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Boomer Sooner: Bears check in on OU, Loadholt

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Oklahoma offensive tackle Phil Loadholt worked out Tuesday at the Sooners pro day in Norman, Okla., and it is believed the Bears' Southwest scout Chris Ballard was on hand.

That's no surprise. The OU pro day is one of the big draws every year. Minnesota coach Brad Childress was on hand. Loadholt, who worked out at the scouting combine last month, put up 26 reps on the bench at 225 pounds. He checked in again at 6-7, 332 pounds, which is what he measured in Indianapolis. He substantially improved his broad jump to 8 feet, 9 inches, 10 inches better than his effort at the combine.

Loadholt probably figures to be a second-round pick and he's a player on the Bears' radar. He played left tackle at OU but projects as a right tackle in the NFL with the ability to be a dominant run blocker. You can check out all the results from the workout right here.

*** Although we couldn't come up with any visual evidence this time, it's believed Southeast scout Mark Sadowski moved over to Auburn's pro day on Tuesday, a day after being at Georgia Tech. All 32 teams were represented at the workout where ex-Bears tight end Cooper Wallace worked out.

*** Marcus Monk, one of the Bears' five seventh-round draft picks last year, worked out at the Arkansas pro day. Monk is looking to get back in the league. He spent some time with the New York Giants after being cut, and then re-joined the Razorbacks basketball team. The main attraction at the pro day was center Jonathan Luigs.

*** Special teams coordinator Dave Toub reportedly put Missouri kicker Jeff Wolfert through a workout. Don't read into that too much. Toub, a longtime assistant coach at the school, was back at the Columbia, Mo., campus as a keynote speaker at a coaching clinic. Wonder how many coaches the program has fired wind up coming back and speaking.

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Any word on robinsons' or Iglesias' workout?

Oh man were are the Marcus Monk Fanboys at? Kevin A you were one of those guys. What was it you said? Something like he reminds you of Plaxico except faster and you thought he would be the Bears starting number one last year. That one was right up there with when you said Kyle Orton was the best QB in the NFL and had the strongest are you had ever seen.

Lugis is a solid Center, I like Loadholt in round 2 but I think the Eagles may go after him.

The Bears were one of the teams to interview Loadholdt extensively at the combine. So the interest is definitely there with a few other prospects. Here's a write up I did on Loadholdt and others, as well as the info from this article on the Bears being at his Pro-Day.

OT prospects beyond the first round

Robinson seems to be the preeminent OG in the entire draft. The Bears would do well with Robinson in tow in the second round, even though their primary need is OT.

You may be right about the Eagles Creighton when it comes to Loadholt, they just lost Thomas and have not put the money down for Barnes at this point. Just saw donovan's quotes about the aging veterans he lost from his team, as I mentioned earlier teams are holding on to the dollars right now trying to keep the prices down before the depression hits the league owners pockets.
I thought the guy Nic Harris was a possibility for the Free Safety spot if we can't get the kid from alabama or Delmas, but his 40 time was a bit slow.....
Bringing Monk back in for another look couldn't hurt the kid was coming off major reconstruction last year and he must have been on teams radars the Giants brought him in after we let him go, and they have good personnel men there that know a thing or two about receivers..

Nah Creighton, seems to me last april before the draft I was talking about Tulane's Matt Forte, and you were going on about how great Mendenhall was gonna be as a rookie....remember?? Creighton, feel free to go through the archives, I never once made that comparison of Monk to Plaxico, stop making things up!! Creighton, its important to remember, I'd rather be known as a "fanboy" than a "fair weather fan," but Creighton you keep on doing your thing, bashing the Bears till their good enough to root for. Here, I'll hit ya where it hurts, the Steelers SUCK!!!! I'd rather root for a 9-7 Bear squad than the Steelers any day...the Steelers suck!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!! Hey Creighton, if your gonna bash my team the Bears, Im gonna bash yours. But I guess Creighton, the Steelers won the Super Bowl, so their good enough to root for, when the Bears are good then they'll be good enough to root for.......right??? Then it will be some fair weather in the windy city!!

All right, enough with the crybaby $hit, lets talk Bear football. Phil Loadholts 26 reps of 225 isn't half bad considering the fact he has 36 1/2 inch arms, the longest at the combine, probably the draft. Chicago should take him in the second, if he's even available, I agree with Creighton, someone like the Eagles could snag him in the lower first round. Waiting till the second to grab Loadholt isn't a great idea. If John St.Clair isn't resigned by the draft, Chicago has no choice but to use their first rounder on a tackle, someone like Arizona's Eben Britton might be their best bet at #18. Or if they like Loadholt enough, they'll have to either trade down or reach for him at #18. Sounds crazy, but if Chicago wants Frank Omiyale at guard that bad, they still need a right tackle, this is need #1 no questions asked. Unless Omiyale can play right tackle, we'll see how they like him there next week, because if St.Clair isn't signed by then, Omiyale will probably be Chicago's right tackle, and like I said, if they like him there, they could go in a different direction in april, we'll see GO BEARS!!....and just for you Creighton GO ORTON & ANGELO!!

During the Senior Bowl practices Loadholt looked like he was in slow motion, it was painfully obvious he had a hard time dealing with speed rushers. The problem is starting NFL D-Ends will be as good or better than the guys he faced at the Senior Bowl. I remember thinking to myself "I hope the Bears don't get enamered with his size", because frankly you don't want your O-Tackles best known for their run blocking.

I thought the Bears most glaring need this off-season was to get bigger and stronger at either Guard, Center or both, to help open holes for Forte in the running game. I'm ecstatic they recognized that glaring need and pounced on Omiyale immediately. However, if they resign St. Clair he'll be the starting RT for at least this season, so why have a repeat of last year where they spend a #1 pick on a guy that won't really have a chance to see the field for a year or two?

I guess Free Agency is over? so we can talk Draft? this is even more spec than FA as who knows who will be there when we pick or if JA will trade down or not?
But yes Loadholt would be nice, except alot of other teams will be looking at him as well, and actually I like Monk, that late of a pick he was worth the try, hey he got in amost as much as our 3rd pick WR! LOLOL and I feel he will still catch on somewhere, and yes I feel we should give him another try as AGAIN we have nothing to lose with the WR we have on hand.
But Kevin please pick a different team to bash, (or sarcastic) as I think the Steelers have like 6 Super Bowls.....that hurts no matter how you look at it. :(
But yeah, if they don't sign St. Clair, (which we all know they will, he's a Bear and he's checking his $$$ offers, then the Bears will match, that way we don't pay more than the going rate.) BUT IF we don't I feel Omiyale was signed for insurance at both RT/RG position - (I don't care what the GM said he's not the Coach, he's smokin)

All said this is shaping up to be a very interesting year, the draft we are not sure who we will pick, OL/WR/DE/FS??? and with the addition of Rod and bringing in Omiyale? with Bennet/Buenning for us to hopefully see play for the first time, and we all have to figure this is the make or break year for Lovie too as Jerry sure has sounded like a man distancing himself ahead of a possibe fallout....

They did that with Ced, lol be real alot of Bears draft choices don't see the field at all, so go for it. :)

Maybe Loadholt does slip to Chicago in the second. The Eagles are taking a second look at Missouri safety William Moore, who might have improved his stock on his pro day running a 4.4 40 and having a 37 1/2 inch vertical jump. Eagles assistant coach Otis Smith is going to give Moore a private workout. With the loss of Brian Dawkins, and former Browns safety Sean Jones only getting a one year deal with the Eagles, the Eagles currently don't have a long term solution at free safety on their roster. So Moore might be the direction the Eagles go in the lower first. This would help the Bears with maybe Loadholt slipping, or one of the other safety prospects like Alabama's Rashad Johnson or Western Michigan's Louis Delmas who could now slip if the Eagles go with Moore. I also like Notre Dames David Bruton, who at 6-2 210lbs ran a 4.5 40, Chicago could land Bruton in the 3rd-4th round. Bruton has the size, speed, and ability to play the ball. Bruton has great range to cover a lot of ground as the centerfielder of the defense, I like him, I don't know about Chicago, I hope they at least give him a look. I have read the Bears took a long look at Wake Forest safety Chip Vaughn, who might be one of the quicker safeties with a 4.4 40. Vaughn has nice size at 6-1 221lbs. Vaughn played strong safety at Wake Forest but had 14 pass breakups in 07, and had 6 in 08, so he can play the ball, and with his 4.4 40 has the speed to cover, he could be a nice fit in Chicago with his size and speed. It should be an interesting draft at the least GO BEARS!!

I don't understand why everyone is excited over the signing of Frank Omiyale, he does add depth but to think he will be a legitimate starter is a stretch. He has only started one game in 4 years, that tells me something. The good thing is that he is young but the Bears don't have a good reputation of coaching guys up - ex. Gandy, Columbo, Metcalfe, etc.. The Bears need to draft a RT. That has to be their number one priority. St. Clair is not the answer for the Bears although I owuld him resigned as he provides depth to an average O-Line.

On to the Bears organization, what a joke. Angelo states that there number one priority this off-season is to stabilize the QB position and he signs a backup, way to go Angelo, that surely stabilized the QB position. Our WR's were the worst in the league last year and they lost two of their recievers in Booker and Lloyd and they are left with Hester, Davis, and Bennett. If Bennett could not get in the game last year, why is Angelo confident that he will be able to contribute this year. They could have gone after Bryant Johnson but chose not to, they could try and trade for Boldin and they chose not to. I don't know what their plan is this offseason? They are getting worse.

As for Marinelli, I don't understand why people think that he will be able to get our D-Line to play better. I don't care what Tampa's D-Line did, they had amazing players in Sapp and Rice who would have been (Rice was already good before he got there) good anyways. He did nothing in Detroit with their D-Line so why would it be different in Chicago. The last time Lovie hired a good friend of his - Babich, that moved worked out really good.

The Bears are a frustrating team to watch and cheer for but I am still a fan, hopefully they hit on all of their draft picks because they haven't hit on their free agent signings. Go Bears!

Before someone jumps all over me [Creighton], I failed to realize the Eagles pick twice in the lower first, so disregard part of my above blog on Loadholt maybe slipping, Loadholt probably doesn't make it past the Eagles who like the bigger linemen, maybe he does, we'll have to wait and see GO BEARS!!

@ Donny Magli

The reason "everyone is excited over the signing of Frank Omiyale" is because from all accounts when he filled in for Pro Bowl L-Tackle Jordan Gross this past season there was no drop off, even against an excellent Giants D-Line.

Now, the Bears want to get bigger & stronger in the interior. Omiyale fits that and will almost certainly be an upgrade over the smaller Beekman in the run game, but consider that this guy has the feet to play O-Tackle. Many times you're on an island against very fast & strong D-Ends when you're at O-Tackle. Now you put this guy "in a phone booth" at Guard and the chances of someone getting past him in pass pro. are mighty slim.

Translation, no more turnstile up the middle during pass plays (on the L side at least) which should give Kyle a couple crucial extra seconds to read the field. In the NFL, those extra seconds are usually the difference between dumping off to your hot-read or check-down for little-to-no gain, and delivering the ball down field for a nice chunk of yardage.

Of course, you never know what a guy will be until he actually plays. However, you can take certain things into account when you project him moving to a new spot, especially when that spot is less demanding in areas where he excells.

Heck why not pick this Loadholt guy in the first round? I think the Bears should use their first 2 picks on lineman period! Garza sure isn't gonna get better. Find a replacement for him. There is gonna be a gap when Kruetz leaves or retires, there is a replacement for him already in place. Tait doesn't seem to be coming back. They just signed a FA to maybe be his replacement. So really all the Bears have is Williams, Beekman, and Omiyale for the future.
Look Football starts up front! If you don't have protection and holes for running to run through, well the true Bears fans seen in 07 what happens when a line is used up.

Kevin Kevin Kevin. Are you related to Jessie Armstead? That's a dumb question. Any who.

Sounds like Creighton is at it again. Making false acquisitions, CAN NOT READ AND COMPREHEND!, and out right lying to us True and Real Bears fans just to make himself look good.

Now I know some of us last year were intrigued by Monk. He had nice size and decent speed. He just could not run a route. That's why he was and let me remind Creighton a 7th ROUNDER. He was disposable.

Ohhhhh yeah I remember Creighton's rambling on and on and on about he would not be a Bears fan if Mendenhall was available and they passed up on him. Well Creighton whats up whats your problem haven't you moved on, its been a year now.

Now in my defence I said I dont care who the pick up just as long as they would produce and help the team, but I was NOT a Mendenhal fan at all! I thought he was overrated and could not block. He was a slimmer, faster Ced Benson in my mind. Lets see if Ray Ray breaks Mendenhals face this year. Just joking but coulf happen.

26 reps at 225 lbs is weak for a guy 332 lbs. As a percent of body weight, that translates into something like 120 lbs for 26 reps for a 180 lb guy. While I relaize the physics are linearly related, 26 reps is not a big deal for a human being of that size . . . espcially one who should turn out to be a pretty good NFL player.

Go Bears!

What I meant was:

While I realize the physics are NOT linearly related, 26 reps is not a big deal for a human being of that size . . . especially one who should turn out to be a pretty good NFL player.

Thats all you have Kevin is Forte everything else you said was wrong. Then again you have claimed that Forte would be better than Payton because of his rookie season. I still say Mendenhall will be better, and the best organization in the NFL agrees with me. You also claimed the Bears would win the Super Bowl last year, that Orton was the best QB in football and Williams had no problem with his back and would be an All Pro in 08. Lets see what else did you say, oh Stletz would a starter, Chedder Adams would be a starter, Beekman was a stud even though the Bears just signed a guy they hope to replace him with. Oh Bradley was a stud according to you, Davis was the man and Hester would have over 1000 yards recieving. You also claimed Booker would return to 100 catches and 1000 plus yards.

Yeah Kevin your batting 1000, if your point is to be wrong about everything.

JPCZ, your right about the strength issue I would have said Long arms come into play, which they do in benching, but he had the second shortest arms among tackles.

Brando why do you speak to me, I have made you my b#### over and over. Kevin is not saying I lied he is trying to use Mendenhall as a counter point. again why do you speak to me, I wreck and humiliate you every time, you know better, you have a conversation with me and you disapear for a month and run around pretending to be other people. So why don't you go talk to someone else Psyco. If me an Kevin go at it, we go at it, and we bust eachother up all time, unlike you I actually respect his opinion, he is smarter than you, and actually knows about the draft, he doesn't take it personal, niether do I. You on the other hand are just some nut job who has been obssesssed with me for far to long. Go talk to Bill Holland he is best friends with Jerry Angelo just like you are so I am sure you have lots to talk about.

Kevin remember one thing, I was dead on last year and you missed by a mile, end of story. As for Angelo and Orton what are you going to do when both are gone next year. If your boy Orton is so great how come nobody has offered a trade for him and the Bears don't extend him. He is so good the Bears don't even want to lock him up. Thats talent for you.

Oh almost forgot Brando, you would take Loadholt in round 1? Why would you do that sense Britton, Beatty, and Oher are all expected to be there at 18. There all much better prospects than Loadholt. If you want to win in the trenches you probably want the best players in the trenches that you can get. Speaking of guys trenches I got special news for you, you may know this name. Metcalf was just cut by the Bears. Hahahahahahaha, thats your boy fool. That was the guy that started the war. I told you he sucked and did not deserve to be a bear. Looks like I was right again fool, HE GONE!!! It funny everytime you try and start up with me, something good happens for me and something happens to make you look like a fool.

Man I don't know if I can watch another Bears game because they had cut Metcalf. I shed a tear I really did. I'm so depressed but you know what Creighton you cheer me up and make me laugh. Sarcasm anyone? No not me Brando.

I will give you props on that yeah you and Kevin probably know ALOT more about the draft then I do, for I only really watch area college games. That would be (this is for Creightons knowledge only) Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illi teams. Not much of a huge college nut fan. One thing though..... I trust Angelo and his scouting crew way way WAY more then I would you Kevin or any other fan. I love to learn about these upcoming NFL player from Brad Biggs and you the fans but I really don't pay attention to any Mock draft anymore. They typically lead to false hope and disappointment.

Kevin No disrespect.

So Creighton in your last 2 blogs you had 2 things right. You and Kevin are better at knowing about the draft then I and Metcalf was released.

That's a huge improvement from last year. I proud of ya there buddy. Heck last year you had nothing right in 2 blogs and you were making up stats and other crazy stuff. My hat off to ya.

Hate to burst a bubble in here boys, But 98% of the posters in here were Mendenhall bandwagon jumpers...even you,Kevin. Remember how I posted about Big Ten skill position players usually flopping in the pros?
It's only been a year, but you were on a Mendenhall kick last year...and my theory is pretty accurate.
Just pointing out some facts...I'm getting a kick outta how EVERYBODY was a draft wizard and correctly predicted the draft last year...In their own minds!Sorry gentleman, your misconstrued memories is exactly why JA is GM...he plays the same exact game!

Brando: "Making false acquisitions, CAN NOT READ AND COMPREHEND!"

OK, after laughing for the last 10 minutes at your expense ... If you're going to joust with guys in here at least PROOF READ. I'm sorry but I couldn't read any further because you lost all credibility with that sentence.

// Carry on all, I don't want to disrupt the flame war!


I will be the first to admit I was on the Mendenhall bandwagon. I even posted a blog about who I thought should have been taken at each position. After one season, EVEN A GOOD season by Forte you cannot tell me Chicago didn't reach for him. That is a fact. However, if he continues to play the way he did, it will be a great pick.

BTW, here's what I had:
Here's how Chicago should have drafted:
1. Rashard Mendenhall RB
2. Brian Brohm QB
3. Early Doucet WR
3. Mario Manningham WR
4. Anthony Collins LT
5. Roy Schuening G
5. Johhn Sullivan C
7. Josh Barrett S
7. Erin Henderson OLB
7. Kirk Barton RT
7. Marcus Monk WR

The Barrett pick would have solved our current FS issues. The guy is a play maker. The Mendenhall pick is incomplete - we have no idea how he would have done in the same position as Forte last season so we'll wait and see. Collins and Barton are the 2nd-string LT and RT in Cincy at present time so wait and see. Henderson was injured but I REALLY like his athleticism. Neither Doucet nor Manningham did a gosh darn thing last season but would they have had they come to Chicago and had virtually no competition? We'll never know so wait and see. And what about Brian Brohm?

Time will tell ... Call me a moron or genius in 3 years.

Da Church,
you've got the Quiones(spellcheck,I know) to jump in..I respect that. Nice draft BTW...good players on there...and Henderson...liked him as well,let's hope the young man can get past the injury bug.
hope u can set up a mock for us on black friday...everybody gives their mocks for the draft.Might be fun for all of us JA wannabees.


Thanks for the compliment. I do appreciate it, but I have no problem being wrong. I call people out on their opinion but am willing to admit when I'm wrong. I have VERY thick skin (years of being in public eye withe opinions will do that) so when people attack me I enjoy it ... that's what good contributing is about. Sure I go over the top with insults but some guys on here realize it's just my style. I'm quick to point out what I view is "stupidity" but I am also willing to admit my own.

Anyone else who reads my posts ... think how many times I sparred with Creighton. I still think he's wrong on different points but at least he backs up his position!

What I hate - and will condescend to - are guys who wear there heart on there sleeve when ripping the bears. Saying Lovie is not passionate about football, saying Kyle Orton sucks without REASON, calling for the firing of Angelo wihtout REASON, coming up with assinine trade scenarios, et al ...

I come on here to be entertained. I actually read everyone's comments and though I cannot comment on every single opinion I love to talk football.

Being a douchebag is just my personality and I'm actually very cool with that :-D

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