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Eastern Michigan OT Lang picking up steam

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While the Bears have brought in some big-name players they were considering in the first round on pre-draft visits in the past, most of the players they bring to Halas Hall are either late-round prospects or players that are being considered as undrafted priority free agents.

The team usually doesn't have medical information on those players because they did not get invited to the combine. So, a pre-draft visit allows them to put the player through a full battery of medical tests to ensure any investment is worthwhile.

One player scheduled for a visit next week is Eastern Michigan offensive tackle T.J. Lang, and he's not going to last into the late rounds. Lang is a hot climber in the draft right now and his visit to the Bears is one of just seven he currently has scheduled.

Lang will also visit Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Green Bay, Jacksonville and San Diego. He wasn't really on the radar for a lot of teams and he was passed over for the combine. But he shined at the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game. When teams went to do more work on him after that, they liked the tape they saw and interest just continues to build.

It's not unlike what happened with Jason Jones, a defensive end from Eastern Michigan. He was another off-the-radar guy last season who started building momentum. It didn't stop until Tennessee drafted him in the second round. He had five sacks as a rookie including 3 1/2 with three forced fumbles in a Week 16 meeting with Pittsburgh.

At this rate, Lang could climb all of the way into the second round. A left tackle in school, he projects as a right tackle or possibly a guard. Here's a video breakdown of him.

Keep an eye on him moving forward.

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Angelo is searching for Offensive Tackles he can draft in round two or three because he's going to go with a defensive player in round one. Most likely a D-tackle or end. The reason he'll go this route is he needs a first round homerun because of his past draft busts and he thinks his best chance to hit that homer is drafting what he thinks he knows best; drafting D-linemen. It is a poor way to run your draft out of fear that your past is about to catch up with you and not based on what is best for the team.

Now that we have our RT and we WILL GET CUTLER, draft nothing but defense and get Brian Robiskie! Our D is not getting any younger. D line, D backs, then LB. We WILL make the playoffs. The Queens will struggle without their probowl center.BEAR DOWN!!!

So Jason Jones had 1 1/2 sacks the whole season and then got 3 1/2 sack against Pitts horrible line and your impressed Brad? They gave up what about 50 sacks last year? Impressive. And had a massive 1 1/2 sacks the other 15 games. Nice. I don't know if I would of drafted Jones with a 2nd round pick like the Titans did. Then again that was a really weak defensive end class.

Land has shot into the 4th round I am not big on guys who climb this much because most of them turn into busts. The look great in workouts but you never heard of them before the draft. No one was like wow that Lang is something during the college season. But he may be worth a 4th round pick you can risk a little there. But taking him in round two is a big risk.

Kane I bet Angelo goes Reciever in round 1. Then looks for a DE in round 2. Lang maybe in round 3.

@ Creighton

The word is out on T.J. Lang and because of that, I don't think he falls to the Bears's 20th pick in the 3rd Round (84th Overall). Remember, since the draft changed last year, the 3rd Round is the first round of the second day. And the first things teams will look at after Day 1, is how many quality linemen (O & D) are left.

I think it's more likely Angelo's getting his ducks in a row for an O-lineman in the 2nd Round in case there's a run in the 1st Round where we get leap-frogged by other teams that think we're definitely going after an O-Tackle. That gives Jerry the flexibility to look at Wideout & D-End in the 1st, yet still get a solid guy in the 2nd. Most would call the pick a reach and that's definitely Angelo's M.O.

My feeling, and it's just that, my feeling that I arrived at after looking at many blogs, is that Angelo is going to pull the trigger on a WR in the first round and go after an OT in the second. Either this kid or Phil Loadholt or someone else. There seem to be quite a few. You can hit it rich on OTs outside the first round. A DE? forget it in the first rounds. As Lovie is fond of saying, "our best free agent is Rod Marinelli."

Aside from that, FS is a much more important draft need than DE. No amount of coaching can do much with the pile of slow (take your pick), stupid (yes, that's you Danieal) and awful tacklers (you again Danieal) the Bears have in their D backfield. Our only hope is to find a diamond in the rough somewhere in the draft. Or it's going to be another long year of last minute losses to hot QBs.

After signing the FA of the year in Coach Marinelli, I don't see us taking a DL in the first 3 rounds, which is fine by me.

Here's something interesting I heard at the gym yesterday . . . it will never happen, but that's what this time of the year is about as a fan . . . getting to ponder interesting scenarios that will never come to fruition.

Tommie Harris + Kyle Orton + top pick for Jay Cutler.

If it were me, I would change that to TH + KO + 2nd or 3rd pick, OR

TH + KO + Devin Hester for Jay Cutler! That way the draft day party at my house can go on as planned!

Again, none of these will NEVER happen, and I do like Kyle Orton, but they are interesting scenarios.

It's probably going to be defense. The only way Angelo goes offense in the first round is if a top 5-8 talent like Crabtree or Sanchez free-falls.

I say this by process of elimination. JA is going to look at a first round WR like Charlie Brown sees Lucy holding the football for him to kick it. Too many bad memories.

He has hired two decent(not great, but decent) FAs at O-line. That gives him time to develop a 2-4 round pick there.

What's left is defense, and I'm betting front 7. There are just too many good safety prospects in the mid rounds.

Duece that is a good point I did forget about the third round. However it's a deep line class and Lang is currently ranked 12th up from not even being ranked. It's not a knock on Lang I just don't like fast climbers, most of the time they are workout warriors and busts in the NFL because they are not that good at football. Not saying Lang isn't good, I don't really know him. I am just saying I don't like climbers. Plus 12 OT's in the first 2 rounds is a lot, I mean a lot.

Last year 7 OT 's went in round 1 and Albert who was a Guard so 8 Offensive line players went in round 1. Only 1 offensive line player went in round 2 and last years class was a little better and a little deeper. 12 OT's going in the first two rounds is unheard of. Thats why I say no sooner than round 3. I f he moves up the boards further from were he is at now, thats different, but right now he is ranked 12th. He is verstile but not a pure LT, I think he could be a solid Guard or RT, maybe even Center. We will see. If someone really falls in love with the guy he could go in round two, but remember the Bears are conservative by nature. That would be a risky move for them. Besides the Falcons have not drafted him and if the Falcons don't draft him he has no place on the Bears line. Well if the Falcons look at him let me know cause Angelo likes to follow the Falcons around asking them who they like.

There are some large late round defensive linemen in the small schools of the south like Chris Baker from Hampton who is 6'4" 326 and Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman 6'2" 330 who I am sure the Bears have scouted. I live in the south and have seen these guys play and scouts at the games so they do know. These guys are run stuffers and pocket collapsers one of these guys could change the complexion of a defense [see the Williams wall]and free up Harris who has been cut and chipped consistantly for the last two years and it appears to have effected his psyche. With the success of the Williams wall believe me scouts have been sniffing around looking. Look how Haynesworth changed the Titans, Shaun Rogers in Cleveland. If you really want to fix this defense get a solid rock at NT and move Harrison into a rotation with Harris keep Izzy at end with Wale, Brown and Anderson in a rotation then you would be surprised at how good the DB's become all of a sudden.

My feeling is that JA is going to trade further down in the first and pick up another 2nd or 3rd rounder. I would personally be OK with that if we still get 2 O-Lineman in the first 3 rounds. We need depth and then we can go WR, DT, DE.

I would also like to see us trade some people during draft day, such as Urlacher, Harris, maybe Vasher, and even Hester. I would love to see us get about 4 2nd rounders this year. We could definitely fill some holes.

Just my opinion

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