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Bears to take a closer look at another wide receiver

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The Bears have had a good deal of success pulling players from Louisiana schools in the last decade or so. Running back Matt Forte, cornerback Charles Tillman, strong safety Kevin Payne, safety Craig Steltz, ex-safety Chris Harris and ex-wide receiver Marty Booker are a few examples.

Looks like they have their eyes in another Cajun, this one a Ragin Cajun.

The Bears are reportedly one of three teams with interest in Louisiana-Lafayette wide receiver Jason Chery, who is expected to make a visit to Halas Hall. Chery came on as a receiver last season and looks to be a solid special teams players. The Bears like to bring later round prospects in for visits so they can get medical information on them as these players typically were not invited to the combine. Chery did not go to Indianapolis.

Pittsburgh sent its wide receivers coach to the Cajuns pro day and Green Bay and Seattle are also expressing interest.

Keep an eye on him.

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Sweet another receiver who can play special teams and ride the pine all year long. Glad to see they don't wnat to give Orton some weopons this year. If they did then they would look at top tier receivers in the draft and maybe put a call out to Tory Holt. What do we know? Maybe this kid is gonna be the next Airese Curry, what a waste that was. Can't believe I still remember that name.


As Jerry Angelo himself says, "The QB makes the receiver, not the other way around!"....No wonder we had and have the worst receiving group in the NFL!!!.........ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!....Cutler....where are you??? Come home soon!

My God, what is with the Bears and the talent evaluation. You need a really good offense to suceed in the NFL now. Rolling in 35+ year olds and drafting special team players doesn't cut it at the WR postion. Plus we need to replace St. Clair/John Tait hole. Of course we haven't done really anything in free agency. With Angelo's record in the draft, the Bears will be blue and orange swiss cheese. What the hell. It seems Angelo is more overwhelmed than a homeless man at an Old Country Buffet.

Can we please get a legit #1 WR? Please Jerry?

Bears fans don't trust your ability to draft a strating WR....not going to happen. You've proved wrong at the WR position over and over again.

Yes it all starts with the QB. But do you think Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and the other 5 WR's the Packers have (that are better than any Bears wideouts) had anything to do with Aaron Rodgers making a smooth transition and having a good year passing the ball?

The answer is YES!

I will be one disgruntled season ticket holder if our WR's perform anything like they did last year. 600 some yards receiving for the #1 and drops galore from the rest isn't going to cut it. Kyle could use some's called separation.

Does it matter who we draft at WR? You need to have someone to throw the ball to them and we don't. It's as plain as that! Go after Jay Cutler!

Everyone can take a deep breath on this one and relax. It is easy to get good film on the top prospects, and evaluate what they can do on the football field. What isn't as easy is getting good film on the non BCS divisions. Our scouting department can turn on ESPN to watch Percy Harvin, but to get film and information on this kid (who was not invited to the Combine), we need to either go see him or bring him in.

Before we criticize JA for "wasting his time", remember that there is a certain HOF WR that was from Mississippi Valley State, so sifting through the smaller school prospects has some value. And it's not like we are considering this kid for a first round pick. You win and lose in all three phases of the game, and special teams is part of that. Teams are not going to kick to Hester or Manning based on the way they return the ball, so we will need more guys on the field with good hands and some skills to make them pay when they squib it...
And in defense of the Bears scouting department, Pittsburgh sent their WR coach to see him at his pro day, and they are not exactly a bush league organization....

Can anyone say Punt returner.

Quit messing around and put Omiyale at RT!


Do they have something against tall wide receivers ?

I'm so tired of the argument of jerry rice.. That was 30 years ago. How many jerry rices have there been since? This front office will never understand what it takes. You have to take chances..seemed to work really well with the patriots and giants but Chicago seems to think there way will work when it hasn't worked for over 20 years and the bears going to super bowl a few years ago..lightning won't strike twice especially with thedefense on the decline and no wr's or a qb or oline. It all starts with a great qb and cutler is it if we can get him. No one is safe on our team if Denver comes calling.. An if angelo ttys to low ball Denver then he will once again shoot himself in the foot.. I'm tired of rooting for a team that does nothing to improve themselves.

Hadji Omiyale won't stay at RT they wouldn't be looking at Britton and Loadholt if that was the case. If it was there plan to put him there all this time they would not looking at all these Oline prospects.

Bear-a-holic, in fact I think they do have a problem with tall guys. Some GM's and head coaches prefer certain body types for certain positions. That said Berrian was 6'3".

Step back from the ledge fellas and re-read the article. It's not like Biggs is saying the Bears are considering the guy with a high pick. They're checking out late round prospects. They NEED new blood to come in and challenge for special teams duty and back up WR positions. They doing due diligence with players that are available.

Who knows, maybe they're targeting a top WR on Day One? But this post is not about that

Just wait.....Angeloose wants a defender first round....I think he will entertain trading down in the first to take a D End for there top free agent to 0-16 Rod Marinelli. For Christ sake he coached Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice....two first rounders. They should have been good. Remember they had Tony Dungy as a head coach too. Yes down!! Thats why he is looking at second tier O tackles and second tier recievers. He will pick up another second and be able to get the OT he wants and reciever too. Dont worry they will get a safety unfortunately it will be in round 4 or 5 like Payne. Id sure feel better if they signed a veteran OT though. Is it fair to compare Tommie Harris and Mark Anderson to Sapp and Rice. Sapp was not a head case like Harris. Tommie is in year 6 then Warren was already getting hall of fame recognition. Cmon you die hards....I love the Bears too so much it makes me sick like you, but we are not close live LUBBIE(a.ka.Tommie Harris) said...I think we were overachievers....maybe 2 injuries away from being 2-14. Forte and Briggs!! Will Forte have the sophmore slump? Probably so like all Bears.

Actually this post is about the WR position. Something the Bears don't have a handle on.

It's time to take a chance on a WR that can make an impact.

I don't care about Jason Cherry or any of the WR rookies. I want an impact WR to take the pressue of Kyle and the rest of the offense.

Even if they target a WR on day 1 I'm not thrilled. It would clearly be a better idea to draft o-line 1st. WR doesn't matter if you have no time to throw.

Gimme a break with this they might get a WR on day 1 garbage. That won't cut it.

I can think of one rookie WR last year that made the impact the Bears need from a WR and that's DeSean Jackson.

They'll prob get someone that can't even grasp the playbook until their 2nd year. Earl Bennet ring a bell.

By Tomk4054
"Sweet another receiver who can play special teams and ride the pine all year long. Glad to see they don't wnat to give Orton some weopons this year"

here's a better idea, get a real QB and and give the TE's and WR's a weapon!!!

Tomk4054 wrote:
"Sweet another receiver who can play special teams and ride the pine all year long. Glad to see they don't wnat to give Orton some weopons this year. If they did then they would look at top tier receivers in the draft and maybe put a call out to Tory Holt. What do we know? Maybe this kid is gonna be the next Airese Curry, what a waste that was. Can't believe I still remember that name."


News flash: The Bears have only one pick per round and the currently have no 7th round pick.

News flash #2: There have been stories of the Bears looking at the top tier WRs as well.

So why not look at several players to see where you can get the best value for the team. It is not as though the Bears have NOT added weapons in the past year: They added Matt Forte last year and Greg Olson the year before that.

JAY CUTLER. Do I need to say it again? Jerry, go get him! Frankly, I don't care if it cost the BEARS a first, third, and fifth, along with Orton. What does this organization do with draft picks aside from flush them down the toilet anyhow? Every year we hit on about one guy in the draft while the other 6-8 turn out to be virtually worthless. Jerry, would you rather have a 10-year solid starter / Pro-Bowler (!?!?!) at QB, something the BEARS haven't had for, for, well, ever - or - take a few more question marks or never-wills with "nice upsides".
I understand that the McCaskeys haven't exactly been been free with checkbook (and this whole "taking-care-of-our-own-through-long-term-extension" business only goes so far) over the past, oh, ever (again), but as a die-hard, I can honestly say that the frugal ways of this franchise are truly wearing me thin.
I'll make it easy on Jerry, Michael, Lovie, and anyone else who might have a say in this situation - DO IT NOW!!! GET JAY CUTLER!!! STOP THE QB MADNESS!!!!

What get a franchise QB, no way the Bears don't need no freekin QB!!

Haven't all of us (Bears fans) finally realized this simple fact? It ain't going to happen because the Bears have cheap owners and President, a GM in JA that couldn't find a franchise QB if one was standing right in front of him and a coach that doesn't understand offense and believes it is a last priority.

Do I get too caught up in the Bears, no not really but I think I am going to go into the other room and throw up some more blood!


OK, the debate of "does the WR make the QB or vice versa" can go on forever. Truth of the matter is, Angelo and the Bears management will NOT trade for Jay Cutler, so we have Orton as our QB, who I think can be productive enough in the NFL with some targets. So, here's what I would do if I were our GM (and assuming that I can't trade for Cutler):

1. I would try and sign either Holt or Harrison. They are proven all-pro and Super Bowl champion recievers that could teach any young reciever we have.

2. I would draft either Hayward-Bey from Maryland or Nicks from UNC. That way, you have a talented young guy who could learn from one of the above veterans we sign.

That then gives us the following recieving core:

along with Olsen and Clark at TE. That would be a 500% upgrade from last year. Our young recievers can learn from Harrison or Holt, as could Orton. Also, having more targets for Orton will also open up holes and options out of the backfield for Forte, who had a season for a rookie running back comparative to LT (he's good, right?).

Point blank..the only way to improve the offense is to put money into the offense.


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