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Bears take in Beavers workout where G Levitre generates interest

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Bears scout Marty Barrett made his way to Corvallis Friday for the Oregon State pro day.

Guard Andy Levitre was the main attraction. Projected as one of the top players at his position in the draft, Levitre did the three-cone drill, the workout he opted out of at the combine, coming in under 7.6 seconds. Then he was put through positional drills with most NFL teams present, including line coaches from Atlanta, Carolina and Philadelphia.

The Bears met with Levitre at the Senior Bowl. They might not be able to snag him unless they spend two high picks on offensive linemen because there is a more pressing need for a young offensive tackle. Levitre could be long gone before the Bears get back to considering another lineman in the draft. But if they like him enough, maybe they reverse fields and go guard first. The last time the Bears selected a guard in the first three rounds was when they chose the recently released Terrence Metcalf in Round 3 of the 2002 draft.

Levitre has a couple visits in the works, too. According to one source, he will make trips to see Buffalo and New Orleans.

Elsewhere, the Bears were represented at the South Florida pro day on Friday. Southeast scout Mark Sadowkski was likely the one on the scene for the team. Wide receiver Taurus Johnson is considered a raw project.

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It seems like number 18 is a good spot to take a Guard. It's probably the least glamorous starting position on the field, so even the best two or three players available might slip that far. Considering the age and skill level the Bears have on the OL, spending a high pick there would actually be a good step toward the future. I don't know anything about Levitre, but if he's a top player at his position I'm glad they're checking him out. No other player who might be available at 18 has jumped out at me yet. Heyward-Bey scares me due to his modest stats. He may have all the "measurables" but I wonder if he's really a football player. I think you could get a better value at 18 by drafting a Guard.

If Angelo is dead-set on picking a WR in the first round (which I doubt, but he has surprised me before) the only other name that might be available at 18 who has even mildly piqued my interest is Hakeem Nicks. He doesn't have Heyward-Bey's "measurables" but he strikes me as the kind of WR that would succeed in the NFL. Kind of an Owens (hopefully without the baggage) or Boldin type - big, strong, determined, plays with "hungry hands." I've seen him toward the mid-low part of the first round on some draft boards, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for the Bears to take him at 18. Of course, he could turn out to be another David Terrell. Levitre could end up being the second coming of Stan Thomas, too. I'd just like to see Angelo take a risk on an offensive player, and for once have that work out.

First off, now that Torry Holt has been released, I hope Da Bears make a serious run at him. This, still without altering our draft plans. I doubt seriously that JA would take a guard in the first round of the draft. The first pick will most likely be used on an OT. I will also go as far as saying that the second pick will be used on a WR. With S/DE being taken in the third. I got my fingers crossed that we receive a compensatory pick in the third round. That way both of those latter positions can be addressed. That first day draft order, IMO, addresses the team needs the best. As far as the guard position, I feel that can be addressed on the second day or within the roster. St Clair did a pretty decent job at the LT position. Better than most expected. His main issue was speed, not strength. Jared Allen abused him due to his speed. Which leads me to believe that he probably could handle one of the guard positions nicely. I watched Kreutz and Garza get pushed into the backfield entirely too much last year. So, if Beekman is in line for C, and Omiyale is manning the LG. I'd let St Clair and Garza Duke it out for the RG position. Hopefully this draft can bring us some quality players and a few diamonds in the rough. Go Bears!!!

Dear disgusted the draft is a crap shoot at best these players now train for the combine and get on the field and we hear that line he needs to do this and that. Most 1st round recievers fail the list goes on and on same with all the positions. My only problem with Angelo and the Bears is he is always trying to be smarter that everyone else and he talks down to fans, Lovie is evasive and condesending. It would be nice if they cut the crap do the job right or get out of town period. Lovie better stop those sissy training camps and get these guys hitting and moving at game speed.

Trade for Brady Quinn!!!!....That's our only hope!...We need a new QB!!!! NOW!!!!!!...........ORTON $#@%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disgusted Levite is a third round talent not a first round pick or even close. He is probably the second best OG in the class but it's a weak guard class. Even Robinson who is the much better prospect will probably go round 2. If the Bears want him they will have to get him in the third round .

Reggie when Angelo was asked about Beekman at the end of the year all he and what he thought of how he played Angelo Answered, he got valuable starting experience in fact everytime I have seen him asked about Beekman and what he thinks Angelo doesn't say anything nice about him. He isn't mean but he doesn't say oh I really like Beekman at OG. Garza hasn't even been mentioned and St. Clair is not on the team. The Bears are looking at a lot of interior line help this year. It's very telling. He brought in Omiyale and said he wants him at guard and they continue to look at guys who are solid guard prospects like Levitre and Lang. So far they have not looked at much in the way of first round talent.

Dawg 60 percent of all blue chip reciever prospects are found in the first round. I am not saying don't upgrade the line in the first round I am just saying that if you want a really good reciever that is the best round to find him in.

NBS, how are we going to get Quinn? The Browns are trying to use him to grab Cutler , and Detroit is trying to use it's number 1 overall to grab Cutler.

How come if Orton is so talented no one is offering us anything for him? If he is so great couldn't we trade him to the Broncos for Cutler, right, I mean he is just as good as him isn't he?

Creighton I know you know the league is playing the waiting game on Orton and no one would take him off our roster because he's a BEARS QB. We need to show we can finally get the position right before anyone would ever offer us anything at that position. As for guard I think we are set there until the late rounds if we pick one at all, we need another tackle for sure in round one or two and a receiver and safety not necessarily in that order.

NBS getting tired of having to wade through your crap so how about doing us a favor an take a few days off until you have something else to say besides your Orton tagline...

All in all the BEARS are doing a lot of due diligence looking for late round players to fit the system, but the first three rounds this year are critical we need two starters at a mininium. The last few days have shown that the players learn the drills well and improve there times but film doesn't lie and that's where Angelo and Lovie should be spending there time now looking at film while the scouts bring in the details.....Draft is coming soon....Go BEARS

Brad and / or mods,

Can there be a daily limit on reoccurring comments from the same poster on the same subject?

Case in point, NBS is guaranteed to mention is dislike of the current starting QB in every post, all the time. If I wrote the same thing comment in all of my posts I would expect to not have them all posted.

Mods have the ability to not post messages that you think are not in line, e.g. distasteful, personal, etc. In NBS' case he (or she) never changes his primary comment. We get it. I hope you do too.

Chi I don't think you can ever have to much line help plus they need to draft at least one OG, if not for the practice squad for the roster, I am just surprised they are looking at so much Interior help and so little help at OT. If they want Omiyale there thats fine or St. Clair, but they don't have St. Clair, so they really need 2 OT's and 1 OG/C. 7 picks this year and I think 2-3 are going to be OLine.

Kevin my advice is don't read it if you don't like it. Like I almost never read Brando posts. NBS takes up little space and is just a rampant character to me. He wrote 1 line. He may be repetative and I think he should talk about the post at least a little before he slams Orton. But once you start doing stuff like that, then you gotta get rid of most people. The Mike Brown guys who ask the same question over and over. Why is Brown gone? Plus you know for the next two months the big debate on #18 will begin and everyone will be repeating there favortie guy over and over and it will get bloody. So then you gotta ban all them too.

If you don't like someone don't read there stuff if it really bugs you that much.

NBS you really should start talking about the posts, there is nothing that can be done about who is the QB be this year. IF you want to add some imput to the posts, go for it, if you want to add imput and say Orton sucks at the end of your posts go for it. But your name already states that so we do know were you stand believe it or not. Even I don't slam Angelo everyday.

Chicago will probably draft Andy Levitre in the 3rd round if they don't land Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher in the first, I'll explain my theory on this. Jerry Angelo said, "we don't want to go into the draft fixated on a certain position," I think he was talking about tackle. The recent signing of offensive lineman Frank Omiyale gives the Bears some options going into the draft. If Oher slips, Chicago can take him and play Omiyale at guard. If Oher does not slip, the Bears can go a different direction in the first, and not have to reach for a tackle prospect at #18 or have to hope a decent tackle prospect slips into the second round. Because Frank Omiyale could probably play right tackle this season for Chicago as good as any rookie prospect left on the board after Oher. If Oher is gone in the first, Chicago probably goes with Levitre in the third round, and will groom him to be their left guard, maybe in a season, and Josh Beekman could then move inside to center. Also, if the Bears pick a guard first, I still look for them to draft a tackle on the second day.

I like the fact Chicago moved their mini camp to march, it gives them a better chance to evaluate their personnel, namely their offensive line, even if it isn't full contact. I look for the Bears to put Frank Omiyale in at right tackle if St.Clair isn't signed by then.

As far as Andy Levitre, I like the guy the most for his nasty streak. I've read where one scout said, "his punishing hand punch left several of the Pac-10 conference's elite defensive linemen with no choice but to avoid getting into a battle in the trenches with the Beavers captain." Levitre is an experienced lineman having started 39 contest, 16 at LT and 23 at RT. With Levitre's size 6-3 305, and lack of elite foot speed, he's probably best suited inside at the next level. Another scouting report on Levitre say's "Levitre has the upper body strength to push the pile, does a good job of driving the defender off the line, and has a low center of gravity to go along with strong hands." I think he could develop into a very good guard for the Bears with his ability to push the pile, and you got to love them linemen with a nasty streak i.e. Olin Kreutz. Bring on the draft GO BEARS!!

If the Bears could pick up Holt or Boldin at wide receiver, the draft would be very simple, there would not be such a need at WR early in the draft. Also remember the BEARS have 6 corner backs on the roster with certainly Vasher, not to much in favor these days. Vasher has been a pro bowl CB, there could be some trade value, maybe a third round pick for a WR. Could one of the CB's be the next starting free safety? Very definitely a maybe, it could be either Tillman or Bowman. Graham seems to be turning into the best CB on the team, I like him better staying at Corner.

Urlacher is becoming less productive and seems not as motivated as in past years and has some personal baggage, he certainly could have some trade value. How about Urlacher to the Cards for Boldin and swap second round picks. The Bears go Maualaga or Laranaitis with pick #18 (their next middle linebacker) and in the Second round its ROT. There are good ROT's available in round 2.

If Urlacher is not traded, then OT must be the first pick (unless all OT value is gone by #18)then the best available athlete must be picked, which should be linebacker.

dawg you're right about WR. If you look at teams that are consistantly in the hunt for a Super Bowl their OT's and DE's are 1st & 2nd rd picks.

I wonder why we haven't heard more about the OG from Texas Tech Vasquez. He's strong as a bull, nasty and played on a pass happy offense, so his feet can't be that bad.

The only OG I see the Bears drafting in rds 1 & 2 is Robinson. The question with him is can he slide out to RT?

I just hope they draft the best player available.

I have many good friends, and most of them are Steelers fans. They are pretty awesome people, but I always wish the Bears could run their organization more like the Steelers.

Check out teh first round the last 5 years vs what the Bears took.
04: Lers pick Roethlisberger; Bears pick Harris
05: Heath Miller TE; Bears pick Benson
06: Santonio Holmes; Bears no pick
07: Lawrence Timmons; Bears pick Olson
08: Mendenhall: Bears pick Williams

Now look at the difference in production.

Steelers have 4 starters, 2 probowlers, and one Superbowl MVP, and probably have one hell of a back waiting in the wings.

The Bears had 1 starter, a decent backup TE who can't block, a "so far" injured OT, a bust, and a trade out.

Pathetic. Oh yea, in 03 the Steelers got Polomalu, the Bears got Haynes, and Grossman. Laugh!

I hope they can do the right thing, but history says otherwise.

I agree with most of you that Angelo sucks. Period. But I think considering how little talent the Bears have, the fact they went 9-7 speaks volumes of how good a coach Lovie Smith is. They had the 28th ranked offense, and the 21st ranked defense and still were 3 blown 4th quarter leads away from being 12-4.

Keep Smith and get rid of Angelo.

Go Bears!

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