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Four Down Territory, March 20: Bears mum on Cutler?

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Long week of football. Here's our promised Q&A for Friday.

Q: I finally saw that someone asked Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo about the Jay Cutler situation. To my knowledge, they did not go into it, saying basically, "We can't talk about that, he is a Bronco." They could have said "We aren't interested, we like Kyle,", but they didn't. To me, that spoke volumes because that is their typical response. So what do you think their silence said, if anything?

Jim T., Charleston, Ill.

A: I think the silence was loud and clear--the Bears cannot talk about Cutler because he is under contract to Denver. If they were to start talking about him, that could constitute tampering and we saw what happens with tampering last spring when the San Francisco 49ers got slapped on the wrist to the benefit of the Bears. The Bears are not in a position to say they are or are not interested in Cutler, and they're going to follow the code that most do with that too. The last thing the Bears want is someone talking about their players, etc. I've said it more than once, if Cutler becomes available on the open market--and that has not happened--I don't expect the Bears to be involved. I've been wrong before. I'll be wrong again. That's just my take. I'm not saying the Bears should not make a play for Cutler, I'm saying I don't think they will make a move. The Denver Post reports that 10 teams have inquired. We'll see how this plays out.

Q: In normal cases like the one with Jay Cutler, the longer it drags out, and the more "displeasure" is voiced publicly by the player, the lower the asking price goes. Steve McNair is an example of this a couple of years ago. McNair was an older player nearing the end of his career, and understandably, Cutler is a Pro Bowl quarterback who is still entering his prime years, but if they can't get something sorted out as we get closer to the draft, does the price go down to where the Broncos are willing to take a lesser package than the two first round picks, or the 1st and 3rd that we have been hearing? McNair ended up going for a 5th if I recall, and Favre ended up only costing New York a third rounder this past season. Just curious as to what you think in this particular case.

Joe F., Parts Unknown

A: First, I don't think there are "normal cases" of a quarterback reaching a Pro Bowl in his third season and then demanding a trade. Second, I don't think you can draw any parallels to McNair being traded at 33 and after 11 seasons in Tennessee with Cutler at all. As you pointed out, McNair was on his last legs and has dealt with a series of injuries with the Titans. Cutler is an up-and-coming quarterback and a debate can rage all night over whether or not he is a franchise quarterback. At that point in his career, McNair was decidedly not a franchise quarterback. I can assure you if Cutler goes on the market, it will be for a ransom, a king's ransom. Denver isn't going to put him on the clearance rack no matter what he or his agent Bus Cook say.

Q: Maybe this is why they have you and the rest of the reporters ``a field away'' during these workouts. At about the 1:12 mark, there clearly is a hit from Craig Steltz on Devin Hester.

Eric B., Parts Unknown

A: I saw this on a post on Thursday night. It wasn't the only contact in three days of practice. Linemen held. Defensive backs and receivers came together on numerous occasions. Steltz was involved in some other collisions. New safety Josh Bullocks was involved in some run-ins. Sure, it's not supposed to happen. I don't know how you put 60-some football players on the field and don't have some contact. Following the CBA by the letter, though, there should be no contact.

Q: Any chances you could give us an update on Chris Williams' development in the weight room? Coming out of college his reputation was a bit soft and pudgy. Has six months in an NFL weight room shown up in a visibly more chiseled body?

Phil B., Parts Unknown

A: I would say Williams does look a little stronger but I had an interesting chat about a week-and-a-half ago with a scout. We were talking about Andre Smith's pro day at Alabama. There were very mixed reports on how Smith performed and he put up only 19 reps in the bench press, which is two more than Williams did last year. I suggested that wasn't a real good sign and the scout wasn't concerned about it. He said tackles need to be strong in the "[butt]," that is where the power needs to come from. It does look like Williams is a little more defined, and I don't know if you're ever going to find many linemen who are "chiseled." Nobody is seeking Tony Mandarich here. Williams said he's been working out at Halas Hall four or five days a week for about the last six weeks.

Thank you for all of the participation and questions. As always, thanks for reading. Our next Q&A will be Monday. Get your questions in soon.

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1-Percy Harvin WR/RB spell forte....spread the field with hester....good hands/routes
2-William Beatty OT/OG fav Britton's hips don't rotate to be a better RT for the price
3-Trevor Canfield G CYA Garza........williams,omiyale,Kruetz,canfield,beatty ouch for years
3-Michael Hamlin S 6 INTS, good all around
4-Kyle Moore DE rod can turn him into rice
5-Lee Robinson LB productive.... penetration
6-Demonte Bolden DT quick for size

What's up, bloggers? I hope we make a play for Cutler and if we don't get him, I just hope he doesn't go to the NFC. (For sure not the North). We'll see......I started to go back to church so no more ragging on Kyle. I gave it up for lent. We'll see what happens after Easter!.....GO BEARS! (You too, Mr.Orton)

God I saw clips of Andre Smiths workout. What was he thinking running without a shirt? One on his boobs could have hit him in the eye and blinded him during the 40. That guy was so sloppy, and saggy.

It is true OT's need to be stronger in the lower body than upper body, thats why I have a problem with an OT who has herniated a disk in his lower back twice, all that pressure on the spine is a bad thing. Also 19 reps of 225 at close to 350 is so bad. Smith is dropping like a rock, if he has a bad back maybe the Bears will draft him in round 3 were he belongs.

Imhotep Kruetz will not be around for years and Beatty is not going to be a RT in the nfl. He is a LT project, who needs work and will probably start the season as a backup, plus he is not falling to the Bears in round 2, he will go top 10 in round 2 at the latest but will probablt go in round one right after Britton. Britton will be able to go day 1 at RT. Harvin is a project and a Hester clone, the Bears already have Hester. The need an end zone threat and possession reciever. Harvin like Hester belongs in the slot.

Is this Brad Biggs posting or corporate shill Larry Mayer?


The idea that the timid Bears would make a move for Cutler is utterly ridiculous.

Trust me Bob, if this was Larry Brown Nosing Mayers site you would have seen a question such as this answered:

So Brad, what do think the most commonly desired ice cream flavor is amongst the Bears players and coaches?

Mayer is petrified to answer such blastphamous questions such as Cutler due to his fear of standing up to the big heads.

ahhh!!! its your ol frend crap-ton again im sitten here in my basement with the shades closd wearaing only a thong green bay green of corse. ahhhh!!! dont draft andre smith he's not built like i like guys to be built um never mind that last part. get cutler angelo you idiot!!! ahhh!! hek wit it the bars sukk!!!

im crap-ton and i approve this massage!!

Remember friends that the Halas/McCaskey Clan is known all over the pro football world for throwing nickels around as if they were manhole covers. Cutler? In our dreams!

If the Bears don't make a move for Cutler someone should get fired and soon!How can you go into this year with the three arena league QBs we now have on this roster? Unless the Bears plan on drafting a QB but we have far greater needs. This team is turning into a joke. Why is there no sense of urgency? Doesn't the front office fear for their jobs at all? Another season without the playoffs and heads should roll. Brad, give us fans something to look forward to. QB is mediocre, O-line is in sad shape with no depth, WRs are the joke of the NFL, D-line can't rush the passer, D backfield can't cover or tackle. Forte is our only brightspot. It's gonna be a long year, Bear fans! NBS, I liked you better when you got on Orton. You spoke the truth, ORTON $@#%$!

Geez Brad, don't you know that your job as a reporter is to blow sunshine up Bob's arse and tell him (and everyone else) what they want to hear.

Facts-schmacts, we want opinion and wild speculation!

IMHO I say give Denver two 1st-rounders and a mid-level talent ... anything above that is too much. I only say this because we've seen Jerry's awesome track record in the 1st round. I think you wrap up a Pro Bowl, franchise QB for the next 10 years and you can go without a #18 and a 12-24 next draft.

As far as mid-level talent, maybe they could take Alex Brown (who wanted to bolt before) or maybe SS Kevin Payne ... they have a high priority for a good DE against the run as well as a run-stuffing SS.

Brad, depending on one's opinion, probably the Ogunleye trade was the biggest or most daring move Angelo has made in his tenure. I'm not talking from the standpoint that he gave up a Pro Bowl quality WR (at that time) in Booker, for a Pro Bowl quality DE (at that time) in Wale. I'm talking about the fact he moved a third rounder in the deal and give Wale a huge contract being the most daring aspect.

I would bet that Angelo would have made a phone call either to the Broncos or another team that has spoken to the Broncos about Cutler, just to gauge what the market is, if there will be one.

That being said, I highly doubt Angelo gets into serious talks or even to the point to floating an offer to Denver about Cutler.

Brad I am wondering your take on this in the 7 years 9 month Jerry Angelo has been here do you think The Owners are making restraints to JA more than what ted phillips is putting on because over last several years Big name Free Agents have come up but it seems like the Bears cant even get close to sign them. Do you think the owners are to Cheap or Angelo showing his true colors as a general Manager which he doesnt show us much expect his bull chit moves during draft day ( chris Williams) example. Your thought on this please

Hey Brad,

Any news on the progress of the Vikings situation with the stadium and if they'll still be the Bears rival in the future?

Has anyone seen the new girl we got playing WR???.....No, wait, that's Devin Hester......Get a hair cut, dude. You look like a thug!

Jerry said QB was his `Achilles heal'. That was in reference to the fact he knew all along that Cutler would be available, as he would not have put his foot in his mouth on that, knowing a big time QB would be available and he wouldn't go after him. ;) By that statement alone Jerry is saying that QB was his priority and he was going after a legit QB, .....Cutler! See I figured JA Free Agent methodology out, actually that was almost the same gaffe as the new Bronco's Coach did with Cutler so who knows. lol

This QB thing is a Bears problem not just a JA problem, the Bears as an Org. do not want a big time QB as that would mean a big time salary. I mean look at Jerry ragging on Orton so he won't have to pay Orton and Orton isnt a ProBowler.
and maybe Jerry said it to blow smoke for the draft pick, leading to believe we would go QB, who knows? I just hope we draft a RT at 18 and put all this Oline mess to rest once and for all, Orton can getrdone with a good Oline anyway, but w/o that Olineman neither Forte or Orton will be worth crabf and w/o that good RT/RG Cutler wouldnt help as much as some people think. Not that I wouldnt want him he would be a QB we could hang our hat on for a long time (and Jerry as well if he though about it)
But the bottom line is Jerry has not brought in a big time Free Agent yet so why start now? In the meantime we as fans get to dream the Bears are one of the big ten! whoohoo, thats the best Free Agent news this year from Jerry~!

I'm back, you losers! Dream on about getting Cutler! Your GM is our best friend. He is on our payroll. He wanted to "fix" the QB situation, he did. He got that Mexican guy Brett Basanez. That's the best he can do. hahahahahaha. You suckers will be chasing us all year long. Aaron Rodgers, NFL MVP 2009!!

I think Jerry will "kick the tires" on Cutler. I really do. Beyond that, I don't know how agressive Chicago will be. The NFL network had multiple conversations with 2-3 Bears media guys yesterday and the comments were all quite "politically correct".

I agree and disagree with Biggsey. I think the Bears will make a move for Cutler. However, I don't think they'll be very aggressive at all and eventually lose the sweepstakes.

I think a team (like Minnesota or Detroit) will go all "Ricky Williams - Mike Ditka" on the Broncos (if Cutler is available) and give Denver their whole roster or draft.

The McCaskeys should realize that putting Jay Cutler in a Chicago uniform will bring dollars and even more national attention than the Bears already get. I hope they realize that when Jerry's kicking the tires.

That said, I don't think they should trade away all their players and/or valuable draft picks either.

I'm hopefully pessimistic.

My momma always used to say,"If you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say nothing!" So here's what I say about this years Bears,"________"

Oh PackerBacker I have so many ways to respond but I guess the best is ... How long ago was Green Bay relevant? I mean, the last Super Bowl your team played in you lost as 14.5-point favorites! Hell, the last time you played in the NFC Championship game - at HOME no less - you lost as 14-point favorites. That's some team ya got there!

As for Bear fans, we'll be ok ... we sleep every night on piles of discarded Brett Favre memorabilia ... the tears of Green Bay fans make it more comfortabe than you'd think!

How did you guys do last season? I'm curious you have an "NFL MVP" candidate (so you say) at QB and you've had a HOF quarterback for the last thousand years ... why is it the last time you made it to the Super Bowl was when Titanic was box office tops and "Candle in the Wind" was atop the charts? Coincidence? ... I think we all know the answer.

Da Church, Our eyes were put in front of our heads for a reason, Don't look back! I'm talking this year, my friend. We'll see who has the better record at years end. You no QB with 2 undrafted free agents as backups, no WR, no Oline, no pass rush, always injured millionare DT, no more MLB, no one who can play in the "cover-who, no more punt returner, no one knows who is D coordinator, demoted linebacker coach, history making 0-16 D line coach, fullback up the middle on 4th and an inch play calling idiot, bunch of crybabies with a tightwad ownership and a lieing GM!! You losers are still mad about the instant replay game. GO PACK!!

By Crap-ton on March 21, 2009 9:13 AM
ahhh!!! its your ol frend crap-ton again im sitten here in my basement with the shades closd wearaing only a thong green bay green of corse. ahhhh!!! dont draft andre smith he's not built like i like guys to be built um never mind that last part. get cutler angelo you idiot!!! ahhh!! hek wit it the bars sukk!!!

Hahahah, in your dreams pal, Brando why do you even pretend to be another guy? Also are you that dumb that you cannot do anything but try and throw my old material at me, what do you do write down everything I say and save it. Dude there are loosers like Fudgepacker there, and then there are guys like you who look up to guys like Packerbacker. By the way I think it's funny that you both always disappear at the same time and show up at the same time.

By the way quit having fantasy's about me in a thong rooting for your beloved Packers, it just creeps me out. Go back to your JA fantasy after all you do love the GM that is destroying the Bears. By the way if I was you I would switch hands, I think the right one is starting to over callous and that pick of your mom has probably gotten a little sticky by now. Maybe switch to the one of your sister instead.

You really love being my b#### don't you. I never saw anyone who loves being slapped around like you do. I guess it must run in your family, did your mommy train you? Oh I miss your mom she used to be a good earner for me. Mind you I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole but the animals loved her.


FYI, the Bears new safety is JOSH Bullocks, not his brother Daniel.


Settle down. When JA came down from the mountain top and gave his famous QB speech it was for this very purpose. He knows we need a QB but Tebow can't play until next year. When the Messiah suits up for the Bears he will have a nice (and very large) offensive line to play behind. Many Super Bowls will follow.

Cutler is a little baby. Tebow is the MAN.

Brad Why did you let Creighton offend our family???? This is the LAST time I'm going to respond to this site!!!!! This is ridiculous BRAD, to let a person like Creighton to degrade our family like that. UNCALLED for!

I heard we are interested in CB Ken Lucas. What gives, Brad?

Another new day and Kyle is still our QB. Wake up, Angeleto! Cutler wants to come home!

Oh wow Brando ... You insult a guy with a fake persona and then when he goes over the top in responding you get all butthurt. You'll get over it.


I cannot begin to stress enought that Tim Tebow is NOT - nor ever will be - an NFL quarterback. The guy is a great story for the 23%-ers out there but he will fail far worse than Rex Grossman ever did. Riddle me this, if he is so incredibly great why did he not come out this season with a weak QB class? And the first meathead who brings up "passion" or "loyalty" gets a c@#k-punch from Brando's mom.


Christ on a cracker ... get a life dude! Really, I mean if you sit around worrying about other guys hair cuts I would suggest doing something more constructive ... like re-decorating the closet while you're in there. Seriously, get a grip.

OK, with that said I have completed two different Mock drafts so far with Chicago taking Hakeem Nicks and Eben Britton (IMHOtep, I have Harvin available in both scenarios just not a fit in Chicago ... I also have Beatty gone well before #50) in the 1st round. Nicks would be reaching but Britton should be there and available so we'll see what happens. I'll post to my blog later today so all 2 of my readers can tear it apart :-)

I say we go with "If you don't practice, you don't play." We can't, if we did we couldn't field a team!This team is too soft, out of shape, and a disgrace to the old "Monsters Of The Midway!" Papa Bear would be ashamed! Tommie Harris could not play for Halas. What a waste of coin! Trade him for Cutler, maybe the Broncos don't know he's a wuss.


What are you hearing coming out of the owner's meetings? We know they are discussing Overtime, player safety, and some minor changes in rule interpretation to avoid the Hochuli gaffe, but what else is coming out of there from what you hear? The reason I ask is that ProFootballWeekly had an article that was talking about re-structuring the offseason to get everything compressed and earlier, like having the draft at the end of February or early March, which could save the teams millions of $ in travel expenses by forcing more prospects to work out at the Combine or attend the All Star Games, which are being reviewed for a move to Tampa (East West Shrine Game AND the Senior Bowl). They are talking about back to back weeks in the same city, so prospects can work out for 2 straight weeks if they are trying to make a name for themselves. As much as we like the time between the Super Bowl and the draft, there is way too much time in my opinion to pick guys apart, find all the crazy stuff they did back in grade school, and over-analyze the prospects. They are also thinking to move free agency to after the draft, which would make players a lot more likely to stay with their current teams and not hit the market, because once the draft is done, teams will have less open spaces on the roster.

In my opinion, this would be a good thing. The control would be wrestled away from the agents, and put back into the hands of the league. We wouldn't have guys deciding not to participate in scheduled workouts, in favor of their Pro Days. You would see more top prospects showing up for the All-Star Games, and it would put more emphasis on the college scouting departments doing their work during the season. I hear Gil Brandt on NFL Radio talking about the draft process, and it is amazing how much it has changed in favor of the teams. I mean, let's face it, this is a job interview, and these players get to say they aren't going to interview when the teams want them to, they are going to do it on their terms. I think if they get these changes proposed, it will be even easier for teams to push to get a rookie salary cap like the NBA has for the new CBA. When JaMarcus Russell gets paid more than most veteran starting Quarterbacks, that should tell you something is wrong. They are saying the first overall pick will get $35-40 million in guarantees in their first contract...Something there has to change.

And as far as free agency, Thomas Jones is holding out for a new deal because he finally had a season where he played like he should have been playing his entire career. no coincidence that it was when Brett Favre was in town. Julius Peppers won't sign his franchise tender, which needs to happen before the Panthers can trade him. He has the power to totally hose their offseason plan if he doesn't sign. They will have to either keep him on the roster at $16 million, or release him into free agency. Neither of these situations are good for the league. While I understand that teams can cut players at any time, and doesn't guarantee any of their salary, I don't think that is any different than the jobs we have. We can all be fired without cause at any time. Why should a player get to hold out for a new deal when they signed the one they are playing under? Jones asked for a new deal here, and the Bears sent him packing. Now after 2 years of a 4 year deal, he is asking again. I can't imagine a team would relent on that.

Anyway, maybe it is too early to start worrying about it, but I think the NFL is kidding themselves if they think that a labor stoppage wouldn't hurt the league tremendously. They need to get this right, and get it right soon.

Anybody interested in reading the article can check it out here:

Anyway, just curious to see if they were just wild speculations, or if there was some fire to go with that smoke.

Bloggers, can you believe it? I made Da Church speechless! He couldn't come up with anything to rebutt my response to his blog. Truth hurts and sometimes what can you say to dispute it! The Bears are in a fast spiral downward ever since the Superbowl spanking by Peyton & Co.! Clean house and start over if you want to get back to challenging the Pack! In 2009 the PACK IS BACK! Get over it, you losers!

Awww, little PackerBacker needs attention.

You know, it's hard to refute your idiotic opinions because I presented facts and all you do is hold your wittle ears and scream "lalalalalallalala" at the top of your tiny lungs.

Your entire posts can be summed up thusly "Bears suck. Aaron Rodgers is a god. You're all losers. Look at me! Look at me! Please someone LOOK AT ME!!!!"

Two words for ya: SIX and farking TEN.

// 6-10 and the PACK IS BACK. If PackerBacker says it who ISN'T convinced!?!
// Attention whore likes attention.

Angelo doesn't have to say anything re Cutler. When, in their entire history, have the Bears EVER signed a top player, who was not past his prime, from another team? Certainly not in my lifetime.

This pathetic excuse for a team didn't even attempt to fill any of its massive holes with acquisitions from free agency. Instead, we get crap like Lovie Smith saying we should "let the entire process play out," as if the last two seasons did not exist and the process has not already "played out" by destroying the 2006 NFC Championship team. I had no expectations of being competitive last season, though the 9-7 record was better than I expected. This season is shaping up to be even worse.

Get off the hair - if he plays like a star he can do what he wants, no one listens but we shoulda kept Tank and we wouldnt be hurt by Harris non passion, non work ethic. Tank has been fine in Dallas, we jumped the gun on that one. Lets hope Harrison can do the job this year (I think he will)

oh and crapton, I can't even follow all that, so I don't EVEN try
just trying to follow all that I say is hard enough. lol

as far as Tebow, oh great, now we are pinning the Bears hopes on a player in NEXT YEARS DRAFT??? Is this how awful the Bears really are?

By PackerBacker on March 22, 2009 12:05 PM
Bloggers, can you believe it? I made Da Church speechless! He couldn't come up with anything to rebutt my response to his blog. Truth hurts and sometimes what can you say to dispute it! The Bears are in a fast spiral downward ever since the Superbowl spanking by Peyton & Co.! Clean house and start over if you want to get back to challenging the Pack! In 2009 the PACK IS BACK! Get over it, you losers!

Well I am here so how about I respond. First I know with all the inbreeding that takes place in the Bay you guys prefer to look forward rather than back. But if you want to pretend you can see the future, well I guess so can I.

Lets take a look at the Fudgepackers or as you like to call them tricks.

Left tackle Chad Clifton turns 33 in June. He just allowed 7.5 sacks and he's coming off of knee surgery. Mark Tauscher, a year younger than Clifton, is a free agent who tore his ACL in December. Oh I am sure Rodgers is going to have a lot fun this year, on his back that is, just were you Packer fans like him, you got no OT's.

The Packers had problems getting to the quarterback in 2008. If you take away Aaron Kampman's 10 sacks, the team had just 17. Kampman will be one of the rush linebackers in Green Bay's new defensive alignment. He has never played in a 3-4 none of your guys have, good luck with that. Plus you have to start a rookie at the other spot. Thats gonna suck.

Defensive End: Cullen Jenkins will play one of the defensive end positions in Green Bay's new 3-4. The other slot is pretty much open. Yet another rookie will need to start, you have no 5 techs on your team, hahahahaha, I am sure your front three will be great.

Ryan Pickett is slated to play nose tackle, but considering that he is turning 30 soon and has never played in the 3-4 at any level of his football career, plus he is not very good to begin with. He couldn't clog one gap for you last year, now you think he is gonna clog two???? Dream on you were 26th against the run last year in a 4-3.

Assuming Al Harris is released, the Packers will need depth behind Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams. They'll also need someone to take over on a full-time basis once Woodson is forced to move to safety in a year or two. Either way you guys are old in your secondary and have injury issues.

Atari Bigby played extremely well in the 2007 postseason, but spent way too much time on the injury report last year. Can Bigby stay healthy??? Started 6 whole games last year.

Derrick Frost was one of the league's worst punters, averaging 42.1 yards per kick despite hitting just 8-of-48 attempts inside the 20. The Bears may not be very good but we kill people with our special teams, you should no that remember when Brown blocked that FG attempt. God I bet that hurt.

We gave the Packers the gift of playing an injured Orton twice and you could only win the home game???? Nice, you think you have talent on your team??? Wait till Rodgers get hurt again because your tackles can't protect him. Dude you guys lost to Orton how bad do you have to be to loose to an injured Orton. What are you guys like 3-7 against us in our last 10 meetings? Yeah the Packers are looking real good, hahahhahaha, I got a bridge in NY I want to sell you too Moron.

By Brando on March 21, 2009 9:36 PM
Brad Why did you let Creighton offend our family???? This is the LAST time I'm going to respond to this site!!!!! This is ridiculous BRAD, to let a person like Creighton to degrade our family like that. UNCALLED for!

Don't start nothing, wont be nothing. By the way you have lost your mind.

Brad looks like you just got a new family member. Congratultions Brad!! You are now the proud owner of your very own bouncing cry baby Brando. Oh and Brando if your going to make up family members you probably could have done a little better than Brad. No offense Brad, but if I was going to pick a Brad to be a family member I would have choosen my twin brother Brad Pitt who gives me half of everything he earns, later me and my twin are going to go pickup my cousins Clooney, and Vinny(Joe Pesci) and my Uncle Robert De Niro. We are then going to go down to Vegas with all the Chicgo Bears past and present and throw are millions around. Oh and Jay Cutler will be there, he is my new best friend and future QB of the Chicago Bears who I have just purchased. I would also take this moment to inform you Brando that the Bears have a new magic spell that will prevent you from watching any Bear games ever again. Oh and all the players just told me they hate you and want you to go back to being a Packer fan.

There you go again, Daaaahhhhh Church, living in the past! It's the future I'm talking about. You're just mad cuz the Bares don't have one. All the Favre crap is over and done so look out now. Besides, who cares what LAST YEARS record was anyway? We didn't make the playoffs and either did you, we beat you at home and you beat us at home so I think we're even! Except for the fact we kicked your a$$ and it took you overtime to get lucky against us. One good thing though, we get higher draft picks! Let's have a friendly wager on this years record. If you get Cutler you might have a chance but somehow you guys will f@#k that up, too! GO PACK!!!

Creighton, I hope you don't look as stupid as you write! Everything you say can be turned right around to your sorry a$$ team, too. You talk about Orton being injured, hell, over half of our defense was injured the time you beat us! You dog our D front, against you losers we won't need one with that sorry patchwork O line you guys will have.You talk about us getting old, the "face" of your D is well beyond his 30+ years and so is your O line captain. After all this is said, we still have a huge advantage in the most important position on the field, QB!! Orton sucks and nobody has ever heard of the 2 clowns that are backing him up! Your GM is the laughing stock of the NFL! And good luck playing the "Cover Who"!

I have heard enough from that fudgepackerbacker he didn't bother to read Creightons post which was excellent may I add but the inbreed from the north keeps spouting off and it's a shame he picked now to pull that brat out of his mouth and regurgitate the B.S. he does.

Randy: "Tank has been fine in Dallas, we jumped the gun on that one."

I see what you did there ... and I applaud it!

Creighton: "No offense Brad, but if I was going to pick a Brad to be a family member I would have choosen my twin brother Brad Pitt who gives me half of everything he earns, later me and my twin are going to go pickup my cousins Clooney, and Vinny(Joe Pesci) and my Uncle Robert De Niro. We are then going to go down to Vegas with all the Chicgo Bears past and present and throw are millions around."

Oh crap, it sounds like Creighton got infected with "The Holland". Hang on buddy, we'll send you help ASAP!

Everything Cerighton said ... No need to waste typing another

Nice information and interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

By Da Church of Da Coach on March 22,2009 9:24 a.m
"OK, with that said I have completed two different mock drafts so far with Chicago taking Hakeem Nicks and Eben Britton."

WOW, thats a changeover for you Da Coach of Da JERK, you mean instead of going behind all the other bloggers and cutting them down, telling them how wrong & stupid they are, giving your two cents, and finally ending by saying something that probably ONLY YOU think is witty. Your actually gonna give your own opinion on something? WOW!! Yor should see a doctor, you have all the classic symptoms of the knowitall syndrome, you should seriously get that checked out.

Joe, I really liked your post. Somethings have to be changed to make the league better. Not for the betterment of the teams and not for the betterment of the players. But for the betterment of the entire league as a whole. Moving the draft up would be great for all.

I'm not against players getting paid. Nor making as much money as they can make. Because the truth is, fans don't pay for tickets to see some old owner standing on a podium. They pay to see players play the game of football. If the owners are getting rich, then so should the player.

But I am against a college player, who's never played a down in this league, dictating to the league what they will and will not do. It sickened me the way Eli Manning was allowed to manipulate the league and the draft system for the best interests of himself only. I'm also against rookies coming into the league making more money than current players. Not just the stars of the league, but even the hard working mediocre players. We've seen so many players go bust, yet make millions of dollars in the process. At the same time, we watch players like Adrian Peterson (Bears) work hard, play hard, just to get a roster spot, not get nearly that amount of money. How about we make these guys actually earn the money that they make, just like all of us on this blog do on a daily basis.

And on a final note, Brad you really need to look into getting a better moderater for this blog. Some of the things posted aren't even Bear related or even Football related. And just simply should not be allowed. It's irresponsible of you and the staff of The Sun-Times to allow some of these things to go on. It takes away from the true purpose of this site. The lack of control will turn this site into nothing more than a place for Internet Gangsters to spew their hate and silly chatter. When most of us just want to talk about Da Bears!

Hey Da Coach, and especially you Creighton, I can't believe either one of you have the gull/nerve to respond to PackerBacker? Especially when both of you guy's spend about as much time as PackerBacker bashing the Bears in your post?? I tell ya, the hypocrisy gets kind of knee deep on this board sometimes.

Reg, I know your talking about the packerbacker.....we for the most part try to ignore him. Brad put a captcha on the blog to cornfuse him but he musta hired a Bears Fan to write it down for him.

Awww how cute now PackerBacker has a friend, huh "Mad Hatter" :-) Well let's disect your statement:

"WOW, thats a changeover for you Da Coach of Da JERK"
Oooo man that hurts. I mean being called (literally) the coach of a jerk. I guess if I coached you I could be called "Da Coach of Da Farktard".

"you mean instead of going behind all the other bloggers and cutting them down, telling them how wrong & stupid they are, giving your two cents, and finally ending by saying something that probably ONLY YOU think is witty. Your actually gonna give your own opinion on something? WOW!!"

Wait which is it? Do I give my "two cents" or am I "actually gonna give (my) own opinion on something?" I mean do I NEVER give my opinion or do I always give my opinion? Please help. I am so confused :-( I guess having a blog where all of my opinions are recorded for all to see isn't good enough. I know, I'll call you and PackerBacker each time I put something on the line because (obviously) everyone would give two flying shiats to hear what you guys think, right?

"Yor should see a doctor,"
Who's Yor? Is that the guy who gives his opinions? Is that YOUR boyfriend? Who is Yor?!?!

"you have all the classic symptoms of the knowitall syndrome, you should seriously get that checked out."
Actually, I am man enough to admit I needed help. I went to the doctor but he couldn't help. So I went to a specialist clinic. They couldn't either. I went to my priest ... no dice. Finally I went to see God but he couldn't be bothered ... it was Halloween and he was at a costume party ... dressed up as me!

Tyler Durden: "Hey Da Coach, and especially you Creighton, I can't believe either one of you have the gull/nerve to respond to PackerBacker? Especially when both of you guy's spend about as much time as PackerBacker bashing the Bears in your post?? I tell ya, the hypocrisy gets kind of knee deep on this board sometimes."

OK, I have to admit I fed the one troll now all his buddies are showing up en masse.

First, do you realize your homage is to a character who would absolutely hate you? I mean someone who's willing to post in sports message forums would be disgusting to Tyler, you get that right?

Second, I level my crticism DIRECTLY at Jerry Angelo and (to a lesser extent) Lovie Smith. So criticism and questioning those that are in charge is a cardinal sin? Where'd you grow up, Zimbabwe??? When you have legitimate criticism you voice your opinion ... if you want to be JA's butt-boy, go right ahead. I just tend to hold him to a professional standard.

Third, you want to know what "hypocrisy" is? It's criticizing someone who criticizes someone else. PackerBacker brings NOTHING to the table much like yourself. Being butthurt and outraged that we call out a complete and total d-bag for being completely uninformed and borderline retarded draws your wrath? Really? I guees in the future we should write more informative posts ... like you and Mad Hatter?

Note to self: Get full lobotomy to better prepare yourself for conversations with d-bags who post every blue moon on Biggsy's blog.


I NEEDED the money. The economy sucks and I just saw the quick buck. I am so, so sorry.

The good news is he offered me $25 but he actually paid me $50 because I told him his cash needed to be converted into "Illinois money" ... drinks on me!

Creighton and Duh Coach, I'm from Packerland, at least I have a reason to dog everything the Bares are doing, you two losers rip on your own team. How can anything you queers say about the Pack mean anything when you say the same things about your own team? You are a couple of fair weather fans that are stuck in that hellhole city living on the glory of the '85 Bears. Get with the times and realize you guys suck!! While you're at it, try and get a QB so our games against each other this year are competitive! By the way, if you want some safety help, there are some good Walmart greeters downtown!Pick up a GM while you're at it! LOSERS!

I am not CRAP-TON

Thats right Fudgepacker the Bears were bad, and they still won a game. How sad for Packers. Oh time for Packerbacker to make excuses for his team, they had injuries and such a tough schedual. Please weak schedual weak team. Oh and you can't turn anything I said around on the Bears or you would have done it. But you couldn't cause it's a different team with different problems. Fact is you finished 3rd in the division and your team choked in the 4th qt, against a lot of teams including the Bears. Your defense sucks make all the excuses you want, you also can't turn around the fact that the packers are 3-7 against the Bears over the last 5 years. Say what you want but the Bears, but thet still beat your teams sorry @$$. Were you not favored to win the div?? Yep. Did you even come close? Nope. The Bears were predicted to finish last and came in second, as compared to your team who was suppose to be a Super Bowl team. Oooops, guess not. You finished right were you belong behind the Bears.

The Pac are changing defense, that doesn't help them.
There secondary is old, the Bears is young.
Your Oline was no better than our line but ours just got a lot younger, yours got older.
The Bears defense sucked and was still better than the Packers.
If your team was better you should have won more games than the Bears, but you couldn't get it done. End of story, Bears were better.

Buy the way as for my writing at least I am not some nut job stalking other teams websites. Thats just pathetic, you must truly have no life. Then again your from the Bay so I am posative you have no life. Most exciting thing that happens up there is washing your pickup truck day or a big looser debate about which is better Ford or Dodge.

News flash for you tard I live in a really city, and I have a real team to cheer for. Packer fans cheer for the Packers because there is nothing else to do, thats all you have. That and shooting deer and stray dogs. Wow what a life. Looser Packer fan whose got nothing better to do than try and annoy real football fans. You don't even know anything about football meathead, it's all excuses and BS with you.

Your teams sucks and now you don't even have Favre. Hey maybe you should sit down and start your excuse making list for this year, that way when you come back here at the end of the season after 6 wins you can have it already to go. "Rodgers got hurt" "The Oline had injuries" "The Defense had injuries" "We switched Defenses" blah blah blah. F##### Looser. Go back to your mother wife and quit bugging real football fans.

Coach you f#####, you know what I meant when I wrote that, smart @$$, don't be taking my #### out of context. But hey Brando is finally gone now I only have to deal with one of his many personas. I swear I think he is Fudgepacker too, look how Fudgepacker stood up for him.

Oh and Tyler Durden you fat lazy fight club wanna be looser. Does the movie name make you feel hard core? I don't bash the Bears I tell it like it is. I am not some sucker meathead like you who runs out and buys an orange Jersey every time Lovie tells you too. I have simple points in all my posts, if you can make a legit argument against anything I have written about the Bears than do it. But quit the BS about me being to hard on them, calling a dack a duck is all it is. So far I have been dead on about the Bears while idiots like you can't figure out the difference between good football and bad football. See unlike you when a GM is screwing up all the time I have no problem calling him on it, unlike you who thinks if you clap your hands and pray to god that the Bears will win a super bowl. Doesn't work that way, stop being part of the problem, if you care so much about the team then you would want the best for the team, and you clearly don't.

I've been reading Inside the Bears for years now and this is the first time I've posted on here. I'm rather disappointed in you, Creighton and Da Coach. How can you fall into the pit of arguing with a nasty packers fan? The only reason he is here in the first place is because they have less going on in their news than we do. It's not worth your time arguing with those people. I really did expect more maturity out of you two after some of the great posts I've read. Well, Go Bears, lets hope for a 3rd round comp pick.

No QB. Even with Cutler, we would not be all that great. Gotta move the pile and run, then pass. Plus a bigger problem is on the horizon people.. Tommie Harris was not able to go in the mini-camp. BAD SIGN!!! Lovie says he gave him time off,, Urlacher is older and he still practised. This has got to be looked at. He was supposed to be healthy last year. What the hell is wrong with this guys knee??? Season was over 3 months ago. He still cant go?? WOW.. the 40 million dollar center piece to Lovie's vaunted Cover-Zilch D is still out. Time to dump him and grab a younger/healthier/non-mental case version to man the 3 technique spot. If they draft a DT at #18 (Peria Jerry) then that tells us that Harris is still messed up. The front 4 is the bread and butter of this style of D. IF your 3 tackle does not generate pressure, then the D is flat screwed...

Mr.smith we see you not interest jay culter but we need WR like torry holt that devin can learn off,so he can get better from working hard doing camp and learning on from another. AT QB spot I like klye but we do need a probowler if Mr.smith and Jerry care about the spot but do like number 12 at QB he got speed and can throw he's a weapon I think he can become a probowler and don't release him or trade he is a keeper thurst me on this one. Because everytime we release body they end up doing good like Barren. 2009

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