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Dollars and sense: The Frank Omiyale contract

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We've got the numbers for the contract signed by new offensive lineman Frank Omiyale, the Bears' first free-agent acquisition.

The base value of the four-year contract is $11.5 million and with escalators it is believed to max out at $14 million. We don't know the parameters for those escalators and the amounts or what triggers the payouts. We do have a grasp on the rest of the deal. With roughly $31 million in cap room entering free agency, the Bears chose to put the bulk of the money for Omiyale in the first year of the deal. He will be paid $6.3 million this season, or more than half of the total base value of the contract.

That is the kind of payoff that makes it very clear the Bears plan on him being a starter this season, whether the club will say that or not.

"What we wanted to do is just bring in what we felt was a good young quality lineman and then let the players and coaches determine who gives us our best five out there,'' general manager Jerry Angelo said on the day of the signing.

Let's look at the numbers:


$1.8 million signing bonus
$3.7 million roster bonus
$620,000 base salary
$180,000 workout bonus

Total: $6.3 million


$1.25 million base salary
$250,000 workout bonus

Total: $1.5 million


$1.6 million base salary
$250,000 workout bonus

Total: $1.85 million


$1.6 million base salary
$250,000 workout bonus

Total: $1.85 million

*** Escalators exist in 2011 and 2012 and they are believed to be based on play-time incentives.

We'll get to the mailbag and Four Down Territory a little later this afternoon.

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Brad those are really intriguing numbers. First off, how do you think St. Clair is going to read them? I can't see him being happy with less than $6.3 for his first year, can you?

Secondly it looks like you are spot on in that the Bears are expecting him to start this year. However, if he DOES start, the final two or three years look to me like a hold-out waiting to happen.....unless it's a challenge to "show us your stuff young man and then maybe we'll talk again"??

Good Stuff.

That sure is a lot of money going to a guy who has 1 career start under his belt. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that I can evaluate lineman so I don't know if we overpaid or not. It is encouraging to hear that as many as 10 other teams were interested in him. If Angelo is right about Omiyale and he is turns out to be a good starter then he will look like a genius. There most definitely is a lot of upside getting our hands on a young lineman without a lot of wear on the tires. It he comes in and starts right away that contract is going to look like a bargain. Only time will tell...

Holy Crap! He'll make almost the same amount as T.O. this year! Can he catch?

If John St.Clair isn't signed by next week, I look for Chicago to line Frank Omiyale up at right tackle. The way Omiyale's contract is sat up, it seems like the more he plays the more he gets paid, which is the way every contract should be anyways. And if he becomes the full time starter at right tackle, he'll earn his money. Chicago is in a re-build mode on offense right now, they have been since the Super Bowl. Angelo has brought in some good young players since then like Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, Kyle Orton and Josh Beekman to implement into the Bears offense. The better these young players get with experience, the better the Bears will get as an offense. Frank Omiyale is part of the rebuilding, he a young lineman with some NFL playing time under his belt, he should help. Omiyale along with Chris Williams and Earl Bennett are by no means proven, but are young promising players with upside, these types of players are the kind you want to bring in to rebuild an offense. Chris Williams and Frank Omiyale [if he's at right tackle] should do one thing, give Orton more time in the pocket, which will make the Bears a better offense. With time in the pocket, Orton will be a more effective passer having the time to actually execute a simple 5-7 step drop, which is one thing he couldn't do last season. Orton spent most of last season in a 3-step drop and get rid of the ball quick mode. Its hard to go deep with no time in the pocket, and in a three step drop. I like Orton for the simple fact, if he can put up almost 3000yds and 18tds in a three step drop, think of what he could do in a 5-7 step drop with more time in the pocket, improved line play will make the Bears a better offense. If not Omiyale at right tackle, Chicago must have someone in mind to man the position, maybe Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher if he slips to #18, maybe Eben Britton of Arizona, or maybe Omiyale, we'll see, either way the Bears should be better on offense GO BEARS!!

It's reall not a lot of money for line help, at least not when Centers are signing 37 million dollar contracts over 5 years.

As for him starting, he may start at LG but first he has to prove he can start at LG, all these guys running around here talking about him starting at RT and being this great OL player are out of there minds and don't have a clue of what they are talking about. If the Bears are not sure he could start, and he has only started 1 game in four years against the worst Pass rush in football, then there is no way anyone could no if he can start on a regular basis at this level. People here have never seen him play yet they are positive they no he is great, yet have no reason behind it other than he is height and weight.

Kevin has it ever occured to you that Orton is not a very accurate passer even in short routs? What was his completion percentage ranked last year? I'll tell you it was ranked 25th in the NFL, with him throwing all those short routs all he could do was 25th. He should have been through the roof, heck Pennington did mostly three step drops as well and who were his recievers or his TE's? He ranked number one in completion percentage and put up 3600 yards plus. It's not his arm strength Kevin, while his arm isn't great, it's decent, but he is and always will be an innacurate passer. The farther he throws the ball the worse it gets. He also cannot make plays with his feet, he is very limited in what he can do. Your also not going to see him do seven step drops, ever. Last year he fell down a couple of times trying to do deep drops, triping over his own feet. His completion percentage after 10 yards is horrible. Orton had time in a lot of games last year against bad teams and he could not hit deep with wide open guys, the guy throws behind his recievers even when they are only 10 yards away.

Come on, Creighton, say know you want to......ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!.......I told you all so!!!!!!!

think it's definetly OT addressed in either the first or 2nd round..see ya E-clair! seen Oher and Brittons name pop up on numerous mocks..even Loadholt available in the 2nd. JA is being way too passive in FA, unfortunately throwing all his cards on the table.
What IF a Crabtree falls, and his gameplan all along was to grab a Britton or Oher...just can't do you explain THAT to your boss. Drama Queen JA should be shipped off to the Queens as compensation for me,we're better off

Creighton, Im not saying Frank Omiyale is the answer to all our offensive line woes, but like Biggs said above, "That is the kind of payoff that makes it clear the Bears plan on him being a starter this season, whether the club will say that or not." Omiyale will probably start at either left guard or right tackle, with John St.Clair yet to resign, it looks like right tackle as of right now. And yes Creighton, I realize Omiyale is unproven, but 10 other teams were after him. You say I don't have a clue as far as him being able to star or not, same goes for you their buddy, you don't have a clue that he CAN'T be a starter. Creighton, as fans all we have to go on is what we read, I've read more than one time from more than one place that 10 other teams wanted Omiyale. These other teams, unlike you or me, have whats called scouting tape, they actually can break down Omiyale on the playing field, from the one start this season, to all of the pre-season action he's seen, and if 10 other teams obviously liked what they saw, there must be something to the guy. Im a Bears fan, Im gonna support Omiyale where ever he ends up, left guard or right tackle. GO BEARS!!.....ah what the heck GO ORTON!!

I have to agree on Orton. I've been saying this all of season. Orton's accuracy was nonexistent past 20 yards. Don't tell me it was time in the pocket or his ankle injury. He missed guys deep early in the season too. Everyone thought Lloyd was coming on before he got hurt. He was making highlight reel catches, because Orton wasn't putting it where it needed to be. Orton had time to throw when guys were open deep and he just couldn't connect. I'd love for him to prove me wrong next year, but I don't see it happening.

I'm thinking the Bears will go OT and WR in rd 1 and 2, doesn't matter the order. I think unless Sanchez is there they will wait til next year when more quality QBs will be available.

I think the high first year payout has more to do with the Bears being flush with cap space this year than anything else. Notice that $3.7m is a roster bonus, counting against this year's cap, rather than a signing bonus spread out over four years. We don't like much in free agency so we're going to end up with a lot of extra cap space this year. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears also restructure some existing contracts, giving big roster bonuses this year in return for lowering base salaries in the future in order to use up our cap and put us in a better situation next year (if there's a cap...).

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