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Bears to go in for another look with Buckeyes' Boeckman

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The Bears are going to take a closer look at a quarterback.

The team is reported to want to follow up with Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman following the Buckeyes pro day last week in Columbus, Ohio. It's believed that college scouting director Greg Gabriel may have been in attendance that day.

Boeckman lost his starting job after three games last season to freshmane Terrelle Pryor but some view him as a sleeper in this year's not-so-touted class of quarterbacks.

The Bears also got together with Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz last week following his pro day.

Stay tuned.

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It seems like the Bears mostly look at late round picks and free agents. Is there a place to check and see who they have paided attention to and have visits scheduled for? You have mentioned some, are there ones you havent mentioned? You are the Bears fans life blood on Bears offseason information, great job.

Duane/ Rockford

Just like the Bears to be looking at another loser OSU QB----they tried this once before and it failed as well. I guess maybe Angelo is once again "fixated" on fixing the QB problem in Chicago----really? I mean really??? Please, all we get is double talk from both him and the so-called coach. If you're really fixated on fixing the QB problem, then really do something about it. Brett Basaenez is fixing it??? Drafting Boeckman, who couldn't even beat out a freshman is fixing it. There are way better options out there, and we all know it. They have $30M in unused cap space. It's pretty simple to figure this all out----they don't want to spend money to make this a better team. If it's truly all about the QB, as Angelo stated in his year end press conference, then why is he not doing anything about it. Look, if you have to give up a 1 and a 3 this year and a 2 next year that could bump to a 1 to get Cutler, why not do it. That fixes your primary problem (i.e., QB) for probably the next 10 years. Next year, it's looking like an uncapped year. You can then hit free agency heavy and fill some holes, along with making the best of your other draft choices. Owners who really want to win would do this in a heartbeat. As it stands now, I see the moves that Detroit is making, which have all upgraded their team. Then they have 2 draft choices, one of which is probably going to land them their QB of the future. Right now, we are a last place team, and maybe that's Angelo's plan---get a high draft pick next year and get one of the top QB's coming out. However, they'll probably pass on one of them because they won't want to pay the huge guaranteed money for a high QB pick in the draft. It's the same old story.

Boy O Boy let's waste time on looking at a QB that has no place on the Bears roster. Boeckman was not that good and did end up losing his job to a freshman. That is some quality NFL stuff right there. Why not take a better look at Pat White who is above and beyond this kid? Oh wait we are supposed to fix the QB problem here in Chicago with another back up QB who has no right starting in the NFL. But I guess whatever Angelo wants. Please stay away from the QB position this year because next years crop is gonna be fantastic. The only kid worth looking at is Pat White.

Nicks is someone who could fit right in here and I also like Maclin. If 1 is available I think we grab him fast and then trade up in the second to get that RT we need. The draft doesn't have to be so hard. But we are only fans and hope that they don't f-up like they have in the past.


Getting Cutler would not solve the immediate problem. We have a piss poor offensive line. THAT is the immediate problem. We can have Tom ****ing Brady himself, and not even he would fare well behind this line. Not only that, but our receivers don't exactly inspire a lot of confidence. Aside from a great group of TEs, and a stellar RB, who do we have on offense? Kevin Jones could bounce back, and have a big year. I hope he does, as Forte can't do it all himself.

I swear I will kill myself.

I like it, 6'4/244 he has a good arm. He lost out to Terrel Pryor only because Pryor is a dynamic playmaker with his arm and feet.

I'm not a big Orton fan till he proves he can go over the top a couple times a game but what has Cutler won? He made a pro bowl but I can't think of any big play off run by denver. correct me if I'm wrong!

What else would we expect from this team. JA is the one that made the big to-do that QB makes the team go. Funny, all his years in the GM biz he has never really cared about it before. Funny how the "D" falls apart and suddenly JA says the offense is the problem!?!?! It smells of damage control. JA says the QB is the problem which saves Lovie and gets him off the hook for his vaunted cover-0 defense being a joke. If JA was true to his word then he would have already called Denver with an offer. Thats what good teams do. They get after what they want. Lovie and JA just rub each other's back to help keep their respective jobs. The true problem is JA. He puts way to much into his draft picks. He will keep them around for years when its obvious right away that they are not good players. The fact that Metcalf stayed on the roster for so long is a crime. He traded Thomas Jones and kept cry baby Benson because Benson was a high draft pick. Jones was just a free agent. JA cannot swallow his pride and admit that he missed on draft picks. And if he does, its 5 years too late. JA and Lovie have set the table for 5-11 this year. And I hope so. With coaches like Gruden and Cowher sitting around, what are we waiting for??????

Everyone who thinks Cutler is the answer is wrong.

The guy has never won. Not in high school, not in college, not in the NFL.

The guy made the Pro-Bowl last year becuase of Brandon Marshall and the rookie WR the Broncos picked up last year.

Do I think Cutler has a better arm than Orton? Yes. But that doesn't mean he is the best option for the Bears.

Not sure what Angelo is thinking with the QB posistion because I would have thought we would have went after someone (at least Simms). I know I don't have a answer either....I just don't think Cutler will ever be a winner....and if he isnt surrounded by very good WR's or a great line....I really think he stinks it up.

Just remember in Denver's last 5 games last year (that they really needed to win)...Cutler had 4 TD's with 5 Interceptions....granted their defense sucked....but Cutler didn't do anything to help them win either.

You gotta be kidding me. The guy lost his starting job to a freshman, he sucked that bad and the Bears are all over it. This is a joke.

If Detroit gets Cutler the Bears are in deep s###. Detroit has made some good moves and the Bears are close real close to being the worst team in the second worst division in the NFL.

Dennis B. you are way off. How do you know Cutler didn't make his recievers look good. Marshal has never had a good season without Cutler as his QB.

The Last 3 games not 5, you need to think, the Reason Cutler had so many int's is because Denver was forced to throw, because there defense was giving up points like they were going out of style. Cutler was playing from behind most of the time. Most of the experts actually think he elivated his game while trying to carry that team. By the way your stats are way off.

In week 13 Cutler put up 2 td's and 1 int plus 357 yards and a QB rating of 94.8 against the Jets in NY. Thats one of your five games Dennis. Broncos won that game

In Week 14 Cutler put up 2td's and 1 int, completed 80 pct of his passes for 286 yards and a QB rating of 102 against KC. That looks pretty good to me as well. Broncos won again, so Dennis it was not a five game colapse was it, in fact they won the first two of those 5 games.

In week 15 He put up 1 TD 1 INT and 172 yards against Carolina he copleted 63 pct of his passes and was sacked 3 times and knocked to the ground another dozen, not really his fault, Carolina was a better team and put up 30 points.

In week 16 he put 359 yards and 1 int against the Bills he also ran for 2 TD's and 30 yards. Again looks pretty good too me. Played from behind the whole game. I will always take a 2-1 TD ratio.

In week 17 he put up 316 yards and completed 67 pct of his passes he had 1 td and 2 int's. He was forced to pass the ball almost 50 times that game because the stinking defense gave up 52 points. 2 of the Int's were in Garbage time when Cutler was just throwing it up and the game had been decided.

Do you know what happens to any QB when there playing from behind and forced to throw more than they should? They tend to get picked. Anyone in the NFL will tell you that. The defense in the last 3 games of the season gave up 112 points how is that Cutlers fault? Cutler accounted for 8 TD's and 6 int's Dennis not 4 td's and 5 int's get your facts right. They also didn't have a 5 game colapse they lost 3 because the defense was giving up an average of 37 points a game. That makes it a little hard for any QB win a game. By the way 3 of those picks came in garbage time when the game was already over and Cutler was just throwing it up. So basically the guy put up 8td's and 3 int's when it counted and threw for almost 1500 yards in the last 5 games, he threw for 802 yards in the final 3 games. And your blaming him for those losses and not the defense who gave up almost 30 points a game over those 5 games 2 of which Denver won. You have a very strange sense of what good football is.

Also Marshal didn't play week one in which Cutler threw for 300 yards and 2 TD's had a 12.5 ypp rating and a passer rating of 137. I guess he can play without Marshal. He also completed 114 more passes than Orton on the year, thats 4-5 games worth of completions for Orton. By the way this team didn't have a RB with more than 400 yards on the season, as a part time WR Stokley has had 2 of his best 3 seasons with Cutler the other one was with Manning.

By the Way Royal had 91 receptions on the season that is second best in nfl history for a Rookie, and the first people he thanked were Cutler and Shannahan.

Here is a quote about how he feels about whats going on with Cutler and what he thinks of him.

Royal: I've spoken to Jay a little bit about it. I try to give him his space to let him think about things because I know he's got a lot going on in his mind right now. I wanted to reach out to him to let him know how important he is to our team and how much we need him. He's a great teammate, and we all love playing with him. I just want to remind him that we're all supporting him and we want him to be with us next season.

Doesn't sound like a bad guy to me. He is actually known as a great locker room guy. He is also the guy that put the often troubled Marshal in his place. Broncos fans are stupid they blame Cutler for a defensive collapse. Thats like blaming Orton because Hester coudn't return punts.

Like I said bring him here and lets see how well his Bronco recievers do without him. How good was Moss in Oakland or Welker with the Dolphins, how about Henderson before Brees, how about Harrison before Manning he double his production in Mannings second season which was Harrisons forth season and he had averaged about 800 yards a season until 99 when Manning started lighting it up. Why do you think Owens always looks for good QB's to destroy? Oh what about White with Vick, White looked terrible, Vick goes and White suddenly gets good. Spare me the whole it's all about the Reciver bit. It starts and ends with the QB. You also forgot one little stat Orton lost 5 fumbles that gives him 17 Turnovers not 12.

You guys apparently don't know, but Boeckman got kind of screwed with a terrible offensive line and Beanie Wells being injured in the beginning of the year. That allowed defenses to key on only the passing games and go all out blitz on Todd. Also, Terrelle Pryor is not your average freshman and they were going to split snaps the whole way, but Terrelle got on a roll and went with it.

That being said, Todd is not the answer for Chi-town and will probably be taken in the 7th round if not as a undrafted free-agent. He could be a good career back-up so don't look at this as he is supposed to be your starter one day. He's got a strong arm and makes good decisions when he has time to throw. His inability to be consistent under pressure is why he will never start in the No Fun League.

Don't bash Krenzel-how can you ever expect him to be a starter in this league? He was an average college QB who managed his team well and was lead by a great D to a championship in 2002!

Todd with the right system and a year to study the playbook will be a great qb in the nfl,dont compare him to krenzal he was thrown to the wolves in bear town. but if im not mistaken he has a winning record when he left chitown. Todd is a mature qb with solid arm who wants a chance whats wrong with with getting picked in the 7th round better than the 1st like some of the other teams do in the draft and end up being a bust. brady 6th round not a starter in college. Give the guy a shot and quit crying meister

bigkatt45 said: "dont compare him to krenzal he was thrown to the wolves in bear town. but if im not mistaken he has a winning record when he left chitown."

He also left town with a career QB rating of 52.5. Krenzel is a bright kid, but c'mon ... he sucked.

Creighton is 100% correct - for those of you who do not think Cutler is a serious upgrade over Orton, you must not watch any NFL games besides the Bears. And if you did watch the Bears did you know that Orton's rating over the last 3 games was Orton's last three games ... 54.1 QB rating. Orton's yard per attempt over this three games stretch ... 4.35. No, that's not a typo.

Broncos didn't make the playoffs because there defense allowed 37.3 ppg over the last 3 games. What's Kyle's playoff record?

Yes, Boeckman did loose his job to a freshman. Boeckman was given an unfair chance. I think that a lot of people forget that he was the QB who led Ohio State to the Nationale Championship game in 2008 agianst LSU. Ohio State looses a game to the #1 ranked team in the country (at the time), at USC's home field and then they bench Boeckman because they loose? Explain that one to me! It seems like people would have better things to do than constantly ridicule Todd Boeckman. Todd would be a great QB for any team to have on their roster.



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