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Benson looking forward to facing his former team

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Cedric Benson, freshly minted with a $7 million, two-year contract that will make him the starting running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, called himself ``fully rejuvenated'' Wednesday morning appearing on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN AM-1000.

Benson told hosts Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman that he is looking forward to facing the Bears in the regular season in 2009. He didn't have any regrets on his time with the Bears, which was cut short in June after his second drinking-related incident in Texas in a five-week span. Eventually, Benson was cleared of charges stemming from his boating and driving arrests but not before the Bears had pulled the plug on the fourth overall pick of the 2005 draft and not after the Bears had dropped $13.8 million on Benson.

He caught on with the Bengals early in the season and wound up rushing for 747 yards in 12 games. The numbers were not overwhelming--he averaged 3.5 yards per carry--but you have to remember that Cincinnati was without quarterback Carson Palmer for much of the season and Benson gained momentum toward the end, rushing for 171 yards at Cleveland in Week 16 and then 111 yards against Kansas City in the finale.

"Of course, I was unfairly treated,'' Benson said. "Justice was served. The court system held up. The truth came out. It just sucks there was not enough support in Chicago or belief in me in Chicago to hang around to see the truth come out.''

He said he may have made some very minor changes upon arriving in Cincinnati but nothing drastic.

"My work ethic didn't really change,'' Benson told ESPN-1000. ``Granted, my back was against the wall and I had a lot more pressure on myself both from the outside and within.''

One thing he found in the Queen City was a lot more support--all around--something he felt was missing with the Bears, almost from Day 1.

"Sometimes it seemed like I was going against the same guys I was going to war with every weekend,'' Benson said. "We're supposed to be a team. It seemed like I would be battling against my own team, some players, some staff, from a higher ranking.

"It just didn't work.''

But Benson said there were good time, the 2006 Super Bowl season, and he talked about the chance to play for the franchise that once had Walter Payton carrying the ball for it. Should be interesting to see him in action vs. the Bears.

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I can understand why Cedric has no regrets. He made an awful lot of money as a Bears RB, without having to put forth much in the way of effort.

Let's see...drafted too high, negotiated a favorable contract, coddled by staff and management, eventually handed a starting job over a likeable and productive veteran, given multiple chances to succeed despite legal run-ins...yeah, that sounds pretty "unfair" to me. I'm sure his indictment of former teammates ("It seemed like I would be battling against my own team, some players...") will make it a lot easier for him to have a great game against them, eh? Burn those bridges, Ced!

The same clown that came into training camp over weight and out of shape. Whines about contact in practice, a bears practice with contact, please spare me I have seen rougher tag football games played. Not to mention could you just get injured a little more often.

Weak, slow, falling down on first contact, no balance, sack talken, baby crying, spinless, lousy teammate, dishonering the Blue and Orange, drunk driven, f###### looser.

He is on the perfect team for his character, the Bungles and the Raiders are were football players go to die. The Queen city is the perfect place for that Queen.

He's looking forward to playing the Bears? Good, we may suck against the Pass but number 5 in run defense b####.

Oh no! Cedric Benson is looking for some payback against the Bears? Really, I was hoping he would payback some of the millions of dollars we wasted on this nutcase. Does that count?

I got quite the laugh reading the article where he quoted as complaining about all the contact he got in that training camp after Thomas Jones was traded. He practically sounded like he was about to cry because nobody likes him. This guy makes me sick. I'm glad he caught on with a team full of wasted talent. I expect to see Tank Johnson sign there any day, since Dallas seems through with him now too. Grossman can complete the group hug.

I expect we'll hear Benson complaining some more after Briggs breaks him in two when we play this year, but I wont mind listening to that one.

Go Bears!

Correct me if I'm wrong but this was the same mental-midget who accused defensive veterans of injuring him purposely his rookie season? Now he's going to talk smack about his unfair treatment and the quality of character in Chicago? The guy has proven time and again he is worthless and a loser. I just hope some of those veteran defenders have THIS posted on the bulletin board for the week; of course, that is if this coward even can muster the stones to play.

"But Benson said there were good time, the 2006 Super Bowl season"
Oh, you mean the game where he folded like a cheap tent because the pressure was too much? Good times, man, good times!

Congrats Ced, in the history of the Chicago Bears you are tied with Cade McNown as the most disliked, disugsting, punk loser in franchise BUST history.

Now make sure you pickup your paychecks in Cincy like you did here in Chicago ... masked with Maurice Clarrett riding shotgun.

What a joke... Just go away Ced. You are a mental case that needs to be hugged 24x7 to be productive. You cried when drafted? We thought it was because you were going to a storied franchise?? Nope..just the start of your goofiness. When Thomas Jones had to call you out in practise (by knocking you down) to pay attention and play hard....nuff said. Enjoy your time with the Bungles. Have no doubt.. you will be a hunted man come game day. You wont have 50 yards when we get done with you.....

So Benson is still crying about the way he was treated? Perhaps if he had actually shown some initiative, and not complain about everything under the sun, he may have been a happier camper. But he chose to cry on Draft day and curse the teams ahead of us because they didn't choose him, show up out of shape, held out for more than 30 days, bitch about contact during drills, show a lack of effort when he was the showcased back here, and put our organization in a bad spotlight by his behaviour and consequent arrests. Did I miss anything?

And now he's looking forward to facing us next year. He shouldn't be. We had one of the best run defenses in the league, while the Bungles were 21st, with their opponents averaging more than 121 yards per games. And last year, we were witness to a real treat. We saw the breaking out of someone who can evolve into one of the best overall backs in the league; he was ranked 3rd in YFS, despite having a beyond pathetic O-line. With even a slightly improved O-line, Forte can tear those Bungles a new ***hole.

Oh I can hardly wait to see this. Ced, lemme ask you this... If you sustained a seperated shoulder in practice how you gonna fair in a REAL game dude???

P.S. I am somehwat surprised that the stripes you are wearing arent black and white.

haha i love it. one thing all bears fans can agree on. benson is a freakin' bum. i hope the blue & orange rip him to shreds this year!

Cedric Benson or CB (Complete Bust) could not carry Forte's jock strap. Not only is he a fruitcake mentally, he could not catch the ball out of the backfield or block for the QB. Lazy yes, out of shape, yes and poor work ethic, yes.

There must have been some evidence or rumors or something about CB at Texas that he was far more trouble than he was worth. I hated that Thomas Jones was traded to accomodate CB. Really, that is when the team morale started to slide to the dismal low effort that exists today. Their commitment or mantra "to finish" games of the Super Bowl year meant finishing and giving 100% effort for 60 minutes. Now when the Bears say they are committed "to finishing" it means finishing dinner or their coffee.

JA, I know that Cedric Benson or CB (Complete Bust) had huge yardage rushing at Texas but someone had to know that this guy has a marble rolling around in his pea brain?

With the moves and upgrades the bears have made in free agency, I wouldnt be suprised if the Bengals won and Ced have a 1000 yards. I am very disappointed with the progress we have made. Everyone in the country knows we need a receiver(s), help in secondary and line help.....except Jerry.

I agree don't be surprised if he has a good game against us. So far all ex bears have .

By DOC on March 4, 2009 5:04 PM
"With the moves and upgrades the bears have made in free agency, I wouldnt be suprised if the Bengals won and Ced have a 1000 yards."

A thousand yards you say. DOC he is in the AFC north now, thats were the big boys go to play defense, I am pretty Sure Pit and BAL will have something to say about him gettng even close to that. if he thought the Bears hit hard in Practice BAL and PIT are full of bad @$$ killers, those are 4 games I will not miss. In fact I bet he gets hurt in one of them or just strait up quits. You can't play those guys and win when you have no heart.

DOC: "With the moves and upgrades the bears have made in free agency, I wouldnt be suprised if the Bengals won and Ced have a 1000 yards."

The Bears offseason moves are so bad that Cedric Benson will rush for 1,000 yards? Geez that is bad!

I heard Rush Limbaugh's CPAC speech was so bad, Rex Grossman grew 3 inches ... Brad, do you have any confirmation on this?

// Causation ...
// Correlation ...
// Apples ...
// Oranges ...
// Learn the difference.

Da Church & Creighton,
Good Lord brothers, how dramatic are the 2 of you...a 1,000 yard game put your bannana hammocks sky-rocketing up both your arses!!!Relax Tampon Twins,It was just an exagerration..gonna be a LONG month and a half!
P.S. Creighton...Please take down your Mandarich poster ..NOW!!! we don't have to deal w/ the same body obesession infactuations we did last year at draft time.We KNOW we need an O-lineman...I swear you must have been the one measuring Barry's(Bonds) Berries..That's why it got tossed out out as "indesmisavil evidence"!

TexasJim: Good Lord brothers, how dramatic are the 2 of you...a 1,000 yard game put your bannana hammocks sky-rocketing up both your arses!!!

I can tell reading comprehension is not your strong suit so I'll just clue you in on a little secret ... DOC doesn't think Cedric Benson will have 1,000 yards in the game against Chicago. Now, let's see if you can piece together what he wrote and why I responded in such a away. I know it could take some time so I'll just keep this bookmarked until next year or so and I'll check back on your progress.

// Take tylenol for any headaches.
// ... midol for any cramps.

Da Church
You may want to read DOC's exact qoute again...He's talking about one REVENGE game against the Bears. He was clearly being SARCASTIC about JA and his tenacious FA FRENZY!!!
check on the bookmark...but may I make a suggestion? Get a set of dogtags or (as we were instructed during IKE) clearly write your name w/ a sharpie on your forearm...sounds like Alzhiemers may be setting in my friend

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