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Bears sign safety Josh Bullocks

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The Bears have signed safety Josh Bullocks to a one-year contract, a league source said.

Bullocks gets $525,000 guaranteed, and will add depth to the secondary immediately.

The hope is that he can win the starting free safety job. Bullocks started his first three seasons in New Orelans.

He will be at the veteran minicamp next week and will begin competing with Craig Steltz, a fourth-round pick last year.

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While I applaud the team in showing a pulse in the free agency market...I am afraid you get what you pay for. Bullocks was a bust in N.O., I will reserve to hope that maybe like some others he can resurect his career and show why he was drafted in the second round.

Here is what Scouts Inc. had to say about Bullocks:

Bullock is a five-year veteran who has been a starter for all of the previous four seasons. He is a good-sized safety with good top-end speed with above-average quickness and agility in coverage. He is a little stiff in his pedal and tends to play erect, which causes him to miss some tackles in space. He builds to speed more than being explosive or immediate. He is a little stiff in the hips and comes out of his pedal in stages, which causes him to lose speed and relationship to receivers. He is not real direct, when transitioning to close on the pass and tends to round things off, but will show a decent burst to close on the ball, once he gets realigned. He shows good route awareness and can read the quarterback's eyes to get a jump on the ball, but is not a great ball hawk and often gets there after the catch. He is inconsistent wrapping up and often chooses to try and knock the ball carrier down, rather than wrap up and form tackle. He is willing in run support, but is not a real physical player unless he can hit on angles, rather than heads up. He is an adequate starter but does not stand out in any one phase of the game.

So while this is a decent pickup, since he was a starter, there is a reason he is on the market. But this also tells me that Craig Steltz is not capable of being the starting free safety, which apparently everyone but Lovie and Angelo figured out already....

I tend to think the limitations of the Saints secondary had a lot more to do with the performance of Bullocks than it is his ability. he is certainly the better of the Bullocks brothers, and hopefully will make a nice addition to the secondary depth. He has good size, and pretty good range. Perhaps now safety is not one of our top needs, and we can focus on the trenches early in the draft. Besides, we still only have one tackle on the roster that has ever been on the field in an NFL game.

It's not like Steltz was ever going to be a FS, he is a SS for chrissakes! Pay attention!

I really like this move. Bullocks was a fantastic player his first few years in the league and I believe poor corner play hurt him more than anything else in the last few years. Great move by our Bears.

At least some help at Free Safety, it was definitely needed. Still have a huge hole at this position and must get someone decent in the draft. I m sarting to like the Notre Dame kid that Kevin is suggesting as a good 3-5 round pick.

Angelo had commented earlier this offseason that Steltz would likely be the starting FS when minicamp opened, which is what prompted my comment. Most of the people on this board knew he couldn't be a FS, which is why we blasted Angelo at the time for making such a ridiculous suggestion.

At least the Bears got him on the cheap

OH, WAIT -- The McCaskey way.

But, I hope it works out for the Bears, cause they do need help?

Does this mean they will not be drafting a safety in the first few rounds, and concentrating on DE, OL and WR or maybe a LB.

AGAIN: What do I know !!!

Let's hope Hoke can improve his technique. This looks like an improvement over Steltz, and obviously Manning, God forbid they move him back to FS. But is this an improvement over Brown? I know Brown is more of a SS type and everyone knows his injury history, but are we better off with Bullocks? I think this guy will be our starter at FS next year regardless. I don't think we're drafting a safety in the beginning rounds anymore. The Bears strategy in the last few years has been to draft safety depth. They don't bring in free agents for safety depth.

Is Josh bullocks better than mike brown?
R: NO, maybe in one hundred years!!
Resign MIKE BROWN!!!!!!!!

Booo, Booo, I want real talent on this team, this guy is a bust, Booo, Booo. Well Angelo is trying to find as many Cheap players as he can to be Angelo special stop gaps.

Bears Primary Needs
#1 Oline we only have 6 guys and no RT
#2 Wide Reciever don't even need to explain this

Secondary needs
FS We have Safety's we just don't have a FS, Angelo went after a stop gap type meaning he probably thinks of this as a secondary need
DE All three contracts for the three defensive ends are comming up next year, this could easily be a primary need
NT We have guys to fill the space but none of them are any good.
QB We all know Orton has the job until he falls on his face this year.

I don't see how any of you are suggesting that the signing of Bullocks means that we can afford to move onto another position early in the draft. Guys did you forget that with Bullocks we have a grand total of 1 FREE SAFETY on the entire roster. You can't bank on one guy and hope all goes well. I will say that the Bears can now can have a bit of leaway, BUT you can't in your right mind not get another free safety any later than the third round of this years draft, and even that's probably not the smartest move. Let's look at it objectively here, IF St. Clair resigns than you have him, Williams, Balogh and Omiyale at tackle, now by no means am I saying that's perfect, but how does that compare to Bullocks being the lone man at free safety. I think the Bears should go tackle, receiver and safety (not in any given order) no matter what happens and obviously they should take into consideration that both tackle and receiver are slightly deeper than safety in this years draft.

im ok with this move...its hard to tell if he was bad or if the whole defense was bad...everyone they stuck back there was horrible...until they got vilma the LB corp was bad...and the DL has been bad for about 2 seasons now...

i hope he does better here than he did there...

This pick is GENIUS! Josh Buttocks is the next Ronnie Lott! Marcus Monk is the bestest and wonderfulest receiver ever. Makes Jerry Rice look like a piker. Kyle Orton is the second coming of Joe Montana. I once saw him throw a football 500 yards and kill two stool pigeons. Deadly he is. Jerry Angelo is a draft genius. The New England Pats could only hope to learn from such a GOD. Oh, and this is for that horrible Creighton: GO MEDIOCRES OF THE MIDWAY!! Take that, Creighton!

I am horrible, I deserved that.

stop-gap it is..It made Gerza rich!JA just strokes his ego if he hits in FA, and then doesn't know when to let it go.Can see the same thing here,bullocks has a decent yr, reward his a$$ w/ a 5-yr extension by week 5.
not surprised Ron Turner hasn't pulled a Gary Barnett and bolted yet! Think he still has a kid in h.s. @ Libertyville , He's toast no matter what transpires this year.

Creighton said: "DE all three contracts for the THREE defensive ends are comming up next year, this could easily be a primary need."

Auh...Creighton, as THE resident Bear expert of this board, you of all people should know Alex Brown signed a 2-year contract extension on 2-19-08, he is currently signed through 2011, c'mon guy?? Thats just so weird to me Creighton, because according to you [THE Bears expert] Jerry Angelo has been trying to get rid of Alex Brown as long as he has been GM.....what gives?????

OK, the Bullocks signing was good for depth, but I would still like to see the Bears take a safety, maybe Rashad Johnson of Alabama. I like Norte Dames David Bruton if Angelo wants to go mid round for a safety, nice size at 6-2 210lbs, and the speed to go along with it, just a thought GO BEARS!!

Say it, Creighton, you know you want to.........ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Say it, Creighton, you know you want to........ORTON RULES!!!!!!!!!

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