertical. He had 2td's last year.

It's interesting MS your always about the Vick's and the Jones's of the NFL. Were the Bears not the Raiders. If you like teams with a lot of problemed players on them I really do suggest you watch the Raiders.

When is Torry Holt coming for a Halas Hall visit?

Jeez Mark Haines who pooped on your cornflakes? That was perhaps the most pompous, arrogant post I've ever seen on a blog.

Mark Haines, I think Brad is just being honest, I think what your looking ofr is a yes man who agrees with everything you say or feel. This probably is the wrong place for some people. I myself will disagree just to disagree, I don't need a reason, I like watching people loose it.

Moolander the Bears had one of the weakest schedules in all of football, were mostly healthy, controled there own fate and blew it and play in the second weakest division in football and could not make the playoffs. How is that good? Vikings Crushed them and then the mighty Texans spanked them. By the way moo, umm if Orton is so good why is Angelo calling Denver and why is Lovie talking about Vick? I think they know Orton and football a little better than you. Not more than me, but yes a lot more than you.

If niether of you guys like Brad nobody is making read his stuff. He does this blog as a service to bear fans. The other thing is if don't want the answer, don't ask the f###### question. Or try this one, think before you type.

People asking questions about guys like Matt Jones and state they think he is a real good player. He has never been a real good player in 4 years, so what has changed other than getting busted twice? Guy has never even come close too a thousand yard season and is a first round bust.


The lovables over the Honey Bears, say it ain't so?

As for Urlacher or Harris plus next years #1 pick for Cutler. Yes, I agree with you that both Url and Tommie have concerns, but also we are talking a defense with the Donk's that is pathetic and needs help. Urlacher is still good for a few more years and I know he does not fit their scheme well but lets face it Urlacher is a gifted athlete and would bring value. I think Urlacher could have been used more effectively as a Bear to get after the QB, which would be the case as a outside backer in the 3-4.

I would give them Vasher and Urlacher with next years #1 pick for Cutler. We could replace Urlacher this year with the 18th pick, there is great linebacker value in this years draft.

Moolander, I see some of your points in regards the BEARs, but they did suck last year. They blew at least three games and the passing game was really only good against poor pass defenses. Orton is limited, I am surprised you do not see that aspect of his play. Orton is not mobile, targets his passes and under throws the deep routes on a consistent basis. Orton played well against teams with poor pass coverage. The Vikings, Detroit and St.Louis are classic examples of poor pass defenses that Orton played well against.

Mark Haines: Brad is doing a hell of a great job on this blog. Yes, he is not Ernest Hemingway but we don't need no Ernest Hemingway on a Bears blog. The Bears blog is all about gruesome newsf like Edgar Allen Poe type literature.


First, I have written professionally about football on web and print.

Second, do you really think sports analysts who have to cover 32 NFL teams are more or less knowledgeable about the team than an educated fan of said team? Because if you do, then go read Mel Kiper Jr., Peter King, and especially the ultimate in dumbass Pete Prisco.

Third, does me being a former journalist have ANY weight on my opinions? No. I am just a guy who loves the Bears. However, as a fan, journalist, and someone with a functioning brain ... if you don't see that the WR corp the Bears had was horrible then I would suggest a full frontal lobotomy.

Christ on a cracker have you looked at the stats?

17th ranked in passing Pittaburgh ... Top 3 WR's
Hines Ward 81 1043 12.9 49 7
Santonio Holmes 55 821 14.9 48 5
Nate Washington 40 631 15.8 65 3

Pittsburgh had a SUSPECT offense last season and they were 17th in the league in passing. Yet their top 3 WRs put up 176 catches, 2475 yards and 15 TDs.

Here is what Chicago the top 3 WRs from Chicago did (ranked 21st) ...
Devin Hester 51 665 13.0 65 3
Rashied Davis 35 445 12.7 36 2
Brandon Lloyd 26 364 14.0 32 2

That would be 112 catches (64 less than the 17th ranked team in passing), 1474 yards (a full 1000 less than Pitt) and 7 TDs (less than half of Pitt).

Yup, that is some FINE wide receivers we got there! Absolutely AWESOME!

Marty Booker: 14 catches, 211 yards and 2 TDs. That's quality?

Creighton if Brad Biggs or Briggs as Mark would call him is doing services for Bears fans then


The only thing you do on here is bash JA Lovie and crew the players and the TRUE REAL BEARS that have a passion to see the Bears succeed.

You on the other hand hands out negative remarks about the Bears and crys like a 4 year old when the don't draft the players you like.

Boo hoo I really wish Ray Ray from the Ravens could brake your shoulder so you could stop this fan, player and staff bashing 4ever.

Would that be ray ray that had his posse jump out of his limo and murder 2 men? or am I mistaken on whom ray ray is? If thats the same ray ray then yeop he would have experience with that braking thang I'm certain.
everyone has an opinion....


After your last "waaaaaaaaa I'm taking my ball and going home!" rant I thought you'd actually follow through with it.

Have you read the blog lately? Creighton has been dead on more than he's been off with this offseason. I mean, I know you can't stand the guy but when he nails things it's kinda hard to call him an idiot ... well, maybe harder :-)

I mean, yeah he's pretty much a douchebag, he's got the social skills of Boo Radley and if tact was dynamite he couldn't blow his nose ... but DAMN the dude is right on many times with his assessment of things. Let it go little man. You're what we call a "meathead". You have no real opinion except that - in summary - "bares rule WOOOOOOOO!!!!" so quit getting your panties in a bunch because other people 1) are like 100 times smarter than you, 2) they actually know football and 3) they call you out as the 2nd-coming of that kid Corky from "Life Goes On" (minus the good looks) ... Know your lot in life son!!!

ps. Creighton, I would apologize for my remarks about ya but you can hardly refute them!

Moolander, It was not even the record or the things about Orton etc...I feel your pretty close on that, but the problem as I saw it was the way the team folded like a gut shot at certain points in games and the play calls at certain key points in the game over the season after (and just before) that defensive goal line stand (philly) all of a sudden the other teams figured us out but we stayed with the same defensive schemes all season, no one really even tried, The Coaching was terrible (defense) some plays were very questionable, who runs a goal line 4 times with an aging line against a superior defensive line?
The dropped passes, the overall attitude it made me sick to watch the team meltdown so yes if you look at the D in particular, Url/Harris/Vasher/Briggs - There is no reason that D should be that weak. none/no way, it is purely motivation and Coaching, if it were bad players it would be better but those players mentioned are pro bowlers and they stunk. It was the way we played and lost important games by being unmotivated and unprepared. (Briggs played pretty good maybe great if he had some help, (he's the only one) Look at the pro bowl voting to understand where these guys ranked last year. I do agree with the Orton assessment though, he was doing a great job until the injury and had (again) unmotivated WR's running bad routes and dropping passes, sounds like the way the Defense played huh? If these guys play up to their potential with some better Coaching then yes we can go into the playoffs but not the way we played last year. And those are not the greatest of odds.

I agree Dahli, Url should have rushed the passer more last year, that is his strong point, when he did he killed the QB, But he usually just crowded the line and then ran back into coverage (late as he was up on the line) and the opposing Offense just ran past his area asap.
Terrible play calling there, couple that with the corners playing off their man so far, they were all late getting to the WR's, Url/Corners/safeties, and the line was always late getting to the QB. If any one of them met up with ray ray posse outside a bar they would be late to their own funeral.


Good points about the Bears WRs. I didn't say they're spectacular or even above average. I just said they're not bums who can't play or make big plays. Plus, most of our best mismatches last year were created with our athletic tight ends and backs, so that's a big reason why the WR stats were down. We need to draft receiver early, and probably more than one in this draft. We can't rely as heavily as we did on Olsen, Clark, and Forte last year.

I remember reading an article last year on the Bears about their passing offense and how it was flourishing so well. The answer from several of the players was basically, "Because no one's trying to be a superstar." There's still a lot to be said about teamwork and work ethic, a quality rarely mentioned by fans who are always drooling about the latest prima donna receiver that is on the market because his last team doesn't want him.

And yes, I agree, Orton is limited. He can't throw the deep ball and he locks on to receivers too often. This year he'll have one more chance to prove himself. He's improved a lot since his rookie year; let's give him one more year to prove he can take the last couple of steps.


I suppose that when, and only when, the sun rises in the west we will see cutler in a bears uni. until then, the bears will continue to throw nickles around like manhole covers and no new player of consequence will become a bear. taht you BRANDO!? ohh how i HATE that cheery happy-go luky BRANDO!!! he alwys does GOOD for the world and make people SMILE. not like me. i make people cry. you loosers want example? how about this:

"I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me"

wich is what i promise everyday unfortunatlly im scared of leeving my home and going into the "real world" (and i would need my mom to drive me to wich is hard because wehn your 4oo pounds you dont exactly "squeeze" into a VW beatle)

but you guys now me ole crap-ton jus trying to be posative...

p.s. "Brando rules and I suck."


I don't recall saying much on this blog about Vick or previously about any Jones. If you are going to quote me, get it right.

I also don't remember Jones testing positive for drugs in 2009. Do you know that or just did you just make it up on the spot? He did violate the conditions of his probation by testing positive for alchohol.

All I said was that the Bears should check him out, not hand him the keys to the city. By now, he's surely on the Ricky Williams schedule for testing, so somebody has to know about him.

Sorry about your Raiders fetish, but I'm a life-long Bears fan. However it is ironic you mention the Raiders as a part of the discussion on Jones. Everybody laughs at the Raiders now because Al Davis has lost too many marbles and keeps them screwed up. (Come to think of it, they would now be an ideal place for you to take your massive blogging skills).

Back in the day, Davis found a competitive edge by giving good players who had made some mistakes a chance to be a part of his team. A lot of those players responded with loyal gratitude, kept straight, and played their butts off. Davis and some of those players have rings to show for that.

Rings are good. If occasionally giving somebody a second chance works, why not give it a try?

Randy, I completely agree with your comments. The Bears blew games in ridiculous ways, and it all reflected on attitude/motivation. Alex Brown said it himself at the end of the year: "The '06 team would not have lost the Atlanta game." Damn straight. The '06 team put teams away. The '08 team looked very strong at times and we played very competively against some very strong teams, and even beat some (Indy/Philly). That tells me we have enough talent to at least contend, but something is missing. Can we get "it" back and collect the missing pieces through the draft, or is the Super Bowl window closed? I can't wait to find out next year.


agreed, Da
The dude has hit it more often than not and his anlysis is spot on, and that ranting is useless.

MS, yes, those Raiders teams did exactly that, gratitude, loyalty bc Davis gave them a TEAM. But that doesn't seem to work nowadays, (it seems) the attitude has changed or something. But I would give Jones a shot, as I like his skills with Orton and I agree with you about the gratitude thing, if he doesnt get it he's gone, if he does he willbe a great compliment.

and yes Moolander I can't wait for next year either, I know I tend to be pessimistic alot bc of last 2 years, but alot has changed this off season, with the Coaches and we have younger players on the oline, and Orton/Hester have a year practice and this summer to practice some more, so I can't wait, knowing it could blow up or it could be great, the not knowing actually makes it better.

creighton's right to bash the bears cheapness, it's why were gonna wind up with mike Vick and live our cordell stewert era all over again, just you watch, I know my cheap team. I'd harp on developing a young o-line with high picks but I honestly like Heyward-Bey at eighteen. Earl Bennet will be our starter oppossite hester because lovie won't play rookies but Heyward-Bey can work as a third reciever while he learns. Earl Bennet will be our suprise player hopefully gaining a thousand yards on Orton 25 to 35 yard passes. I've watched his college highlights and he has the talent to be a bobby enghram type.with a year of learning and getting his timming down with Orton I'd bet on Bennet

"If, IF the Broncos choose to shop Cutler, Denver will be in the driver's seat."

Yes, but that's the wrong way to do business. The right way is to be proactive and aggressive if you want Cutler. The Bears already blew this and would likely have to have competed with a lot of other teams anyway, but there is no chance of being successful if you don't contact the Broncos until a bunch of other teams already have. This is a perfect example of what's wrong with the Bear organization, from McKaskey on down. The Bears are so stodgy and conservative they probably don't even want the guy, despite the fact that he's better at the position than anyone they've had in decades. But assuming they do, here's how a good organization that really wanted Cutler would have proceeded:

At the first hint that Cutler was demanding a trade, which a good organization would know before most of the other ones, the GM secretly approaches the Broncos. The Broncos will balk and not be willing to part with Cutler at first. Say "thanks, we'll be in touch" and leave it at that for a few days. Then get back to them with an offer they can't refuse but one that leaves your team significantly improved with Cutler, such as a couple of first round draft picks plus a tempting starter you can afford to lose, such as maybe an aging and diminishing Brian Urlacher. If, at that point, the Broncos still refuse, don't go any higher, just let them think about it. Chances are, they'd eventually conclude that they'd rather get another QB and have a couple of extra first round picks plus Brian Urlacher than deal with a QB who's said quiet publicly and adamantly that he no longer wishes to be part of their team. If not, at least you tried.

The sad part is, the Bears almost never even try. And when they do, it's such a pathetic effort that they never succeed.

MSBearsFan I couldn't agree with you more on you about Matt Jones. I listen to Sirius NFL Radio religiously and called in with the same thoughts. When you are looking for a #2 to play opposite of Hester, physically Matt Jones is exactly what we are looking for. And as for character, he made a mistake that a lot of people in his position have made. Young kids do stupid things. Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan had Jones on their radio show a couple times this past season and they had also interviewed him earlier in his career. They could not get over the difference in his demeanor from the time he entered the league to now. The other point is that there is absolutely no risk involved at this point. The Jaguars already took the risk when they drafted Jones in the first round! We could sign him to a 1 year deal for close to the league minimum and keep him on a short leash. He messes up even once and he's gone, plain and simple.

The reason why I like the idea of bringing in Jones is we all know the learning curve associated with most young receivers. Usually in year 3 the light comes on for wide receivers. This past year was his 4th year, but remember he was a QB in college so an extra transition year is to be expected. In 2008 he caught 65 balls in only 12 games (remember the suspension) for 761 yards. Here is the most impressive stat to me...47 of those catches were for first downs. To go further with that 118 of his 166 total receptions are for first downs. Now can someone please remind we the type of receiver we are looking for opposite of Hester? Size...check Speed...check Jumping ability...check Red Zone target...check Possession receiver we can count on for 3rd downs...check I don't want everything to get me wrong and think that I'm saying Matt Jones is the savior of the Bears. What I am saying is that we could sign him to a 1 year, incentive laden contract IN ADDITION TO drafting a receiver in the same mold (Britt, Nicks, Robiskie) Lets not forget my point earlier, most receivers take a couple of years for it to click. Can we wait 3 more years to find a compliment to Hester?

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