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Checking in on some pro day action

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LSU guard Herman Johnson continues to work his way into better shape for the NFL.

Reports out of Baton Rouge, La., are that he's down to 356 pounds, about 10 lighter than he was at the scouting combine last month. Considered one of the top guards in the draft, Johnson said he wants to be around 350. The 6-7 Johnson played at closer to 375 at school. The Bears are believed to have been represented at the workout by Southwest scout Chris Ballard.

*** The Bears are not believed to have been one of 11 teams at the Eastern Michigan pro day. But they are expected to bring in offensive tackle T.J. Lang for a visit. Lang is drawing considerable interest and a visit could be in the works for him with Jacksonville. Teams at the workout included: Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Dallas, Jacksonville, Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, N.Y. Giants, Oakland and Tampa Bay.

*** Keep an eye on Washington State wide receiver Brandon Gibson. A league source says the Bears are very interested in him but much hinges on a private workout that will take place March 28 in Seattle. Gibson pulled his right hamstring muscle at the Senior Bowl and that prevented him from working out at the scouting combine. In fact, just two scouts showed up in Pullman, Wash., for the pro day last week as everyone is waiting to put Gibson on the stop watch. He's a big receiver at 6-foot, 210 pounds, and was very productive as a junior when he made 70 receptions for 789 yards. He didn't do as well last year vs. bracket coverage and with a rotating quarterback situation. Stay tuned on this one.

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Brandon Gibson compiled 57 catches, 673 yards and two touchdowns in 2008. He is bit like a young Booker.

You know whats funny? He gets injured at the Senior Bowl and the Bears become very interested in him. What the heck is wrong with Angelo? What, he was hurt? Quick sign him, I need players who get hurt, I must them.

Again with the interior line most say Lang will play guard in the NFL. Carolina, Dallas, New Orleans, Giants, Tampa, and NE don't need OT help, and the other teams need help everywhere on the OLine. But Carolina, NYG, NE, and Dallas all are very good at finding line talent, and if they think he is guard in the nfl, then he is a guard in nfl. Also there looking at Johnson, who looked like garbage at the Senior Bowl. Bears are all about Guards this offseason. Say goodbye to Garza.

So does T.J. Lang have a bum ankle, or maybe a heart murmur or something??? Is every player the Bears are reportedly interested in have a spotty bill of health? Next thing you know, we will be bringing in Stephen McGee from Texas A & M for a private workout since he had a shoulder separation which he re-injured during the season....Nothing like a throwing shoulder injury to a QB to entice Jerry to bring him in....

I am all for adding bulk inside, but Johnson is bulk that can't move. He plays even taller than he is, which is never a good thing when you account for leverage of some of the better DTs in this league...We need to avoid him at all costs. Let someone else try and teach him to bend at the knees....

Johnson is going to be a very good player. He's versatile(played guard in college,yet started @rt in the Senior Bowl).His only knock is he needs to be more physical for his size. Gotta disagree w/ ya Creighton about the Senior Bowl, The South Man-handeled the North's line all game long..which had your boy Raji .
Johnson is who I'd like to pick in the 2nd, IF we can get our hands on Maclin or Cutler

Don't say Cutler Tex I can't take it anymore, I have been dealing with spoiled Denver fans all day.

"Oh my god he like totally compared himself to Elway" He is so spoiled, like I am going back to my 6 million dollar cabin to have some cocoa and hit the slopes. Ahhhg I can't believe him just throw the ball already."

Same fans that booed him when he was suffering from weight loss and weaknees because they thought he was on drugs. Nope he just had Diabetes and could of died trying to win them a football game but he is winp and whinner, cause his head coach stabed him in the back, and then insulted him after the fact, so he asks for a trade. What a big whinner. Damn Denver fans think QB's grow on trees along with movie stars. They can have Orton for all I care. He has beard, no emotion, can't throw for 3000 yards and drives a Prius. He should fit right in up there. Poor Babies have had to deal with Elway and now Cutler.

Oh no not another QB that can throw for over 4000 yards, thats so late 90's. OMG is that a new Iphone, I totally have six of them. Uggg its so hard living in ski resort we havn't had fresh powder in a week. I am gonna kill myself if I don't see fresh powder.

SOB's can have Orton and Rex see how they like it.

I couldn't agree with Joe more. If Philip Loadholt looks like he's always walking in mud, then Johnson looks like he's wading through rapidly hardening cement. Look, I hope both guys do well in the NFL but O-lineman with slow feet must be taken in a round that reflects their very real bust potential.

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