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Bullocks and Metcalf revisited

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Josh Bullocks is excited about the opportunity to get right to work with the Bears. He'll be able to do that starting Monday when players report for minicamp orientation, which is basically to take physicals. Then three days of practices start the next day. He'll be in the mix immediately at free safety.

"If you've got a great defense and the guys upfront are applying pressure to the quarterback like the Chicago Bears have been doing, and you've got good corners, it allows the free safety to go in and make plays and get interceptions," Bullocks said this afternoon. "That just makes my job as the free safety easier when you've got great defense around you."

Bullocks had three other opportunities but chose the Bears because he wanted to be a part of a top defense, one that will have to be on the rebound. Fixing the hole at free safety is obviously one of the team's top concerns, and his addition will not rule out the team selecting one in the draft.

Bullocks' one-year deal contains $525,000 guaranteed and is worth a total value of $1.2 million.

Terrence Metcalf, who remained under contract through 2011, requested and was granted his release, a source close to the player said. The veteran saw the writing on the wall following the addition of Frank Omiyale, and wanted an opportunity to find a job elsewhere now as opposed to some time in August or after the preseason. The Bears, who also have veteran Dan Buenning and Josh Beekman as well as starting right guard Roberto Garza, had hoped to at least carry him through the summer because teams can never have too much depth on the line in camp, but deferred to his request out of respect for the veteran.

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Brad: It looks like we are in direct competiton with the Eagles this off-season for a playoff spot they had this year, even thought both teams had pretty much identical records. As you evaluate team needs and prospects being looked at they are almost identical. Not that you are an Eagles fan, but I bet a lot of the same names we discuss on our blog for additions show up on there's....Here a quick look at what I mean; O-line, Tait retiring, Thomas & Runyan hurt or gone, team needs both have to upgrade and get starters at both tackle positions; Safety- Brown released, Dawkins-FA,both teams need leaders in the secondary and both hot on trail of Louis Delmas-best potential draftee with traits of both safeties previously mentioned, Receiver- Bennett- no playing time no real No1 WR, Jackson- lots of dropped balls, no real No.1 WR, both teams looking at FA receivers to bring in and are in on the Boldin sweepstakes, I would even bet the Eagles were one of the teams vying for Bullocks services. I could go on but I think you can see the similarities here, we are competiting directly against the Eagles as well as Vikes and slackers(well maybe not them) for a spot in playoffs next year, we even have coaching issues with two winning ooaches jobs on the hot seat Lovie-Bears need to make playoffs, Reed-Philly needs to get to the big game, fans are even similar in how they love/hate their teams passionately....Just something to blog on here......any takers

I hate the Bears

Steltz is bad, but this guy is no better. If he can't start for one of the worst pass Ds in the NFL, how does he make us better?

I wish the Bears would just be honest and say the economy if causing them to limit their payroll. I keep seeing guys who would help, and they keep signing cheap guys who won't.

I would take the Eagles coaching staff over the Bears staff anyday. Andy Reid has done more than lovie & anjello combined. Look At the continuity with the Eagles D Coordinator--Jim Johnson, I wish we had him, but you also need the players, and the guts too take chances!!! VANILLA IS NOT TAKING A CHANCE.

I would like too see the Bears accumulate picks by trading Urlacher & Harris. You can make moves with picks, or draft more players.


Again--What do I know

I actually though Angelo was begining to turn a corner by dumping Metcalf only to find out Metcalf dumped himself. Angelo still wont act like a real GM. Even Metcalf new he sucked so bad he shouldn't be on the team. He actually had to tell Angie hey dude I suck. Angelo was like you do?? Yeah I do.

What a joke.

Mick Urlacher and Harris don't hold a lot of value right now, so you would not get much for them.

Bullocks wanted to be on a top defense??? Does he follow football at all?? We have had one of the worst defenses in football for a couple of years. Bullocks def means castrated Bull. It's also Slang from Britain that means BS. How fitting.

Trading Urlacher and Harris is a terrible idea to begin with, to do it when both their trade values are as low as they have ever been is stupid, and to even consider the salary cap implications of trading two of their highest paid players makes it impossible.

No harm in bringing in Bullocks since he will be the only true Free Safety in the minicamp coming up, I'd still like to see them consider Sean Smith from Utah in the draft...he could end up as the best FS to come out of the draft.

Get Orlando Pace!

if you are suggesting that anyone of the STRONG safties avaliable would have helped fill the bears hole at FREE safety you are smoking...roy williams cant this point in his career dawkins is a strong safety...eugene wilson got resigned...darren sharper is a much better prospect at SS than he would be a FS...the FA crop for FS was thin at best...every safety signed this off season has been a SS... Bullocks represents the best avaliable of the FS...

does that make me no means no...but as evidenced by the lack of production from the bears defense over the past 2 seasons...bad coaching + bad LB's - Vilma + no pressure from the DL = bad DB's...every single DB they have tossed back there has been bad...which coincides with how their defense has faltered since haslett was shown the door...

before we judge the guy...lets first see how our own line improves...then judge him on his performance in TC...

the bears are def not done with the FS position and i wouldnt be surprised at all to see them draft one within the first 3 rnds...since they now have youth and depth at the C position (beekman) and the G position (omiyale and beunning)

and for the person whining about them not cutting metcalf earlier...they did it for line depth during want as many bodies as possible to avoid injury...THEN you take out the trash...his salary was would have been a smart move to keep him until after TC

to the one suggesting trading urlacher and harris...1. stop smoking...neither are going anywhere and you have 0 value in urlacher right now...harris could fetch you something but the depth behind him at 3 tech DT is would be doing yourself more harm than good than what you would fetch for him a trade (probably a 3rd round pick)

this is all football 101 people

well, atleast we have a fs now, about time! im about tired of hearing people say urlacher has lost his value. do you people out there know its the scheme he HAS to play! you cant get as many tackles if you have to keep dropping back and covering the middle, hell hes getting almost as many interceptions as our corners and safties are getting. get a different scheme and i bet you would all be putting your foot in you mouth. as for harris, tell me exactly whats wrong with him? let me guess, he didnt get double digit sacks? tell me how many TACKLES in this league does, most sacks come from the DE's. i think ya need to learn how to see whats going on while your watching the game, dont just go by stats!!!

JustIncredible, be easy on the football 101 comments, when you say things like "every safety signed this off season has been a SS" as that's just false.

gibril wilson
renaldo hill
anthony smith
abram elam
gerald sensabaugh
will allen

were all free agent free safeties this off-season. wilson and hill are clearly better players than bullocks, and the rest are the same type of prospect bullocks is, and all have been signed this FA period.

you also said this about metcalf "his salary was huge", metcalf's '09 salary was $900K (not huge), his cap number (different than salary) is high at $2.4M, but chances are he'll be able to be a 'june 1' cut and defer his remaining money over the next two years. i'm sure brad will have a cap hit/savings breakdown of the metcalf situation.

im not sold on wilson...he's never "wowed" me...for a FS he doesnt get to the ball much (about twice a yr) and his highest tackle total was last season with the raiders who's pass defense was putrid...he hasnt gotten many FF or PD in the past 2 seasons either

hill got 70 something tackles, no sacks, he has 15 career INT's in about 9 seasons and forces no fumbles

bullocks isnt a god send...but when you compare the stats...hes no worse than the 2 you pointed out...his "badness" though is maginified because of the system he played in...that whole defense there was terrible

and there was no way they were keeping metcalf into the season...they were "nice" to him instead of doing what they intended in doing which was use him as a camp body...either way he was gone

it will be interesting to see what are the cap ramification for cutting him though...

im willing to give bullocks a try...hes younger, more athletic (ran a 4.4 i do believe at the combine) forces as many fumbles...defends more passes and avg as many int's as the safties you mentioned...

Justincredible, you said the Bears had depth at guard and then said they were keeping Metcalf for Depth during training camp. Which is it, do they or do they not have depth? Well you put Beekman at center, which means the Bears have only one backup at OG and the only position on the line they have depth at is center. If you put Beekman at guard then you have no depth at center. The line as a whole only has 6 players for 5 positions as a whole they are thin at tackle and the interior. So i will go ahead and say they are thin on the line in general. As for cutting Metcalf earlier, most of us are refering to a couple years ago when they gave him a fat contract to do nothing. Good for him for requesting his release though, it saves the Bears money and forces Angelo to go after more OLine talent. Which many of us thought he should have done last year when he drafted Steltz, Bennett, and Davis. Two of those picks should have been for the Oline and almost everyone agrees on that. After all it was a major need, and they were forced to trade for Buenning and bring back Miller who was one injury away from starting. There was a lot of interior line talent last year, this years class is much thinner with the exception of Center.

Not to say there isn't talent there is a lot of it lets just hope the Bears don't only use one pick in the first 6 rounds again this year. Desperate last year desperate this year.

As for the FS position, who put the Bears in this position?? Wasn't me, wasn't you, has been a need sense Angelo got here and is a very important position in the T2. So being upset with fans for wanting the GM who has been here for awhile to fix the same positions that have been a big problem for a long time doesn't seem like to much to ask, after all thats his job.

As for your comments on FA FS, it's very true then again what would have been wrong with findig a FS a couple of years ago, Or is that asking the GM to do to much? Well he did draft Payne to play the position, not really sure what he was thinking on that one. Manning too. Maybe a guy like Hamlin would not have been a bad idea a couple of years ago.

As for the 3 tech position, we agree you don't trade guys with no value but as for depth, there is Harrison and Izzy. Not great but not bad, Izzy played well last year. There are a total of 6 DT's on this team, there are only six OLinemen on this team so people wanting Oline help are pretty dead on. FS should have been addressed years ago. Brown was always a SS he just played FS because of need at certain times. Now RT and LT thats thin.

LT Williams
LG Omiyale/Insurance for Williams back as well
C Kruetz and Beekman
RG Buenning and Garza (Garza may be gone during roster cuts)
RT ????????

Now that is what thin looks like. Need at least 2-3 players.

Oh and if Wilson never wowed you what is Bullocks doing for you??


My twin brother is a diehard Saints fan; when I first told him the Bears signed Josh Bullocks he burst out laughing. He's watched Bullocks blow assignments, miss tackles, and draw crippling PI penalties for the last three years. This guy even lost his job to Kevin Kaesviharn! Some Bears fans like me have to be wondering how Bullocks is an upgrade over Mike Brown? Brown is much better supporting the run, at least as good in coverage, and was certainly a leader on and off the field (a void which will be felt as the season progresses). Aside from the Omiyale signing, which is wait and see at best, it seems like every move the Bears have made this offseason has taken the team a step back in talent or depth. Are we one more 8-8 season away from officially entering rebuilding mode?

i never said bullocks wowed me..he's younger...and just as good/bad as the others...

they will draft another guard which will leave them garza, omiyela (whoever you spell that) buenning, beekman...they need another tackle for depth and another guard and that will be enuff of an infusion of talent for dont need to spend 5 picks on the line when you have so many other holes to fill...

and we all get hate angelo...why even bring him up? we are talking about player prospects...

payne was drafted to play i have no idea where you are getting THAT from...they still had faith in both brown and manning hence why they hadnt drafted another FS since manning...

i dont think it was right...brown stays hurt and i was never sold on manning...but turning every post into an i hate JA thread deflects from whatever points you may be making

To you all: Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah........In the words of the great Bill Murray "It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter.." Our QB is Kyle Orton........need I say more?? ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!...Why are we signing that chick from "SPEED", Sandra Bullocks?????...YIKES!!!!!!!

I dont know much about this guy but he sounds like a warm body, which is ludicrous considering our need at that position, sure we need bench but now who is he going to get to start there? Draft? That will take a couple years to develope, maybe a 18 can come in and start asap, but I was hoping he would address the Oline with 18, dang, surely not trade down (who would trade up for 18?) and expect any of those late draft picks to start, I mean with Jerry a Forte only comes around once every....well once.

--This from the `NOLA' Site -Saints Fans site - I usually do a link but my spyblocker picked up a malware on that site so I copied the text from the news.

``The Saints never made any attempt to re-sign Bullocks, their second-round pick in 2005. Although he started 51 games in four years, including the playoffs, he never capitalized on the potential he showed in his rookie season. He was inconsistent, especially in deep pass coverage.
Bullocks (6-1, 207) is still a gifted athlete, though, and he could definitely benefit from a change of scenery.
He might fit better in the Bears' Cover 2 system, where defensive backs aren't as often exposed in one-on-one matchups. He'll also get to face twin brother Daniel, who plays for Detroit, twice a year.
Bullocks lost his starting job at free safety to veteran Kevin Kaesviharn prior to the 2008 season but filled in over the last month after Kaesviharn went down with a neck/shoulder injury. The Saints are hoping Kaesviharn can return to a backup role this year if they can identify an upgrade at the free safety spot''

--Basically a gifted athlete that has never played gifted, does not sound good at all.

But who knows how he will play in a different system, I mean he said with all the pressure our dline gets on the QB....DOH! NEVER MIND.

uh, it's hard not to write hatin on Jerry cause he is the one in the news and actually in charge of the Bears signings. If we disagree with his signings then he is the one to take the heat, a kitchen thang.
For 2 years in a row most of us here have disagreed with Jerrys signings so yes he is the one to vent about, kinda hard to write oh !@# That Lovie shoulda signed a Olineman last 2 years! That would sound smart huh?

Alot of fans are frutrated with Jerry's signings lately, we came off the biggest game we have experienced since 1985 and then ---nothing except downhill, yeah we're mostly a tad upset with that.

Everyone knows that this guy is the worst FS in the NFL. No way he makes it past next weeks mini-camp. Brad, Steltz is still our starting safety as of now and I'll even take Marcus Harrison and Anthony as the backups instead of Bullocks. He already has a worse reputation than Grossman and he has not even practiced yet. Go read the bears message board and the Boo birds are already in place for this guy. Watch this video and you and other Bears fans will start to cry:

but turning every thread into i hate angelo thread...derails the actual conversation and exchanging of knowledge and ideas that actually goes on here...

we get it...some people hate JA...he's not great...he's not the worse...all his "shortcomings" were well documented b4 he even got this is nothing new to me...its redundant

id rather discuss the potential or lack thereof of bullocks and how happy I am they FINALLY told metcalf to kick rocks...

randy i do think he will benefit from a change of system...he has the speed to recover...what i worry about is the mental aspects of playing FS...will he know where he is supposed to be...

they will draft a FS in the first 3 rnds...and let the two battle it out...lovie has shown he's not scared to play rookies...ESPECIALLY on defense if they have the ability

theres no elite FS in this draft (minus MAYBE jenkins if thats where he ends up being drafted as) but there is good value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds...

if they dont get a tackle, safety and a wide receiver in their first 4 picks....this board and I will go f-ing bonkers i tell you that much though

Enough about Metcalf people.. Hes gone. Who cares what the particulars were in the deal. He was a wasted roster spot. I would rather see Tyler Reed in that back up spot then Metcalf anyday. And to randy... go easy on Bullocks. He had great stuff coming out of college. Has he struggled since '05? Ok, yes. But schemes can affect players greatly. Just ask #54. Bullocks has great size at the FS spot and has starting experience. I would rather see Bullocks back there on opening day then Steltz. Not to knock him, but he doesnt look ready yet. And moving to a new team can do wonders. Look at Anthony Adams.. He did not do real well in the 49ers defense. He comes here and he looks like a totally different player. Just relax people. There are alot of teams that have not done much in FA. A couple of good O-Line and a WR in the draft and we will be a much different/better team.

I like the idea of only signing safety Josh Bullocks to a one year deal. So much like the same opportunity given to receiver Brandon Lloyd last season, Bullocks will have to come in and earn a long term deal, and if he doesn't perform, shown the door. I still say Chicago should draft a safety, will they on day one now, we'll see? I've read that the Bears like Wake Forest safety Chip Vaughn, who has nice size at 6-1 221lbs, and runs a 4.5 40. Vaughn can play the ball breaking up 14 balls in 07, and 6 in 08. With the signing of Bullocks, maybe the Bears wait till day two to address the safety position now. They could land Vaughn in the 3rd so maybe? I still like David Bruton of Notre Dame who I think flew under the radar playing on a bad Notre Dame team. The guy has nice size at 6-2 210lbs, and is known as a physical player. Bruton ran a 4.5 40, and scouts love his ability to make plays in the passing game and with his speed can cover a lot of ground in the deep half. Bruton is another possibility early on day two in the 3rd-4th round. But with all of that being said, I would still love for the Bears to nab Alabama safety Rashad Johnson in the second, we'll see.

As far as Terrence Metcalf, I realize it didn't work out for the big man, but I do wish him the best of luck where ever he goes, I hate to see anyone lose their job. Biggs reproted earlier that the Bears brought in Eastern Michigan's T.J Lang for a workout, this was another sign Metcalfs days were numbered. I like what I read about Lang for his strength and ability to seal of the linebackers. Scouts say Lang is a mauler who works hard on and through every play, he would be a nice 5th rounder for Chicago.

Alright Creighton, I told you before, don't take what I say to you seriously/personal, were all Bears fans here, and I don't wish to make enemies with another Bear fan. And yes, I admit I can be a little optimistic, but thats just the way I am. We both have different opinions on the Bears, you tend to be ridiculously negative a lot of the time, but I realize thats just the way you are. Again, I don't have a problem with you, and don't take what I said on the other blog personal, I don't mean anything by it. Were obviously both die-hards talking Bear football in March, and thats kind of cool. And yes, the Kevin Bumstead blog was kind of funny. Alright, so as always GO BEARS!!

To you all: Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah........In the words of the great Bill Murray "It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter.." Our QB is Kyle Orton........Need I say more?? ORTON RULES!!!!!!...

Kevin what are you talking about. Take what seriously. Dude I have no problem with anything you say. Blog away man. One thing you need to get right is I am not Kevin Bumstead. People go at me all the time, I get a kick out of it. Man you should she see how me and brothers treat eachother. Hahahaha, this is all in good fun. Speaking of Fun you know who is back and he is looking to make friends with you again. Good luck man, oh by the by how do you feel about Britt or Maclin in round one and Meredith/Loadholt/Smith in in round 2. Oh and I don't see Lang as a OT in the nfl a RG yes but not a OT. I notice the Bears seem to be looking at a lot of interior help this offseason. It's very interesting.

Justincredible, were did I say he wowed you I asked you what he did for you sense the other guy didn't wow you. But I never said you said the guy wowed you.

You guys do make sense in the fact he was signed for a year, and lets see what he can do, But the Saints news did not paint a very good picture of his game play, but as a bench player and a new system lets see.
Just: But I am not happy with Jerry the last 2 years and I will write that, as this is the only place to vent that (sorry but thats the way it is)
Kevin: a `little' optimistic? lolol The Bears mug is so full with you there arent even any suds! lolol (just joking)
Strass - its good to hear someone talk Adams up, I really liked his play last year and heres hoping he starts this year. At that $$$ rate he could be a steal - lets hope Jerry signs another FS though. BTW I like Steltz he had first year jitters me thinks?

I gotta hand it to you, NeckBeardRules, I was thinking about doing the same thing . . . countering the stench that other guy keeps spewing.

The other day I watched the NFL replay of Game 1 from 2008; Bears vs. Colts, and Orton looked fairly sharp . . . not great, but good enough to take us to the Super Bowl if we get the other 12,865 things wrong with this team fixed.

OK, a bit of hyperbole, we really only need 2 more OL, a DT that can stop the run (assuming DD can't stay healthy) a DE who can rush the QB, at least 1 WR, a FS, a SS and a MLB who can stop the run. Otherwise, we're close! ORTON RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont have a problem with being dissatisfied with JA...if you arent then you should check in your bears fan card...BUT people, not necessarily you, will turn any bears news into a "THIS IS WHY JA SUX" thread...

i could see it now...

"The Bears bring back the Honey Bears"

thread response...JA SUX he should be fired for bringing the honey bears and not mike brown back

its gotten absurd with some people..i could honestly see a situation just like that happeneing...and its sad

theres nothing about Bullocks that WOWS me...he's a low risk play...his rookie season he showed oddles of promise under haslett...when haslett got fires is when he and the entire defense went south...

so im not sold on how bad he is im also have guarded optimism that he can reclaim some of that promise lost in a bad defense...he may or may not be a long term answer BUT its a good risk because if he really sux it up you dont feel like his contract MAKES you have to play and you can cut him with 500k cap hit...

so thats why i dont have an issue with the signing...

Now that I think more on it

To sign a player as a main competetion at starter that could not even secure the backup role for New Orleans is crazy, now as a `maybe' if he can fit our system' player then yes thats a good bench player for us. But what does that REALLY say about our D? That we have to sign a Dback that wasn't even good enough to be another teams backup player? My gosh that does not sound good when we are saying this guy MIGHT come in and start for us as he MIGHT be a better player in our system. Yes a good cheap signing but to pin your starters job (even competing for start) on this player is crazy.
I did not make this up it is a fact:
``Bullocks lost his starting job at free safety to veteran Kevin Kaesviharn prior to the 2008 season but filled in over the last month after Kaesviharn went down with a neck/shoulder injury. The Saints are hoping Kaesviharn can return to a BACKUP role this year if they can identify an upgrade at the free safety spot''
-They are saying that Bullocks wasn't even good enough to be their backup guys!

I agree with Adams and that different sysytem concept but to say he might be a starter is real speculation at its worst, we can hope but we have no facts or past history to suggest that from him. And we knew we needed depth at that position for how long as the Bears knew Brown was injury prone and now we are siging another teams cast off as competition at starter?
I don't know but I see something wrong with this. Yes I do like picking him up cheap as who knows `maybe he will do something' but we still need a definite good player at that position don't we? Going into camp with a `maybe he might do something in our system' player is not a good situation I feel.

I agree with JPCZ that Orton is not so bad that I am worried about QB, I feel as he does that if we fix other areas Orton will be fine, to say that the QB is the problem here is ignoring all other posters thoughts on what we need to fix this team, and I do not hear very many reliable posters saying draft a QB at 18 or trade for one, we have way too many other problems to think it might be all Orton, and he did have a great start last year, get the man a Oline and reliable WR and Defense up to the Bears standards and we can go back to the SB with Orton,
I guess I do not follow other teams enough to realize the Saints D problems and Haslett, I also agree he was a good cheap investment, and a good sign for that reason.
But to say compete for starter is a bit premature at this point.

To all that are insistant upon Metcalf being a wasted talent, you are sooo very wrong. Maybe you're wrong. Maybe he was on a wasted team. A team that would rather start the likes of Grossman over Ortin, loose an already won SuperBowl game, as well as, play money over true talent. Metcalf was not the only player on the Bears roster who got a bum deal from the likes of Lovie, horrible positions coaches, and others...

You say wasted talent??? How many of you idiots have played football, or at least been the #3 Guard in the country??? You talk about his salary, some people play the game for the love & the passion, not the money... I guess you all wanted to see him wine like T.O. and others over waisted millions rather than stand on the sidelines every game awaiting his return???

Get a life people and focus on something else...

How many of you paid attention to the fact that his side was the strongest side being guarded during his 20+ starts with the Bears, oh but I guess since Olin, Brown, and Miller were there, no one noticed???

In many eyes, he is an unsung hero, and regardless to if he ever plays another game, I'm sure that unlike most NFL players, his money is well invested and he will survive...

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