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Bears to open 2009 season at Lambeau Field in prime time

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The Bears will open the 2009 season against their rival the Green Bay Packers.

The NFL announced today that the Bears will face the Packers on Sunday, Sept. 13, at Lambeau Field. The game will be televised on NBC beginning at 7:30 p.m.

This will mark the fourth consecutive season the NFL's oldest rivalry has been played in prime time. The Bears hosted the Packers on "Monday Night Football" last season. They played at Green Bay on "Sunday Night Football" in 2007 and at home on the same night in 2006.

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Heck yeah! Let's start this thing off with a bang!

I am excited to see a few things in this game. 1)the Bears new offensive line against the new 3-4 defense. Dom Capers is quite the mad scientist when it comes to scheming, so Orton will have his hands full in reading the defense. 2)If the Pack focuses on the front 7 in the offseason and draft, the Bears should have favorable matchups in the secondary. Hester, Bennett, and Nicks/Maclin/Heyward Bey (ok, more like Robiskie) should be able to get open on Harris and Woodson. Olsen should be able to abuse Collins and Rouse/Bigby. 3) Clifton is getting old and was hurt last year, and Tauscher is a free agent. Wale, Brown, Anderson, and Izzy need to make a statement to validate Marinelli's hiring. A 3 sack performance out of the DL would make a lot of teams go to max protect when they face us, which means the Cover 2 and our man coverage schemes will be more effective. 4) Orton vs. Rodgers. Rodgers appears to be a better QB early on, but I think they are the best QBs in the division (sad, isn't it?). If Orton makes some new strides as a player, they could be going head to head for several years to come...

I am glad the NFL hasn't washed their hands of this rivalry. There were a great many years where neither team was competitive, or only one of them. Considering we have both been in the playoffs recently, and both teams are getting younger and more exciting, this should be the start of a good run in this rivalry....

Meh. Would rather both our games were much later in the year when it's more meaningful. Whoever scheduled this doesn't know the meaning of the word "rivalry".

So Dan M., if the Bears happen to lose this one to open the season then it is not that big of a deal because it is the beginning of the season? I am sure the Bears would love to have traded one of the early season losses last year for a win. Would have put them in the playoffs. I think it is great that they start out with a big game against the Pack. There is a lot of meaning like: making a statement in the division early, building confidence heading into the season, gaining a mental edge, ramping up the intensity to the peak right away . . . do I need to keep going? Time to get rid of the NBA attitude. Every game matters no difference if it is the first or last game of the season! I love that they feature the best rivalry in football right off. Bury the Pack! Go Bears!

Joe three sacks means nothing it's all about pressure. Then again against that line we should be just fine. Last time the Bears opened against the Packers was 06. The Bears also had the weakest schedual in football that year, which they have again this year. It kinda helps when you play in the north.

Dan it's a great way to open the season, because it really makes you look forward to the second game. It's a division game, and every division game is about the playoffs and rivalry. You really only play 6 games for your division and those mean the most. To me this is really starting the season off right, I could care less about teams like ARZ. The NFL is going a little old school with this and I like it.

Not to mention if you want to beat the Packers this is a great time to do it, there new defense will still be a work in progress. Then again we don't know what kinda of plays they will be running so that makes it tough. But the advantage still goes to the Bears in that catagory. Not to mention Grant was a slow starter last year and they may not have the running game going. The Bears Dline really needs to step it up they got killed last year at the Bay,time to kick it up a notch. Most important is if they loose the Packers in this game like they did last year in GB, the season will be over before it started. There is a ton on the line for an opening game.

Yeah, Sam, because last year's opening win against the Colts was so meaningful it propelled us to....nothing. The point is that games versus the Packers should have something on the line - like playoff position. If we lose to the Pack in Game 1, I'm not going to sweat it. But, if we were to lose to them in November when we're in the hunt....THEN I'll care. Sure, they all matter in the end but a seasoner opener against a our biggest division rival just holds no drama for me. Games against the Packers should be later in the season and in the elements.

Well... at least this will provide extra motivation for these guys. Prime time on the road against the Pack.. huh.. I like it. Marinelli will be going crazy firing up the D-Line to knock Rodgers on his arse. What I really want to see is Grant getting gang tackled on every play. Time for the D-Line to get a little swagger back..

Sorry, but my gut reaction is, great, we get to get wiped out by a bad team in front of the whole country (remember the 2008 game there?). Sure hope I'm wrong, but I've seen no evidence to make me think so.

Sorry Joe, I agree that the packers D may still be a work in progress at the start of next year, but the one area which figures to be unchanged and as solid as last year is the secondary. While aging at corner with Harris and Woodson, it is still one of the best in the NFL, and having all 4 starters back only aids their consistency. Also, speculating that the crap we currently have stockpiled at receiver will have favourable matchups is at best, wildly optimistic, at worst, delusional. This said, both our offensive line and the packers font seven will have undergone a lot of change, so that matchup should be very interesting.

I agree that (hopefully) sticking it to the pack in Lambeau to open the season is a great way to kick off a new year of football. Beating the Packers is the only consistent thing about Lovie's tenure as head coach.

Living in Wisconsin, I see a lot of Packer games, and Al Harris is definitely showing signs of aging. He has lost at least a step, and Woodson, while still capable of great things, is not able to keep it up for 60 minutes. The thing that helped the packers is that they were able to move the ball very well, and score points, so teams were not able to mox it up on offense. They had to throw, so Kampmann and blitzing LBs and Safeties were what made the secondary look good. If the Pack can't generate early pressure, Woodson and Harris can't stay with quicker receivers. Orton just has to make the throws. The SS position is very weak, and Nick Collins is able to be duped pretty easily. he takes a lot of chances.

Hester should be able to get free on these guys all day long, and that should roll coverage away from the other side, which increases the advantage that the other receiver has. You put Olsen on the opposite side of Hester running seams and corner routes, and Clark on the same side as Hester working the underneath routes. Green Bay will not be able to stay with them for longer than a few seconds. The other side of this is that the running game should force Bigby into the box. Pickett can't command a double-team, so that means Barnett and Hawk will have to fight our guards, and neither is good at shedding blocks...You put 8 in the box, and the matchup is 1 on 1 with hester, and he can win that.

I don't think our WRs are anything to write home about, but watching the Packers play last year, I don't think they are as good as advertised. Not to mention that they will play less press man, and more zone with the 3-4, so it will be harder for them to disrupt the timing off the line.

If Tillman is healthy, I'll take him and Corey Graham (or Vasher if he wins the starting job) over Harris and Woodson at this point.

Extra 3rd pick for the Bears! Sweet! Hopefully we use it for a OG,C, or FS.

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