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Compensatory draft picks right around the corner

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Compensatory draft picks are on the way. Soon.

We don't know when the NFL will release the information at the owners meetings that are underway right now, but we fully expect it to be out within the next 48 hours.

Last year, the picks were announced on the Tuesday of the meetings, so we could have to wait until tomorrow for the skinny.

The NFL Management Council has a secret formula for the distribution of 32 additional draft picks. All we know at this point is that the Bears will receive a pick or picks for the loss of unrestricted free agents Bernard Berrian, Brendon Ayanbadejo and John Gilmore. The Bears did not sign a single UFA last offseason--there's been more of an uproar this offseason--so no players will count against them in the equation to determine who gets what.

Most expect the Bears will receive a third-round pick or a fourth-round pick for Berrian. The compensatory picks are added at the end of reach round. Teams are prohibited from trading compensatory picks.

One analysis has the Bears netting a fourth-round pick and two seventh-round picks. Once we find out, we'll let you know.

We recharged our batteries over the weekend and should have a few different posts throughout the day, or as news dictates, and we'll get to a Q&A in Four Down Territory later on today as well. We will do a Q&A each day through Thursday this week so get your questions in. Check back a little later on and we should have more to share.

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So here the big question, Biggsy - do you get to go to Dana Point this week??

I agree that the Bears will get the 4th rounder and the two 7th rounders. Now, don't get me wrong, I hope Im wrong and the Bears get the 3rd rounder, we'll see. Jerry Angelo has proven in the past he can land some pretty good personnel in the 3rd or 4th. For example Lance Briggs 3rd round 2003 draft and Alex Brown 4th round 2002 draft.

This is shaping up to be a pretty interesting draft. Most experts have the Bears going tackle or receiver in the first. I say the Bears will go with Arizona tackle Eben Britton at #18. Although there are a couple different directions the Bears could go at #18. One is Missouri's Jeremy Maclin if he slips to #18, I don't know if the Bears could turn down a playmaker like J-Mac. Another possibility is Mississippi's Peria Jerry. With Tommie Harris still side lined, on top of the fact it was only walk throughs, is kind of scary. I've felt all along the Bears might be in the market for another three technique, if for nothing else to rotate with Harris to keep Harris fresh during the season. I do look for the Bears to address the position at some point during the draft. If the Bears go Jerry at #18, they could still get a receiver and tackle prospect. Chicago could go Peria Jerry in the 1st, nab a receiver in the second like Ohio states Brian Robiskie, and maybe get a tackle in the third or fourth. See that extra compensatory pick might prove to be useful after all.

If the Bears go tackle on the second day, it could be Florida's Jason Watkins, who the Bears spent time with at the combine, and were just at his pro-day the other day. Watkins has nice size at 6-6 320lbs, and can play either tackle position having played left tackle in 07, and right tackle in 08. Scouts like how Watkins held his own playing in a tough conference while at Florida. Jason Watkins could come in as a rookie and play swing tackle for a season and develop into a pretty good right tackle for the Bears. Well see what happens GO BEARS!!

Fingers crossed. This has the looks of a good draft class to me. Berrian is on the 3-4 fence. An extra pick from the top 100 would be very nice. There's usually a big difference between a late 3 and a late 4. It used to be first day and second day.

Angelo's track record in the 3rd and 4th round. Some good, some bad, some ugly but I'm wlling to wager he does above average:

1 2008 3 70 Earl Bennett WR CHI 0 0 0 Vanderbilt
2 2008 3 90 Marcus Harrison DT CHI 2008 2008 0 0 0 16 2.0 Arkansas
3 2008 4 120 Craig Steltz DB CHI 0 0 0 LSU
4 2007 3 93 Garrett Wolfe RB CHI 2007 2008 0 0 0 26 46 154 0 9 117 0 Northern Illinois
5 2007 3 94 Michael Okwo LB CHI 0 0 0 Stanford
6 2007 4 130 Josh Beekman C CHI 2007 2008 0 0 1 17 Boston College
7 2006 3 73 Dusty Dvoracek DT CHI 2007 2008 0 0 1 13 Oklahoma
8 2006 4 120 Jamar Williams LB CHI 2006 2008 0 0 0 35 1.0 Arizona State
9 2005 4 106 Kyle Orton QB CHI 2005 2008 0 0 2 33 505 913 5319 30 27 53 92 3 Purdue
10 2004 3 78 Bernard Berrian WR CHI 2004 2008 0 0 3 74 16 90 0 198 3161 20 Fresno State
11 2004 4 110 Nathan Vasher DB CHI 2004 2008 0 1 2 58 18 1.0 Texas
12 2004 4 112 Leon Joe LB CHI 2004 2007 0 0 0 36 Maryland
13 2003 3 68 Lance Briggs LB CHI 2003 2008 1 4 6 94 9 6.0 Arizona
14 2003 4 100 Todd Johnson DB CHI 2004 2008 0 0 1 72 1.0 Florida
15 2003 4 116 Ian Scott DT CHI 2003 2008 0 0 2 53 1 2.0 Florida
16 2002 3 72 Roosevelt Williams DB CHI 2002 2003 0 0 0 20 Tuskegee
17 2002 3 93 Terrence Metcalf G CHI 2002 2008 0 0 1 78 Mississippi
18 2002 4 104 Alex Brown DE CHI 2002 2008 0 0 6 111 5 37.5 Florida

* Copied from

I am starting to wonder whether Maclin is going to be the odd man out of the receiver derby. It sounds like all the buzz is around DHB, Harvin, and Crabtree as far as first round consideration, and Maclin is getting less publicity, despite putting together a stellar workout. I have no doubts that he is a first round talent, and could really be the best WR in this class. If he slides to where he is available at 18, I think the Bears have to seriously consider him over Britton. The question there is whether Loadholt will be available in round 2, or if they wait on a guy like Watkins and hope for the best on day 2. I think this draft is going to throw everyone for a loop, especially if Stafford is still on the board at pick #2. The Rams could use a lot of help, so trading back is an option, but giving up a chance to get Monroe or Smith at LT is probably not something they want to consider. So that puts KC on the clock, who probably don't want a QB with Cassel in the fold, so they will be fielding offers to get some additional picks. If that happens, the entire top half of the draft will be a mess.

I think the Bears would be well served to consider a 3 technique prospect, but I think they are concerned about adding someone and upsetting our DT diva in Tommie Harris. I am staggered by the lengths that this team will go to avoid upsetting someone they are paying a bunch of money to. Harris is just the latest. He isn't able to stay on the field, so you can't count on him. The fact that we gave him a huge new deal is a little scary, especially if he doesn't play all 16 games again this year. But with his fragile psyche (twice in his career, he had to convince himself that football was what he wanted to do, rather than qiut), we have to tread lightly. But the bottom line in my opinion is that they will leave DT alone until the 3rd round or later.

If Maclin falls to 18 this would be Angelos best 1st round choice since he has been the G.M. Another tackle the Bears should look at is Fenuki Topau out of the University of Oregon, I've seen this boy play and he is a mauler on the run and a good pass blocker, If you look at his film footage you will see he is much more aggressive than Britton, and will be available in the 2nd or third. I also would like to see the Bears look at Patrick Chung, his style of play resembles Mike Browns, he is always in the right place at the right time to make plays and the kid can hit. In regards to a tackle Fili Moala would be a nice fit on the "D" line. But if Maclin is not there when the Bears pick at 18 I think Angelo will try to trade out to pick up another pick in the 2nd.

Looks like Jerry is batting about .500 or better on the 3rd and 4th round. Guys who the jury is still out on could end up being solid contributors, such as Earl Bennett and Garrett Wolfe, and there are some who did well enough to be considered decent in the NFL: Ian Scott (started on a Super Bowl team), Todd Johnson (still in the league and contributing), Jamar Williams (may have ended up our starting WLB had we not re-signed Briggs, and Metcalf, who despite his limitations, played in a lot of games for us. The only real bust picks out of this group are: Okwo, Rosey Williams, Leon Joe, and very soon Dusty Dvoracek.

Lance Briggs and Nathan Vasher went to the Pro Bowl, and Brown was an alternate.

Jerry has always been solid at adding decent picks in later rounds, but the top of the draft has not delivered for this organization. The extra third could be another Briggs, or it could be another Rosey Williams, which is just the nature of the draft. But the Bears cannot afford another first round no-show this year. Olsen was limited in his performance as a rookie, and Williams did nothing last year. 3 years in a row should cost Jerry his job at the top of the draft.

Sorry kids but Angelo did not draft Alex Brown, why I do believe he would like to take credit for it, he did not have the GM powers at the time, Dick Jauron had them. While he did scout guys that is about all he did, the staff on hand at the time was also not his staff. His GM era began with Lovie, study those picks. Read away

"Since taking over the Chicago Bears in 2001, Angelo had a tenuous road ahead of him. Dick Jauron, the coach at the time, had in his contract that he was to have control of the player roster, which entitled him to the GM powers that Angelo was supposed to have. The relationship between the 2 was at best, grating, and at worst, downright horrible."

"Then, during the 2003 season, Ed McCaskey died, thus spreading out the shares he had, and allowing the other McCaskey children to take the majority share away from his wife Virginia Halas McCaskey and eldest son Michael McCaskey. Thus this led to Angelo finally being elevated to full GM and powers (instead of name only). It also signaled the end of Dick Jauron, who was fired at the end of the season."

Stern: Chung is a strong safety not a free saftey no use for him. I like Fenuki but he does not fit the Bears current line play, they seem to be going for more athletic and less mauler type.

Joe playing in a lot of games means nothing, Rex played in a lot of games but is gone and no one is calling him. Being a bad player is being a bad player, it just means you had no one else at the position, thats why they brought in Garza and Brown.

There are no bust picks after the first pick, there are just good picks or Bad picks. Scott was not a starter in 2006 by the way he started 7 games and thats not even half the season, he did not play in 07 or 08 for SD so he is that bad. As for Vasher he has done nothing in two years and you think that is good??? Your also giving Credit to Wolfe and Bennett who have done nothing. Todd Johnson sucks, he has started 1 game in 2 years and is on the Rams who were the second worst team in the NFL and one of the worst teams in NFL history and he couldn't even get on the field even though they were desperate for secondary help. How exactly is that good for a 4th round pick in 04? By the way saying a guy almost played and that makes him good is pretty sad. Williams has done nothing. He would have been the WIL, no he would have been the backup to the guy they would have drafted in 08 had they lost Briggs.

Angelo has Berrian and Briggs, everyone else is either bad, not his or unproven. All Bennett proved last year was he was not good enough to get on the field. If Bennett fails and Orton keeps performing like he did in the second half then he will have found 2 good players in 6 drafts in rounds 3-4.

The Good:
Berrian, Briggs

The Bad:
Okowo, Dusty, Joe, Johnson, Scott, Vasher(one Pro Bowl and a whole lot of suck sense), Williams,

The Unproven:
Beekman (sorry but there already looking to replace him), Harrison, Steltz, Wolfe, Bennett, Orton(although I have seen enough of him to know he is bad, if he turns it around good for him either way he still has to prove he can do it for a season)

Metcalf and Brown belong to Jauron sorry but it's true. Metcalf yet another reason for me to hate Jauron. Although Angelo loved the guy, gave him lots of money and tried to play him no matter how bad he was. It's funny he kept trying to play Metcalf who was bad and kept trying to replace Brown who is good. He has tried to replace Alex Brown twice now.

If someone wants to argue what I said go for it but at least spare me the whole Bennett will be awsome or Williams is awsome even if he never plays. Be a little realistic for once in your lives. If a guy has not done a single thing for the Bears then there is nothing to talk about in terms of how great a Bear he is.

Creighton exactly Chung is a strong safety and by the way so was Mike Brown till recently, I am not a fan of Payne, although Chung has played free safety early on in his career at Oregon he also can play free. I do realize though the Bears need to address a few other areas first though so maybe we can pick up a Nic Harris from Oklahoma in the 3rd round.
Regarding Fenuki, I don't see the Bears as a finesse team, they need some bad asses to open lanes not only in the middle of the line but also close the outside so Forte can run the rock on the outside too, at the same time Fenuki has good foot work and long arms to keep the pass rush off of Orton, so maybe Orton can look once again like the once upon a time Purdue Heisman front runner, (before he got hurt). And if anyone is a finesse tackle it's Britton, so I still stand by my opinion. I have seen Fenuki play and I do not agree at all with the so called experts, this kid does get down the field and he mauled many good defensive ends in the pac 10 to open the outside for backs like Stewart in 2007, Blount and Jeremiah Johnson two 1000 yard rushers in 2008 and gave time for the qb's to look down field. The Bears need some animals on the line you hear that Angelo, maybe you can find some animals for the middle of the line too, even a center which I'm sure not many fans would appreciate me saying. But I agree Creighton you know your Bears.

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