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Cutler to Bears? We hate to crush dreams but ...

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Jay Cutler is kickin' mad at the Denver Broncos.

He's been showing up for work dutifully the past few weeks, getting to know the new coaching staff and all the time, at least in Cutler's mind, they've been plotting a way to get rid of him.

It didn't happen. A proposed three-way deal that would have sent Cutler to Tampa Bay, a first-round pick to New England and Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel to the Broncos didn't materialize. Not after the Patriots dealt Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs for a second-round pick, the 34th pick in the draft. Bill Belichick's longtime associate Scott Pioli lands two players he coveted.

If the three-way deal was real, we imagine the the Patriots would have taken a first over a second. Don't you? Whether or not the more complicated deal got started too late, who knows? The fact is New England didn't find quite the trade market for Cassel it expected, or at least it hoped for, proof that there are many league insiders out there who feel the first-time starter was a "system player'' who was surrounded by top talent on the field and off with a terrific coaching staff.

Maybe new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, who came from New England, wanted to work with Cassel instead of Cutler. Maybe Belichick and the Patriots used a supposed trade possibility to leverage the Chiefs. Know this: Belichick and McDaniels didn't have a Belichick-Eric Mangini fallout. He's not driven to drive his former assistant into the ground, at least not in this setting.

But Cutler tells Mike Klis of the Denver Post that he's miffed. Maybe he's the one who wants out now. Bill Williamson of listed Tampa Bay, Detroit and Chicago as possible landing spots for Cutler. At this point, the Broncos are telling anyone who will listen that Cutler is not available. The team has reportedly schedule a sit down with him in what will likely be the first move by McDaniels to try to mend the relationship.

Here's our top five reasons why there is no way Cutler will come to the Bears:

1. The Broncos were going to trade Cutler to get a quarterback they wanted--Cassel. The Bears don't have a quarterback Denver is known to covet. Caleb Hanie may have been popular down the road at Colorado State. Not that popular. Denver gains nothing in moving Cutler and not getting a top passer in return. The only other quarterback on the Broncos' roster right now is Darrell Hackney.

2. The Bears have fallen over themselves declaring their confidence in Kyle Orton ever since general manager Jerry Angelo's end-of-season press conference. They intend to show how much they believe in Orton as he's the unquestioned No. 1 going into 2009.

3. You really think Angelo is going to cook up a blockbuster deal like this? He likes trading draft picks about as much as he likes trading up in the draft.

4. Trading Cutler now would just about seal McDaniels' fate in the Mile High City.

5. When in doubt, see No. 1. If you're still holding out hope, then see No. 2. Repeat as needed.

The fact is the Bears will come up whenever there is discussion about a name quarterback being available. Kurt Warner? Sure, we've heard it. Cassel? Yep. The Bears get linked to quarterbacks of all ability levels who are entering the draft, free agency or the trade market because their quarterback situation is unsettled and has been for ages. That's the way it's going to be until something changes. The fact of the matter is, Denver isn't going to shop Cutler now. Period. You can't buy what's not for sale, and again, the Bears would have no quarterback to offer in return.

*** If keeping veteran wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh in Minnesota for a second night can be viewed as a victory, then score one for the Vikings. They're putting an all out press on the No. 1 free-agent wideout to get a deal done. Houshmandzadeh would probably become their No. 1 receiver over ex-Bear Bernard Berrian and that's a nice combination to work with running back Adrian Peterson. Cincinnati and Seattle are also believed to be in the mix. Sounds like a decision could come Monday.

*** The gang over at Yahoo Sports has put together a list of the top 100 free agents that was updated last night with signings. Warner, Ray Lewis, Houshmandzadeh, Jermaine Phillips are a few of the top remaining unsigned players on the list.

No updates from the camps of John St. Clair and Kevin Jones. The Bears have offers outstanding to St. Clair, one they made Feb. 13, and Jones. They may need to get firm offers in hand before going back to the Bears to see if they'll match or sweeten the deal. Stay tuned.

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Wish we could dangle our 1st rounder and get AZ involved in a 3-way...Boldin our way,Cutler to AZ. Just a thought

Why do we put up with this a-hole ( j.a.). Let's start sending a message, boycott the games, no more season tickets anything with the Bears logo on it! We'll hit them where it hurts!

Cutler is a franchise QB...WE DON'T NEED ONE OF THOSE, DO WE J.A.

im so sick of jerry angelo,the bears are the 3rd largest market in the nfl(behind the jets and giants) and they have great fans,probally the best in the nfl,yet angelo makes terrible decisions,never pursuing a quality free agent or making a trade,im not saying spend crazy but cmon they sign hunter hillenmeyer for 14 million, and he is not even a good back up,sign this new tackle for 14 million and he started only one game,not to mention vasher, tillman,ext. what im saying is they dont have to pay this money for players that would accept less money,angelo always talks about rewarding his players wow this is a business and angelo could have signed better players for the same amount of money they blow on lets face it average players,he has used the money in pretty dumb ways,the defense is completely over rated,and one of the most highest paid defense in the nfl,i cant believe this guy is still a gm,EARTH TO ANGELO if you want the bears to become a contender please go out and take a risk on a superstar caliber type players,he wants to keep his precious draft picks yet bunked out on several occasions,please go trade a 1st and 3rd round pick on a bolden or mcnabb,or please quit

Cutler for Cassel? If the Broncos were even talking about that deal, if I'm Jerry Angelo I gotta call before they sober up. Offer them Orton for Cutler even up, maybe throw in Metcalf or somebody.

It's hard to believe the Broncos are that dumb.

If tackle John St.Clair is resigned, he'll probably be a stop gap for whoever the Bears draft at tackle, maybe Oher if he slips to the Bears at #18, or maybe someone like Phil Loadholt in the second. If St.Clair isn't brought back, Im betting Frank Omiyale will play right tackle for Chicago this season. Chris Williams and Frank Omiyale at left and right tackle will make the Bears a better offense by simply giving Kyle Orton more time in the pocket, both theses young tackles will make the Bears a better offense. Now its time to go get a game breaker to add to the mix. I think that game breaker is gonna be Missouri's Jeremy Maclin, this is the player I would bring in if I were the Bears. The knee at the combine was a scare, and something the Bears will have to look into. But if this kid's knee is alright, the Bears gotta take him, they need a weapon. With the unloading of Booker, and Brandon Lloyd leaving, the Bears need another receiver, and sitting at #18, Maclin could be the best pick available. Maclin has the size, 6-1 201lbs, the hands having had 102 catches to go along with 17tds this season, and is a straight up threat every time he touches the ball, 2833 all purpose yds. I think with improved line play with Chris Williams and maybe Omiyale at right tackle to give Orton some time in the pocket, along with a rookie game breaker like Maclin to go along with Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, and Devin Hester, and the Bears could be a whole different offense in 2009. I say take Maclin at #18 GO BEARS!!

People...chill out! We got Rod Marinelli. That makes up for everything, right? Super Bowl here we come! [Sarcasm to the 100th power.]

Brad, I hate to say it, but you're full of it in your reasoning. I'm sick and tired of everybody dumping on Angelo for every imaginary trade he didn't make. The Jets didn't make an imaginary trade for Cutler, neither did the Vikings, neither did about 28 other teams who would like to have Cutler on their roster. Frankly, you're full of crap as far as reasons #1 #2 or #3 go. You have no proof one way or the other as to whether any of these are viable reasons. #1 Yes the Bears don't have a QB the Broncos want, but they could certainly offer draft picks. How about our #1 draft pick for the next 15 years, think that would land Cutler? #2 Let's for a minute imagine something more reasonable, let's imagine that the Bears offered the #1 and #3 draft pick from this year. If they got Cutler for that, do you think Angelo would have any problem saying "sorry buddy" to Orton? I like Kyle Orton, I think Kyle Orton can be a good QB in this league, but I don't think Angelo is gonna lose a minute of sleep if he can get Cutler to replace Orton at that or a similar price. Contrary to popular belief, he's not stupid, if he could get Cutler for a price like this, he could write his own ticket in this town. #3, just because a blockbuster deal hasn't happened doesn't mean one hasn't been tried. You are just speculating with no evidence one way or the other.

Which leads to #4. This is the main reason this deal can never happen, because this deal was never going to happen. What you have is a new coach and a new GM who don't know how to talk trade speculation without having it leak to the media because they don't know the ins and outs of the new town that they are currently working in. How Angelo gets pissed on for any of this is something I don't get. The Bears are one of 6 teams to win at least 40 games in the NFL in the last 4 years. I've been around long enough to know they have done a hell of a lot worse and can do worse again. If people are going to put any GM in stocks and pelt them with rotten fruit, it should be done by Bronco fans that are angry at the ham-fisted way that Cutler trade talk has been handled by their new GM. I wonder if Shanahan is having a good chuckle over this right now.


You are definitely on something because you obviously didn't read the blog post. Biggs outlines why we won't get him -- or why just about anyone else won't either.

You can't get what is not for sale.

Now would I like Cutler over Orton? Yeah. But to pin the blame on Angelo for not getting Cutler when he has nothing to offer in return is plain silly. Does Angelo deserve criticism for some of his moves? Sure. But this is not one of them.

I thought I heard that last year was a kind of play-the-hand-we're-dealt year...and that we were going to "re-load" for '09. I don't see that happening.

This club is trending toward mediocrity. A least an attempt...a sniff...a whiff for Cutler would be bold. That's what we need here - bold thinking & bold moves. Not going to happen...

Let me get the prepared Lovie-ism - 'we like the team we have here...we like our guys...blah, blah'.

Wake me when this is over.

This blog is right. Now, why should us fans put up with this??? Jerry needs to go. I am aware of his contract but he is not productive. Look at how long he has been here. One Superbowl appearance. This organization needs to be tarred and feathered.

Brad, you said it.."The Bears don't have a QB Denver is known to covet." NOBODY covets Orton but the Three Stooges!! (Jerry, Lovie, & Turner). Well, I got excited for a few seconds anyway. We are doomed with Mr.Dink & Dunk. How about we go after Tyler Thigpen from KC? Now that they have Cassel, he'll ride the pine. He's alot better than Orton (well, everybody is).....ORTON $@#%$!!!!

NeckBeard: I think it would be great if we went after Tyler Thigpen from KC. He is a young QB with good size and he is mobile. I went to college with him so I might be biased, but he would be a great pick-up for the Bears.

one of our starting defensive ends , Tommie harris and a No. 1 draft choice. If Cutler is available that might get get him, since the Broncos need defensive help

What are the Bears going to do about WR? They better get one of these free agent WRs and fast! We can't go into this season with Hester, R.Davis(he should be cut) and Bennett and some rookie draft pick. I thought this past year they had the worst core of WRs in league history, this would be just as bad if not worse!

I am amazed by the negativity I see with so many Bears fans, starting with a lot of the reporters. I have been a fan since 1964 (my dad took me to a Bears Vikings game at the Met..The Bears won, I had to think that if the Vikings had won, I'd be a fan of them).

The Bears are very competitive, and if you look at who goes to the Super Bowl from the NFC each year, they are close.

Re: the QB situation, I think Orton had a very good year, especially given the lack of a premium wide receiver. I would much rather see the effort go into getting a great receiver than experimenting with another QB who may not be any better than Orton.
Who is to say that Cassell or even Cutler is any better?

Cheers, everyone!

Jim in California...Everyone can say that Cutler and Cassel are better than Orton, that's who.


Shouldn't you get out your prescription pad and give angelo some prozac before he actually does something that helps this team! Now, Doc let me tell you, Cutler is pissed that his name was even mentioned in a possible trade, as I would be...THE IRON IS HOT! There are dreamers and there are doers, j.a. go do something about this unhappy QB.

The Bears better watch out!Look at what the Lions have done so far. A good #2 WR, good #2 RB, and after draft day a new starting QB and another starter at #20 pick. They have a ways to go but at least they are showing their fans that they care about winning, finally.

I just think gives us more stuff to be excited about, take some risks

Houshmandzadeh left Minneapolis late Sunday night, according to Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune, and returned to his home in Los Angeles without an agreement in place. That development doesn't mean he won't ultimately sign with the Vikings, but he also wasn't ready to commit immediately, either. Cincinnati and Seattle are believed to be his other two suitors.
Posted by's Kevin Seifert

I hope to God that this is good news for us Bears fans, that he left the vikqueens WITHOUT a deal. Maybe this is a silver lining, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I agree with the Neckbeard hater about Thigpen. I live in Kansas and I thought Thigpen should be out of the league after his first game, but then he did something I haven't seen from a Bears QB in a long time--he learned. The kid now has poise in the pocket, is mobile (caught a TD from Mark Bradley), relies on his tight end, and is going to be a good NFL QB. Offer the Chiefs a 5th or 6th rounder and see if they'll go for it. Oh, and go OT or WR at 18.

Wow, all this talk about Angelo sucking never goes away. I don't know about the rest of you, but Angelo is no Millen and yet the Bear fans on this blog treat JA the way Detroit treated Millen.
Read between the lines, why make an effort to get Cutler when it won't happen. Remember last season when Favre was on the block, everyone got all excited and was demanding JA to pursue him. Why? Look what he ended up doing in NY, not exactly All Star material, right? And for what, he retired... Again. So, if we would have gathered at Halas Hall and demanded Favre to become a Bear, it would have cost the franchise a couple draft picks (Green Bay would have them and would be laughing right about now) for a one year started that under-performed down the stretch.
So, let's all hate Angelo and demand he get Cutler for a kings ransom and hope that he likes playing with a bunch of number 3 wide-outs cause lets face it, Hester and Davis would not start on any other team in the NFL. Cutler would get pummeled all day long behind our line, get hurt, end up on IR and then have his contract run out in a year. And what would that get us? No QB and less draft picks. So, getting Cutler sounds like the best thing possible, but at what expense? Do we really want to suck (I am referring to losing season after losing season) in two years or would you guys rather be patient and play our hand.

Do I want Cutler in Chitown? Yes

Will Angelo do it? No

Is Angelo the problem? No,but he is part of the equation. While Angelo and Lovie need to go, the root of the problem is having cheap owners who give their team president and GM nothing to work with. So as much as Angelo drives me to drink, having a different Gm won't matter.

As for WR, the Bears really need to get a veteran like L. Coles and add a tall receiver who can go up for the ball via the draft.

The best scenario would be to re-sign St.Clair and get a tackle in the 2nd round and use our 1st pick on a middle linebacker(Lauranitis or the kid from USC)

That drink I mentioned earlier? Here's to a future without Angelo, Smith, and McCaskey Inc.

It is clear that some people have no clue. To think Jerry is a good GM is out of touch with reality. Sure he is no Millen. Millen had no clue. Jerry's approach is bad and has not work. This is a difference from him and Millen. At the same time, fans judge by looking at the product on the field ownership, Jerry, and Lovie sells us. We don't like this product. We don't like the fact this team is 30 mil under and seems to be doing nothing.

So when did trading away a first round and another pick over the top? Why just have Jerry waste it on a potential bust? How about another Grossman? Benson? Haynes? But I'm sure the Jerry lovers will point out Olsen and Harris. However, look at Jerry's draft career. It is filled with busts and failed projects. So how is this a king's ransom for Cutler?

Cutler wants out. He refused to sit down with the coach and GM today. Go get him

The Bears should try to get Cutler! Orton sucks!

Pinche Oso.......are you el stupido???? We already we sit around and watch every team around us get better!!..Please, something, even if it is wrong!!!! Thigpen for Orton and a fourth round pick!!! That would be like stealing for us.........ORTON $#@%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Jim an Pinche,

Don't misunderstand dudes. I like Orton OK and I don't hate Angelo. My only thing is that Denver was apparently talking about trading Cutler for a career backup who took a 16-0 team and finished 11-5.

Cutler has tools in the Favre/Elway territory. Maybe not quite, but in the neighborhood. Even though Orton is a good quarterback, Cutler would be a definate upgrade.

All I'm saying is that if Denver is foolish enough to talk a trade like that, I gotta drop a dime and see just how foolish.

Hey Greg......Thanks buddy...It's always nice to hear from a smart blogger!!!.........ORTON $%@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe the Bears should do anything in their power, including Orton, to get a rocket arm like Cutler. I see no reason why they shouldn't. There were more than one occasion last year that Hester couldn't be led by Orton, and if the Bears want to incorperate Hester as a number 1 reciever, they need to get someone who can get him the ball in any situation (deep ball, in, out, etc). I have trust in Orton, but Cutler could make this team really good...Something we havn't seen for a while in Chicago...

Can we sue Angelo for fraud??? He said fixing the QB was his top priority. What a lieing sack of $#@* !!!! Cutler is there for the taking, but noooooooooooooooo. we'll be stuck with the worst QB trio in the NFL. A forth round pick from Purdue, a undrafted free agent from Colorado State(???), and a practice squad reject from Northwestern! HOLY CRAP! Save us all!

Jerry Angelo was impressed at times with Kyle Orton’s performance in 2008. But the Bears general manager needs to see more before anointing Orton the team’s long-term solution at quarterback.

“I’m not convinced 100 percent obviously,” Angelo said Tuesday at Halas Hall. “I believe in Kyle, but until Kyle puts a good year together, we can’t say for sure.”

This is what Jerry said back on Jan 14, 2004

Jerry is a liar!

Why are we not going after these players that we need? As Jerry says, We need to "fix" this QB thing. When Cassel was on the market and a guy like Cutler is upset at Denver and might be on the market too and you don't make a run at the most important position on the roster, something ain't right and you need to be fired NOW! Come on, Bear fans, how much more can we stand? We need receivers also.....This front office is a joke! Like someone once said, "You can't get difference-makers on your roster if you don't have a difference-maker in the GM's office!


Ok, you want Cutler -- so do I -- but who or what are you going to give to get him. It won't Urlacher. Lay out a deal and if it all of retreads and castoffs for Cutler then you might need to see a doctor.

Again I want Cutler but we don't have the right pieces for him. Remember if Denver trades him they want a QB they can build around and additional pieces to prove to their fans that they didn't just mess with the pooch.

So let's hear it.

I'm not a huge Angelo fan but how do you guys know he hasn't tried or asked what it would take to get Cutler? How do you know that it would only take a first and third pick or a first and a mediocre Bears player? Maybe the Broncos are asking too much for Cutler at this point. Maybe Angelo is really good at keeping his efforts secret. We really have no idea what Angelo has and hasn't tried.

Word is the Vikes are wanting Cutler now. Is this true?

Why haven't we even tried to get Warner either? We will be stuck with the same old scrubs!!!!!!!!!!ORTON $#@%$!!!!!!!!!

Can we please play to win? I cannot take this bs much longer, we need new ownership and new management. I almost feel sorry for Lovie, he is asked to make chicken salad out of chicken sh**!

Wow the stupid is in overdrive around here. There is to much stupid to even address directly.

If you can't tell that Jay Cutler and Matt Cassel are better QB's than Orton then there is no point talking to you cause your already lost. Cutler put up better number than Orton when the Kid unknowingly had type 1 diabetes and was passing out during games.

If you are talking about trading Bears defensive players for Jay Cutler, you are just as lost as the above mentioned. Denver has a
3-4 defense now, none of our players fit there scheme. Plus they would not have a QB if they did that.

For those suggesting trading 15 1st round picks for Cutler, a little less sarcasim, nobody is going to do that. You should have said 10 picks it's a nice round number.

Denver wants a known young talented product at QB in a trade not a first round pick in a draft with a weak QB class. It looks like they don't think Orton is good enough. They liked Cassel, didn't get him, end of story. The fact that Angelo didn't make a move on Cassel is his own mistake. Even if you don't like Cassel, send your first pick to the Pats for Cassel and then trade him to the Broncos for Cutler. See not that hard to do. It's to bad our GM didn't think to do that.

Tyler Thigpin fans, save your breath he is a spread offense QB, that is what KC ran for him to try and make him effective.

MDKevin nice point but you are forgetting one thing like a ton of fans are forgetting including Brad. Maybe you don't have the parts to get the guy but it never hurts to call. Calling the Pats would not have been a bad idea, niether would it have been a bad idea to call the Broncos, whats the worst they can say? Not interested. So what, at least we could have tried to work a three way deal. I would give the 18th pick for Cutler in heartbeat.

Last point if JA had been doing a better job we would not be in this situation, if he had put more talent on this team then maybe we would have something to trade. If he had drafted a QB with talent then we wouldn't be wishing for other teams players. The goal every year is to win the Super Bowl not get there or go 9-7 and say look at the Red Birds. The Bears are not them, they are the Bears and they didn't get it done again. Thats all there is to it, they were not good enough. They didn't get it done with Cutler or Cassel and are struggling to get it done with St. Clair. That is a sad statment for this GM and this organization.

Whats the sense of all this bickering and arguing back and forth. J.A. is not about to do anything that makes this team any better than it was last year, its like waiting for Pax to make a huge trade. He's not going to sign any impact free agent players and were going to keep all of our picks and the only possibilty of trading those picks will be to move down to get additional picks. Just like the Bulls nothing happens and these teams do not get better. Aside from rookies, everyone needs to prepare themselves for the same team on the field this year as last year, no major changes. Not sure who Ortons gonna throw to, is it even possible for the receiving corp to be worse this year?!? Once again I'm not too sure what the Bears management is doing, but i'm a fan till i die. Go Bears! Coach!!

The Denver Post article on Cutler
The one thing is, how did they know about Denver, usually the press finds out and reports it when a GM makes a call about a trade, so we don't know for sure whether JA called or not but no press reports seems to suggest he did not.
And I agree we have to make that call, to see what it would take, but we all know it did not get made as we all know JA does not make trades.


I'll ask you the same thing I asked Bear-a-holic: Who or what do you propose we trade? Lay something out and we can discuss. But every idea I have just moves the void around.

I hope you have something that would work. But please give us your BEST idea. Remember it has to be something that Bronco fan would say "yes" too.

I say trade Urlacher, $10, and a half-eaten bag of pork rinds for Cutler.

Jesse wrote:
".. its like waiting for Pax to make a huge trade. ...Just like the Bulls nothing happens and these teams do not get better."


Please wake up. The Bulls traded half of their roster in February. You make a good point but you used the wrong example.

It is sad. It seems like our organization is riding a huge population to fill their fat bellies. I hope our team doesn't forget what our front office forgets every off season, THAT IT DOESN'T HURT TO TRY, IT HURTS TO NOT TRY.

we need boldin

La Bear Fan is right. The Bears' formula is $127M salary cap - actual salaries = McCaskey profit.

An idiot can manage the expense side of the balance sheet if the revenue side is guaranteed.

Getting a Pro Bowl never can trust Jerry Angelo, to do the right thing...for a team that would rather fail with Kyle Orton, thatn making hte deal, let' you know the Angelo has know clue of what he is doing.

I'll tell you where the stupid is, Creighton. It's with anybody who thinks the Bears or just about anybody else had any chance of getting Cutler. Denver wasn't going to do this deal, true they shouldn't have even been talking. But that's all it was, talk. I find it hilarious that people are angry with Angelo over this. You might as well be angry that Jerry Angelo hasn't found the cure for cancer yet.

clownpoet we half to try to do someting its a long off season

let me see....the Bronco's alienated their QB and probably the entire offense with it, and it was all talk? hmmm, yeah, I can see how that would be the smart thing to do.

The first 2 sentences of the Denver Post Story is your answer:

`NFL executives in need of a legitimate quarterback figure to have Broncos headquarters on speed dial.

Say, Josh. How 'bout if we throw a third-rounder on top of our first-round pick for your 25-year-old, Pro Bowl quarterback whose passes can split wood from 20 paces? '

the Writers point is....Give the Broncs (idiots) a call and try it, it's like the lottery, you can't win if you don't try
and really I feel the fans are mostly upset that Jerry isn't even trying, we have heard the Bears mentioned 0 times in any Free Agent Calls or Trades, 0 nada, none (except the one to a backup)

The story says the Bronco's nixed the's awful hard to nix a deal thats just talk, nope, me thinks the trade was offered and for whatever reason the Bronco's backed off, (finally showing some sense lol)
If I'm Cutler I ask for a trade as he doen't know who has his back in that Org now.

(see the link above)


People often read but don't comprehend. If you read what I wrote you would not be asking me that question. Go back and read it again if you want your answer.

clownpoet or should I call you Fortunato? Again read what was written, not what you think was written. There is nothing wrong with a GM attempting to make deals and improve his team any way he can. Be cearful what you say Fortunato, remember the last time you offended someone.

Could the Bears have gotten Cassel from the Pats for there first round pick? Yes KC got him for there number 2. Did Denver want Cassel who fits there new system? Answer Yes. The Bears could have worked a three way deal to get him, and now that Cutler is mad they would have had more leverage. Not to mention even if they want more than Cassel, so what. Do you know how hard it is to find a franchise QB let alone one that is 25, has one of the three strongest arms in the nfl, whose favorite team is the Bears(yes he grew up a Bear fan)and most experts think he is the next big superstar QB? We could have given them next years first round pick as well, we don't use them right anyway. Cutler is one of the three best young QB's in football, hell he was one of the three best period last year. If Angelo really want to help the Bears he should have at least made an attempt. Like I said the worst they can say is no.

Not like we could sign him, we can't even sign St. Clair.

Oh and Brad Pennington?? Are joking?? He's 32 and can't stay healthy. Get his name off that list.

cutler isnt a franchise quarterback. he made it to the probowl that doesnt prove he is a franchise QB thou. if he really is what happened with the KC game. what impresses me the most about orton is how he can rally the team to a finishing drive for a touchdown.

I'm sure there is a deal out there the Bears can make for Cutler, they just have to be creative. Get another team involved, maybe the Browns who want to get some value for Quinn and Rodgers....

So how about Cutler (possibly Rodgers too) to the Bears, Quinn to Denver, DT of your choice from the Bears and Denver Draft picks to the Browns? Its not that hard!

There is no way on God's green earth that the Bears organization will pay the money to acquire a top-flight QB. They will stay with the traditional program and build their team on the cheap with defense. Offensive talent costs a lot of money and we all know how cheap they are in Chicago. When have the Bears EVER spent big on offense?

I actually like Orton as our starting QB, but sure I feel Cutler/Cassel are better and would be a huge upgrade, so yes I would at least try to see if I could swing a deal, they are both young with plenty of upside. And both worth in my opinion a first.
But no, probably not a chance at Cutler but Cassel yes, but who knows as JA did not try again.

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